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South Perth
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I have great experience in Food science and Technology and hands-on skills to guide you to be successful in understanding and mastering elaborated and healthy dishes at your convenience.

I am open to any type of teaching method that will help achieve your objectives. I can prepare notes and send you by mail or we can have our classes via video calls. But I prefer face-to-face session and I am free for some practical cooking classes as well.

Surfers Paradise
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Passionate foodie teaches healthy food cooking with lots of fun and a focus on easy dishes

I teach by demonstrating. I'm visual so it's important to teach that way, after all, we eat with our eyes first right? My focus is on easy, quick to prepare food that you can whip up at little cost. for yourself of the family.

Mount Compass
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Home cook gives lessons to anyone seeking basic cooking and baking skills in Adelaide

I am a very visual person, so i apply this into My teaching, meaning method is very hands on. I like to show my students how to do something and have them follow along so that they can achieve the same result.

North Beach
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Healthy Lifestyle Cooking & Education. Perth, Western Australia. Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

He bases classes on easy to prepare, all natural ingredients and an educate, serve and dine experience. You will learn in a fun and easy to learn environment and your taste buds will be delighted. Enquire now to begin your educational journey.

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Flour, Salt, and Water. That's all you need to bake that beautiful rustic sourdough loaf. Whether you are a bread lover or just after a new hobby, you will love learning this new skill.

Hands on. I show every step first, you follow. It will be fun (and potentially messy!) And we get to talk about the why, when, and how as we go. Consistent beautiful loaves come from knowing how to adapt to the variables.

South Brisbane
1st lesson free !

I will teach vegetarian cooking. this is based on my experience in India where i learnt several vegan recipes

i love using an online platform. i design slides for the lessons and i also use skype for my lessons. after teaching i give some assesment questions to test on the level of understanding of my students. i love what i do.

Basket Range
1st lesson free !

Healthy delicious dairy & gluten free food that's kind to your health and the environment

I like to involve people in the cooking process so its very hands on with the opportunity to sit as a group after to eat. The theory and practical are interwoven and spread throughout the lesson. I am able to teach right across the board rom early childhood to the more aged members of our community.

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I am a 19 year old Student front Germany and just gratuaded from High- School.

Practicing, Cooking meals with variety. It all should make fun and educate at the same time.

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Student with a degree and love for baking giving lessons on baking and cooking

I am at ease and explain with eaxamples and by showing

Bondi Beach
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Amazing French cooking Tutor! With me, you will make the best French meals!

I am a 26 years old French woman passionate about French culture. I love French food. We will pick the ingredient together. After that, we will prepare the meal. I can provide you with a list of French meals and pastry and you can pick one from it.

1st lesson free !

Chef gives cooking lessons in your home. Learn healthy, easy, traditional, Mediterranean or vegan cooking, by yourself or get your friends and learn as a group.

My teaching methodology is "go with what you've got." I can look through a student's home kitchen, and explain/show what and how to get the best out of what they've got. I not only teach cooking but also correct storage and hygiene practices. I like to talk with students to find out what their cooking goals are: food, time and budget wise.

1st lesson free !

Hi, I am a software engineer by profession and a chef by heart. I love cooking as much as I like coding. I have inherited my cooking skills from my mom, who is amazing and a perfectionist when it come

Teach the basics and make students confident so that they can experiment with food. Also sharing secrets that are hard to find on youTube. Also teaching cooking is all about sharing the basics of food. A good chef cooks with all of his senses.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Corporate professional love cooking and also would love to teach cooking vegetarian food..pure marwari food/north indian/south indian food.

I believe best way to learn something is when we try it ourselves..my technique would be veey basic..lets keep it practical. You try the same studf with me also for home classes i will be giving students the same opportunity.

1st lesson free !

Food technology Student wants to teach and make aware of food handling, cooking as well dealing with food safety

I am a basic learner so my starts goes from basic which like kindergarten type. The structure starts as to make aware to know your basic requirement that you are going to deal with. The teaching is like that the learner can also express his/her experiences. Welcome, to my first kind of teaching..

1st lesson free !

Student completing grade 10 from ICSE and willing to give cooking class to all children interested in cooking.

