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Top achieving UNSW Bioinformatics Student for private or group Biology tutoring in home, libraries, or online!

My philosophy for Biology is a bit of a shock to those students who think memorising is 90% of passing biology! Instead, I ensure students understand each concept using a first-principles approach, continuously asking students to explain reasoning and the concepts behind their explanations.

Muhammad noman
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Cellular and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Veterinary Pathology lessons for The school/University students

I gathered information from multiple resources, arrange from basic towards advance level. Present to the students in such a way that it can be easily memorable. I also involve the student in the class to keep them attentive towards lessons.

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Caring Brisbane Veterinarian with more than 20 years experience and MACVSc in small animal medicine, gives lessons or tutoring to Veterinary students or veterinary nurses.

- I am here to help you. - I will individually tailor lessons in person or on-line to meet with your requirements. - Regardless of your current level, we can work together to progress and achieve your goals! - I am a patient, kind and caring teacher. - Let's start today.

Wagga Wagga
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Veterinary Science student Studying at Charles Sturt university. Graduated from Newington college.

Generally I approach topics by explaining and showing then getting the student to do the problems by themselves and emphasise repetition as this is how I achieved my personal academic goals. However I also believe that each student is different and needs individual requirements catered to in learning.

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UQ HD researcher with three year university teaching experience available in Taringa 4068 for biology lessons.

I believe in two way process of teaching as I always encourage my students to participate in all group and individual activities. I have taught one to one, group and online lessons.I am always ready to give support and analysis for assignments in due time.

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PhD in reproductive physiology and molecular biology ready to tutor/mentor all students

My personal beliefs surrounding education are influenced by a parent and peers that have, collectively, decades of teaching experience. My teaching approach is based on the appreciation of people’s diversity and the need to create comfortable and safe environments in which to learn and express ourselves enjoyably.

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Sydney University PhD Medicine student, delivers lectures to university and high school students

. Hold PhD in Biomedical Sciences . Had taught science subjects to 9-12 grade students and biology, biochemistry, genetics and physiology to university students . Posses extensive training in teaching and love this job . Students love they way I explain things . Always Take ownership of students success .

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Veterinary Science Student able to provide biology lessons to high school and uni students

As I am new to this industry I am still developing my skills, but I would hope that by using a combination of learning techniques I would rather encourage a student to utilise their own skills and expand their own knowledge base to better understand the subject at hand.

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Animal Biotechnology Graduate instructs biology subjects to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I believe that learning is easiest and most effective when the student becomes passionate and interested in what they are learning. I do this by providing familiar examples from either my research experience or common experiences. I have been trained on the different types of learning and I am experienced in tailoring my lessons for my students in order to achieve efficient learning.

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UniMelb Science/vet student, offering catered lessons to college and high school students!

My philosophy is that if a tutor can achieve nothing else, they should at least incite passion or interest in the topic that they teach, rather than simply regurgitate information.

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I who am doctoral student in STEM Education at UNE with 3 years working experience at Bill Gates School give Science and Math lessons to students in Armidale

I am professional educator so I gain knowledge ofmethodologies such as audio-vision teaching, or presentation or result evaluation. My lesson structure follows the principles of education including of warming up, content and conclusion.

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Postgraduate Biomedical and Nursing 29 year old in Adelaide city. Ex-teacher, current nurse

my teaching method would be using visual techniques as well as structuring the content into terms the children are able to comprehend and visualise or understand. I also prefer one on one lessons as that allows me to dedicate sufficient time and tailor the lesson accordingly.

Hammond Park
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Murdoch Environmental Science and Wildlife Biology Student, Biology and English lessons for High school Students in Perth

I use a variety of teaching methods depending on what the student responds best to. Some techniques I utilize are quizzes, flash cards, mnemonics, practice answers and much more. Each study plan is tailored to each student.

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4th year Veterinary Science Student offering Tutoring in biological sciences in Townsville.

I like to use a variety of learning aids depending on the age and ability of the student.

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Biological science student in my last year of study, majoring in microbiology, and ready to help high school students with their biology studies!

I like to keep my lessons relaxing and fun. I suggest to students topics I will be discussing, and I ask them if they are happy with it or if they would like to discuss another topic that they struggle with. I encourage students to understand things by referring to real life situation that can relate to the area of study.

