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East Geelong
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Follower of the original ancient yoga tradition based on Sanskrit sources and textbooks which is getting disappear in modern time

During our practice we follow the techniques described in Sanskrit sources and textbooks such as Yoga Sutra Patanjali and Hathayoga Pradipika which are getting disappeared in the modern time. Gaining in popularity yoga at the same time is losing its authenticity by being oversimplified to physical culture.

Bondi Junction
(4 reviews)
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Mahak is a Sivanada Yoga 200 Hour Certified Teacher and has been sharing her passion through teaching since 2017. At heart, Mahak dedicates her teaching and her practice to help spread joy and co

I follow Sivananda style of Yoga. Sivananda is a lineage and not a "type" of Yoga. Sivananda Yoga is a classical and holistic approach to Hatha Yoga that stretches and tones the whole body. Sivananda Yoga is a complete healing system designed to help the body maintain a natural healthy state.

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Sydney Hatha Yoga Teacher offers personalised 1-1 beginners and restorative yoga classes.

I am a very passionate 22 year old yoga teacher, finding yoga at the age of 15 it allowed me to create ease in my mind and feel free in my body. My classes are slower paced, with a special focus on alignment, breath and meditation. My passion is to help individuals access the incredible capabilities of their body and mind, ease stress/anxiety and feel good in their bodies and minds.

(25 reviews)
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Qualified Primary School Teacher and Yoga Instructor providing people in the South West Australia with physical and health education.

My teaching method is based on the Circle of Courage theory, whereby four universal needs: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity must be met in order to grow. By identifying any imbalances in client's needs, I structure the sessions accordingly. I will ensure the sessions are held in a safe space, and I act with kindness and curiosity.

Darwin City
(5 reviews)
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I teach simple Yoga for physical and mental health. Everyone is welcome ! The courses are going to be outside in a park.

I like to mix yoga and dance together to create something artistic as well. The fluidity of the body is the purpose of my course. You will explore an other way to move your body. Relaxation, breathing, stretching and fun are the key words of my course. We're going to practice outside on the grass, please bring your yoga matresses. I will contact you for the exact place for whom are interested.

(5 reviews)
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I can give basic as well as intermediate yoga lessons to you depending on your needs, as you are learner or targeting some competition or just for being fit is your motto.

My teaching methodology is to explain all basics on paper or theoretical and then will allow them to practice on mat, first people should understand what they are actually going to do and what are do’s and don’t while learning yoga.

Oran Park
Khawaja muhammad
(2 reviews)
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Lessons and Yoga exercises for colleagues and club members on regular basis. Very successful trainer of various subjects.

My teaching method is to engage the participants, encourage them to participate and raise question. Very friendly but disciplined environment. Time punctuality and to create interest for the participants. All use all modern techniques to make it effective and colorful so my participants love my training and do not miss these.

(2 reviews)
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Sydney based Vinyasa style yoga teacher, both private and group classes. 350hr qualified with Yoga Australia.

I like to try my best to meet students where they are at in their practice. I offer classes from beginners to a more intermediate level. I'm trained in Vinyasa style yoga, but appreciate the need to slow it down sometimes.

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A focus on reducing stress and anxiety and incorporating mindful meditation for overall health. A good understanding of Hatha yoga and the styles of Vinyasa, Yin or Restorative.

My teaching methodology is about the student. I teach from what is needed for the students. I teach at a level that is safe and appropriate with room to develop the mind, body, and spirit. I am interested in teaching a full class that incorporates the breath (pranayama), the postures (asanas) and the mind.

Toorak Gardens
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Nidhi is an Alliance Certified Hatha Yoga and Meditation tutor. Her passion is to create holistic well being programs for total mind and body fitness. Her classes include yoga postures, breathing exer

My classes start with gentle exercises suitable for all age groups, progressing gradually to advanced techniques. Classes include stress relaxation, yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Programs are based on individual and group requirements with an approach to achieve a healthy mind and body, build stamina, flexibility and relieve pains.

Bar Beach
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Passionate Biomechanics Restorative Yoga instructor, private or groups, 6+ years of doing my own practice

My teaching method has changed since my injury. I will focus on restorative and gentle yoga classes. Connecting your breath with the movement but nothing that could injure you further. I'm looking to help my students feel better with their body and feel at peace. I also teach guided meditation and this will help connect the body with the mind.

(1 review)
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A Fitness Specialist with 10 years of experience in Fitness Industry teaches Yoga and Pilates to Fitness students.

My teaching method is a combination of theory and practical. However the nature of my lessons are more practical and hands on lessons. I take my students through a full fitness session depends on what their specific interest is. This takes for 1 hour of training so the students fully underestand how other clients feel in their body when performing the movements.

Saint Kilda
(1 review)
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Certified and Experienced Yoga Instructor offers tailored Yoga and Meditation classes in Melbourne

Combining my experience and passion for Yoga, Martial Arts and Dancing, I aim to provide students with challenging, yet accessible classes with a focus on movement principals. I hope to guide students as they open to a feeling of inner peace amid the relative intensity of the Asana practice, helping them to stay calm and soft while string and stable.

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Enter the world of yoga! Experienced Yoga teacher offers private and group classes in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.

I base my classes on the individuals interests and teach the physical aspects of yoga such as the mental aspect. I believe that a good yoga class is when the student leaves with a smile and a new discover of themselves and the yoga philosophy.

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Compassionate, supportive and warm hearted Private Yoga Teacher providing a unique and tailored yoga journey.

