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Learn from clean academic spanish to dirty slang with a native chilean :)

It can vary depending on the students needs and preferences, but I personally incline towards lessons based on conversation, where the student is immersed in Spanish and has to learn to react at real conversation speed. However I do work in academic environment so I can approach the subject more formally getting you to develop a correct orthography and grammar for high level Spanish.

Bondi Beach
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Júlia Canadell gives Spanish lessons to children from 3 to 12 years old.

I have studied Primary Education in Spain and I have a lot of experience related with my stdies as a Teacher. I consider myself an active, responsible, emphatic, good listener and polite person who love kids and animals.

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Excellent Colombian Teacher wants to teach Spanish to adult people in Sydney

I employ the Communicative Method of teaching, which emphasizes the constant use of the Spanish language to advance in all areas of language improvement. Students are encouraged to speak and interact with the professor and each other as much as possible in the classroom to utilize the language in a variety of contexts.

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Spanish native girl gives Spanish lessons in Maroochydore. I am studying a Translation degree.

I would like to say that my teaching methodology is to make my students enjoy the time they spend learning my beautiful language. I like to start always with a game to take the attention of my students and then I love to speak with them.

Burwood East
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Uruguayan and Brazilian agronomist and teacher. I’d love to share my knowledge of my two mother lenguages: Spanish and Portuguese. Students of all ages are welcome!

My teaching method is according to my student(s) preferences and needs. The lessons can be individual or in groups.

Safety Bay
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Believe me you going to learn how to speak Spanish with a costarican

well i based my classes in production i mean i explain how to create a sentence, a paragraph then i teach how to create a speech, that my form, in my country people love that because they can speak easy and faster

South Fremantle
Francine camille
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Argentine/British offering Spanish classes to students of all ages! I am fluent in both languages, meaning it is ideal for communicating and teaching

I choose different materials, such as language teaching books, videos or just personal knowledge. Usually I practice skills learnt in previous classes to see where we are standing, then I reinforce and add further to already taught skills. If not, we would go over new material. I make sure there is a written trace of all we do, so this can be developed further in the students personal time.

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Hispanic teacher give Spanish lesson to primary, high school and uni students

face to face or online. I use the program Babel with students, and then i focus in their pronunciation, and conversation, I implement new vocabulary and grammar. I test too their writing and ask them to complete a small writing about the unit learning and then they need to read it to me. if they have any mistake I will help them and tell them what their mistakes are.

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Native Hispanic giving Spanish lessons - Spanish Tutor (In-home or library)

I normally like to explain everything step by step, yes ask me about whatever you like, about whatever that you don't understand, ill make sure you come out of my class knowing everything you need to know or you are having doubts about.

Bella Vista
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Masters of Translation student gives Spanish lessons (offering individual and/or group sessions)

I base my classes on developing a strong foundation of Spanish grammar as this is the only way to develop an effective grip of the target language. I am happy to adapt my classes to the needs of the students.

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Native Spanish speaker offers lessons in Gosford, NSW Central Coast and Sydney North Shore

Hola amigos y amigas. I believe language learning is one of the most exciting things we can embark on. Spanish is no exception. Depending on your level of proficiency lessons will begin with warm up pronunciation exercises. We will then move on to conversation. Furthermore we will study a grammatical aspect of the languague. We will finalise by practicing listening and spelling.

South Yarra
(3 reviews)
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Experienced and professional Spanish tutor helps you improve your Spanish language skills.

I love working with students and language learners. For me it's important that people enjoy improving their language skills and find their own learning strategies. So whether its grammatical problems, conversational or written skills, I am more than happy to help you improve your Spanish.

Saint Kilda East
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Spanish native currently studying Economics and Law wants to teach her language

Learning a language isn't reading books and doing exercises, it's understanding the reason why we use that word and the way to use it and the common mistakes. I do normally give the class in Spanish and depending in the person and their habilites to figure out which type of lessons are the best for them.

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Learn the basics and beautiful intricacies of Spanish with me. Spoken by more than 500 million people! 8% of its vocabulary has Arabic origins and words from nahuatl (Aztec language)!

We'll first establish your objectives (whether you are learning for leisure, preparing for a particular exam, for a business-related meeting etc...) and your level. This will allow me to decide what skills we will have to emphasise (oral comprehension, writing or pronunciation ...).

Fairy Meadow
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2nd year UOW student offering Beginner Spanish lessons for high school and university students

¡Hola! Me llamo Koko. ¡Aprendemos a juntos! ^Can you read that? Do you understand it? If not, why not come learn with me? My lessons are perfect for those just starting out learning Spanish or at an intermediate level and who would like some extra support.

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Spanish graduated translator with experience gives private Spanish and French lessons in Melbourne.

My teaching methodology is based on giving my students the necessary tools so that it can be an interactive class and learn through exercises and readings to learn all the linguistic aspects. My classes are based on focusing a specific topic, such as vocabulary, and develop a game or news that may be of interest to the child to acquire all those new words.

