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Italian native speaker girl give Italian lessons at every level in Perth

From the first day of lessons and at each ability level, only Italian is spoken. I put particular emphasis on spoken language and on communication, but also deal with reading and writing. I believe in "active learning" by involving students in real situations and study together on their materials.

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Italian lessons, conversation, vocabolary, pronunciation and exercises with a master graduated italian girl

My method includes theoretical and practical lessons at the same time, with always new exercises and games. In my teaching there is also an approach to literature and the Italian philosophical tradition. I also offer my students a series of free activities to get to the heart of Italian culture.

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Native Italian teacher for all levels. Skilled and experienced. Master Degree in teaching Italian to foreigners. Let's find out toghether the best learning strategy that it suites you!

One of my strengths is mastering the different teaching method: I am really sensitive to suiting various learning styles because every student is different and deserve the best personalized teaching approach! I think that using new technologies to foster interactive learning is a really good option to encrease the interest and the storage of the language.

Cairns North
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Hey tu! Are you looking for a funny Italian tutor in Cairns? Eccomi!

I try to make the class as funny as possible as I think this is the most effective way to learn a language.

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Learn with an Italian psychologist! From Venice with Love Dom is here to help you discover this amazing language in a different way!

I want my students speak and write as they are born in Italy. Italian spoken in Italy is very different from what you learn in books. My students must be able to converse with an Italian and not only memorize thousand rules. My work will be finished when you will be able to think in Italian.

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Ciao :) Learn the most beautiful language in the world! Italian boring philosopher (with a BA in Humanities and MA in Philosophy) teaches not boring Italian classes in Melbourne. All levels accepted :

My teaching method is very informal and interactive. Of course, at the beginning it will be necessary to study a bit of grammar and vocab, but then everything will be fun! I also share with people who are interested a bit of Italian history and culture. Plus readings (depending on the level) of the most important Italian authors.

Bondi Beach
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Learn Italian in Sydney from an experienced mother tongue teacher. Fun but serious, progress guaranteed. All levels welcome.

I base my classes entirely on the need of the student. That can vary from a solely conversational class guided by the news for proficient adults or a grammar lead session to pass school exams to a mix of the two for people who just want to learn the language as well as game/play sessions for little kids.

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Ciao! Italian Native Master Graduated Energy Engineer gives lessons and helps with Italian Language anyone needs in CBD, Southern and Eastern Melbourne

I am a kind and friendly person who really cares for people's understanding of the subjects I love and they are in trouble with. That is why my lessons will be focused on you to overcome your issues for good but also to just learn what you need; I would like to discuss your needs first then the lesson type will be up to you (e.g.

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Italian Native Speaker offers flexible online and in-person lessons for accent reduction, vocabulary and more!

My teaching methodology is to: - address the needs of my students and see in which category they fall - understand what is the goal/objective of my student for each need - tailor make a course based on students objectives and available time - set realistic expectations in terms of improvement based on time the student can dedicate to study and starting level of language knowledge - discuss...

Valley View
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Native Italian provides lessons about Italian language to High School students and adults in Adelaide

I follow a communicative method: from the first day of lessons and at each ability level, only Italian is spoken during lectures. I put particular emphasis on spoken language and on communication, but also deal with the 4 base abilities (reading, writing, oral comprehension and speaking).

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Carlton North
Luca orson
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Melbourne University Arts student and Italian native offering Italian classes specializing in VCE, beginner and advanced curriculum

I was born in Rome, Italy to Italo-Australian parents and moved to Melbourne when I was 12. I completed VCE Italian receiving a 50, and study languages at Melbourne University. I have been tutoring in Italian since VCE. Depending on the level I like to structure my classes so that a range of material is covered, including grammar, oral, reading and writing practice.

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Experienced Native Speaker offers lessons to learners interested in the language and culture of Italy

I have one degree in Linguistics and Translation and one in Language Education and I would love to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone who would like to know more about the language and culture of Italy. Either face-to-face lessons or online lessons via Skype.

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Native Italian Teacher offers all age group/individual Italian Language lessons in Brisbane

I have very good listening skills and I benefit from this ability as I am able to connect with students and make the lessons engaging and never boring. I strongly believe in the importance of supporting students in their learning process, keeping their motivation high and understanding what is the goal they want to achieve by learning Italian in order to reflect it into the lessons.

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Experienced Italian Teacher in the Sunshine Coast for individual or group lessons

For advance students I teach using the direct method, that means only using the Italian language. This is the best way to train your ear and get a feeling for the language.The lessons include grammar and grammar exercises. I systematically teach you the build up of the Italian language, so you learn to write and speak correctly.

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Italian native speaker, graduated in Comparative Literature with honors offers lessons in Perth!

Reading and writing, but more important: speaking! I'm quite sure the best way for learning a new language is speaking a lot with people. I use to pick up a main agrument (music, cinema, sport...whatever you prefere!) and talk a lot with my student.

1st lesson free !

Italian Teachers Assistant in Willetton's Senior High School, student at Venice's Uni gives private or group Italian lessons in order to improve significantly the Italian Language.