I would ask the learner what he/she is interested to cook/bake For example:If my student tells me that he/she wants to learn how to bake a cake we will follow the following method: 1).We will be writing down all the ingredients needed to prepare the batter and to decorate the cake a class before. 2).Then we will step by step prepare the batter. 3).

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

All type of vegetarian cooking be it basics or advance along with eggless baking classes at Hyderabad

I will give in class or online practicals and also notes for future reference to the students. Will let student try too.

1st lesson free !

Experienced & enthusiastic cook and crafter gives simple, effective & interesting lessons in cooking, baking and crafting.

My teaching is based on a one on one approach, giving my complete attention to the student. I make my best effort to be clear and concise in my demonstrations and explanation, leaving no room for ambiguity. On completing a session, class or course, I would like to leave my students with a sense of accomplishment. .

(4 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Would you like to learn or/and improve vegetarian Italian recipes in an easy and funny way? Welcome to the best lesson of your life !

The base of my methodology is my positive attitude . It means I love freedom and I learnt from my dog is important to highlight the things students are doing well. Also I pay attention to give useful tips and to be sure they will be able to make the recipe by themselves when they will be alone and they want to cook for some friends.

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A house wife having 15 years of experience in vegetarian cooking teaches excellent classes.


(1 review)
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Learn the best and easy methods of cooking with Sangeeta's Cooking Classes

We are flexible with your timing and also conduct different workshops during weekdays and weekends in group of students. Different types of cooking and baking workshops are conducted as per the requirement of the students, each planned according to the variability.

1st lesson free !

Passionate of the kitchen she gives classes of gastronomy for the day to day in Malaga city.

For me cooking is a method of relaxation, therefore I try to provide the same when it comes to teaching. Learn to see cooking as fun and not as an obligation. Cooking for day to day, sushi classes or classes for boys and girls are my specialty. I have a methodology without rules.

1st lesson free !

I'am Chef I can make Home foods and Restaurants foods too .

My Teaching main thing is i always want it to give a new chance for the newest person who want it to become some change into there lives like a Man/Woman want it to become a Professional Cook/Chef .

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

I am Foodie Mechanical Engineer, Working As Procurement Engineer in one of the Organisation.Cooking is my passion so looking to commercialised my passion. I am Expert in preparation of various egg & C

I think I would like to teach directly giving experiments. I can teach Individually as well as in group. I am engineer but cooking is my passion. Classes are available for everyone who is passionate about cooking & one who love Eggs & Chicekn variety.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Bakery and fitness, vegetarian and vegan pastry for adults and children in Bogotá.

Depending on the recipe, a specific time is stipulated and after that the theory is worked on as the recipe is prepared. Classes 100% didactic. They are classes for beginners and for those who already have knowledge, for adults and children.

1st lesson free !

M.Sc. Food science and technology student ,offering cooking and cake decorating classes

My teaching method is online.you just need to be online and have on video conference with me .will give you practical as well as theoretical knowledge. The health benefits associated with recipe will be given. Q/A sessions ..

1st lesson free !

Professionally trained and certified chef from East Coast Canada. Here to help you cook your next meal.

I base my lessons off of learning how to master the basics so that both simple and more advanced techniques can be accomplished with greater ease. Patience is key in any learning environment, but especially so in the kitchen. I will take you step by step at your pace untill you get to where you want to be.

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Fermentation expert gives classes in fermented vegetables, kombucha and miso in Geneva

My classes are always divided into two parts: theory and practice. In fermentation, it is very important to understand the process in order to master it and produce delicious products in the best conditions. It is also key to practice with someone experienced to be able to remake alone at home.

(6 reviews)
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Cooking has become day today activity of my life.Fimilar with both north and south Indian cooking

No particular methodoleogy.But know basic concept of cooking and giving my own creative and twist in the food.

1st lesson free !

Vegetarian for 4 Years and Would Love to Teach You What I Have Learned :)

Everyone's needs are different, and people go vegetarian for so many different reasons. I will personally articulate meals based on your needs (cheap, organic, dairy or egg free, etc.).

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Learn to cook the easy way healthy tasty meals in fife Scotland

Well I'm very bubbly and have been cooking for 40 years a long time .

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