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Red Cliffs
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Jess Stevens fight fundamentals for beginners and intermediate athletes boxing fitness ect

you don't have to be a fighter to train like one I am fundamental trainer I can get you to a level and refer you to other trainers in your/my area I can help you gain the confidence and fitness to join a high fitness level gym or group some people don't have the confidence to train at these places due to fitness issues I can help with that in other words im your confidence couch.

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Karate Lessons Black Belts In Karate & Ju Jitsu (Japanese) State Champion Winner.

I focus more on strategy and positioning in relation to your partner or opponent and focus on Kumite (sparring). We can go through kata but my focus is on kumite whether that be training for point sparring competitions or full contact Karate. My lessons are around teaching you strategy to apply in kumite competitions. I DO WEBCAM LESSONS AS WELL ACROSS THE GLOBE, TIME DIFFERENCE IS NO ISSUE.

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Karate Go Kan Ryu Geelong 10 years experience one on one training

I try to train technique, stance and the right mind set to whom i am training. I like to set goals and finish the goal in a week or so, then we can move to long term goals. happy to teach anyone.

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Thirty years of Tae Kwon Do, 2nd dan black belt to give lessons near Aldgate, SA

I am happy to teach anywhere with an open space. I really emphasise and work on technique, no sloppy hand movements, feet and balance correct, getting the most from every punch, kick and movement. I can teach anyone who wants to learn and improve their level of skill to the highest they want to achieve.

Port Macquarie
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Accredited Exercise Scientist, PhD Student, Security Officer, MMA fighter offering self defense classes

Self defense can be approached either re-actively or pro-actively. I use training, both theoretical and practical, to equip clients in both methodologies. Practical training starts with gross motor movements that can be utilised instinctively with progression becoming more complex over time.

Varsity Lakes
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Canadian Karate Black Belt looking for students who want to learn authentic Karate

I like to gear my lessons towards three main goals: Fitness, Skill Development and Practicality. I believe all martial artists strive for self improvement both in their physical and mental being. I only teach techniques that will be practical in a real self defense situation.

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Forty years experience in various martial arts, private or group lessons available

I teach in the traditional way, but less formal. Mutual respect and safety in the classes is paramount. Also my emphasis is on techniques that work rather than looking pretty. Because my background in multi martial arts, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of styles and try to address this.

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Through Pat's Freedom Boxing Personal Training people locally/Globally will find new found clarity, purpose and fulfillment to their lives. Pat - Current Queensland, National Boxing Silver medalist, Q

Tailored training methodology as every body and personality is different. Your success depends on this individualization approach. Instill a strong focus on foundation and am obsessed about my clients and delivering them outcomes. Proven record at turning everyday people into fighters in just 8 weeks.

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Learn How to maintain your well being and at the same time learn how to defend your self

for beginners I always start them off on the basic core skills these are the foundation for any martial art style.

South Brisbane
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ITF taekwondo and kick boxing personal defense sessions for children and adults in Brisbane.

I love this sport and I will demand the best that you can give to strengthen your weaknesses. The structure of the class is: 1. Heating and stretching. 2. Didactic explanation of defense techniques. (One by one) 3. Body training 4. Application of one-to-one defense technique. 5. Theoretical basis of the technique. 6. Relaxation and stretching.

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Martial Arts Instructor, Perth WA, 14 Years Experience, 2nd Dan Black Belt

My teaching methodology is based around the people wants and desires, it is about them why they have chosen to take a private class and what results they are wanting and i will taylor the class to fit the expectations

Victor Harbor
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Former Federal Police Officer and black belt ninjutsu instructor giving lessons on the Fleurieu Peninsula in a relaxed and supportive environment

I conduct my training in an informal and supportive manner, with a focus on helping people progress at a pace comfortable to them. I am open to training privately or in a group setting, and am flexible with locations and times.

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Martial Arts and Weapons Instructor, gives personal and group Self Defence lessons on The Central Coast N.S.W. Over 20 years experience. Member of International Martial Arts Federation Accredited inst

My teaching methods and classes are based on a strong foundation in basic techniques, to strengthen both body and mind as well as increasing fitness. My approach is to have fun while learning, but also in still strong Self Discipline a Positive Attitude and Increase Mental Focus.

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Experienced martial artist in various styles, gives self defense lessons in real world situations

i start with stretching and exercises to strengthen the body to handle excecuting moves etc. that will get the person out of a situation of danger. then slowly go through techniques etc.

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UTAS student, 15 years of experience in martial arts, 7 years experience in Wing Chun, offering Kung-Fu classes.

