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Ballroom and Latin DanceSport dancer with 5 years of competing experience at Townsville, Queensland.

I am friendly, approachable and look out for your best interest in Ballroom and Latin dancing. I teach from individuals to group classes if needed. I go at your own pace and justify how much information you need based on your skills and the way you are picking up the steps.

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A former Latin Ballroom dance champion of Bulgaria is giving fun dance classes to all people of all ages. Let me help you explore your inner latin soul!

My passion for teaching others is enormous as I believe dancing touches the souls of people and I take on responsibility with a great professionalism as well creating a fun, light-hearted and engaging atmosphere. I love bringing joy and happiness through teaching and I look forward to establishing a great amount of a happy client base and a long-term career.

Paris 9e
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Start in Argentine tango, lindy hop, 6-time rock with an experienced teacher.

I give lessons for beginners and false beginners in Argentine tango, rock and lindy hop. Classes emphasize good mood, rhythm, guidance and connection. Classes are held in a room. The emphasis is on the relaxation, necessary for a natural communication. Secondary activity, hence the advantageous fees.

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Danse de Salon (Samba de Gafieira - Tango - West Coast Swing - Forró - Bolero)

Cours particulier à votre mesure! Vous voulez apprendre le Samba de Gafieira ou Forró pour danser comme un Brèsilien? Ou vous voulez apprendre le Tango Argentin ou le West Coast Swing? Tous niveaux! Professeur bien calme et tranquille! Aussi chorégraphie pour mariage!

Paris 19e
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Argentine Tango tuition All levels - Closed and open - Enjoy Prom

A methodology to have fun and dance in the ballroom, while having a solid foundation. I dance the tango for 20 years and I have traveled extensively (8 in Buenos Aires and travel a hundred trips to Europe and the United States) to develop my dancing. I teach tango since 2004, as well as to guide for guidance (e).

Hoyo de Manzanares
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Argentine Tango your pending matter. Enjoy a natural learning experience with the embrace of Tango together with Fernando Laría and Verónica Massini, natives based in the northwest area of ​​Madrid, w

Natural, organic and relaxed way to incorporate the Argentine tango and enjoy it. Personalized classes, both private and group. We teach dancing ... do not do steps. We use the biomechanics of the body to achieve better balance, image and safety when dancing.

Buenos Aires
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Tango Teacher - I offer private, group or couples classes and I dictate the Tango Teacher.

My classes have a duration of 1 hour and a half, my teaching method is integral, focusing on the technical and therapeutic part of tango dance. I also transmit knowledge about the history of Tango, biomechanics, dance technique, different styles within tango.

Paris 11e
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Dance classes at home, EVJF, opening of ball, private lessons and birthdays

_ First of all, I can create tailor-made choreographies for your ball openings, at home or in a dance hall, I accompany you to create a choreography that will amaze all your guests.

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Learn Argentine tango or kizomba lessons with the passionate olivier edmond from France

Come enjoy a private and warm space to discover or deepen the Latin dances Argentine tango and the exotic dance of the moment the kizomba. I will put all his energy to make you progress as fast as possible. At your service professionalism and efficiency.

Vertemate Con Minoprio
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Dancing lessons all disciplines, Argentine tango, smooth, ballroom dancing, Latin American and Caribbean dances

I am a professional dancer and international level .semifinalista and finalist in many competitions of great level in all disciplines that stretch.

Buenos Aires
Yuka sebastian
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Dancers and Teachers of Tango in Buenos Aires Capital basic English but basic english but without embarrassment

Hello, we are Yuka & Sebastian, the classes are aimed at all kinds of people, from young people to adults, from beginners with and without experience in dance, from beginners to advanced, we teach in a didactic and entertaining way not only for you to learn to dance but for you to live a unique experience next to Tango.

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Teacher of dance in Bogota. Do you think you have two left feet? It is not like it, come and check it!

I dictate classes of: Dance and corporal expression (ballet, bar to the floor, tango, salsa, jazz ... The first class we begin with a brief exploration and evaluation of your knowledge, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, in which level you are and trace the clear objective of where we want to get in.

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I have studied dance for more than ten years and have valuable experience to share with students of all levels. I am passionate about dance and I can show you how the best dancers in the world become

I teach students to uncover their passion for dance. I teach them that no step is right or wrong. I think it impedes a student to become the best dancer they can be. I try to correct whenever I can but not by stifling their confidence. I want to make them believe in themselves. I also teach students that everywhere and at any time is a good place to dance.

