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History expert providing online tutoring to improve understanding to students enhancing their knowledge base

I am an experienced online tutor eager to encourage students to understand History as a basis for connecting with today's society. I love sharing the joys of our historical past with students helping them to better their focus so that when giving answers they will experience the sensation of what history has taught them.

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Monash University Journalism Masters Graduate to give journalism related lessons to students in Melbourne

Journalism subjects need to be taught both theoretically and practically. I plan to teach my students in a combination of theory and practical as well. If it's a subject such as reporting or editing, I will give a theoretical knowledge alongside a practical assignment.

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Journalist and author with 15 years experience gives tuition to communications and journalism students.

My classes are fun and engaging and help you to relax and work to your strengths. I base my classes on real world experience, honing in on your immediate needs and bringing you to a place of confidence and support. Everyone can learn these skills. We just need a caring and supportive learning environment to bring out the best in each of us.

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Ivy League Graduate from New York shares love of Social Sciences in Melbourne

I am very dedicated to finding an individual study plan for each of my students. I use a casual, down to earth approach to help students to develop their study, writing and learning skills. I am quite bubbly and energetic, and am very passionate about sociology.

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A doctorate student willing to mentor individuals seeking skilled knowledge of human behavior

My teaching method is collaborative and supportive. I like to work with students who are open to learning and exploring, they should be willing to ask questions and put forward their perspectives and how they see the relevant topic. I can conduct classes one on one or in group sessions also depending upon the need of individuals and topic at hand.

Brunswick West
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University of Melbourne student is teaching Communications, editing and proofing at Melbourne.

My teaching methodology is different in a way that it involves a lot of interaction, participation, two way communication and tutorials etc. I believe a class is a success when it is lively and interactive. My approach is studnet participation and give them a hands on experience.

Mount Compass
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Education student gives communication lessons to children ages 1-16 in Adelaide from home

I tend to teach visually, as this is the same way I like to learn. My methods include videos, and hands on activities rather than sitting children down with books and making them read. I believe that everyone learns differently and it is important to get to know children to understand how they best learn.

Park Grove
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Dyslexic and dyslexia, world number one communication barrier overcome, 20 years experience using voice to text dictation, learn how to conquer the communication barrier of DYSLEXIA, learn from the th

How do I teach, my style of teaching can be in a group setting either personally or across the Internet, however the most proficient way to learn is one-to-one personally or over the Internet, if you have a decent Internet connection we can accomplish the task of learning how to use voice to text software proficiently in a fairly short period of time, you are only required to learn the basics and...

Salisbury East
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Communicate the other to build your unique personality.use your power of capture.

Writting is method of meaningfull expression and Editing is precise your story in appropriate way,either story or news.You should know how to arrange or re-arrange your copy.Moreover communication may happen two persons or more people interection.

East Bunbury
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ECU Painting Major give Art History/Theory lessons to secondary and uni students

I base my classes on periods of modern art history ( from Impressionism onwards). Class work addresses the social climates and changes in styles within these periods. Most class work is image response based focusing on visual analysis. Aiming to develop and broaden the students confidence and ability when writing about art.

Suffolk Park
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Communication Studies major gives lessons on Social Sciences and Humanities to students in Byron Bay

My teaching method is based on connecting with the student and creating a positive learning environment. I will do my best to build connections with the student so they become excited to learn. I believe that every student has the ability to learn, it is the tutors job to find the adequate method of teaching.

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Previous University of Queensland sociology student give gender theory lessons to beginner university students

My lessons are geared toward students who have a passion for learning more about human social interactions and philosophies surrounding these interactions. I will give a brief overview of theory followed by questions asked in order to stimulate critical thinking around the topic at hand.

Biggera Waters
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Griffith University Graduate offering lessons in Gold Coast to Social Work students

I do not have a fix teaching method as I believe in accommodating to the needs of every student. Everyone is different and I will find a way to match my teaching style to each student specifically.

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Masters of Psychology Student providing assistance to Highschool/ VCE/ Undergraduate students with an interest in mental health around Melbourne.

