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Experienced Sociology/Anthropology tutor and UNSW graduate helping you connect theory and understanding of everyday life

I help students to make connections between challenging social theories to everyday examples that they can relate to. This helps to illuminate the insightful ideas that Sociology/Anthropology has to offer us and helps us to understand our lives at a deeper level.

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I am a graduate, completed the Bachelor degree in social sciences majoring in child and community and sub-major in sociology. I can tutor core units of the social sciences and electives in sociology.

I approach each subject with the topic, outline and work with the questions being asked focusing on the subject area. I discuss theorists, theories which are appropriate to the subject area in sociology and concepts. It's important to view the theory and apply it to hypothetical situations or real issues locally, nationally or global.

Ferny Hills
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University of Queensland Honours Graduate providing teaching in Anthropology and philosophy for high school and undergrad students

I believe and utilise the pedagogy of 'Students as Partners' in my teaching and learning practice. What this means is that I will work with you in an open and dynamic way seeking to break down the popular didactic power relationships typically embedded in teaching in order to better grasp and fulfil the unique requirements of each student.

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Passionate Psychology Graduate from Cardiff University with specific interests in developmental psychology

I aim to tailor my teaching to the individual student, using a variety of verbal and written techniques. As I am aware that each individual has a preferred method of learning, I will draw on this in my teaching. I believe that listening to my students is critical in understanding how I can best support them in their learning.

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PhD graduate gives Politics and History lessons to high school and uni students in Perth, WA

I understand that everyone learns differently and students have widely differing needs when it comes to tutors. I offer a personalised and flexible program of discussion and activities tailored to the student’s needs, whether they're struggling with course content, report writing, or sentence and essay structure.

Currumbin Valley
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Professor gives lessons in politics, history and international relations to high school and university students

I am a qualified university professor. I have taught in schools and universities in Australia, Japan, the United States and Europe. I focus on individual learning needs, and getting the best results for students. I will provide comprehensive help with essays and exam preparation.

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Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate Tutoring Psychology/Criminology/Sociology in Melbourne for Individuals or Groups

Experience as both a university hired tutor and privately hired tutor for both individuals and groups. Happy to tutor psychology, criminology, sociology students or even students that want help in structuring their assignments or essays. Flexible both in terms of teaching styles and tutoring times. Location in the city, hawthorn or on request epping.

Myrtle Bank
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University of Adelaide Engineering student with extensive past experience offering Psychology tutoring in Adelaide

My teaching method is primarily based on repeated practice of Mathematical problems. Alongside vigorous practice, I also believe that it is important for the student to explore a variety of methods while learning to ensure which way they understand concepts the best.

Saint Lucia
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UQ International Studies student gives modern history/ foreign and current affair/ politics/ social skills lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I believe that to achieve the optimal outcome out of studying, one cannot rely entirely on the given materials but must exude a curiosity or exercise an effort to find out more details of the problem and apply their critical thinking skills in coming up with their own resolution to the problem.

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UWA Archaeology major tutoring primary or high school students in history, communications, social sciences

I love learning and I'm really passionate about the areas that I teach, but I understand that while history might be a huge interest for one student, it might be just another subject for someone else. That's ok! After our initial session, I will have a better grasp on what you specifically need out of your tutoring time, and the best way to get that to you.

North Hobart
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UTAS student in Hobart offering insight into the world of social science

As a social science student, I endeavour to mentor individuals using the knowledge and skills I have obtained from my bachelor of arts degree. Because the study of individuals and society is my passion, I will be furthering my degree in the near future. Honours in social research is the next step for me. My teaching methodology is straightforward.

Parramatta Park
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Social Communication and Journalist currently studying Marine Biology offers lessons in Cairns for humanities and sciences!

I know that the best way for learning is by believing you can do it, then understanding, practicing and in the end, explaining to others. And that's the method I always use and the one that has shown the best results.

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Gender Studies and Politics Major from unimelb gives lessons to highschool/uni students

My teaching methodology is to help students engage in, and be excited about, the content which they are learning. I do this by ensuring I use appropriate and relevant (to the student) examples to explain theories. This has proven to be highly effective in my past lessons.

Saint Peters
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Professional Research & Development Technician with HD average in Sociology and English, winner of Wiley Award 2018

I am a research and development technician working with psychologists on the national board of Sweden, as well as research teams at Sydney uni and in South Africa. I specialise in mental health, psychology, sociology, and English literature. I also have an HD average for both sociology and English, winning the Wiley Award for the highest grades across the whole English discipline at Notre Dame.