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Cidade Baixa
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Take classes with the Vice Brazilian Champion of Forró in Porto Alegre !!

The main philosophy is that dance is something natural of the human being and that everyone can dance. Some will have more ease and some less, but is not this with everything in life? Ballroom dancing is popular and left simple and basic moves.

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Classes of Tango Milonga and Vals !! IMPROVISATION. We will explore the body as an instrument and channel of expression !! Professor graduated in the Cetba.

I approach the classes from the corporal conscience from some exercises of relaxation and perceptive audio of the music. We will explore the body as an instrument and delve into improvisation as a basis to create your own style added to some basic steps.

Marco antonio
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Come and learn with Hall Dance Teacher & Choreographer Marco Jamayka

Professor Jamayka is a highly experienced professional dancer and choreographer who has a team of experts to understand and meet your needs. For at least 16 years teaching classes in Brazil and in the world, he will have a great pleasure to be part of your big day with a successful dance.

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Spanish teacher and experienced dancer helps you to improve and gain confidence

I focus on the basics (rhythm, body language, direction ...) and help the student to gain confidence in him to dance regularly with other dancers and learn alone in open classes or social dance. My plan is to work with my students for 5 or 10 hours to help them overcome the lack of self-confidence and improve their abilities. I also design choreographies for wedding parties and theatrical scenes.


Home dance classes, all styles, all levels, ball opening, all over the world

_ Private dance classes at home or in the classroom. _ Choreographic creation for the realization of ball opening. I move home or in the room throughout the Ile de France. I also give lessons by video.

Santa Fe
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Dancer and teacher of dance tango I offer private or group classes of tango, vals and milonga.

You can give classroom or online classes. Classes are suitable for all people with or without previous knowledge. Fundamental technical explanations are given for the correct use of body language, complementing exercises and dance steps. Everything is taught gradually and according to the abilities of the student. We can all dance, you just have to be encouraged to do it.

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Challenge yourself to be beautiful: Dance Tango! More than just a dance.

Born in Argentina. Through his family and the community that saw his upbringing, He have been intimately involved with Tango all his life. An Argentine Tango dancer, choreographer and instructor for over 25 years. He's love for Tango dancing and tango music, particularly from the 1930’s through the 1940’s, is undeniable when you meet him. Marcelo is a milonguero.

Ramos Mejía
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Tango Lesson by professional dancers. We work the technique, simple and complex figures, musicality and both roles.

We always start with simple exercises to understand the different movements that will lead us to the correct execution of the step. Then we will see the work of the leading role, and then that of the follower role. Next, we will explain how these two roles work together to confer the step or the figure.

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Argentinean Tango dance and exchange of roles. Technique, speech and musicality

Experience Pianist; preparation and performance of operas, varietés, dance and music shows; composition and performance of incidental music for theater works; classical, latin, spanish, rock, contemporary, live electronics, electroacoustic, programming, concerts management; private tango courses, music courses for children in schools, and orchestra schools.

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Qualified and specialized dance teacher, with univertary title of sports and recreation teaching

My teaching methodologies are based on the inculcation of discipline and teamwork for solving problems and supporting student's future behavior I am strict in teaching because I like quality.

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1st lesson free !

Berlin - Professional choreographer and dance teacher develops and refines your dance talent

I teach ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation for all levels as well as Tango Argentino for beginners. In dance education, I pay particular attention to anatomically correct work, and specifically address the physical conditions of each pupil. All levels are welcome.

(3 reviews)
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Dance teacher graduated in ballroom and Latin dance sport, preparing for the wedding, party and etc.

Hello, im russian dance teacher graduated 10 years of teaching experience in ballroom and Latin dance offers individual courses master classes and grouppes.I organize training in one of the dancing school of the city Studio Paris Mambo near metro Daumesnil line 12 or at your place.

Ciudad de México
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Learn to dance tango! Private and group tango classes at CDMX. For all levels.

Our group classes are focused both on teaching this dance with an accessible method, and on forming a community of it. Thus, those who join these classes will find a healthy environment, inclusive and social coexistence. Anyone can learn, regardless of age, complexion or whether they come alone or with a partner.

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