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"Learn basic/advanced coding and computer science skills with an integrated phd student of RMIT university

Coding skills primarily originate from solid background in mathematical logic and reasoning. In my 5 years of academic life i have been constantly acquainted with coding in one or the other way. I have about 5 years of experience in teaching basic programming in C and C++. My lessons are deeply designed based on the online courses of popular learning platforms like coursera and udemy.

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Sydney uni student would like to give private IT lesson for all degrees and all ages

I need to see what you have been learning at school first then I would find a probable way to teach you. I would like to use the internet to find a Maths problem. About IT, I know a lot of algorithms and the way how to approach to find the solution for a problem.

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I am a PhD student at Murdoch University. I have completed Master in Computer Networks from University of Westminster, London, UK in 2013. I have eight years of working experience in the field o

I am flexible to take the lesson through online as well as on site face to face at the university library. I prefer to teach by practically coding the language and explaining the concept in detail. I am also flexible about the requirement of the student and can structure the lesson according to their requirement as well.

Dulwich Hill
Rishabh (roy)
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I am a Teaching assistant in UNSW and currently teaching Python to students. I have a well structured plan in place.

I believe in hands on experiences and this would be a 8 week course with a quiz every week and 2 assignments throughout the course. I would also hold a final exam if needed. This is completely like a university course and at a very attractive price.

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Software Engineer from the University of Queensland giving computer tutorials (programming languages and basic computer skills)

I base my classes depending to the student experience, I tailor each class for each student after I asked some questions, I always try to relate to the student experience as how each individual can learn better: Theoretical learning Practical learning Q&A Each class will be different to each student.

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Python, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Html, Data analysis, face recognition, Image processing, Sensors

I am programmer and use to provide coaching to new joines. I start with introduction and history,. advantages of topic in todays world. expectation of students. show PPT slides and relevent videos. practical uses and projets. provide study material.

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UNSW computer vision research student give stats, programming, AI, machine learning lessons to everyone

I use powerpoint slides which itself is sufficient to understand stats,and machine learning and programming(python). I mainly use white board for all explanations. I also give really good assignments for a better understanding of the concepts. I do a lot of programming questions and derive every theorem from scratch , do a lot of stats questions in the class.

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Master graduate from the University of Adelaide gives computer science lessons in Adelaide

I am able to teach computer science related subjects such as Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, C++, JAVA, python programming, Computer Networks, Computer Systems as well as the website (Wordpress framework) and Android app design, also includes Event Driven programming and so forth. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

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Curtin Postgraduate Student provides Python programming lessons from basic to advanced level.

My teaching methodology is practical best. You learn programming by doing it itself. You learn by creating your programs, making mistakes, finding those errors and you'll find out how to solve them. Don't panic I will be there to guide you through every step.

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Data Scientist at RMIT, Software Engineering from Monash with Honours & Masters In Information Systems from Melbourne University, Specialised in AI and Machine Learning from the University of Illinois

I believe in simplifying complex concepts and that anyone can learn anything if they are able to relate to it. Having gone through many years of University I understand exactly where students are likely to struggle and with my broad experience and knowledge I can present these concepts in a meaningful manner that will be easy to digest.

(3 reviews)
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Seasoned programmer with a passion for knowledge sharing and for helping people developing their full potential

I like to empower students with all the information they need to find their answers for themselves, helping them realize possible paths and giving them room to grow, just like Phil Jackson did with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls: "I let the horses run", just giving them the boundaries (challenges) for them to go the best path possible.

(3 reviews)
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Is programming not a cup of tea for you? Let’s follow a path that’ll make you an ace programmer by understanding and solving problems better.

I always emphasise on understanding the problem first, then the next path unfolds itself. Building the basic first is my formost priority.

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UWA Data Science Postgraduate ready to give computer lessons to High School and Uni Students in Perth

My Teaching Methodology varies on what subject I am teaching, but the essence of my teaching would be to have interactive sessions, and impart practical experiences to students so that the classes are not entirely theoretical and adjust my pace of teaching depending on the abilities of the students

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Data Scientist @ University of Sydney, ex-Facebook programmer comfortable teaching any level.

I dissect advanced concepts down to its core. In essence, a computer takes some data as an input, process the data and gives an output. That's it! We have created functionalities on this ground to add more capabilities. You will learn some of the computer science fundamentals that I struggled with, but you won't.

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Can give programming and Computer Science lessons to UTAS Students in Hobart

My teaching methodology is mostly on practical based where i prefer hands on tutorial and practical implementation lesson. I also preferred practical assignments which can give exposure of real world applications. Students can even enjoy my teaching style and methodology.

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University of Western Australia IT graduate with 4 years of work experience in various roles in IT Industry

My teaching methodology include various steps first I take theoretical lectures explaining the basic concepts of the programming language. It later includes weekly quiz's. The theoretical lectures also include some lab sheets where some of them would be solved by me and others which should be submitted by the student. Later, I will assess all the quiz's and lab sheets.

