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Learn Conversational Spanish with Experienced Language Teacher for all levels and needs

Hi Friend! ... "soup" = soup or soap ?, "pregnant" = embarrassed or pregnant ?, "sport" = deport or sports? Learn naturally how to speak day-to-day Spanish with a native and very enthusiastic teacher. My name is Beatriz. I am an experienced English teacher. I'm a Mexican Miss. I've taught Ensglish and Spanish to people of all ages, and many nationalities.

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Spanish undergraduate studying at Leeds University gives Spanish lessons, covering any areas required. Previous teaching experience working with children aged 7 to 16 years old.

Usually I use the first session to get to know the student and get an idea of what would be the most successful method to work with them. I believe different people benefit from different lessons, so I never follow a strict plan. I consider it's truly important to maintain the student engaged with the subject, so I aim for my clases to be interactive, while still being instructive.

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Spanish as a Foreigh Language | All Levels | In Vigo | Help / Guide to know the city

Have you recently arrived in Vigo and do you need to settle in the city? Are you a foreigner who needs Spanish lessons? Then, you need me. I can help you with your Spanish level and show you the city.

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A polyglot with a very special affinity towards Spanish and English languages

I approach the topic through examples. Firstly I ensure that I revise the concept. I, then, use examples of varying difficulty levels. This helps me understand the students aptitude. I can, consequently, decide what teaching approach to adopt.

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Oxford Graduate with experience living abroad offering Spanish lessons in West Yorkshire

I can give lessons to students studying Spanish for GCSE, A Level, or degree qualifications as I am familiar with the UK education system. I can also support students who are looking to improve their Spanish for practical purposes, such as travel or employment prospects.

San Jose
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Spanish teacher associate in the University of San Jose with 4 years experience

Creating individualized plans and programs to facilitate a targeted, personalized approach to education while stimulating students’ enjoyment and appreciation for the Spanish language. Incorporating non-language components of the Hispanic culture into classroom lessons, including areas such as cooking, holidays, family traditions, and current political events.

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Spanish language tutor, Leicester. (Student studying Spanish, French and Portuguese at University of Leicester)

Hola, I'm Luke, I'm from North Wales and I am currently studying Modern Languages with Management at University of Leicester. After completing my degree, I would like to become a classroom teacher of Modern Foreign Languages in a High School. I am mainly looking to help students with a Basic/Intermediate knowledge of the Spanish Language and will be happy to work with complete beginners.

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From fail to prevail with student tutor who has 17 years of experience in Chicago

I am currently still a highschool student, however, I have taken every AP Spanish language class. I have scored a 5 on both AP Spanish language and AP Spanish Literature. In addition to that, I have travelled abroad and studied the Spanish language in Spain and in Mexico.

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Experienced Specialist in education offering Spanish classes in Newcastle and Gateshead. Spanish native.

My teaching techniques vary in function of the students' needs and I try to use Spanish as much as possible in my classes. The grammar is an important aspect of the language, I think the best way to interiorize it is to understand it, practice with exercises and start to introduce it into our conversation.

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University student gives spanish lessons as her native language at home or we can arrange a meeting around the Midlands, uk

I'm a girl who loves lanuages and has a really good spanish grammar as my native language. I'm studying in UK a university degree. Me methods would be: explain the very basic grammar to develop a better knowledge about how this language works. Introducing some vocabulary and essential words to comunicate. A little dictionary for you, if you're going to travel to an spanish spoken country.

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Teaching French or Spanish up to A-Level standard in Sheffield (Current UoS Undergraduate)

I tend to help students in anyway that can and I am adaptable to the needs of the student. I take the student's needs into account and I can teach any level of Spanish or French anywhere from knowing nothing all the way up to A-level standard.

San Jacinto
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Native Spanish Speaker who is passionate about tutoring Spanish learners of all levels in the Los Angeles and surrounding area!

I am a young professional who recently graduated college and is pursuing a master's in Education. I am a very patient, flexible and reliable tutor who will work with each student's individual learning style in order to meet their goals.

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A Dominican woman, with an Associate in Early Childhood Education, teaching Spanish to students that would love to learn a foreign language.

I am an Early Childhood Education Teacher and give lessons to children from three to seven years old. The first technique I use with children is a lot of photos. Children learn much more visually. The second great technique I use is having children working with hands-on, it helps them practices and understands better the lessons.