Suffolk Park
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Communication Studies major gives lessons on Social Sciences and Humanities to students in Byron Bay

My teaching method is based on connecting with the student and creating a positive learning environment. I will do my best to build connections with the student so they become excited to learn. I believe that every student has the ability to learn, it is the tutors job to find the adequate method of teaching.

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Western Sydney university graduate in psychology conducts psychology lessons for high school students

I am a very friendly and out-going person. I believe every student's learning style is unique. I structure the lesson and activities that suit the student's learning style. I also have experience in working with students with disability (especially, physical disability and slow learners). I structure lessons accordingly to bring about the best.

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Highly skilled online psychology tutor. HS, undergrad and postgrad. Qualifications: BSc (Psychology), MSc (Organisational Psychology), 10 years tutoring experience.

I offer tutoring online via any medium that suits you (e.g., email, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom). My approach can be described as flexible/adaptive; relaxed and laid-back, yet highly responsive and enthusiastic/passionate; friendly; and, most importantly, effective.

Woodville West
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Sociology student in final semester. Crime, drug use, deviance, general Sociology.

I like to engage with students who learn and excel best through discussion. I encourage dangerous ideas and enjoy fostering a solid foundation in objective critical analysis.

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Previous University of Queensland sociology student give gender theory lessons to beginner university students

My lessons are geared toward students who have a passion for learning more about human social interactions and philosophies surrounding these interactions. I will give a brief overview of theory followed by questions asked in order to stimulate critical thinking around the topic at hand.

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Travel-to-you UQ Secondary Teaching Graduate offering affordable tutoring in Geography or Humanities

I tailor my approach to teaching for each student based on their individual needs. I aim to personalise my style based on your (or your child's) learning style and goals.

Palm Beach
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Master of Clinical Psychology student ready to teach others in the Gold Coast area

I believe that you're never going to learn anything if you don't enjoy it! I pride myself in teaching through multiple methods and working collaboratively with you to determine how you learn best. I tutor for a period of one hour at a time to ensure optimal learning.

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South Brisbane
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Vincent proficient academic tutor giving lessons on social sciences to high school, college, and university students (both graduated and undergraduates)

My teaching method is facilitating as it helps to enhance self-learning and ensure that my students develop critical thinking skills, which are imperative in learning

Templestowe Lower
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Masters of Psychology student gives effective & engaging social science lessons (psychology & sociology) to high school and Undergraduate University students.

Using a collaborative approach, I ensure that I impart to my students the important information or knowledge relevant to the subject matter. I teach at a pace that is suited to each individual student, and I make sure to check for understanding of a particular topic or concept before moving onto the next part of the lesson. My lessons will be guided by mutually agreed clear lesson goals.

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UQ Education student give History (modern) lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I believe that each student is different and that we are all diverse learners. I like to gain an understanding of each student so that I can tailor my teaching methods to their specific needs and strengths.

Cooks Hill
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Graduated student with Bachelor of Social Science degree and Dip Legal Services offers assistance with research in Newcastle.

This is my first time offering a service of achieving 'Research Skills' for any kind of study or school project and providing help in Library or Internet Research that is time consuming especially for Legal Research and finding cases.

South Perth
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University of Notre Dame student teaching ATAR: History, Politics & Law, Literature, Religion. PERTH AREA

I like to think of myself as a fun and lively person and thus believe my lessons should be too. I love engaging students in fun activities which will get you thinking outside of the box. Much of this has been inspired by my past teachers. I will structure lessons based on what you need help on, using a focus for each.

Buenos Aires
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Private classes for secondary and university students (also amateurs) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

My classes adapt to the student. Therefore, I develop several methodologies that can range from an interactive talk to the realization of different types of resources such as maps, timelines and conceptual schemes, among others, that help to understand the different topics. At the same time, I look for an active student participation that awakens an interest in learning.

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General Knowledge - the easiest way to learn is based on constructive and open discussions

As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I help my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. In doing so, I consider the students' motivations and skills in order to optimise their success.

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Lets study social sciences! or history, politics, geography / I am a law student, we can do it!

It is essential a first recognition, then a diagnosis of the shortcomings, good planning and excellent execution in the development of learning, finally, the total review. However, it should be noted that each student is different, therefore there is no scheme in which to put it. That makes the characteristics of each one a different objective to raise.

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