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Highly experienced Master's degree teacher will give English language lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is flexible. I will do my best to change my methodology according to my student's needs. My approach towards a Primary aged student will be different from a young adult student. I am patient and have a deep understanding of the challenges that face many students as they attempt to master their studies.

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Personal and Professional Development Coach helping you navigate career choices in Melbourne

I will mentor, coach and work with your strengths so that you can discover the best path...for you. We will set goals and use exercises to identify your way forward. We will work together on what is important for you at this time. I have the framework, you bring your enthusiasm and what you want to work on.

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Experienced postgraduate offering excellent online resume and cover letter writing assistance Australia-wide

I believe each student has the ability and capacity to achieve the career of their dreams, and I am here to help make this happen through assisting with assignment writing, oral presentation/interview skills and job applications.

Kelvin Grove
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Jasmine is an exuberant and well-learnt public speaker and trainer who educates, inspires, informs and motivates individuals to develop better communication and relationships. Her passion for people d

As a trainer, Jasmine draws on her extensive leadership experience and understanding of diverse cultures and behavioural styles, to bring the concepts she trains to life. She takes time to understand the needs of the client and customise the material to ensure valuable experiences and outcomes. Jasmine's classroom teachings focuses on experiential learning and she takes the E.S.

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Balanced and Informed Jim is an experienced (30 years) Financial Planner Trainer and Assessor.

I am considered to be an experienced Inclusive Trainer/Teacher/Mentor. Experiential learning means a practical applicable approach as a learning methodology. In other words I help you gain knowledge using my experience to help you build your knowledge. I have taught around Australia for two leading education providers and assessed up to Postgraduate level in Financial Planning.

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Professional Chemical Engineer teaches Chemistry and Physics in Melbourne VIC any area

My Teaching methods are practical and easy. I make sure that students get whatever they require. I have developed my own methods of teaching by practicing this profession for over a decade. I have an ample experience of meeting deadlines.

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Careers Advice and Support - Social Worker with a background in Employment and Recruitment

I have a flexible approach to supporting students in this area. It involves identifying key areas of interest through unstructured interview techniques and general inquiry. Finding the young persons ideal goals and then their secondary and alternative options are always important.

Queens Park
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I am Professional trainer and Management Consultant based in Perth, Western Australia.

I am dedicated to my students, I generally adapt my lessons to the students' needs. I have 14 years experience in tutoring. I can help you with your professional career, I can teach you Business English, Management and Business studies. I can also teach Mathematics, I have diplomas in Math science. I am motivational and I believe transformational trainer.

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Leading teams in the workplace, community organisations or sporting to create passionate people with a plan.

Inspiring and enthusing (Passion) students to crave knowledge and develop their own structures to achieve their Vision and goals (Plan). I use a collaborative style where I take a mentoring role. I challenge the student(s) to 'dream the impossible dream' then develop their own roadmap and strategies.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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An experienced leader. A caring mentor. An international all rounder to help you in your projects.

It all will start with you. We will identify your need, your current level and your challenges. I will then recommend a course of action, a specific approach and provide guidance and support along the way. My teaching will be full of real life examples.

Fulham Gardens
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Be better than the person you were yesterday Specialist in; Leadership and professional development and sports Location: Adelaide, Australia

Each student and scenario is different. People want and desire different things so i help them understand where they are at and where they want to go and my practices will help them fill the gap. It's quite simple. Patience, Persistence, Perseverance.

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I am a Professional with an MBA and Cert IV in Training/Assessment

My teaching is down to earth as I want to share my experiences and knowledge with my students. I have a firm belief that people be given the appropriate skills to go to work and go home with a smile on their faces. I want people to be happy in life.

Shailer Park
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Food & Industrial Industry Staff Training in Brisbane Based on 36 Years of experience

Practical Training based on In House Experience. Teaching not only the 'How To Do A Task' but also the 'Why The Task Needs To Be Conducted That Way'! Background information on the task so the staff understand the reasoning behind the methodology enhances why set procedures are to be followed.

Battery Hill
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Trainer and Mentor-Education directions for disability and barriers to learning Sunshine Coast 7.5 years experience

I offer you some insight into some of my background in Employment Services, Training and Assessment, Retail Management, Childcare Management and Community Events. I also offer you an overview of my professional attitude towards work and my commitment and passion for assisting people to learn, grow skills and successfully move forward in their pathway to employment and better futures.

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In Perth,to help in General Management, Project Management, Claims & Delays analysis, Professional Guidance!

Online and/or personal both, and as needed. theory and practical experiences, use of technology. Professional guidance Career goal setting and methods to achieve them Through short assignments and practical approach to the problems Sharing vast exp. with demonstrable methodology Helping in making a professional profile & CV.

