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UNSW Law/ Commerce student offers English lessons to high school students in Sydney

My teaching approach is very personalised and tailored to each student's needs, because no two students are the same. I am patient with my students and offer them advice and help on how to tackle a topic, rather than immediately show them the answer or correct way.

Wyndham Vale
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Current RMIT student completing my first year of flight training. Interested in teaching English to anyone from grade prep to 12. English is, and always has been a favourite subject of mine.

My teaching method is more focused on getting the students to take a more practical approach and actually writing an essay, rather than being spoonfed all the information. My classes will be focally based on giving constructive feedback on any pieces that the student composes and working to fine tune the weaknesses.

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Need help with English? Pre-service Teacher offering English tutoring in perth, WA

I understand that everyone learns differently and students have widely differing needs when it comes to tutors. I offer a personalised and flexible program of discussion and activities tailored to the student’s needs, whether they're struggling with course content, report writing, or sentence and essay structure.

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Monash Student of Humanities. I give English lessons to school children in Melbourne

Children learn best in conversations and they need justified explanations for why are they practicing a certain form of knowledge. I encourage reading habits for better understanding of the subjects or the language. I set practice papers and design it according to the need of the curriculum.

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Current English Tutor and 4th year education student. High-School focus Cairns/ Online.

I am a personable teacher that structures lessons to suit students. My teaching method depends entirely on the student and what areas they struggle with. I prefer to teach individually and to shape each lesson based off the past lessons performance.

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North Brisbane graduate offering after school tutoring for English and assessment writing

I'm a graduate who has loved learning and literacy my entire life. I aim to aim to make school tasks less intimidating for students and give them the skills to learn independently. For example, this includes teaching them how to break tasks up into manageable pieces, teaching them to research and write assignments, and making sure they understand their lessons.

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Melbourne university Creative Writing student aids in VCE Literature for Melbourne students

My teaching method is dependent on each students own individual needs, but usually I will structure my lessons around the study design and the specific text that will be analysed. I am proficiently skilled at Literature close Analysis and SACS.

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Trainee Teacher providing English support for high school students to improve literacy and writing!

I am a pre-service teacher with 3 years experience teaching English in high schools, 2 years experience as a private tutor, and 1 year experience teaching EAL to adult learners in businesses.

Macquarie Park
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Current Sydney Law Student ready to assist teaching HSC English to High Schoolers

My method of teaching is first asking the student what they feel they don't understand in the subject. From there we will strengthen their understanding and how best to apply this knowledge in exam situations. I would love to proof read anything and help guidance my students.

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FedUni science student and school aide gives English lessons to high school and uni students.

I enjoy encouraging people to learn and grow in their studies. My lessons are geared towards those who may be struggling with certain topics or tasks, as well as those who wish to extend themselves. Lessons revolve around the needs of the individual and the level they wish to attain in their education.

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UMELB Student offers sophisticated English skills to high school students in Melbourne

My teaching philosophy is a critical and personal understanding of the text will guarantee improved marks. Lessons will not only engage with texts, your values and how you perceive the world.

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Qualified Australian Journalist with over 10 years of Tutoring and corporate experience gives private essay writing lessons at home

My teaching method is discussion of weaknesses then tailoring the lessons to strengthen that skill. I based my classes on exactly what the student needs from me.

(1 review)
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20-year-old English Literature & Philosophy students offers lessons for all things literature!

I am convinced that the best way to tailor a study program on a student is to first and foremost talk to them and understand what their points of strength are and what they encounter difficulties in. I believe in communication and in encouraging the student to always try their best, no matter if they will make mistakes of struggle to complete the task.

Saint Albans
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Offering English Language Lessons to Students Located in the Melbourne CBD or Western Suburbs

The most important thing a tutor can do for a student is to provide support and encouragement. Not all aspects of education and learning are easy and every student understands this.Therefore as a tutor, I will not give away an answer, I will show students where it is so they can find it themselves.

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Qualified teacher with 5 years of tutoring experience giving English/ESL lessons in Perth

My lessons are highly interactive and tailored to meet all ability levels. My sessions are goal-based, so students walk away from each session knowing what exactly they need to do to improve. To this end, I ensure that my students regularly engage in dialogue with me about their thought process behind their work, providing me with a platform to clarify and teach key concepts.

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Concordia University Grad, situated in South-East Melbourne: Dual Bachelor of Political Science and Law with Specialization English Literature: tutor for English language

I have endured a whole 24 college and 49 university classes in my time, and as such know the difference between good teaching and bad...I've experienced it all! I know what works for the average student, but can certainly tailor it if need-be to get required results.

Murray Bridge
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PhD in Creative Writing with academic teaching, editing and publishing experience, now tutors online from South Australia, and specializes in poetry, prose and academic writing.