I am very patient with my students. I give plenty of opportunities to put in extra effort, but I think it is ultimately up to the student to choose the amount of time they want to invest in training. I do lots of preparation and research before classes, looking for an individual approach to everyone.

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Martial artist with 10 years experience gives series of self defence lessons

Lesson contents are tailored to the individual client, depending on the client's goals and preferences Lesson aims to have good vibes and cultivate harmony in mind body and spirit Offering multiple disciplines and various styles Goal is to keep client safe while allowing an engaging learning environment

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Martial arts I have good experience of teaching martial arts to kids, teen and adults. currently I am in Sydney working in different martial arts school and private lessons. So I am looking for privat

My teaching method is face to face. You are welcome to come in my school or I can come to your home or place to train you martial arts. I approach traditional method of martial arts along with showing and teaching modern way as well.

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Teaching Jiu Jitsu, traditional boxing, roman greco wrestling, tutoring in self d

Hands on, skilled based learning, sparring, chit chat in a group before we start, one on one if you prefer. Gi or No Gi is optional, fun based learning, chilling and, making new freinds. Asking and questions and student focused.

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Togakure Ryu Ninpo Ninjutsu Instructor will teach class or privately, Annandale Townsville

The way i teach is how all Ninja were taught i would describe it as Traditional with of course incorperating new techniques as they become available.

Blacks Beach
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Martial Arts Instructor gives lessons in self-defence in Mackay and surrounding areas. 30 years experience.

My methods for teaching vary depending on my student as most of my teaching is done 1 on 1.

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Exerienced Judo and Boxing player avail for 1on1 training or coaching sessions

Practical training in the basics. Also available as sparring partner/Randori for the more experienced fighter practisioner who wants extra training in between fights or off season. Expert in diet and preparing for big events and needs of body with diet and exercise.

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6th Dan Black Belt, Chief Instructor, with 35 years experience in Taekwon-Do, and 20 years in Security will provide practical & realistic self defense skills.

My lessons are conducted with professionalism and cover topics such as self defense and law, safety out and about, the three A's of Self Defense Awareness, Attitude & Avoidance. The lessons are tailored to fit individual students of all ages and fitness levels including those with disabilities.

Swan View
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Experienced 4th Dan Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do and Karate Teacher for individual or group lessons

My teaching method is by practicing skills which develop confidence in all situations by making aware of the environment and developing excellent skills that give you the upper hand in the case of a assailant threatening y

Port Macquarie
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Self defence techniques blended from Aikido, Hapkido and Kungfu in Port Macquarie

I teach free form no force self defence in a way that's fun because its simple. Its balance, Its timing. Its shortest distance. It requires grace and conservation of momentum without anger.

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TK's Fit4life Personal Training Teaching a wide range of physical & mental disciplines, martial arts, personal fitness/wellness, surfing. Friendly qualified instructor outdoors(group) or in the comfor

My teaching methodology is keep it simple, keep it personal,keep it safe, keep it fun. I add my own personal touch to my teachings, which includes healthy living, healthy mentality, healthy interactions. The only limitations are the ones we put upon ourselves.

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FIGHT LIKE BRUCE LEE - Wing Chun tutor with 4 years experience - Northside Canberra - Fees to be discussed

I will start from the basics, a tiny bit of philosophy, and then straight on to the action ! Every lesson will start off with some stretches and warmup exercises, followed by the 'Sil Lim Tau form' and then on to self-defence training.

Saint Lucia
(2 reviews)
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Karate practitioner gives martial arts, karate and self defence classes (Individual or Groups)

My teaching methodology is based on the level and skill of each individual, and when in group sessions I separate them in terms of skills and then try to combine them so that the newer can learn from experienced people and experienced can learn to teach new people.

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Self defense with reality based skills easy to learn and simple to apply

i currently hold a 7th dan blackbelt in taekwondo and 5th dan blackbelt in kyusho jitsu with some limited knowledge of other arts

Bondi Junction
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UNSW Environmental Engineer and UWA Environmental Scientist who can provide training in the fields of environmental engineering/science, biology, French and martial arts/self defence (boxing, Krav Mag

My teaching methodology is very detail-oriented. I ensure that my students grasp every single detail that underlies a topic or technique.

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Self defence trainer great with kids flexible hours 20 yrs experience cheap

My teaching method can be as laid back or as hard as u like it's really up to u I like to have a good time while I train

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Perfect! My son is very happy with his boxing lesson with Domenico, thanks Domenico you are a wonderful teacher

Jen, Student
2 weeks ago
(5 reviews)

Perfect! Brandon did a fantastic job of keeping three very energetic boys not only entertained but focused on learning some great techniques and drills. He was patient, provided great variety, firm in setting boundaries while still ensuring everyone had fun....

Alex, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

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