Hepburn Springs
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Teacher and Ex honors Degree Environmental scientist, teaching in Central highlands and Northwest of Melbourne

I want students to learn by hands on practical techniques blended with structured lessons that addreess the areas the students need more knowledge. I want teaching to be fun with follow up tasks starting the lessons each week. A commitment by the student to completing tasks helps me see their dedication and want to improve themselves and i hope my positive feedback will inspire their new learning.

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Doctorate in Biochemistry from Monash, give science lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

Highlights of my qualifications include: PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Monash University; Master's in Animal Genetics and Breeding from Anand Agricultural University My research work is published in High Impact research articles in reputed research journals.

East Innisfail
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Veterinary studies or biology to get into veterinary university. Currently near Cairns.

I approach lessons from different angles - I use "lecture" type classes and I also use a lot of drawing or anagrams so students can remember difficult concepts easily. Everyone has a particular style they prefer and if you prefer one over the others then we will use that more.

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Veterinary Science Student teaching Biology lessons to High School students in Brisbane

I strongly believe in positive reinforcements instead of punishments. At the start of the lesson I will give out lesson outline, notes will be provided and will test your understanding at the end of each lesson, and give out homework when needed.

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Veterinary Scientist undertaking a Masters of Teaching. Specialising in secondary Science, Mathematics, and VET Animal Studies and Veterinary Nursing.

I have an individualist approach to education, striving to tailor the learners experience to suit their needs, making content comprehension and retention achievable.

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No-nonsense Online GCSE and A-Level Biology Tutoring by a Student of Veterinary Medicine

I'm a Second-Year Vet student at the University of Surrey. The level of biology I'm learning at the moment means that I'm more than equipped to help GCSE and A-level students pass their exams. Having done my GCSEs and A-levels, I feel like I am able to provide a students perspective to the curriculum in order to help current students understand tricky concepts.

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Current veterinary student offering biology and microbiology lessons in Edinburgh. Graduated with a 4 year degree in Animal Science and Biology with a minor in Biochemistry from a US university

If individual my classes will be focused on the learning style of each student. If in a group setting, I make sure to diversify the methods in which information is presented. There is a strong focus on metacognition and learning how to approach information in the best way for you.

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Learn the subject with Full Basic understanding of topic and subject ok

The Teacher is the director for the student growth. I think i have that ability to make the student liable to achieve his/her goals in the life. Have understood the way of teaching and use of different techniques for same.

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Professor of Sciences, Master of Biological Sciences. With experience in school, university and pre-university teaching

My classes follow a content program, starting with the acquisition of the basic concepts and terms, to then promote the relationships between them and the discrimination of useful information. The class contains an expository part, a part of discussion and analysis, and a part of exercise. I also send bilbiography and additional exercise material so that the students can exercise between classes.

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Professor of biology, Goiânia / Go, Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal University of Goiás

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine-UFG, professor with emphasis in cytology, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, genetics and medical clinic of wild animals. Classes with explanatory drawings and videos for a better understanding of the content. Sending extra material for reading, when the material is not made by me, goes through a rigorous selection. Tests always at the end of each module.

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Science teacher in Oakville. MSc in Animal Science with five years of classroom experience, grades 6-12

I approach every subject with enthusiasm and curiosity. I am interested in making sense of a subject and applying it to life, breaking down concepts and analyzing them and using it to paint a broad picture of a subject. My expertise is working with students in grades 7 and 8.

Cuautitlán Izcalli
José ángel
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Veterinary graduated, sharing you the love of life and the biology science

I seek to identify the prior knowledge of my students, their type and level of learning in the subject; in a way that allows me to evaluate their strengths and strengthen them, and reduce their weaknesses, developing the necessary skills for their better school performance and real learning.

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Experienced and qualified science teacher (Zoology graduate) looking to help students achieve.

As a tutor, I like to have a first session with the student themselves and at least one parent, so I can understand what the aims and objectives of tuition are. I would need to ascertain the board being studied, and the strengths and weaknesses of the student so that we can then approach our sessions in an individualised manner.

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BSc Animal Science graduate offering Biology tuition in North Yorkshire and online

I listen to the students to understand where they require more help and how they learn best, to tailor my tuition to their needs and learning style. My tuition is fun, interactive and engaging. I have a passion in increasing the knowledge of others and I feel I have the ability to do this.

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Veterinary student offering middle school through university level Biology lessons in Kelowna, BC

As biology is the study of life, I like to use examples from real life to help students understand the material they are studying. I am committed to helping students really absorb and love what they are studying rather than simply memorizing material.

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