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Saint Kilda
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Leadership and Career Coach gives coaching to professionals and managers living in Melbourne

I help people who are going through periods of change, find meaningful work they love, lead and inspire their people and live in alignment with their values.

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Experienced Business Manager and Coach to work with Year 11 and 12 students

My teaching style is one on one coaching, equine assisted learning sessions, group strategy sessions to develop understanding of planning, time management, personal development, business development, customer service and working within teams. I create a structure to the hour long sessions to ensure we can measure our progress and build confidence in the process of learning.

Kelvin Grove
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Jasmine is an exuberant and well-learnt public speaker and trainer who educates, inspires, informs and motivates individuals to develop better communication and relationships. Her passion for people d

As a trainer, Jasmine draws on her extensive leadership experience and understanding of diverse cultures and behavioural styles, to bring the concepts she trains to life. She takes time to understand the needs of the client and customise the material to ensure valuable experiences and outcomes. Jasmine's classroom teachings focuses on experiential learning and she takes the E.S.

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Careers Advice and Support - Social Worker with a background in Employment and Recruitment

I have a flexible approach to supporting students in this area. It involves identifying key areas of interest through unstructured interview techniques and general inquiry. Finding the young persons ideal goals and then their secondary and alternative options are always important.

Salisbury Downs
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Learn what it takes to be a Global Figure - Pitched by an expert in the international aid work.

I practice a learner centered coaching methodology with little touch on essential theories. Majority of the learning will be on practical means via role plays, observation and discussions, scenario discussions etc. Will guide students to conduct individual and group projects.

San lin
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Griffith University post-graduate student available for leadership and pitching coaching/mentoring

When it comes to tutoring other students i know that everyone learns in a different way and as such i do not have a singular approach to tutoring but rather i compromise and adapt different teaching methods to give my students the best possible learning experience and excel in their studies

Fulham Gardens
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Be better than the person you were yesterday Specialist in; Leadership and professional development and sports Location: Adelaide, Australia

Each student and scenario is different. People want and desire different things so i help them understand where they are at and where they want to go and my practices will help them fill the gap. It's quite simple. Patience, Persistence, Perseverance.

Battery Hill
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Trainer and Mentor-Education directions for disability and barriers to learning Sunshine Coast 7.5 years experience

I offer you some insight into some of my background in Employment Services, Training and Assessment, Retail Management, Childcare Management and Community Events. I also offer you an overview of my professional attitude towards work and my commitment and passion for assisting people to learn, grow skills and successfully move forward in their pathway to employment and better futures.

Quinns Rocks
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Align your Passion, Purpose and Potential with your Personal/Professional Life, with a Qualified Mentor & Coach of award winning clients.

As your Mentor & Coach, my approach is to align you with your core values and purpose for being; your WHY); we'll then develop and implement, a realistic and achievable action plan, to support you in your growth and success.

The Gap
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Career Coach Specialist & Self Confidence Leadership Coach 10yrs+ industry experience, Global Online Programs

>> You will learn the most effective ways to find out about what you're most passionate about >> You will learn what you're most interested in and talented in >> You will learn how that matches with what the business world and real world industries want >> You will discover which skills are pivotal to growing fast & effectively

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Improve your leadership skills, take your presentation and pitching skills to new heights !

I teach based on proven experience in presentation, leadership and split second decision making skills which I have gained over rigorous testing, research and different academic and professional fields. I only believe in honesty in my approach as it stands in the center of my teaching emphasis.

Victory Heights
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Professional tuition in jobsearch, motivation, career choice, and marketing yourself using proven techiques.

My tutoring is based on structured training frequently used in the employment sector with a focus on motivation, suitable employment, applying for vacancies, cover letters, resumes, and interview techniques. I research information regarding job seeking daily as I search for new tools to enable people to approach the search for employment in a thorough professional manner.

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Experienced, successful entrepreneur gives business lessons to professionals and aspiring business people.

My teaching method is to try and blend as much experience into practical and structured approaches to professional development, professional coaching and entrepreneurial activities such as operational management and pitching. Lessons are interactive, but with examples, presentations for learning and takeaways that can be applied.

Saint Marys
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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way....

I commenced my career in the community sector by completing a Masters in Social Work in India. After moving to Australia in 2007 I completed a Diploma in Community Welfare and began volunteering with Parramatta Young Christian Workers and later I was hired within the organisation as campaign coordinator, where I developed and ran projects for young people, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

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Qualified and experienced life coach and business trainer teaches leadership, communication & presentation to people with potential. Is that you?

All lessons are fully interactive (no-one learns anything sitting down), fun and creative. I tailor lessons to your learning style (Kinesthetic, Audio, Visual/ Audio Visual) and and focus on your strengths. Lessons are a combination of videos, articles, design, writing, drawing etc. I am your greatest cheerleader, and believe in you and your potential until you believe in yourself.

