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Warm and encouraging ANU Science/Arts graduate, keen to help everyone reach within to find the skills and intelligence we all possess!

I am passionate about student-centred learning. I believe in the intelligence of every person and work with people's strengths. I understand that learning environments are not always set-up to work well for everyone's learning needs.

Delaneys Creek
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Have taught English and Maths from year 1 - 9 to students who need help as a Teacher Aide for 25 yrs. Situated Delaneys Creek Qld. Qualifications from two colleges.

I am outgoing, friendly lessons were for students years behind in education. I have rarely had to structure a lesson plan that was the teachers job. Teaching methods - simplicity promotes understanding.

Rouse Hill
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University student gives lessons to Primary school students in your local area.

I am a very easy going person who is strict with learning. I set myself a few goals before attempting to teach the class to know how the lesson could be beneficial. I generally plan my classwork beforehand so that I could go through it again and be prepared as much as I can so that I do not waste time doing other things and focus on each child.

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University of New South Wales Student gives English and IELTS Lessons to Students.

My teaching method comprises of all the means to make the student understand the best of the subject. I start by making them understand the concept and then ask to practice and learn along with me teaching them the base and final outcome.

Highland Park
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Need an education graduate to assist you to read and write in English and Indonesian?

It would be effective to teach English based on their needs. With communicative approach, I facilitate their learning by putting them in the real situation. For example, brainstorming on things around the topic: transportation, street direction, length of time, etc.

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Flinders University student supports school students in their English studies and other school work in Adelaide

I am to stem my lessons from what the teachers have students working on, or areas that a particular student needs a bit of added help. I am happy to assist in research, writing essays or other assignments, and editing essays (for English and History specifically, but I may also be able to assist in other subjects).

Varsity Lakes
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Griffith Graduate Educates High school students in Geography Maths & English Robina Varsity Lakes

My teaching method is based on my general knowledge i have on subjects such as social sciences, geography, maths and writing. If i am not confident about a particularly topic, I will make sure I acquire the necessary knowledge about that topic either through the internet or state library then apply this knowledge to my student.

Tweed Heads South
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Improve your English Online (reading, writing, resumes) - 30 plus years in administration

Students learn best when the lessons are suited to their learning style. I work on the visual, auditory, kinesthetic system - that is do you learn best by watching, listening or doing. By understanding the student's style of learning, the ability for the student to increase their skills and knowledge is possible.

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H1 University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts ACADEMIC ENGLISH + Beginner Chinese Tutor

My mantra is: make every topic relevant to the student's life and interest. The reason I love language class is that you can customise any learning experience to make it relevant to your own interests. For example, if in my academic English class we were learning about referencing, I could ask a student to bring their favourite book or newspaper.

Manifold Heights
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Highly experienced VCE English tutor working in Melbourne, available for tutoring at home

My teaching methodology is student-directed. I provide input and support as needed, but structure the lesson around each student's particular point of need. I have extensive experience working with students who need assistance with a subject of difficulty, particularly English.

Springfield Central
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English/History/Social Sciences/ Humanities Tutor-Final Year Law Student at the University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane/Ipswich

I would like to get to know my student first because that will help me to prepare my lessons.e.g. whether my student can work for a full hour then take a break or whether my student needs a break every 30 minutes. To begin, I would usually start with asking the student if he/she have any homework or assignments that may be due soon so we can work through it.

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Education Support student to help you with your English subjects in Brisbane

I believe the best teachers are those who show you where to look but do not tell you what to see. I aim to help bring your ideas and thoughts to life. By allowing you to express yourself and think for yourself I will work with you to help you better understand the task and achieve all your goals.

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Wordsmith extraordinaire and Essay Master helps Adelaide students plan, draft and polish their essay assignments

At the risk of getting too zen-monk on you here: "In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities and in the expert’s mind, there are few." [Shunryu Suzuki]. I encourage and uplift the beginners mind in all my students - thereby teaching them how to learn anything, adapt to changing circumstances and build resilience for a big, full life.

Bedford Park
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Flinders Medical Science Student with top 10% marks in Yr 12 English gives lessons on creative and essay writing

I base my lessons around the course outline that students bring to me, focussing on a new key aspect every lesson. Depending on the content involved with each concept, the amount of time I will spend explaining and teaching will slightly vary.

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Academic & Career Mentor Experienced in Boosting Confidence, Technique & Results: IB & HSC Strategy

My strategy will always be different for every student and we will figure out what works in our first meeting. My goal, though, is always to make the subject "click" and to think about life after & around school. It is so important to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep, take ownership of technology & social media.

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Business professional with many years teaching experience; offers English tutoring/coaching to students in Chinchilla / Miles areas.

