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West End
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UQ Masters student, experienced tutor in English, English as a second language, Environment and Urban Design.

My teaching method depends on the students abilities and things they enjoy. I primarily focus on ensuring the student enjoys the lesson while also allowing for their goals to be met. I will start with getting to know the student, analysing their goals and knowledge and progress accordingly.

Kangaroo Point
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Environmentalist with five years of experience gives private ecology lessons in Brisbane

My teaching method is to talk with my students about the topic and answer their questions through real examples. I use slides, videos and scientific articles to show the latest information about environmental issues like biodiversity, sustainability and climate change.

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Masters Student at the UWA, studying Marine Biology. I am not limited to the listed subject and do contact me for further information.

I teach every student with different method. I believe that most of our education systems are generalized and do not focus on student's interest. So, I first understand what student wants from me and then in association with them, I design a study plan. This plan need not be in a confined environment, it has no limits and at the end we all want to do something productive.

Glen Waverley
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Student of Master of Environment and Sustainability at Monash, Melbourne teaches Sustainable Development

An effective leader, motivator and an all-rounder. Assertive but fun, curious and creative. A free-spirited girl whose passion lies in changing the world for the better in social, environmental and economic domains. Experience in a variety of organizations and sector leading to a broad-based knowledge base. Lessons would be designed and constantly updated to suit your needs.

Alexandra Headland
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Suellen, Biologist and Forest Engineer. I've given Ecology to uni students and Sciences to high school student.

I've used different methods to teach science at public School. One of them was Visual clues. The multi-sensory experiences improve their understanding and memorization. This includes drawings, diagrams, and pictures to assist theory and setting up examples to show its application side.The sequence of lab procedures can be better taught using pictures with words approach.

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A recent Doctoral Graduate of the University of Adelaide gives lessons to undergraduate students in environmental Studies.

My teaching philosophy hinges on the collaborative approach which facilitates constant interaction between tutor and student. I adopt the problem solving approach to tutoring by assisting my students to relate theories to real world or practical problems.

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Environmental Science PhD teaches natural resource management to environment graduates in Brisbane

My teaching methods will be tailored to the specific needs of the student, and encourage two-way communication and co-learning. The lesson structure will include an overview of relevant theory and frameworks to provide background and context to key concepts, but relate to practical examples and real world experiences.

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Environmental Professional with over 25 years of experience to provide excellent teaching

My teaching method includes the topic required together with actual situations and solutions practised in the outside working world to enable the student to be employable in future. I advocate an interactive method of teaching where the students are trained to use their thinking power for problem solving.

(2 reviews)
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Engineer in Alternative Energies teaches classes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Renewable Energy, Environmental Education, among others.

My teaching method is orderly, patient and encourages critical thinking. I can give you practical examples to relate concepts more easily. I am open to adapt to your speed and ability to learn. I am a very accessible, friendly teacher and open to dialogue.

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Experienced engineer in Building Engineering Services focused on renewable energy and energy saving systems

Power Point presentation of topics with diagrammatic detailing, case studies, detailed calculations, analysis of available technologies for existing and newer developmental projects, promotion of latest trends from popular manufacturers and System Integrators, references to National Building Codes, rules and regulations

Ouro Preto
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Engineer of Control and Automation by the Federal University of Ouro Preto, ample experience in photovoltaic solar energy, electrotechnical and electronic. Experience of more than 4 years acting as pr

My teaching method is based on the presentation of the content in a light way, with attention dedicated to the part that involves resolutions of the problems related to each content, an approach that gives the student the opportunity to really know the deeper concepts of each discipline.

Ribeirão Preto
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Control, Automation and Robotics Support Training Maintenance Development Programming In Low and High level languages

Development of academic methods and application processes using national and international standards. Fundamentals of Engineering and application in Automation and Robotics. Associated disciplines and man machine languages. Processes and theoretical and practical application. Learning methods and concepts of building maintenance and development of engineering.

Shah nawaz
(3 reviews)
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Every human being who have sense or concerned about earth; sustainable development

Firstly I ask the concerned audience to say about their expectations from the class and then I engage the person;

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An experienced teacher gives biology, botany, ecology, biochemistry lesson for grade 4 to university student

My teaching method is interactive, I love to lecture my topic to my student and discuss the topic with my all student and get feedback from students. I always give extra time for my student who is not able to understand the topic in the lecture time.

Belo Horizonte
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Biologist specializing in environmental studies, ecology, sustainable development, fauna and flora inventory.

Theoretical and practical classes in the field. Methods of quantitative studies of mammals, avifauna, method of identification of botanical material in the field. Forest inventory techniques. Identification of tree species in the field. Application of legislation in studies. Reporting and statistical treatment of data.

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In ecology and environment any types of problems and doubts are clear by me in Delhi-NCR regions.

