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Experienced piano and organ keyboard teacher who gives lessons in Melbourne city

I have been playing the piano and organ keyboard for 7 years. I am at the intermediate level and I can easily guide the beginners into familiarising themselves with reading simple music sheets, playing chords and combining both hands etc.

Glen Waverley
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Experienced professional teacher. Bmus and BEd from Monash Uni. 30 years experience.

For one on one lessons I meet each student educational needs.

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Piano teacher and music theory tutor located in Camberwell/Glen Iris, currently studying Biomedicine at Melbourne University. Always putting the pupil first

My teaching style puts the pupil first at all times. Whilst I ensure that all core skills are being addressed each lesson (playing, reading, listening, understanding, technique) the means to which this is achieved is through an understanding of what the pupil enjoys rather than a predetermined pathway that is used for everyone.

Glen Iris
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Passionate piano player would love to teach you you're favorite songs and pieces.

I base my classes on how I got teached. I will make sure that you enjoy what you're playing but also that you understand what you're playing (expressions from different keys, tunes, feelings,...) We will summarize your progress after the lessons to encourage you to practice even with more joy and passion.

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Pianist with more than 20 years experience to teach theory, technique, with emphasis on improvisation.

My teaching methods entail getting to understand the student to get an idea of how I am going to teach them. Some students learn faster than other, but more importantly, some learn in different ways and can have different talents in different areas.

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Italian classically-trained pianist, Elisa has successfully taught a number of students who needed a hand for their AMEB and ABRSM exams, while her professional experience focuses on both piano tuitio

I believe that motivating and inspiring 21st Century music students requires a different approach, because we have to support their many passions. According to Suzuki, every child has the potential to become well educated and every child can learn to play an instrument in the same way in which they learned a language.

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Experienced teacher having certificates from both ABRSM and London College of Music teaching music reading and interpretation for students of all ages. (Current students age record:3 - 84y/o)

Casual and exam-based learning are available. Exam-based learning can be done for syllabus from multiple exam boards for example ABRSM, AMEB, London College of Music And Trinity College.

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Brisbane musician with Associate of Music on Trumpet offering all ages music lessons

I believe everyone has a different way of learning and so my lessons aim to explore concepts in as many ways as possible. Rather than trying to teach a basic understanding of a lot of concepts, I will try and teach a deep understanding of a few. I feel the depth in understanding allows students to fully utilise the concepts in a practical way.

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University of Adelaide student gives piano lessons for young children to high school students.

I am able to teach both classical music as well as pop songs! I’m looking for students that is willing to practice hard as I believe in Practice Makes Perfect!

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"There is Music in every child... The teachers job is to Find It and Nurture It..."

My teaching method is to adapt to every student differently depending on their needs. Every lesson we have a specific focus for the week whether it be writing and naming different notes, focusing on hand structure and fingering, or specific scales, arpeggios, pieces or exercises. I teach grades and just simple pieces to play for pleasure.

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RMIT Psychology student gives magical keyboard lessons to primary and secondary students

I base my classes on allowing students to find their own pathway towards music and finding their preferred genre of music. Also, I would make my teaching course a calm and peaceful environment where each student can learn at their own pace, to promote a fun yet educational experience for the students.

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Piano Lessons for all levels and ages from an experienced Irish Piano teacher

Every student is different. Each class I run is set at the pace of the student and their needs. Playing the piano requires patience and a calmness that is created in my lessons. Helping the student overcome the initial difficulties of the piano is why I enjoy teaching so much.

Mount Colah
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Piano and Music Theory Teacher at Mount Colah NSW or Online. 25 years experience and qualified. Creative Kids Provider.

My priorty is to create and maintain a love of music in the student's soul. When you have that desire for music, you will thrive on the instrument regardless of the level of talent. I tend to follow AMEB syllabus as I am in Australia but I can also work with other syllabus'. Some students just like to play through method books or work through various pieces of choice and progress that way.

Elermore Vale
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Full Music Scholarship student of Newcastle Grammar School, completed both AmusA and LmusA

My teaching method is to understand the student and working out the best solution that works for individual to thrive their musical potential.

Altona North
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Berklee graduate, JMC Academy professor offering lessons in Melbourne in piano, saxophone, percussion, theory and production.

Individual students deserve individual curriculum for teaching; I feel it is important to have a student first excited and engaged before extensive theory.