South Yarra
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Spanish native high school teacher gives Spanish lessons at all levels and for all purposes

My teaching method is based on materials provided by the official Dele examination programs. I consider myself enthusiastic and ongoing, with a friendly and fun approach to the learning methodologies. I am also very flexible towards the student/s needs, and I like to prepare my lessons based on the student strengths.

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Native Spanish speaker, with extensive experience in teaching. Teach all levels online and in real life.

I like to work with students that are commited and responsible to their learning. I base my lessons on visual material and focus on conversations, creating scenarios where the student can apply their learning in their real life and in normal situations.

North Mackay
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I Sofia Cicer from Santiago, Chile where our native language is the Spanish, give private lesson to students from Mackay at home

They way i would teach my students is the based not about rules because as we all know there is a lot of ways of how to say something.

(4 reviews)
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Native Speaker. Specialist Teacher. Language trainer. Conversational and technical Spanish. Training for exams

B.Ed in Spanish Linguistics and Literature. Five years of full-time specialized studies and teaching training. Several courses and workshops related to Spanish teaching, grammar and Linguistics. Methodology: Cognitive approach. Language coaching. Applied neurolinguistics. Focus on oral expression and reading. E-learning.

Lyon 2e
(76 reviews)

Certified Spanish teacher native from Argentina offer classes in Lyon or by Skype. My method, based on your needs is fun & professional, let's start now !

How are my classes going? I based my class on your needs and I adapt the course: you want to learn the language for pleasure? For traveling? Or to make an exam? I have enough to meet your needs. I try to make my classes fun and diversified (informal discussions, readings, commented videos, studies of a music you like or a sports article ...

(9 reviews)

Spanish courses by skype with Colombian teacher Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages. 8 years of experience

I am a language teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian) I have Eight years of experience teaching languages at schools, institutes and companies in different countries like Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

(28 reviews)
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I'm a DELE certified teacher and examiner. I adapt to what you need (Sevilla or Skype)

My name is Maria and I am Spanish. I am 24 years old and I have finished a degree in Art History. After finishing my university studies, I trained as a Spanish Teacher for Foreigners, taking a course in a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute because teaching my language is something that I am passionate about.

Paris 9e
(51 reviews)

Individual classes with experienced Spanish teacher and Spanish teacher at all levels. (75009)

I have a Master of Philosophy and ten years of experience in home tuition (for beginners and advanced students of any age), as well as tutoring for all levels. I help adults and students who wish to earn points average without it being expensive.

Paris 20e
(17 reviews)

Spanish Court and the Spanish-American culture with a teacher. serious and qualified native speaking. Custom courses.

A first meeting will allow us to choose according to your desires and personal interests topics on the court. After sharing this instance, I am doing a program with points rather related to your needs. Some examples: - Spanish courses for amateurs: The basic grammar. - Spanish-depth: the uses of the subjunctive, the complex time and semantic subtleties.

Ciudad de México
(8 reviews)
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I'm polyglot, philosopher and I love languages. I will teach you Spanish like no one else do. You'll learn with deepness and professionalism. You'll know how to sound and talk like a native and you wi

Talking, laughing and showing you the deepness of languages. You'll learn culture and wisdom about life while you learn Spanish. I love foreign people because I can learn from them and they can learn from me. I have so many things to teach about Spanish and Mexico.

(4 reviews)
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French classes on skype

I have a degree in LEA (Applied Foreign Languages), I'm serious and experienced, I offer French classes (20€/h) on Skype. 1st class FOR FREE. Levels: Elementary, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. Teaching materials: recent books, audio and video documents, newspaper articles and internet resources. Don't hesitate and contact me for further information.

(12 reviews)
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✔Native spanish tutor online. Translator and professional corrector of style and variations of spanish language.

►My lessons are fully customised to your needs & language level. I teach via online (skype, hangout or wechat). If you enjoy the trial, you can then purchase lessons and schedule them in seconds via Paypal. I'm so patient and understanding, plus i adapt the lessons according to the level, I respect that particular aspect of the language. The lessons are enjoyable and the time flies by.

(9 reviews)
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Native speaker, 8 years experience, owner of a Spanish school in Ecuador, private Spanish lessons in Hürth and Cologne

We communicate mainly in the language to be learned ("monolingualism"). Active speech is the focus. The path of mediation of grammar and language knowledge is thus inductive. That is, the rules of the language are actively derived from the students in the examples. In addition, we work a lot with visual learning methods. The learning process is supported by real images and real visual aids.

Ciudad de México
(5 reviews)
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Learn spanish the worlds second most spoken language! Let's learn Spanish: d

My teaching methods are differents according to the students. If they are kids I usually try to prepare a very dynamic class whit a lot of media's. If my students are adults I'm try to focus on they needs. If your plan is traveling or make business I can help and make it happen.

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Perfect! Sonia was friendly, kind, comforting, and definitely helped me improve my Spanish. She adapts to the needs of the student, so for me she spoke more slowly and used hand gestures. I believe Sonia is a good person and I highly recommend her as a...

Lindsey, Student
2 months ago

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
4 months ago

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
6 months ago

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