Ellen Grove
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I have an eclectic career profile to assist you in exploring your potential and gain more confidence

There is no trick to learning. It's all about how you learn. I will start with the big picture of what you are wanting to achieve then break it down to then scaffold it back up for you in a way that makes sense to you.

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I GROW and DEVELOP people in whatever ways that work best for THEM - Guaranteed!

My approach is Unique, Tailored and absolutely Client-centred - meaning that it's ALL ABOUT YOU! I bring a wealth of experience successfully navigating and climbing up through numerous industry sectors, government and Non-government organisations...and combine it with my passion and skills in enabling people's Growth and Development.

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Ex CEO with a double degree in Psychology and Social Science and a Post Graduate in Counselling is mentoring and coaching young professionals in life and work skills.

My teaching method is based around you and your values and beliefs. Together we find what is most valuable to you and set goals and form strategies to get you to your desired destination. My method is based around support and mentoring through each stage of where you want to be and how you want to work and live your life.

Quinns Rocks
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Align your Passion, Purpose and Potential with your Personal/Professional Life, with a Qualified Mentor & Coach of award winning clients.

As your Mentor & Coach, my approach is to align you with your core values and purpose for being; your WHY); we'll then develop and implement, a realistic and achievable action plan, to support you in your growth and success.

The Gap
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Career Coach Specialist & Self Confidence Leadership Coach 10yrs+ industry experience, Global Online Programs

>> You will learn the most effective ways to find out about what you're most passionate about >> You will learn what you're most interested in and talented in >> You will learn how that matches with what the business world and real world industries want >> You will discover which skills are pivotal to growing fast & effectively

The Vines
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Career Choice is just the beginning! 'A degree gets a job; a Masters' Degree opens a door; but a PhD opens the World.' If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Milton Berle

It has been said that the happiest people in the world are those that love their job. Career choices are some of the most challenging times in the life of any individual. It seems that some people are born for success, whereas others struggle through a mundane life.

Ropes Crossing
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I will teach body language and comparing some other cultures with Australian body language

The main method should be Task-based approach for those people who are learning English online as second language, and communicative method should be for those trainees who are studying English in campus.

Kiama Heights
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Business coaching in Wollongong and Shoalhaven by experienced CPA qualified Business Specialist

My teaching method is tailored to the needs of the individual and the stage their business is at. If it's an idea waiting to hatch then a business plan can be a good place to start. Established businesses benefit from a health check, goal setting and a plan of action.

Manly Vale
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Experienced HR professional and trainer available for professional development and coaching anywhere in Australia

I approach each student as an individual. I find ways to make the subject matter relevant to where you are at, as well as helping you understand why certain assessments and topics are important - even when you don't think they are! I am personable, prefer to speak in plain English and like to simplify concepts for people so that they are easy to apply to their life and work.

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UQ Graduate gives Career Coaching for soon-to-be Grads to help with job-search and more

My teaching methodology is tailored to your needs and suited to the ambitious. We look into what skills you already have, what ones you enjoy, and matching this into what the jobs market will pay you for. We can work on producing a strong CV/Resume, practicing/rehearsing for job interviews and I'll give you constructive feedback.

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A civil engineer who is passionate about transforming graduates to the market requirements and become how to become a successful professional

To understand our passion. How to understand the market vibe and loop it with our passion. Networking techniques . Time management and its importance . Ending up in the right track with interesting career.

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Qualified and experienced life coach and business trainer teaches leadership, communication & presentation to people with potential. Is that you?

All lessons are fully interactive (no-one learns anything sitting down), fun and creative. I tailor lessons to your learning style (Kinesthetic, Audio, Visual/ Audio Visual) and and focus on your strengths. Lessons are a combination of videos, articles, design, writing, drawing etc. I am your greatest cheerleader, and believe in you and your potential until you believe in yourself.

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ReimagineMe offers qualified, professional online coaching to unlock your potential and accelerate personally and professionally

I offer 1 hour online sessions via Skype or in my studio in Coffs Harbour, NSW. My key focus is helping people reach their dreams and goals - be it taking their business to the next level or overcoming a personal or emotional challenge. My philosophy is that if we access our truth, life naturally flows and supports us and I see challenges as opportunities.

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Advance and get to know yourself through our twenty years experience coaching Decisive Leaders

I work with my clients to create bespoke coaching programs built on the Universal Hierarchy of Value, a scientifically robust and mathematically accurate method for determining how you make leadership decisions. This method is based on the theories of Dr Robert Hartman, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1973.

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Master student in Sport Business and Management consults you to find the right work-life balance

My teaching method is evidence based on the latest findings from research. I can teach you how to organise your career management in a completely new way, from the application process to the leadership style in your company. Time-management tools as well as other tips are provided to achieve the goal of finding your work-life balance and to make you happy and succesful.

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