I like to invest in my students, getting to know their aspirations, strengths and areas for development. This helps me frame up lessons using problem solving approaches, usually one-on-one or small groups sessions for optimal learning and support.

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Highly experienced VET Teacher with extensive experience within the Community Services area, employment services and health and well being

I usually start by developing a rapport with the student, finding out their current level of knowledge on a subject and then building upon their own life experiences by sharing information, perspectives about the subject in a way that it userfriendly and appropriate for them. I try to ensure that my teaching methods are specific to the learning needs of each student.

North Mackay
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Bachelor Graduate in Community Welfare will give coaching to Grade 7 - 9 Students

*My background has been diverse so the students my lessons would be geared toward are those who are struggling with reading and literacy skills.

Battery Hill
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Early childhood Education Diploma qualified professional with 15 years experience. Tutoring background on the Sunshine coast

I base my support around young children and young students studying. Lessons are run in the comfort of your own home, my home or if you prefer a relaxed cafe environment. I offer my services to you as tutoring availability during my younger years helped me to achieve where I am today. Ongoing support goes a long way.

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Agricultural and Applies Economics undergraduate student that give English lessons (Creative Writing, Resume-Cover Letter Writing, Essay Writing, Year 11-12 Exam Preparation, Thesis Preparation and Sc

My teaching methodologies are design thinking which prepares the student for the real world arousing their curiosity and analytical and creative skills and self learning which is the students curiosity is the main driver of learning for I think curiosity means learning.

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English Literacy Tutor based in Devonport, Tasmania with a strong belief in the Phonetical approach. As a Certified Business Administration graduate - am able to assist in building resume writing skil

I can help beginning readers develop skills in English literacy; whether they are children or adults. It is very important for beginning readers to understand the phonetical concepts involved. If they understand how words are built and can break them down into understandable segments, even unfamiliar words can be read with confidence.

Fortitude Valley
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University student gives one on one English lessons and preparation skills at home

My teaching methods are based on what my students are currently working on, or desire to work on. From their, I will develop a program that will best benefit the student in learning all things necessary for their school work or general learning objectives.

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From Home Writing Skills Seminars, With Pre Service Teacher! (ONLINE CONNECTION NEEDED)

I base my classes on YOU. All methods I devise are based on where you need help. I also know that the best way for the majority to learn is to have practical applications. That is, not sitting down and filling out a sheet, but discussing the issues and how we can improve them. Most of my learning tasks have some form of practical task.

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Experienced Honours Graduate teaches writing (across all domains) to Brisbane based students and professionals

I approach my sessions by guiding my students, rather than giving them the answers. I work with them to create what they need to achieve, and always provide a document outlining what we have discussed and why we chose to make these changes.

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Online English lessons from a well traveled, creative, life student and psychology graduate!

I have a diverse teaching method which is responsive to the individual needs of my students. Working towards students' aims, needs and growth areas, I creatively set goals and realistic objectives to see my students succeed. My lessons are best suited towards upper-primary and high school students.

Mount Helena
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High School English Teaching Graduate gives School English tutoring in Perth and Online

I use explicit instruction methods to teach. Lesson structure would be tailored to each individual student and their requirements, but would generally start with the student explaining their difficulty/task, then I will demonstrate/explain, show an example, go through the process with them, have them do it themselves and finally check the results.

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I'm a strong women with a diploma who likes to help others.

My method is to take it slow and work at the individuals pace, encourage them to try and challenge themselves with positive attitude. Start with the basic, for example,with sounds, phonetics and so. The most important way is make it fun to understand.

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Secondary Teaching University Student provides support for school students studying in Adelaide.

My teaching method is very personal with the student. I like to discuss what works best for them and what doesn't. To begin with a discussion on how to approach a task enables us to plan for success. The core subjects I am confident in are English, History and Maths. However, I am very happy to discuss any other subjects or tasks.

East Ballina
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Professional Editor and Teacher for writing and literacy tutoring in Northern Rivers

I enjoy the truly personalised nature of one-on-one coaching. It means that tips and strategies can be perfectly and fluidly adapted. Depending on the particular needs of each student, lessons and coaching will generally focus on achieving deliverable results and meeting defined benchmarks, whether it be for school-assigned tasks or for additional remedial and/or extension projects.

Saint Lucia
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University student tutoring primary and high school English offering additional assignment and resume writing help in Brisbane.

My lessons are highly customised to the individual I teach in order to make the experience as rewarding as possible. Both short-term and long-term goals will be set at the beginning of the lessons with the intention of completing these goals over the tutoring period. Frequent check-ins will ensure we are on track to reaching your goals.

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