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Australian National University piano performance student, Anime piano cover artists on youtube (1800+ subscriber), actuarial student gives lessons in Piano and university subjects for all ages and lev

I base my teaching style on individual student's needs. - few students = quality focus time for both of us - free optional consulting session before the first lesson starts. Usually a friendly conversation to potential students about their needs and what they want to get out of the lessons.

1st lesson free !

"Kaye's Music" delivering professional Piano, Guitar, Vocal and Music Theory lessons to all ages

My first lesson is always free. This allows me time to get to know what the student wants. From their I deliver half hour lessons at $30 per lessons. Some need more, some need less. Each lessons consists of a review of homework, introducing something new, consolidating that learning and then its sticker time.

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1st lesson free !

Primary teacher from Northern Ireland hoping to teach piano in Sydney NSW

I try to make every piano lesson as fun and educational as possible. I remember how much I loved to learn piano when I was younger and want to pass this enthusiasm on to my pupils. I am a relaxed and patient teacher who will gear every lesson towards the needs of that individual pupil.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Piano for Beginners - any age. Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I will come to you.

I use Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences to help you learn. If we need to draw a picture or do some maths to help you learn piano, let's do that! I am patient and gentle.

1st lesson free !

Concert pianist with 15 years performing experience gives in home piano lessons

believe that it is fundamental during piano lessons to teach students the "musical tools," and knowledge that they need in order to learn all types of piano music. There is no better way to do this than through a weekly class, which helps to ensure content retention by reinforcing your studies.

1st lesson free !

There is a great music in any style and I can help you to find it.

My lessons are tailored to the needs of a student. Students choose what they like to play, and my job is to arrange that particular peace of music in the way that we all satisfied and that includes Music Egsamination Board.

Red Hill
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Professional certified voice tutor gives private singing lessons at home studio (Masters in vocal pedagogy)

Development of a healthy technical foundation including breath management skills, body awareness and style appropriate vocal techniques as well as the skills required to perform. A fun and relaxed environment for all ages and levels of experience to learn and achieve personal goals.

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Sydney cabaret diva teaches kids and adults piano, performance and singing lessons

Tailored to students, I approach each person as an individual, matching their energy and helping them stick to their goals. Kids are encouraged to play and have fun as well as increase their awareness of their own habits and practices, so they can learn in a way that is best suited to them, and feel empowered to take charge of their learning.

1st lesson free !

LRSM (ABRSM) pianist with 6 years of young children teaching experience gives piano lessons at student's home

If students have the preference of piano curriculum they might want to learn, I can help the students to master it. Generally, to improve students' music skill, hearing is the most important aspect. So, the approaches I will use are hearing, then playing, and last but not least, reading. I want the students to feel that music is fun, so that I might offer mini-games during the lessons.

Armstrong Creek
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Qualified teacher and singer-songwriter, pianist and performing artist available in Geelong, VIC

I like my students to be comfortable but they know I like to get their best work out of them with an easy going approach. Hard work pays off, but not in an old-school sense. I like students to focus on their interest areas but with honest guidance.

Golden Grove
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Psychology Student and Jazz Pianist gives Piano lessons in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs

I prefer to learn what kind of learner my student is as soon as possible, so I can tailor the teaching towards what works best for them. Some students prefer to watch the piece be played before trying it themselves, some learn better by diving right in and some would rather listen and follow along.

1st lesson free !

Year 12 student with 7 university diplomas for piano gives music lessons to students in Perth

Hands on teaching. Interactive teachings, use of cards to gain the students interest and make it fun yet educational in their musical journey. Focus on the basics at the early stages such as scales before giving them much exposure to the different genres of music.

1st lesson free !

Hi, my personal fast track techniques to play by ear, conversion of theory into movements of two and four on the guitar. And octaves and triad chords for the piano. Compliments your journey with theor

My methods are using sight memory of chord shapes, scale patterns, and adding a numbered map of each while also referring to the traditional theory maps. In this way the student has five ways to decipher, memorize, and recall correctly the process and content.

1st lesson free !

I love playing the piano and have done so for 10 years

I always teach my students the basics first then move on to the reading side of the music to make it easier for me

(1 review)
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Sydney Conservatorium Student gives piano lessons to all ages - located in Inner West, Sydney

As a music and piano teacher, I make it my goal to nurture aspiring young musicians and refine their skills.

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Perfect! very happy to find her here.. Great piano teacher! Easy to communicate and very punctual. Will definitely have her teaching my son for long time!

Felicity, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I highly recommend taking piano lessons from Carolina. She has a great depth and knowledge about music and playing the piano. She has allowed me to understand the importance of learning the basics of notes and where to start. It takes years of...

Therese, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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