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Spanish teacher with more than 2 years of experience in Manchester, England. All levels welcome! Bachelor Hons Degree of Communication

After a period of analysis, learning and practice I become a Spanish teacher. Then I started to teach to some people from the meetups. This year I began to teach on some digital platforms and by Skype. My students appreciate how patient, prepared, enthusiastic and empathetic I am.

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Native Spanish and English International Law and International Relations Postgraduate student offering Spanish or English language lessons

I use a task-based approached to teach languages, as this methodology emphazises on communication and the practical uses of language. Grammar is also extremely important, and I tend to look for fun and innovative ways to teach the oral, written and comprehension fields. My work methodology is personalised to the individual student.

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My passion is teaching languages. 3 years online teaching experience Professional, Honest and 100% guarantee. You will learn spanish fast and easily

My teaching method is based on the things the student needs to learn as a priority: why will you learn spanish? In how much do you wish to learn it?... Plus, the patience is very important, my students always feel confortable while learning because they will be constantly motivated to practice and understand that making mistakes is just part of the process of learning.

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Teacher of English and Spanish at Any Level in Palma de Mallorca

I do not have a specific methodology, but I adapt my classes to the needs of the students. However, I try to make the classes enjoyable and effective. I tend to make classes a space to produce, practice and internalize the language and not memorize it.

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Learn to speak Spanish and get ready for your exams the fun way!

My favourite teaching tools are games, songs, articles, and the like. There is no better way of learning a language than interacting with it, practicing and having fun! However, I also understand the importance of laying out the basics of grammar - believe me, I've been there.

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Native Spanish gives Spanish lessons at any level and to anybody with any purpose

Do you want to start studying basic Spanish to travel? Do you need some help in school? Are you preparing an exam to get a certificate? Or you already know Spanish but you need to practice it with someone? I can help you whatever your level is. Firstly, we will define your objectives and needs. Secondly, I will prepare different material to achieve those aims.

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I am an Assistant Professor of Spanish at University of Southern Indiana

My classroom discussions try to enhance the contributions of students with subjects and issues that are important to them. I subscribe to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), which stress the necessity of teaching “language-based courses” with an emphasis on the use of the four skills, namely, reading, listening, speaking and writing.

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Venezuelan tutor with Hispanic Linguistics degree gives online Spanish lessons to adults

I am a Hispanic Linguistics and Literature college graduate. Currently, I teach Spanish and Literature to middle and high school students. When I teach a language, I focus on explaining my students all the culture that influence it, this way, they learn about music, films, books, movies (and even videogames) from different hispanophone countries.

Dania Beach
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Native spanish speaker gives lessons with flexible schedules. We can focus on your own interests

I base my class on the students' needs and interests. We can focus on your studies, your job or just on daily life.

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Spanish native speaker in Coventry gives Spanish lessons or answers any doubts

My methodology depends on the subject I'm teaching and what is required of me. But the most important thing I think is trying to help the other person to think for him or herself and provide the necessary tools to be independent learners and solve their own doubts in the future.

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Spanish and English teacher with more than 8 years of experience, working mostly with children

I base my classes on fun and dynamic activities, very different from what most teachers do.

Greater London
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Creative and professional qualified teacher available to teach classes in person or online

I aim to make lessons engaging and creative with a focus on progress in every lesson. I have been known to create lessons involving candles, play doh, cooking, magic tricks amongst many others to teach and practise language points. I have experience teaching children, teenagers, adults and those looking to improve their business language skills.

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I am a philosophy teacher, actually working in a secondary and high school, who would like to teach spanish as second language for english speakers.

I base my classes on speaking, reading and writing about your interest matters, using ICT. Especially to prepare speaking and comprehension tests.

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Hispanic female banker interested in teaching Spanish trough conversations and common interests

My approach to teach Spanish is through dynamic, entertaining, conversations in topics that are of interest for my students

Waterford Township
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Spanish Tutoring - All Levels and All Ages - Conversational, Reading Comprehension, and Writing

I am an experienced tutor who works with students of all ages. Most of my students are adults or in middle/high school, but I tutor small children as well. I have my own lesson plans and tailor them to my students' learning styles and goals. I adjust my explanations of concepts to my students learning abilities as well.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
3 weeks ago

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
2 months ago

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