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Graduate and experienced Italian musical theater performer offering sing lessons in London

I base my classes on faith, funny and work. First my students have to feel themselves comfortable, relaxed and with lot of energy to release. I like to start with a little chat, then we'll start with classic vocal warm up; after that we'll do some technical exercises and, last but not least, we'll sing a song. I may ask you to bring a song that you like or I can give you one.

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Professional pianist/keyboardist with years of successful experience teaching all musical subjects

I have had professional development in Suzuki, Orff, Kodally, Thompson,Gordon and many other methodolgies. I use a combination of all of them to reach the individual student's needs. My own method picks the most useful from the established methods and makes them practical to the student.

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Professional musician with double degree in Instrumental Music, Clarinet and Music with Emphasis on Jazz from the Conservatory of Music of the National University of Colombia and singing training offe

I treat the subjects in a structured manner according to the student's level of learning and their particular conditions or circumstances, such as age, physical disability or professional aspirations. I can work a class from 50 minutes until the completion of the session is necessary. I can guide from Musical Initiation to Professional Interpretation and my classes are aimed at all audiences.

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Lyric singer (French / German) in Clermont l'Hérault teaches singing in all styles of music

Thanks to my teaching you will easily find your voice using breath and work on the body. All this will be done in the relaxation and the joy of singing. Singing is daring and freeing oneself.

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With great voice comes greater responsibility - Manvendra Singh. I promise to help you get that voice you always dreamt of

My teaching method is firstly I look at the pros and cons of the student . We'll work twice as hard on the cons as on the pros . I'll be there for you for 18 hours a day every day of the week to help you out . You will get WhatsApp and call assistance if you have any doubt.

New Delhi
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Hindustanis Classical vocalist with 6 years of Experience providing lesson at home and on Skype as well

My teaching method is Every student has his own music sense and work on it at a time I teaches a kid as a kid and a professional as professional . I always start with basic like Alankaar and all and after that Raaga Starts Since i am good in light music as well i always suggest students to prepare songs as well.

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An exclusive Hindusthani classical/light music for all age categories. Become a professional singer regardless of your busy schedule

I use my own methods of combining classical with reasinable theory. My training also includes voice maintainance and it's development excercises. I also provide platforms quite frequently as a result of talent exposure of my students. My one - one coaching is the most effective method. Also let me know if anyone wants to learn other musical instruments such as tabla, veena and keyboard.

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I will want to help build confidence within my students, talk through the audition process and work towards tailoring a repertoire of songs and monologues to help them with future auditions.

Calumet City
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Doctorate in Music Plus 25 Years of Performing Experience Give YOU The Best Advantage

Doctoral Degree in Music Performance and Theory from University of Michigan 25+ years performing, coaching, conducting, and training students in singing and guitar playing I love all styles of music and singing and have done all them (including some rap!! :) I believe in building on natural processes and building confidence in proper sensations of singing and performing. Talent is great...

High Wycombe
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Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter with many years of experience in the music industry.

I am a professional singer and performer who has been working in the music industry for the past 15 years. My lessons are built around the student. Whether its singing, guitar or music technology we can work out the best approach to suit the individual.

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PhD student in Performance Practice offering music and singing related courses in Exeter

Online or one to one class, always tailored to the needs of each of my students. I have taught students of a wide range of cultures, age, and nationalities; a professional practice which has granted me the ability to be open to change and developed my respect and appreciation for the benefits of a class with cultural diversity.

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Passionate Singer giving Vocal Lessons- online and at home for those located in Southampton

My teaching methods are based on persistence and a lot of practice. I personalize the lessons by the student's knowledge and level. I don't apply the same treatment/ programme to all my students, as each individual has a different starting point and personality.

Los Angeles
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Vocal Lessons with A Professional Singer- Kids and Adults: Los Angeles CA

I like to base my classes on what my students want to learn. I like to start your first lesson by listening to you sing and seeing what I think you can benefit from working on, and then also going over your own musical goals and dreams. Then I go over what you hope to gain from these lessons.

St. John's
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Aspiring opera singer with a Bachelors degree in Voice here to give singing lessons as well as teach you how to read music, write songs, and give you strategies for overcoming performance anxiety.

I am a 25-year-old aspiring opera singer who has completed a bachelors degree in Voice. I have tons of performance experience and have taken classes specifically on how to teach voice. I am also highly interested in Music theory, composition, and mindful practicing strategies.

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Greylake Music - Tuition for Flute, Voice, Piano, Theory and GCSE Music

My name is Joanna Hadden (BA (Hons) Mus, Dip Mus), I am a professional flautist and singer and an accomplished pianist, with over 20 years teaching experience. I teach instrumental lessons on Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Fife, Singing, Keyboard and Piano from beginner through to professional, from age 5 through to adult. I also provide tuition for Music Theory, Music Aural and GCSE Music.