My lessons are going to be funny and eclectic, you are going to enjoy as well as learn. We will start with the pronounciation of the simple letters of the alphabet, and through them we will learn some of the vocabulary. You will then be introduced to the Italian grammatical system, etc.

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2nd Generation Italian Australian gives Italian lessons around Wangaratta North East Victoria.

I base my classes on TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) methodology, but use it to teach Italian. Based on already speaking English we teach Italian vocabulary and highlight similarities or differences between the two and their grammar.

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Martina, gives Italian lessons for adults and children in Perth. Learn having fun!

Learning a foreign language doesn't have to be stressful and shouldn't require much time or organisation. I believe in teaching through experiences, learning whilst having fun and being immersed in various everyday life situations.

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Beginners Lessons and Tutoring Services in Italian - All Welcome and Accepted

Hi! I have a keen interest in languages and am passionate about encouraging others to take up learning a second language. To facilitate this I am offering tutoring and teaching services for French, Italian and German languages which are targeted for the beginner levels (A1 & A2) to build a solid foundation and aid in the understanding of the languages. I also offer English lessons for all levels.

West Perth
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ITALIAN LANGUAGE TEACHER IN PERTH. Linguistics graduated, flexible hours, personalised classes, great price!

My teaching method is flexible and changes to suit my students' needs. I offer a free meeting before the first lesson to talk about the students' learning goal, check their level, and make a personalised plan. I can focus on writing, speaking, listening, and use of language.

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Economics student from Venezia gives italian lessons in Melbourne - Here for an Exchange program at Unimelb

I don't have a single teaching method. It depends on which aspect of the Language you would like to improve the most. For example, if you want to improve your "Speaking", we can start making a conversation, register it, and when we finish it I will show you what you did wrong, and then I can show you the rule. It depends also on you level of italian.

Manly Vale
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Fun and Easy Italian Lessons from real Italian Native Speaker living Overseas

I usually ask the students what they would like to learn, what are their needs and goals. I usually offer slides or pictures to help the student improving their learning. I love teaching conversation and basic grammar rules to make sure students/travellers will be able to have a conversation or at least order some food at the restaurant.

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Young Italian Girl give Italian Lessons to everyone who needs in Melbourne&Surroundings

I am an always smiling and patient girl who always strive to achieve my goals no matter what.

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Italian degree qualified teacher gives lessons to all ages in North Shore.

I taught Italian to groups of children of different ages in various childcare centres. I also teach one to one basis and small groups of different ages and different level. I love to keep the classes interesting and to make everybody feel comfortable and engaged. I think that grammar is important but also important is to build confidence in my student.

Lane Cove
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Sandro gives Italian language lessons in Sydney to students and professionals.

My teaching method focuses (for beginners) on the bases and grammar of the Italian language. For pro and business people I focus and improve the skills of the students starting from the bases and grammar and applying them to the subject and industry of interest. Listening-comprehension is important with attention on how to spell and pronounce the words correctly.

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Native Italian Speaker tutoring for the comprehension of the Italian language for all

My method includes an essential overview of the (basic) grammar and "action" i.e. practice, practice, practice since the beginning, reading and conversation. Use of books/copies as well as songs are parts of the process.

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Native Italian gives language lessons to children, students, and adults in Sydney. ALLORA, shall we speak ITALIANO?

My lessons are based mostly on basic grammar components, obviously depending on the student level. I believe it's fundamental to focus on the basics so to continue to build up and succeed in a language. The grammar explanations are followed by exercises aimed to understand and consolidate the theory.

Runaway Bay
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Italian mother-tongue gives lessons on the Gold coast, all levels are welcome!

My teaching method is based on speaking and I try to get my student to do not get bored with to much grammar! I had to learn English myself and I know how hard it can be ! I try to make as fun as possible

1st lesson free !

Bi-lingual international teacher offering private lessons to children and adults in Perth

My teaching method is based on helping students with problems in their extracurricular activities, encourage them to present their views and participate in class discussions in order to improve their speaking and pronunciation. I use the one-minute paper at the end of class to get feedback on what the student is learning and how well they are learning it.

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Perfect! Alice has been my best Italian tutor. I look forward every week to the enjoyment of learning Italian. She is very flexible to tailor the lesson to my requirements. She is friendly, punctual and fun to work with. Five stars.

Jon, Student
2 weeks ago

Perfect! Domenico is a very patient tutor, easy to get along with and has created a comfortable learning environment. He is clear in his expression, uses different teaching strategies if you don't understand something and really breaks down every element of...

Arianna, Student
1 month ago

Perfect! Nico has been the best language teacher I have ever had (and I have had many). He is very professional and accurate in his explanations. I think what makes him best is the fact that he understand the grammar of 5 languages in a very high level,...

Veronica, Student
4 months ago

Perfect! Swan is a great teacher for our 7yr old son. Swan has lots of patience, and it had been a pleasure to have him, and watch our sons Italian improve.

Yasmin, Student
5 months ago

Perfect! Nores is an amazing teacher. He is a native speaker from Italy and he's lived in Australia for over 10 years, so both his English and his Italian are excellent. He also studies linguistics, so he knows his grammar too! As a tutor he is very...

Kaleb, Student
6 months ago

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