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I am tutoring in pharmaceutical science , pharmacy , Analytical chemistry and pharmacology subject areas

I did not believe in cramming I just go through the basic points and clear all the doubts of students with my teaching methods. So, definitely, I will provide good lessons to the students to improve their learning power.

Doncaster East
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Punjab university student teaches science to high school and senior school students

I am a highly motivated student aiming for personal and professional development of students. I would expect my students to be highly motivated, self driven and eager to learn. I will adopt Discussion Method for teaching and lesson structure will be based on fundamental concepts and skills.

Valley View
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Science lesson giving in middle school student and and math lesson are giving in middle school in aldeaide

Name -Prabhjit kaur khangura mobile number-(concealed information) in my teaching experience of 7 years, i worked as science teacher and biology teacher for middle school student. i mostly used demonstration method and student-centered method of teaching.

Mahmuda shayema
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JCU PhD student gives lessons with vast experience and examples using patience

It will depend on the requirement of the student making sure that the student has a good grip on the subject. Individual or group lessons both can be done. Flexible about the timing too.

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Mathematics, Art and Science, Algorithm and Programming, Creative Thinking, physics, Computer Network

I start with concept let student understand the topics from ground reality. I teach with making lots of examples and analogy.

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A graduate of bachelor in nutrition providing tutoring for nutritional and science studies.

Im a graduate of bachelor in Nutrition, just moved to Perth from Malaysia.

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Health and Medicine teaching at West Australia for life and education exams

Dr. G. G. Chamal Sanjeewa ( Postgraduate Institute of Medicine - Sri Lanka ) has won 2017 Global award for academic championship organised by organised by International Agency for Standards and Ratings. Dr. G.G Chamal Sanjeewa among World's 500 Most Influential Public Health Experts for the Year 2017 as well. SBS Sinhalese interviewed Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa regarding this great achievement.

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Food and Nutrition graduate who graduated with honours giving lessons in East Melbourne to high school and university students

I structure my lessons according to your needs. I can help you understand a topic better. I can guide you on what life will be like post graduation. I can assist with assignments.

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Deakin university Biomedical science student gives science(biology) lessons to year 6 to year 9 student in melbourne.

i prefer face to face interaction between teach and the student. i will be explaining the lesson topic by topic and at the end small questions will be given to make sure that the lesson was understood. and students are free to ask any question, willing explain the same topic till they understands it.

Flowery Branch
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Master's degree in nursing, pursuing dual doctorates (DNP/PhD). Experienced in ER/Med-Surg/Clinical practice.

My teaching method is interactive. I encourage students to ask and answer questions throughout class. I base classes on purpose, content, and application. My approach is to assess level of knowledge, and evaluation, so that the class is tailored accordingly.

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Laurenda in Pharmacy with hospital internship and scientific diploma (100/100), available for lessons related to Pharmacy / Medicine and for all schools, from elementary to high school, to university

Customized methodologies on request, Problem solving, Italian and English lessons and for all scientific and humanistic subjects including philosophy. Schematic, pragmatic but also thematic. I can send online material of handouts, layouts, images, slides as needed.

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Ring into the new year with better grades. Guaranteed. Tutor Medical students in all subjects of medicine .

I have an extensive knowledge and extensive knowledge in the field of medicine. I have been tutoring and mentoring medical students for the last 5 years . I have a MD in medicine and currently pursuing my masters in neurology in the University of Sheffield which is a Russell group university. I guarantee progress and better understanding of the subject if you choose me.

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Professor Asonfac. Areas of expertise: College and University level Health Sciences, Nursing.

I use evidence-based teaching (EBT) strategies to accomplish predetermined lesson objectives that meet current professional needs. I use innovative teaching strategies that are attuned to multiple generations and capture all learning styles. I believe in students centered teaching enhanced by good interpersonal relationship.

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Nursing tutor in London with a Masters Degree and 8 years experience

I am here to help you learn and grow your enthusiasm for the great profession of nursing! You will feel supported and able to use your own learning style to lead the direction of our lessons. I am respectful of people's differences and can offer you learning and assignment support in any area of your nursing academic studies.

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Get ready to experience the best problem based teaching and mastering the subject you are interested in.

I would focus on teaching cum discussion method of teaching, so that learner can share his/her problems and put their point of view forward in order to enhance critical thinking of the learner.Updated knowledge with suitable evidence based practices will be provided to the learner.

