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Melbourne University - Master of Education Graduate specialising in Health, Physical Education and Year 7-10 Mathematics

- I am highly experienced in differentiating the class and information to suit the individual needs of the students - I make my classes relatable and relevant to the learners interests and passions - I am an avid user of technology and utilise this in in teaching as much as possible.

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Proactive and proficient HPE teacher looking to offer tutoring and support for students who need a little extra help or guidance

Learn by doing. Students can not adequately learn unless they try, fail, and try again.

Black Forest
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Experienced swimming coach taught toddlers and mid school student with proper safety and techniques.

I started by giving simple lessons and do not rush until its finish, continues to participate by lessons day by day. Rectifies mistake by suggesting proper techniques for improvements. Supply feedback to students on there daily performance to keep them motivated.

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High school graduate gives PD/H/PE lessons to high school students in Orange

I use my experience in the schooling system and a range of acronyms and examples/illustrations/analogies to help students understand and remember the required content. I have a passion for teaching and am able to clearly explain content in a number of different ways.

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Charles Darwin University Bachelor of Education Student offers individual or group lessons in Physical Education

My approach to my teaching is tailored to the learner. Discovering whether or not the learner is best suited to visual, aural or verbal learning in order to provide the best and most effective learning experience to the student and to maximise development and understanding.

Currans Hill
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Assistance with studies of PDHPE subject at school we can help you

My teaching method is to explain what questions you may need assistance with in a way that you will understand.

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PhD student providing Physical Education and Psycholoy tutoring in Berkshire, GCSE to university level.

I have a very interactive teaching method whereby I like to encourage students to think for themselves and develop their own approach to learning, revising and answering exam questions. I also like to encourage discussions and debates with individual and groups of students to help critical thinking and development of arguments - particularly with essay based subjects.

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Stephen - Wilmslow - Physical Education

Psychology students have been coming to me for tuition since 2009 and they have seen massive improvements in terms of the grades, enjoyment and knowledge. They seem to like having the support and 1-2-1 help. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Psychology A-Level, GCSE and degree students including OCR, AQA, Edexcel and WJEC exam boards. I am also an examiner for A-Level psychology.

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Amanda - Sharnbrook - Physical Education

I am a qualified teacher with 18 years experience. I aim to teach students to understand concepts rather than just learn facts. We look at exam techniques, preparing revision materials, homework and any concepts that students maybe struggling with. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I presently teach and tutor: A level biology and geography, GCSE science and geography.

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Mahima - Oxford - Physical Education

I am an Oxford graduate with >7 years experience. The first lesson is free. I have an MSc in Biology (Integrative-Biosciences) from the University of Oxford with more than 7 years of tutoring experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 up to A-levels.

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Movement expert offering lessons in Physical Education and related subjects. Many years of experience and practice to share.

Sharing an over arching understanding of how the human system works and utilising those principles to filter into everything else I teach. I have a humility and experience in communicating that means I ask questions (and listen properly) too which allows me to impart information in a way that works for all.

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PE Teacher, Subject Lead for PE & Head of House at Marylebone Boys Secondary School. I am a passionate individual who is kind, caring and confident in supporting any student reaching their full potent

I truly believe in a collaborative learning process which is fueled by discussion. This enables the student to build links to subject specific information and link it to their everyday life.

Bishops Cleeve
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Experienced teacher offering support, mentoring and learning tutoring In Physiacl Education and Geography for KS3, GCSE and A level Students

Creating a suitable and motivational learning situation tailored for the individual needs of any learner. My lessons have three clear parts Starter Main Plenery Many useful resources to self learn, retrieve and revise. Lots of useful website resources for you to use on smart devices.

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Loughborough Sports Science graduate offering physical education/ sports science lessons in Derby

I will provide lessons for GSCE and A-Level PE/Sport I attempt to foster independence and critical thinking, whilst maintaining a relaxed approach. Different methods of teaching and assessment are used to help keep interest. Requesting feedback is a main part in order to ensure that you are learning from your preferred learning style.

