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CEO, Consultant, and FUN Tutor w/a love for education and international experience for easy, quality Spanish learning help

I first get to know my client, figure out how my client learns (visually, audibly, etc.), and test his/her fluency level before proceeding to create a curriculum that will allow for the client to learn a language in the time he/she wants and in accordance with his/her learning style and proficiency levels. I assign short small assignments, and we have conversational practice as well.

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Vane - Spanish Classes - Essex I offer a range of language lessons at many different levels for adults, children and business requirements, helping to develop linguistic and communication skills.

My atmosphere aims to help students feel at ease, making their learning experience as enjoyable and stimulating as possible. I believe that it is vital to provide innovative, interactive and lively lessons. Thanks to my experience I have incorporated a variety of teaching methods to make the process of learning fun and effective. My aim is to make you feel enthusiastic about learning Spanish.

Le Cellier
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French International relations soudent living un Argentina - tutor and Spanish profesor

Everything is based on practice. I know the disadvantages of language classes in the French system. With me you will speak and learn both conjugation and grammar. With you will also work the reduction of the French accent, and we will see different Latin American accents.

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SPANISH LANGUAGE TEACHER (online classes) (flexible time) (learn from home) (dynamic classes)

Regarding my teaching methods, I provide online material which includes documents and videos to the students. I give individual and group classes in which I cover every aspect of learning a language that is Comprehension, Auditive, Reading, and Writing so that a student can have overall development and can cover each and every aspect.

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Business Graduate and Fluent Spanish Speaker offering Spanish Lessons in Milton Keynes

Looking to teach from beginner level up until A-level Standard. Willing to build lesson structures around what works best for you. This will depend on the level of the individual student and what exactly they are aiming to achieve. As a tutor i am extremely friendly, relaxed and patient.

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Student studying Spanish offering up to A Level Spanish help in Liverpool.

Primarily, I base my lessons on what the student perceives their difficulties may include yet can also help in other forms, as I frequently visit friends in Spain and communicate with them in Spanish. Tutoring, for me, is positively reinforcing and although good grades are the aim, enjoyment is also vital.

Bronx County
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* Fluent Spanish * NYC * Certified Spanish Teacher * 5+ experience * Work for District 75 * children and adults

I am a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in a latin country. I select the style that addresses the needs of diverse students at different learning levels beginning with a personal inventory , a self evaluation of the students' strengths and weaknesses. I am a big advocate of differentiated instruction.

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Preparare your DELE exam right now! Graduated with honors, I offer Spanish lessons for the preparation of the DELE exam at any level.

My method is very structured and clear, so you can cover all parts of the DELE exam. The approach is professional and suitable for the preparation of the exam (even be able to solve the exercises in the indicated time). In addition to developing a method to enrich the vocabulary, I also focused on the grammatical part. With the right method, you can face the DELE exam without problems.

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PRACTICE YOUR SPANISH WITH ME !! - Conversation classes online, PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH WITH ME! conversational classes online

I like online classes because this allows a better coupling of time between the student and the teacher, I like to introduce myself as a friend which will help you in your training and development of the treatment you have with this language almost mandatory in the today's world.

Santa Cruz
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Cal Poly graduate and future Law Student with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature teaching in Santa Cruz, CA

While employing common strategies such as catering to the individual student's needs, preferred learning styles, schedule etc. I will also strive to be efficient in selecting exercise and drills that most target the student's shortcomings/difficulties while also providing a well-rounded curriculum designed around the student's other needs.

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I lived in the country of Chile for two years where I learned and became fluent in the Spanish language.

I approach each topic slowly, making sure the student understands not only the "what," but also the "why." Having learned Spanish also helped me improve English as well. I love speaking the Spanish language! I am very excited to help.

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16 years of experience teaching Spanish: AP Spanish Language & AP Spanish Literature, foreign language, native speakers, grades 6-12

My approach to teaching language is that language is active, it is performed and, like anything else that is performance-based, language is best learned through practice and application. Rather than only study Spanish, I have my students learn in Spanish—they hone their Spanish as they discuss and write about topics, complete projects and study literature.

College Station
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Education is my passion, Texas is my home, and love to teach Spanish to anyone.

I am very patient person, can teach face-to-face and online. I believe that you need to practice in order to learn anything, so my courses are very practical. I like to give lectures, but they need to have practice, including hands-on activities and games. I believe in the power of gaming in education.