I believe that students guide their own learning; I cannot take the material and make you magically learn it. As such, I base my teachings in a collaborative nature - Students should come geared with questions and an inquisitive mind. We will work together to tackle difficult questions and ensure that by the end of it you have a clear understanding.

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1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Communications (PR) specialist with more than 15+ years sector experience

My teaching method is thorough, flexible, approachable and conducted in a way that ensures an understanding and competency from my students

Malvern East
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Monash Communications Student gives you advice on how to manage relationships and heartbreak.

My teaching method is based on your personal problem. I try and understand where your gap is and help you bridge it.

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I have bachelor of business in Accounting major, I can give Arabic lesson to the students

I would like to teach Arabic subject. It is my goal to be an asset to your company and gain employment, which appreciates my hard work and reliability.

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Swinburne University student ready to help with network systems and telecommunications assignments

My teaching methodology is simple example based and making things learn easy and quick.

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CQ university student provide excellent tutoring for communication to the highschool students

My teaching methodology is I'm always looking for out of the box. It's not just to read and understand but to practically apply into the real world.

Elizabeth Park
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Year 12 Student looking to share knowledge and tips to younger students who need an extra hand or guiding mentor.

My teaching method is 1 on 1 communication from mentor to student. This creates a relationship where learning is fun and easy.

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Monash University Master of Philosophy graduate gives lessons in Communication and Media Studies

My teaching method, is a combination of lecturing (though more suitable for larger groups) and the discussion method which allows for the learner to engage more with the course content and ask questions or contribute their questions to the discussion.

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Postgraduate occupational therapy student with tutoring experience offering tutoring within Perth or online

Hi everyone! My name is Marnie and I am a current postgraduate occupational therapy student at Curtin University. I am passionate about science, education and helping others. I would love to assist students with any study problems, help them learn their course materials and encourage and motivate them to achieve their study or learning goals.

Brisbane City
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Master of Communication graduate gives communication, media and journalism lessons in Brisbane

My lessons are geared towards students of journalism, communication, public relations, media, and related fields, or anyone interested in writing professionally. I offer lessons specifically tailored to the individual, with clear goals and strategies set out from the beginning.

Ivanhoe East
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Highly-credentialled scholar and author in journalism, media, and communication studies to tutor at all levels. Face-o-face in Melbourne or online packages available.

I am a very Socratic teacher, I believe in students coming to the answer through their own inquiry and in debate with the teacher. I do not expect rote learning or memorising for exams. I will set you reading tasks and expect you to participate in discussions with me. I will help with study techniques and essay / dissertation writing, but I won't do your homework for you.

Sharmil kaur
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Passionate teacher making boring subjects like history, geography simple and super fun to learn

I am a tutor who can make difficult and boring subjects look easy and interesting. I have experienced this by teaching students from 10 to 15 years of age at school that is grade 5 to grade 10. My lessons are always structured in a pattern of a story or sometimes I try to explain students with pictures because I believe that visual learning leads to better learning and understanding of the subject.

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Psychology graduate Adelaide University giving psychology lessons to high school students Adelaide

My name's Nam and I'm currently studying a masters in teaching. My curriculum for each student would vary due to the fact that not every student seeks a tutor for the same reason. For students looking to improve their knowledge, I would provide extracurricular tasks as well as revise their current workload with them.

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Psychology graduate giving tutoring sessions to high school and university students in The Latrobe Valley

Alongside English and Psychology I also have completed many hours of Statistics. I believe in addressing the concerns of the student above all else. I will tailor my lessons to the specific requirements of the student. The lesson stucture will be simple in that I will address the points where the student requires assistance and integrate new material when the student is ready.

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Gain the creative skills needed for advertising and public relations. Tailor your studies to meet your career goals and undertake work-integrated learning .

My teaching method includes presentations, role play between the students to develop practical knowledge and class room session( word of mouth)

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Recent High School Graduate looking to Tutor for Year 12 Psychology in Perth

My teaching method is to visually collate all the relevant information a part of the WACE syllabus for year 12 Psychology into organised topics that are easy to navigate between. This allows different theories to be discussed and understood in a way that flows which will be further advantageous when it comes to the essay sections in an exam.

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