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Applied Science graduate offering high school science, and university level biology and animal studies

Hello! I am a Applied Science graduate, from UQ. I did my extended major in Equine and am very passionate about biology and animal sciences. I tutor general science, biology, agriculture, and chemistry at high school level, and animal/agricultural biology at undergraduate level.

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Confused? You don't have to be. UQ student here to explain the wonders of biology.

-Introduction between me and the student. I like to check that for each student, I am the right fit as a tutor. -Discuss what does the student know and doesn't know? How much time are they prepared to put into a session? What are their weaknesses and strengths? Do they have assignment/exams to work on? -Lessons are then based on how a student best learns and what time they can commit.

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Flinders Medical student gives lessons in the 'human science's' to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I completed by undergraduate at UWA in Perth, have just moved to Adelaide to start postgraduate medicine at Flinders. My tutoring style is geared for more visual learners who love flow diagrams and mind maps. I believe that all learning should be aimed at long term retention rather than cramming, and that practice questions and drawing out theories and concepts is the best way to learn.

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Deakin Biomedical Student offering Biology tutoring to High school students in Melbourne

I am passionate about the subjects I am willing to tutor and I am relatable, having gone through the rigours of secondary schooling myself, my lessons would involve learning through visualising and creating mind maps to help understand difficult topics and concepts, I am also patient and I teach in a coherent and engaging manner.

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HD biomedical student of the University of the Sunshine Coast, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and more

Teaching methods used is: Drawing and explain (method utilized by Khan Academy). As I have a drawing pad with my computer, this would make classes way more interactive. After the explanation is finished, Q&A time.

Rhonstelle ian
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JCU Medlab Student gives biology,chemistry and maths lessons to highschool students in Townsville and also Tagalog lessons for those who want to learn Tagalog.

When I was in highschool, I always consult my classmates on what is topic they are confused about and I explain it step by step in order for them to understand the concept of the topic given to me. I based my teachings through starting into basics and applying it into advance problems. Also when teaching Maths I make problem sets to practice them.

Sher maine
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Experienced tutor with more than 5 years of experience in Biology, Cell Biology & Microbiology

Understand the different learning styles of students and modify my classes so that the students can reach their full potential Lessons are mainly geared towards helping the student understand their learning materials better and to supplement their learning so they can excel in their education

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Biologist Student from Amazonia University and Currently Student of Informatics from Angad Institute of Australia. I am also currently studying Bioinformatics online with San Diego University.

I am really creative, I tried to use all the tools that I can find surroud me to make it easier to you. I tried to be very descriptive and using books as support to explain every single biological process. I really love teaching biology which is my main device. I am really patient when I have to repeat everything.

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Biology Teacher give Biology tutorials to high school with 9 years experience teaching

My teaching methodology could be conventional, problem based or through experience I would prefer the one on one conventional teacher student classroom setting way of teaching but not limited to one way knowledge feed however also accepts students knowledge and feedback it would be best to understand biology and appreciate its aspects more through hands on experiments and field work

Blair Athol
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Flinders Paramedic Student tutoring high school & university level Biology, Anatomy physiology & Pathophysiology, 3 years experience

My teaching method is to first identify students aspirations then work towards structuring the lessons in a manner that enables students to achieve their goals in steps. Lessons will be dynamic and catered according to student needs and delivered in a fun educational manner.

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ANU Medical student able to give Biology lessons (university and high school)

I like to begin by introducing the student to the overarching concept and building a solid foundation before moving onto the specific ideas and concepts. I like to use a variety of techniques such as mind-maps, checklists and flow charts alongside discussion and key note summaries for the student to take home at the end of each session.

Piara Waters
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Harveen Johar, gives lesson to primary schoolers. Have done Medical (Science) in Year 12 with the 70% marks.

Biology is a subject that requires complete in-depth understanding and that can be done only with the visuals and practicals. I believe in teaching the students in as easy way as possible to make them understand well. Repeating the important terms and help forming short notes with key points helps the student to grasp better and quicker.

Denistone East
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2017 Band 6 Biology Student offering Biology tutoring to Year 11 and HSC Students

My lessons are geared towards Year 11 and HSC Biology students but I am also available for helping students struggling with Biology topics and Year 7-10 Science classes. My lessons can include helping in areas of content where you are struggling, completing past paper questions, revising content, teaching content before it is taught in class giving you a more in-depth knowledge, etc.

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Uq masters graduate providing assistance with biology, chemistry, english, biochemistry, genetics, primary maths

i prefer tutoring students the way they would understand like giving examples through my own story and make it funny as well as interesting for them. or sometimes may be make models oin order to explain them right or a video clipping.

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Hello there! Bachelor of Medical Science student at Flinders University - teaching Biology and Chemistry in Adelaide.

My teaching method is based rather on helping a student understand a concept, rather than just providing an answer. I will answer any questions you may have, and I will delve into a in-depth explanation of why a system works the way it does. I will supply notes and information you can take home prior to the end of each lesson.