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Spanish Translation student offering Spanish/English lessons or homework help online; Student at the University of Central Florida

I always aim to help my students by finding out how they learn best, and then catering to that. I think the easiest way to learn is through trial and error, so I like to explain a topic, give the student practice questions, and then teach as we go, and therefore I can teach to accomodate their learning speed.

Buenos Aires
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Professor with Master of the University of Cantabria in Spain offers Spanish ELE

I provide students with books online or they can print if they wish, they are based on the Common European Framework of Languages ​​of the Cervantes Institute of Spain as an accredited professor of the Institute. I go to the speed of the student basing the class on topics of interest to the student, in this way I get topics of interest so that the student is motivated to speak.

Parma Heights
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Ingeniero y Dinamico Conferencista ofrece clases en su idioma natal, el español

My teaching method is based on Intentional practice, depending on your level we start from the basics and then we go from there to your specific needs as a traveling, business, job related topics. We start every lesson with a new topic, new vocabulary and their application.

Villa Ballester
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Spanish and English teacher with more than 9 years of experience, dynamic and fun classes.

I apply 2 types of approved methods for teaching Spanish to foreigners: 1) The NATURAL method that gives a more communicative approach, gives priority to conversation and productive practice. This if the priority is verbal communication. (If the student requires it to travel through Latin America for example).

Ciudad de México
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Professor teaches interactive English classes online to people around the world check!

My classes are based on the communicative method of Cambridge in which students use the language they study in this case English, from the first day of classes which are varied, dynamic and very interactive. My person uses: games, interesting texts and audiovisual material to facilitate learning and ensure assimilation.

El Paso
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Bilingual bookworm offers all-levels Spanish lessons in El Paso for all ages.

My lessons are intended for people all ages struggling with Spanish, or just looking to improve on their present knowledge of the language. The first thing we do is a quick assessment of the students level, according to the class syllabus. After that, we point out the opportunity areas to work on and elaborate a lesson plan.

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La vida es bella. Life is beautiful when you can express yourself in two languages. Learn Spanish here!

My teaching method is first to cultivate the love for the language and culture. I also use repetition, role-play, film, literature, song, and whatever else is relevant to hone skills and create use with the language.

Thunder Bay
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Industrial Engineer from Mexico city, Spanish for all in Thunder Bay, Ontario

My method is to empower the student to be an active player in the learning experience. I prepare the subject in the best possible way to motivate the student and be interested during the session.

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Patient, motivated, understanding, supportive, non judgmental Spanish tutor with considerable experience in Spanish and English language

My teaching methodology is determined by the learning required by the learner but in all cases, I always aim to break things down in to short, simple part in order to reinforce learning from beginners to experts. I use an array of online and paper based resources.

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I will help you improve your Spanish and be successful in Dallas!

I adjust my lessons according to the needs of my students.

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I am a promising A* Spanish GCSE student looking to tutor beginners!

I am a GCSE student with very promising predicted grades (8/A* in Spanish). I would prefer to teach those who are only beginning to learn Spanish, however, I am open to teach anyone wanting Spanish tutoring! During the lessons, I want to make it all about you! what do you want to learn? how do you want to be taught it? I am determined to help you learn the amazing language of Spanish.

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Arts, Literature and Communication Student, who's passionate about Spanish, and gives classes to people in Montreal who are interested in this beautiful language.

In my opinion, a person can not learn a language if they don't have interest, respect or love for it, and this is my main goal, to make students from all levels to be interested in Spanish, and love it as much as I do.

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Native Spanish student offering Spanish and Catalan lessons at home in Glasgow

Since I moved to Scotland I have been improving my English and also studying at home by myself, I can understand the things that change in both languages and see it in a perspective that could help to understand better and learn faster. I also have been teaching some Spanish and Catalan since I am here to the people that I am living with.

Ciudad de México
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Learn Spanish online with a native speaker with studies in foreign language teaching and a good level of English

I have experience with students of all ages, from children to adults. I try to create an atmosphere in which my students feel relaxed and have the confidence to practice the language they want to learn. I am extremely patient and passionate about education. I focus on the needs of my students so that they can learn exactly what they need.

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Master in English and Spanish wants to share her passion for languages ​​- Delft region

My lessons are for everyone, for all levels and ages. First I analyze the level of the pupil in the language, pick up the difficulties he / she experiences with the language and from there I try to raise the level.

Betsy melany
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Peruvian Engineer teaching Spanish; comprehension, expression and written skills online in London

Hey! Here we are. Are you looking for a new experience learning a foreign language? I am an engineer and I have experience teaching English in my country; Peru, also I work for an important environmental company. I love teaching and I´m here to give you an amazing experience learning Spanish.

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