Surfers Paradise
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Artificial intelligence and Web Development support available on the Gold Coast for beginners and advanced programmers

I can help you to get a solid understanding of the concepts you need to deliver your project, including developing practical exercises to support you learning, based on your current programming level. Looking forward to assisting you bridging your technical and/or academic gaps towards your desired outcome.

Pascoe Vale
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Swinburne Computer Science Student gives programming lessons to high school or uni students, Melbourne

I believe in a practical approach and so I like my students to take the wheel and explore the content by creating mini-projects.

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Experienced Czech student in computer science focusing on computational linguistics gives lessons around University of Melbourne

Everyone you meet in your life can be a teacher to you, everyone can show you a different perspective. And that's why this is an excellent opportunity. As much as computer science is the same around the globe, I'm coming from one of the farthest countries to Australia and as such will probably be teaching a bit differently.

Edmondson Park
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Professional tutor helping out students with different programming languages and computer subjects

can’t say that I prefer one method to another. Each method has certain benefits and should be applied in some situations. In one class I may prefer explaining, especially if pupils struggled with discipline. Then in some other classes, students are more creative, so I may prefer collaborating.

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Computer Science Teacher in southern Sydney with extensive knowledge of Python programming.

I teach theory, demonstration and I use fun and interesting practical exercises. You will find that the programming will fit in really well with the subjects you are studying at school. I use question and answer techniques. You will be a great problem solver and will be equipped to find your own solutions.

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I have four years teaching experience of computer subject in INDIA. I have completed computer science engineering and persuing Master of IT from JCU brisbane

My teaching method is based on giving relevant and real world examples to students using smart classes way(using computer),so they can easily understand the concept.I used this method in my 4 years teaching and got 98% result from students.

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Programming/Coding and Web Development Lessons in Bunbury WA- From a Cert IV in Digital Media Studies

Contact me for programming or web development lessons. Beginner coding/programming or web development. Python, Java or C for general purpose programming. Or HTML/CSS/JavaScript for web development. We can discuss a lesson plan or project based on goals. Sometimes it helps to have somebody guide you in the right direction.

Malvern East
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Monash Data Science student gives computer programming lessons to kids in Melbourne

My teaching method is, first I show the bigger picture to students then I try to break it into small sections and once students understands the basic concepts then I merge it together. This way students don't lose interest in topic. With this I present them with more examples which help them to understand the concepts.

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Aerospace Engineer Offering Tutoring Service for Mathematics, Engineering Studies, Physics. Our teaching methods are adaptive to the student's learning style.

Setting clear objectives for every lesson. All theories are accompanied with detailed examples from basic to advanced. As we truly believe the best way to learn is through examples.

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Computer Programming, the foundations and getting up to speed in Wagga Wagga

I base my classes in structured tutorials with lots of hand on practice using Object Oriented Programming. I always make the student learning experience a priority so that the learner enjoys while learning new skills and use material that is relevant to the student needs.

Denistone West
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K-6 Primary School Technology Teacher highly qualified in all Future focussed learning

My pedagogy is not to unnecessarily waste students time . To facilitate their learning and create higher order thinking skills that develop critical and creative knowledge then give them the confidence to apply this to real world experiences that leads to future careers.

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Muttaz (Computer Engineering) - Tutor Computer Programming and Digital Logic design In Wollongong areas

My teaching method base on two simple phases; a deep understanding is my first phase, and moving from simple to complex is the second phase. In addition, my goal is to improve student self-dependent study and enhancing problem-solving skills.

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Tutor of perth teaches maths, computer science programming languages like c++,c,Data structure,networking,python,

In my career 4.5 years of eperience I have worked as assistant professor , teaching Bacgelor of engineering and master of tecnology students academic syllabus.I have achieved very good and in some 100% results obtained.I have been given Best Paper award in Master degree project when presented in international conference.

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IT Professional with expertise in Cloud Infrastructure and Data Science - Queensland University of Technology

I do not have any hard wired teaching methodologies. I believe every topic and every subject needs a unique way of teaching. I believe practical application is as much necessary as theoretical concepts to understand any given topic. I believe in justifying the "why" first and "what" second for any topic we learn.

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Perfect! Having battled to find a local tutor for Python, I turned to online avenues. As Priyanka already had some good reviews, I made contact. From the start she has been brilliant - she responds quickly, is helpful, knowledgable and polite and my son is...

Kerry, Student
2 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! Very good tutor, his teaching methods are very nice and easy to understand

Raxa, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Priyanka, is a valuable and noteworthy tutor. Her knowledge and skill set for python is thorough, as I am tackling any type of coding for the very first time. Her patience and understanding is beyond amazing and something to be admired. A quality...

John , Student
3 months ago
(28 reviews)

Perfect! the best teacher ever! I've hired Lydia as soon as I got a reply which was almost instant. I have engaged her in a weekly tutoring on python since then. I intend to continue for a while. Lydia's is highly competent and knows a lot about programming!

Gayan, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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