I provide a lecture in detail way to clear the doubt of student on the bases of literature and research work and clear all the doubts through presentation way. I provide the notes on any topic of ecology and environment in proper manner.

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"Bachelor of Sustainable Development" 5 years of experience, Ecology and Environment classes, Biology, Eco-technologies, Renewable Energies.

I like to share my knowledge and experiences based on presentations and audiovisual materials, especially to reinforce the knowledge raised through the understanding of readings associated with the topics to develop, in addition to the request for essays of no more than four pages to be able to evaluate the progress of the acquired learning .

Rio de Janeiro
(5 reviews)
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Biologist, Master of Science (Marine Ecology) teaches science and biology for elementary and undergraduate students in Rio de Janeiro

Biologist and master in science, I work as a freelance tutor teaching biology and science for elementary and undergraduate students. Trace lesson plans reviewing on the subject to be addressed and elaborate exercises. Visual aids such as videos and schemes are also frequently used according to the need of the subject. I have experience in the job, with 100% approval of students I helped.

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An Honours degree expert offering hospitality and tourism lessons in ecology, entrepreneurship, hotel management in Capetown, South Africa

I love Hospitality and tourism as well as geography and am a highly committed tutor who can teach all levels from children to advanced level . I am experienced in preparing students for exams. I am an excellent communicator with an active interest in professional development and in the application of new technologies to teaching and learning.

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Hi my name is muazam. I am a pist graduate in tourism management and currently doing PhD in management

My teaching method is simple. If you have any problem with understanding sustainable development you can ask me and I will help you to understand it.

New Delhi
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Master's in Energy& Environment. Working as project assistant in project related to sustainability. Passionate about give and take of knowledge.

I build trust between me and my students by introducing them with the subject and broad topics. I let them use there own vision by leaving some loop holes. This is how they come with questions in there mind and we connect really well.

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I'm a gold medalist in environment science and home science from nasr school,Hyderabad.These are my favorite subjects

My teaching method is very simple and clear I make it a point to make children understand the basics ..

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Specializing in biology and geology teacher teaches private lessons in Palma de Mallorca

I'm an oceanographer and have three masters, including master's degree in secondary school teachers. I do not always use the same teaching method, I use include: theory, games, questions ... I like to involve students to motivate and curious about the subject.

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Engineer / Doctor specializing in energy, environment, sustainable development offers personalized support to Reunion for students of higher education

The unique method does not exist! The idea is to adapt the teaching method according to the pupil's problematic, his questions, his way of working and his personal goals. My interventions in engineering school or university have always proceeded according to this approach to find how to captivate students according to their sensitivity.

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(Graduated with teaching experience) provides: Natural sciences, biology, ecology and agricultural science

I am a Naturalist with a education (high school and bachelor degree) in agricultural sciences; I appeal to students of high school and / or university (without excluding the secondary school). My teaching method is adapted depending on the needs of the student: lectures, I use many practical examples to explain complex concepts, Extra-school and popular textbooks, movies etc.

Ciudad de México
Carlos andrés
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Biology tutor and scientific illustration, for SEP, IGCSE or IB in English and Spanish! Mexico City, South or Central Zone. Finishing degree in Biology.

Hello! My name is Carlos Solís, I'm a biologist and I've dedicated the past two years to teaching. My classes are aimed at anyone, I adjust the level according to your needs. I am creative and find ways to bring into the table different perspectives and analogies so that you can understand abstract concepts through logic and critical thinking.

Samuel alejandro
(5 reviews)
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Environmental Engineer, Specialist in Preservation and Conservation of Natural Resources and candidate for Master in Engineering, offers classes in Ecology, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity and C

My method of teaching consists in taking concrete examples of real life to motivate the student, relating it to his natural environment and providing tools for a proper understanding of the ecosystem and natural models. My methodology is very graphic (diagrams, videos, graphics, images) since I believe that this way the student's attention is better captured.

Linares Nuevo León
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Student in Energy Management and Sustainable Development offers academic support, lets learn!.

Student in Energy Management and Sustainable Development in Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Administración Pública de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. I've explained in many cases to some friends and other people, but never tried in big classes; nevertheless I would be excited to try.

Porto Recanati
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I am a construction engineer, architect and freelance, I give lessons in mathematics and specialist on the subject of sustainability and .Tecniche renewable energy technologies and

The watchwords in my formative meetings, so I prefer to call them, I am PASSION AND DEDICATION. This, together with years of form me and work on issues such as sustainability lead me today to have mastery of the subject. The relationship with those on the other side is built little by little, I do not love relationships teacher you student.

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Sustainable Development Student offers Sustainability (theory and practice) online courses in English

I am Noemi, a Sustainable Development Study at the Open University of London, and I offer courses at all levels on this subject: depending on the student's interests I can structure a more or less theoretical course, and more or less complex, focusing in a different way on all the three pillars of Sustainable Development.

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