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ANU Business Student can provide career help to Uni student in Canberra

My sessions start with understanding your objective and interest, setting targets, and move on to CV building, job searching strategies, cover letter writing, preparing for the interviews, and so on. I believe providing students insights and knowledge so that they become capable of going through this process by themselves.

Saint Clair
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Sales Expert Teaches You How To Get Any Job!!! Adelaide, South Australia

My teaching method is simple...but productive. I will learn what your goals are...and I will do everything I can to prepare you mentally for that success. If you don't believe in yourself...how can you expect others to? I have a teaching method that is very personable...everyone is different. I want you to tell me what you want...and we will make it happen.

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World wide experience in cross cultural coaching, business mentoring and corporate training

My approach is to build and create a confident, relaxed and comfortable learning environment, to encourage communication and conversation. I have done this with one-on-one and group situations with different clients such as ExxonMobil, P&G, Disney and the British Council.

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Hydrologist and water manager giving career coaching lessons to high-school students in Kenya.

My teaching methodology includes demonstration and showing of real life examples. For example, in career choosing, students have to find out their interest and capabilities. After that, I allow students to have at least two role models whom they can keep in touch with and watch what they do. In the process, I can guide the students to find out the right career path by practicing their ambitions.

North Hobart
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Leadership motivation through important life lessons by identifying and aligning your passion.

When it comes to teaching, i find it easier to start with brief introduction about each other, followed by the problems faced by the students. Initially i would like to tackle the problems on an emotional level. This is interestingly the basis of accepting the problem and moving forward with it.

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Helping you reach your potential by coaching toward strong and resilient leadership. Offering stress management and leadership training with a flavour of helping you succeed in your chosen area.

I believe in working to engage you in a way that is meaningful. Flexible, responsive and always understanding this is your path to success... I am here to listen, understand, guide and support. We can work together on the best method for you.

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Award winning University of Melbourne faculty help you to prepare the perfect pitch for your project!

We’ll focus on the student/participant requirements. We’ll cover the key concepts of a perfect pitch including: - How to reach your audience. - What make a pitch unique.

Port Macquarie
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40 Pus Experience as a Senior Corporate Executive / Project Manager in various roles from Management Accounting, Administration & Finance, Sales & Marketing in FMCG, Retail including Hospitality – Res

Presented Lectures and conducted Professional Development Training to Vocational Trainers - 1. Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills 2. Apply Sustainability in the Work Place and how to incorporate it in Training Various Units of Competency. 3. Train Trainers how to contextualize their teachings to meet their cohort’s requirements.

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Over 20 years in Business and Education speacialising in marketing and communication

Learner specific is my approach. I use a combination of coaching and mentoring with one on one, online, role play and in some cases create volunteer opportunities to apply skills to establish knowledge skill and understanding. I also create networking opportunities for individuals to meet industry specific people.

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I coached KPMG partners in Singapore for 5 years. I know the real world.

Classes must be relevant to students needs and interests. Part of my job is to motivate and make students want to learn. And I have to learn too. Classes must be relevant, fun, up-to-date and applicable.

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Graphic facilitation of team meeting, brainstorming sessions, and project planning for start-ups and established companies

I focus on facilitating discussions by visual recording methods. That involves insitu conceptualisation during team meetings on white boards, posters, and physical medium. In the process I guide the discussion by engaging teammates individually and changing the course of conversations when they begin to deviate from affirmative to negative tracks.

Bohle Plains
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Science, Mathematics, Personal Development, Mental Resilience and Emotional Strength Building, Making Choices

My teaching delivery is very flexible and cater to individual needs. I like to make my teaching fun and relatable. I believe in having effective and open communication in all my tasks. A lesson structure will be created for each student prior to course commencement.

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MBA graduate with vast experience in multiple leadership position offer to guidance

Teaching method filling the knowledge gaps of my students through questioning and inspiring them to the correct direction. Strong presentation and knowledge skill set to invest onto other people. Experience in HR processes and recruitment with understanding of market requirement.

Wami Kata
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Business and Personnel coach providing support to students in business and leadership studies

I use an interactive approach to learning, I can provide support either face-to-face or through interactive online learning forums. My teaching methodology is to share my experience, my sources of knowledge and engage the student in the learning process.

Mill Park
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SALES GURU , won over 50 consecutive awards , can teach you how to sell and get that Career.

I can teach , one on one over skype and combined email and mentoring. We can even find you commision work, to start off with , and focus on making money. My methodology is practical sales senario's ; role plays ; sales flow chart , as well as extensive after hours service. We even explore multiple streams of passive income.

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