Yi jia
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Final year medical student keen to teach Biology or basic sciences in Adelaide

I prefer to teach using diagrams and flow charts, starting from the main title itself and branching into the subtopics under them, and slowly approaching the details of every subtopic. I find it beneficial in terms of creating lasting memory of the subject.

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A Brisbane city Medical Doctor gives top class tutoring! Group or individual basis welcome!

My approach would suit striving and ambitious students. I try to empower the student by getting them to figure out answers to a dilemma, as i feel it helps to enhance cognition and helps with retention. I do expect you to work hard, but you can count on me for support academically.

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Good teacher with excellent communication skills and reduce stress regarding study burden

My teaching method is two way discussion. I like to teach with discussion way to students because I thing lecture method is a boring technique whereas discussion way creates interest among the students. I like to interact with students and exchange of knowledge with them. Because I believe by sharing knowledge we can enhance our learning skills and ability.

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La Trobe University Student imparts Biology lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne.

I always believe that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. This is what makes me passionate about teaching. I teach by first of all strengthening the basics of the subject which then lays a strong foundation. I teach in a creative manner by drawing diagrams and flow charts to make the students understand the concept in an easy way.

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Biology/Mathematics around Northern suburbs BSc (Hons) in Developmental Biology and Physiology

For older students, I try and target what they need the most help with from their identification of what their weaknesses are. I am more on understanding the concept rather than just memorising it.

Coconut Grove
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Med Student With Tutoring Experience Teaching Science, Maths, English to Primary and High School Students

I usually teach classes based on each individual student's requirements and needs. My teaching strategies range from bringing relevant worksheets and helping students work through them, exercises based on areas of weakness and running through homework and assignments with students.

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I have done Bachelor's in medical stream and master's in Forensic Science. Interested to teach biology upto year 12

I use audio visual aids, Power point presentations, videos, diagrams, flow chart etc to make concept more clear. Depending upon the student need to understand the concept , practical demonstration where possible can be added. Recap tests will be conducted to check the student's performance.

South Hobart
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22 years old french student in Hobart for 5 months, give biology particular or group lessons

My teaching methodology is based on different support as oral/text/video based on topics that personally interested the student. I will prepare my class by selecting different document, settle little games, debate... Over all I include the wishes and expectation of the student.

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UNSW Medical Student (Y4) tutoring elementary and high school for Sciences and Music

I teach all Sciences, English and Piano. My teaching method involves ensuring fundamental understanding of concepts before practicing and mastering these concepts.

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Im doctor just completed amc part 1 eager to teach live science and amc part1.

My teaching methodology depends on my student’s capacity of learning. I used to teach by graphs and pictures so that it’s easier to my students to understand.

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Adelaide - Biochemistry & Pharmacology graduate tutoring High School students in Chemistry, Biology & Geology

I teach using a problem based learning method where students complete questions relevant to the year 12 curriculum with guidance when needed. This ensures that the concepts are learnt in addition to having the ability to apply them in different contexts as is often required in the Sciences.

Cranbourne North
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Biology Scientist and Teacher tutoring Biology to high school and uni students around Melbourne (5 years experience)

When it comes to Biology,it is all about connecting the dots. I always try to understand the problems the student is facing in foundation concepts for any topic. Once I identify the problems, I tailor my tutoring methodology suitable to the student. By the end of any topic, my students are able to understand basic concepts and how to use that knowledge in exams and beyond.

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Deakin Medical Student gives biology lessons to high school and uni students in Geelong and Melbourne

My approach to teaching is tailored to the specific needs of each individual student and involves one or more of the following methods. If the goal of the student is to gain a conceptual understanding of a topic, then I start by asking the student to explain their understanding of the topic and then I fill in the gaps using 'chunking and checking' techniques throughout.

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Macquarie University Student- teaching basic and intermediate biology of all types within Western Sydney

I do not believe in set lessons. If you send me questions and concerns, I will build each lesson to focus on those. I believe this is one of the best methods of teaching. You need to be having fun to learn.

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Curtin University student offers tutoring for anatomy and physiology units for high school and university students.

I like to teach using visual methods including, but not limited to, lecture summaries, schematics and mind mapping. I will ensure each tutoring session will be tailored to the student based on their preferred study method.

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Perfect! How amazing to have my daughter come back after just one hour even with Hafeez, and say "Oh my goodness I am actually NOT dumb at Chemistry.... it's just that no-one ever explained it to me like this before!" I am so happy to continue entrusting...

Lisa, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am in my second year of Nursing and Andreana made the lessons fun and exciting and the way she explained everything made it so much easier for me to understand what I was learning. I will definitely be using her expertise again in the future.

Margaret, Student
3 months ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Ky was a great tutor, he helped me a lot with my anatomy and physiology study and I did much better in my exams than I would have if I didn't get in touch with him. I would recommend him to anyone else who is doing a science class.

Griffin, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

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