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Tutor for pharmaceutical sciences and biology with a doctorate degree in pharmacy

I base my class on student's need. it depends on whether they are preparing for national tests or deep learning the subject,etc. I believe basic or foundation of subject should be strong when it comes to understanding the subject and its further application.

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First Year Medical Student in Phoenix for MCAT Prep or Related Sciences

I teach my best when a student has worked through some material, but still doesn't understand it well. I try my best to put it in simple terms and use analogies that are relatable to everyday life. I take a hands on approach by working through the problem with the student and discussing my steps along the way. I am confident I can adapt to fit your needs.

San Antonio
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Need help for nursing? Let me be the answer for your questions

I'm a registered nurse with 15 years experience between nursing and Emergency Medical Services. I am knowledgeable in multiple nursing subjects. I teach by trying to make the subject enternaing but informative. If you enjoy the topic the easier it is to learn.

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Zoological and botanical life science with bioscience in biology and in Geology

I am a simple private school teacher teaching from the past three years to the students of class 1 to 8,I follow the rules of our late father's father of the nation M.K Gandhi who says us to make heart contact with the students.

New Delhi
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Doctor of medicine keen to share my knowledge both online and offline!

My teaching method is primarily conceptual. I always make my students learn the basic concepts and then build the knowledge. I use images, diagrams, presentations, videos - practically anything that help my student learn and know. My students varied from first-year medical students to healthcare trainee professionals like medical coders, medical transcriptionists.

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Student should be keen learner and i believe i can fullfill expectations

My teaching method is very simple. I try to make concept simple so that student can learn by easy way. Also i provide online lesson includes notes etc. I teach student in that way student should not be feel bored and take interest for more lessons.

New Delhi
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For medical students and health professionals as well as for anyone who wants to learn some facts about medical practice with clinical experience and illustration

My method of teaching will always be illustrative and image oriented. I don’t have much of teaching experience professionally,but I have helped lot of my fellow medical students during college days and anytime they ask me for any doubt. I would be more than happy to solve any doubts you have and will work on something that I don’t know.

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Denovo educational learning and modern life with traditional way to perfect future

stress free life ,education to moral support in your daily life and open games how you support in your life and how to fight ,face to your problems. how you make your stress to your power with balancing diet with efficient exercises.

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Teaching about disease ,causes ,symptoms,medicines as iam a pharmacist and good knowledge of pharmacy

Iam a pharmacist,and i can teach medical students ,adults,,and can give patient counselling if necessary,,,,,,i did diploma and bachelore in pharmacy from india having a good knowledge of pharmacy,,medicines diseases and all.

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Tutor available for a range of subjects to include English, Health and Social Care, Biology, Sociology and Psychology

I currently teach 14+ in a range of subjects to include and not limited to; English, Health and Social care, Psychology, Sociology, PSHE, Science - namely biology. I have over ten years experience in work based learning, 3 of these which have been spent in a college environment.

Dr. sonam
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Health Sciences for science students, and students with any background requiring science.

i can explain concepts and try to make the understanding easy.This could be done on an interactive basis and with the help of diagrams , mneumonics and hints. But for this the student must be prepared with the previous classes taught by me, so as to make the learning easy.

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I have 2 years experience of teaching. I teachs all subjects upto 8th standard

I taught in an institution. I can teach maths, science and English. I have a good experience of dealing with children. I help them with extra notes also. I give them proper time. If they need extra classes i can give without extra fees.

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Teaching physiotherapy with clinical aspect using experience of 7 years. Online teaching doesn't have any boundaries of location.

Having degree of masters in sports Physiotherapy with clinical experience of 7 years in Physiotherapy. Main emphasis is on clinical teaching of how to treat the patients with recent advancements. Already taught and still teaching students at UG and PG level with maximum student scoring first class marks.

Greater London
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University student tutoring health and nursing to college students in New York.

Hello, I am Hesbon Okemwa, a university nursing student. I have conducted health-related courses on a number of platforms. Most specifically, I conduct online lessons where I tutor students from across the globe. Apart from demystifying nursing, I have helped students boost their writing skills. I have helped students proofread, edit and format their papers in the required standards.

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College students in Medicine, genetics, science and pediatrics, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Arab Board of Pediatrics, MSc of Medical Genetics and Genomics, Bch of Medicine

I am a paediatrician and a medical geneticist wth a wide experience in different fields that are related to science, medicine and paediatrics. I worked as a lecturer of medical students in Islamic Gaza University, and during my academic yersI was involved in many teaching activities.

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