Bragança Paulista
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It is never too late to learn music. Music Theory lessons, singing, flute and keyboard. Teacher with a Masters in USA.

Master in Music Education at university abroad. More than 10 years of experience in Baptist churches as Music Minister and leader in this area. It was music teacher in the Network Public Schools Education. Sweet Flute teacher for children 5-12 years. Professor of Singing and Vocal Technique. Fitness on the instruments: drums, percussion, piano, saxophone and flute. He studied cello.

São Paulo
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Coach of voice and singing improvisation with training in Psychology, Biopsychology, English, sound body and Musicalization infantil, offers classes / experiences of corner that makes it possible to u

As a methodology in voice and singing improvisation, I use the formative approach, where the body and its movements are vehicles for formative learning.

Greater London
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Professional Vocal Coach with 24 years of experience available for private singing lessons.

I use my extensive experience as a singer songwriter and performer and have great passion for the art of singing. I use a unique method created by one of the best Italian vocal coaches which is only by myself in the Uk.

San Jose
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Music lessons in voice, piano and theory for all ages and levels

I offer lessons in music reading, theory, singing and piano. Used methods: Suzuki, Bastien, Faber, 24 Italian Songs. My education: degree from Conservatory of Music at University of Missouri in Kansas City. If you want to prepare for tests in piano and voice and auditions, then I would offer an appropriate advice for auditions.

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Professional Vocalist with 18 years of experience gives vocal coaching to all students ages 12 and up in Las Vegas or online

We will focus on who you are as a vocalist and to grow your natural ability- and to realize that "talent" is subjective; there is room for all! Whether you want to grow your vocal range or you're starting from square one, we can get you confident in where you want to be.

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Voice Coach and Music Lessons for Middle School to High School Aged Students

My name is Rachael Tefft and I have spent the majority of my life studying music. I spent a year and a half at Alderson Broaddus University studying music and spent another year at Fairmont State University. I am a compassionate teacher who understands that practice is the key. "You are what you repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.

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Singing coach, wide variety of music types, open to all ages above 10

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I have performed for several different occasions and have taken lessons myself. I feel pretty confident that I can help you achieve your goals as a singer. Please contact me with questions.

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Proficient pianist skilled in teaching at the beginner-intermediate level for children 4-Adult. My main focus and area of expertise is teaching piano to students as young as four!

My teaching style starts in encouraging ways of introducing the building blocks in becoming a pianist. I like to focus on basic music theory, but also enjoy incorporating music games, interactive piano apps, and other supplemental materials into my students lessons.

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Music student at gdbms and the 2nd champion of abhudaya held in 2016

My method is to first let a child sing the way he love like it can be classic, pop, solo, etc.

Den Haag
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Touring singer teaches different kinds of music from Metal to Pop in The Hague

I base my lessons on everyone's own level. I am laid back and I love to start a journey together and develop your possibilities! Every level is welcome to me, as long as you are motivated and enthusiastic! I can also teach music theory, band coaching, and other aspects of being a musician.

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Grammy Nominated, Platinum Tutor Vocal Coach teaching the craft of recording vocalizing and singing live on tours.

I've been in the music industry for the last 25 + years and have given many lessons to upcoming new recording artists. I teach one on one or as many as a classroom of 200 students.. I am comfortable with both scenarios. I am also a multi instrumentalist and teach guitar, piano, bass, ukulele and drums.

Los Angeles
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Professional pop and choral singer offering singing and piano lessons in Los Angeles

I give voice lessons to beginner and intermediate level students. If you're just starting and you feel like you don't know anything about music at all...

Woolley Bridge
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Singing teacher with extensive tutoring experience, qualified to DipLCM, CertEd experienced in Strengthen & improve yr voice, perform & sing with ease & confidence!

An experienced and qualified singer and singing teacher coaching for over ten years helping students through performance exams and improving confidence with singing on stage and at auditions. I guide and nurture my students so they excel in voice and towards opportunities.

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Experience the Joy of Improving Your Natural Singing Voice with Proven Technique

I am a trained singer who has performed and taught different styles of singing to students who range from beginners wanting to improve their chances of singing in a choir to professionals who are preparing for auditions for musical theater or want classical vocal training.

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Singing Coach In West Midlands Trained Proffesionally And Ready To Help You

My name is Eddie Adkins, I go to Birmingham Orminston Academy, which is a professional performing arts school, I'm currently in Year 11 and would like to share my knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn new techniques, warm ups and songs to help your voice progress

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