Clear instruction, demonstration, hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, anatomy (unique incorporation of your anatomical structure based on your own unique body) and a compassionate and understanding demeanour. Yoga offerings based around the teachings of BKS Iyengar and Paul Grilley's Yin Yoga.

Kangaroo Point
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Yoga and Natural Medicine are my passions and I wish to share my knowledge with you along with inspiring you to join the ocean sport community in Central Queensland!

When it's time for yoga, I just begin the class without taking up too much time talking! I believe the lessons learnt are felt, heard and taken in by experience through movement and breath.

Cairns North
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Yoga for all bodies, levels and souls! De-stress, still the Mind and strengthen your body with a Vinyasa YOGA class!

Since I can remember I have a passion for moving my body. I love to be active and challenge myself. The beauty about yoga is that it never gets boring. There are so many different styles, levels, etc. Yoga is for everyone, you can literally do it your whole life! Which I think is absolutely amazing. My goal is to share this passion with others. I did my teacher training in Bali.

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200 RYT Hatha Yoga teacher giving Open and Private classes in Sydney, NSW

Hello everyone, My name is Florian, and I am a certified Yoga teacher. I have trained in Khajuraho, India and I am now giving private and open classes in Sydney.

South Coogee
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Small business owner who teaches yoga one on one and small groups specializing in not for profits, for stress release, fun and community.

Classes all about what you want and need and go at your pace; with a focus on stress release through gentle movements and strengthening positions, meditation, opening our minds whilst building a sense of community through the yoga teachings and of course having fun! :)

Burleigh Waters
(1 review)
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Mollie teaches you to become your own teacher to manage your Mental Health :)

My philosophy of teaching Yoga is to empower the student to become their own teacher; to feel into what feels right for them and to act accordingly.

Bellevue Hill
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Feel inspired, open and stable. Personalised yoga lessons for your body type and specific goals.

Yoga is an ancient science to transform consciousness through the body. My deepest intention for all my students is to bring their awareness into the present moment by connecting them with their body, breath and energy flow. I am sensitive to the needs and goals of each individual and am able to design a class specifically for you.

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Experienced vinyasa and yin yoga teacher provides private lessons Sutherland shire and CBD

My classes vary depending on my clients needs, but I often provide a strong practice as I believe pushing oneself past our comfort zone is one of the greatest ways to grow. Unlike many vinyasa classes, I like to move a little slower providing the time to really focus on each position and the alignment of the body.

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Relaxation to Remedial, Safe and therapeutic, Gentle to Challenging - Yoga lessons always inspiring

Camille offers a Hatha Yoga style of teaching based on Siddha yoga, Anusara Yoga, Astanga and Iyengar training. She is also a Remedial massage therapist and a Massage trainer and assessor.  She continues to develop and specialize in her fields through experience, extensive research, colleagues, students and immeasurably intricate and 'mostly' good natured clients.

Brighton East
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RA (Radiantly Alive) Vinyasa Yoga Teacher sharing a mindful yoga practice based on the student's needs and level. Private or public classes for adults or/and kids :-)

I tend to teach spontaneously depending on the student I have, although I prepare the class, that would suit the student's request (I ask what they want to focus on, flexibility/strength etc.). We are all different and have our own experience in our yoga practice. We may like something more Yin, or more Yang, so I offer different styles and rhythms.

(10 reviews)
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Experienced certified yoga instructor, Teaching adults ,teenagers and kids for more then 4yrs.

I am teaching asanas,breathing and relaxation to my students keeping there Problems in mind and overcoming it in class.

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Experienced yoga teacher seeks to pass on her knowledge, and practice with her students through her teaching of alignment based classes focused on combining breathe and movement.

Bearing in mind my knowledge and experiences from previous professions as massage therapist and dancer, I am very much attuned to the challenges and limitations of human body. My focus is to empower my students, so they can practice yoga for their own body with their skeletal alignment.

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Certified yoga and meditation teacher - Offering private one-on-one and group classes - Brisbane

I am passionate about traditional yogic lifestyle, with a focus on correct alignment, foundations and breathing techniques. My classes are Hatha based, varying from slow and gentle restorative based, to stronger more powerful flowing Vinyasa style. I fell in love with yoga at a young age and truly believe it can benefit everybody.

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Experienced Yoga teacher offering 1-to-1 and small group sessions in Canberra, ACT

My students come from all walks of life. And I have realised over the year that the practice has to fit the student, not the other way around. So working with me is a very personal experience and very specific to your needs and abilities.

Camp Hill
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Yoga...On the Inside - getting people to connect with their body and mind

As I'm currently undertaking my Yoga Teacher Training, my teaching methodology is still developing. However, my aspiration is to teach to those who are very new to yoga and I intend to teach 'beginners' style of yoga which will be the best fit for my target audience.

1st lesson free !

Fun Yoga Teacher and Belly Dancer in Melbourne offering beginner classes and private lessons

Briohney teaches a mindfulness approach to Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga from a Traditional style understanding the power of breath, healing practice of meditation and using movement to connect deeper awareness towards the body on a holistic level.

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Perfect! Lo pasamos genial con Carlos! Super clase de yoga en el jardin, empazamos a la hora prevista con la sonrisa!

Mev, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Sabrina is an amazing teacher who keeps the lessons fun so it doesnt overwhelm you. Highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for lessons, i can hold a small conversation in Portuguese after only 5 lessons.

Rachael, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

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