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Head of PE offering GCSE, Cambridge National, Cambridge Technical and A Level lessons in Leeds

I currently teach students from year 7 to year 13 and employ a range of strategies to ensure that all students learn effectively. I am calm, considered and creative in my approach to teaching to engage and support students in retaining knowledge.

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Aspiring Secondary Teacher offering Physical Education, Maths , Biology and English lessons with lessons catered to your style of learning !

My teaching method is very flexible and adjusted all of the time to cater for the needs of the student. I know not every student learns the same, if you dont understand something it is okay!. This is when I will approach the topic in a different kinaesthetic way in order for you to understand.

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PGCE Secondary school trainee offering Physical Education and English lessons in London

My passion for teaching has always been strong and stems from personal and professional experiences. I have been fortunate enough to participate in a combination of both unpaid and paid opportunities within a variety of schools, both primary and secondary education, to develop my skills and to gain vital information about working, engaging and teaching students.

St Albans
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Physical Education teacher offering lessons to all ages both males and females.

I am a teacher who likes to let the student take as much control as possible. By doing this the student will develop a better understanding of the topic in hand, rather than being fed information by the teacher.

Good Easter
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BA Hons graduate in Physical Education and Sports Coaching and Masters Graduate and Sociological Research offering tutoring and revision sessions in Essex

I can offer tutoring for students doing GCSE's, A-levels, and Degrees for both areas. My methods of teaching include creating resources that can later be used for revision, power-point presentations, worksheets, test questions, and interactive quizzes. I do not believe in talking at a student for an hour and expecting them to absorb all the information.

St Albans
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Experienced and passionate P.E teacher offering tutoring for the latest OCR GCSE P.E exams

My teaching method is to use lots of practical examples in my explanations and to also ‘act out’ points where possible. I try and simplify each topic area and then build on the important points through discussions and PowerPoint slides.

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Physical Education at I/GCSE level in London, got a 9 in I/GCSE.

I give lessons to year 11 students and below for a I/GCSE level. My teaching methods include a range of things depending on what type of learner the child is. I would do a range of things such as, active learning games, discussion, text book and presentation.

(2 reviews)
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Physical Education Teacher offering support with GCSE and A Level Physical Education

I use a multi sensory style of teaching and personalise the learning to ensure progress is made by each individual.

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Qualified PE teacher (currently head of PE at a secondary school) with 15 years experience, offering GCSE and A Level PE tutoring.

I like to teach in a variety of ways, making sure lessons are enjoyable, interactive and also purposeful. I tailor my teaching to suit the needs of all pupils.

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Sport and Exercise students Offering tutoring in GCSE level PE in Leicester

My teaching method will be as practical as possible, trying to make the sessions as fun as possible. I try and be as adaptable as possible to what suits you best. If you cooperate with me, and keep me on my toes, I will do the same back. I feel teaching is a two way ideal, in that it needs the teacher to teach at a high quality, but also the student to respond to this teaching.

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PE Teacher and experienced sports coach will tutor science, sport, swimming and self-defence (taekwondo) in Sunderland

I aim to ensure all students feel supported and encouraged. This is achieved through student input into sessions, personalised sessions and an enthusiastic approach.

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Sports science student offering Physical Education tutoring at gcse level near norwich

My teaching method is picking out areas for improvement. I then go through the key topics within that area. Finally I go through lots of exam questions as the application of sport is just as important as the knowledge.

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PE and science teacher offering A level classes on all exam boards. GCSE and BTEC tuition also available.

My lessons are tailored to each exam board, in easy to digest segments. I take time to make sure key elements are understood before moving on.

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Durham Sport degree student offering tutoring up to gcse level and BTEC

My teaching method is the tutorial method. I base my lessons on what the student needs to learn more about.

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PE teacher offering GCSE theory and practical advice. 40 years experience teaching and coaching.

I am George, and a PE teacher for 40 years. GCSE PE is the subject I teach and I relate all my theory work to the students practical work. Theory, therefore, becomes relevant and not an add on.

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