I have a PhD in Creative Writing from Adelaide University and a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. I have worked in editing and publishing and taught Communication subjects at UniSA for fifteen years. I have tutored privately and given workshops in the community to many different age groups. I like to tailor writing exercises to the needs of the individual.

South Perth
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99.85 ATAR Perth Student Accepted into Undergrad English at Cambridge University tutoring English/English Literature

Each tutoring session is entirely flexible to the student's needs, strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson is tailored to the student's level of ability and interest in the subject, taking into account the individuality of both the student and their learning style.

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Uni student in Prahran is a friendly, flexible and creative English tutor

I'm a friendly, creative and flexible uni student with 10 years of experience working with kids. I graduated in 2015 and currently study at the University of Melbourne.

Brunswick West
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Help with your Thesis from one with years of knowledge & experience (Law, Business, Architecture, Publishing, etc)

Hi, I have broad knowledge and excellent skills that aid in both helping you prepare your thesis and teaching English. I have worked in ESL instruction, writing, editing, publishing, architecture, property development and business (I have run a number of successful businesses and employed about 300 people).

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UNE Masters of Teaching and full time teacher offers Latin tutoring in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

I am an advocate of teaching in a way that best suits the individual student. This may be experiential, student directed, teacher directed- but I believe the best approach to learning is a combination of all these approaches to keep it interesting and engaging.

Paris 10e
(5 reviews)

Normalienne, French CAPES holder gives specific French courses, philosophy and history in Paris

Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS LSH), former pupil of the Lycee Henri IV and Lycée Fénelon (hypokhâgne-khâgne), currently in the final year of doctoral studies, I propose courses from college in humanities (French, history and geography, philosophy).

Las Rozas
José luis
(8 reviews)
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40 years of EXPERIENCE. I have taught at several levels: Our Lady of the Star School, Liceo Serrano, Collége Saint-Exupèry, Mirasur de Pinto, .... As PROFESSOR AT HOME, the super

I have a degree in Philology. I perfectly master the study techniques. I can teach at any level in all areas of letters and any subject in the first levels of Secondary Education. Throughout my professional career I have acquired a method that allows the student to overcome their difficulties. Today I can say that I have almost 100% success.

(6 reviews)

Assistance in drafting, writing, rewriting and TCC review, Monograph, Thesis and Dissertation.

I propose to help you in the preparation of academic papers, completion of course work, monographs, dissertations and theses. I can help you from the early stages, theme choice, cut hypothesis formulation and object definition, to completion, with final formatting and textual revision.

Paris 16e
(9 reviews)

French learning by a professional resident in france - private & distance lessons - graduate professor

Graduate French professor (BAC+6) gives private lessons to children and adults wishing to learn or improve their French. My lessons are personalized in accordance with specific needs of each learner and objectives set. My method is not academic, centered on the specificities of each learner, and has achieved very good results.

(7 reviews)
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Teacher of Portuguese PLE since 2007. Assistance in: Reading, Help in the writing of dissertations and theses, Text interpretation, Curriculum writing - Motivation letter and Text revision. (translate

In this case the method to be implemented will be free and according to the needs of each student ... we will be working among the following competences that the student chooses ... Reading, Help in the writing of dissertations and theses, Text interpretation, Writing Curriculum - Motivation Letter and Proofreading. I teach Spanish and English too.

(6 reviews)

Professor of French and Literature, gives French lessons and / or literature from college to high school in Chantilly.

My educational approach is to build a climate of trust between students and me before I start teaching. I can be quite comfortable with the learners, so that they can deconstruct the sometimes impassable wall that is teaching. I try as much as possible to compare lessons, methodologies, readings with things they already know (series, music, ect ...).

(4 reviews)
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Student Literary Research Master gives French lessons and Literature lessons for any levels

Currently studying Master of Literary Research. I'm a good pedagogue, sociable a calm. I know how to transmit my passion for literature, arts and culture in general and make learning fun while empowering and motivating students with living and dynamic lessons based on dialogue and personal investment. I am at your disposal for any additional questions, juts contact me for more.

(10 reviews)

French teacher offers courses at all levels (middle school, high school, FLE) in Lyon

Hello, After three years of literary preparatory class option modern letters in Lyon, I obtained a Master 2 Letters Languages ​​and Art My academic studies allowed me to master the dissertation in all literary subjects (History-Geo, French, Spanish, English, Philosophy), thus acquiring a rigorous working method.

(4 reviews)
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Young graduate of Sciences Po Paris gives classes to prepare French baccalaureate

Passionate about literature and general culture, I help students to love this subject and thus to succeed their tests on the day J.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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