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Baulkham Hills
(4 reviews)
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With experience as a freelancing photographer, I am excited to teach you what I have learned over the years!

Hayley has broken into her beginnings with the music industry with The Sphere Organisation as a musician who works almost every weekend. She plays arrangements of iconic Aussie songs, 80s songs and Top 100s as well as writes her own music. Currently Hayley is studying a Certificate IV in Photography & Photo Imaging and hopes to go on and study a Diploma of Social Media and Marketing.

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Happiness through painting. capture the light what paint. Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and Drawing.

Happiness through painting (A ten sessions course to help you find peace and stillness through painting) 1- Hand movements in painting 2- Painting figures (Learning proportions, anatomy) 3 - Live model painting (To help your eyes gauge proportions) 4 - Learning landscape painting (Using to proportions knowledge, an introduction to perspective) 5- Tones (From white black, graduation of...

(3 reviews)
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I am a professional photographer on the Gold Coast, I have my Diploma and a great enthusiasm for the work.

Having taught photography before in wide age groups and genres, I obtain a wide knowledge and love for the work. Teaching everything from the basics to the creative. Ranging from hour lessons to few hour lessons, depending on your skills and want to learn.

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Visonary adelaide based photographer available to teach interested students around adelaide area

- my lessons are geared towards teaching the basics of digital photography - this includes the technical parts of how to use different techniques with digital DSLR cameras - I aim to show students how to take good photos, and how to develop their own vision and style, as well as the digital editing process

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Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art Photography Hons graduate gives lessons in Photography.

My teaching method ranges from being able to instruct students on both analogue and digital techniques in photography. This ranges from beginners black and white photography,use of analogue cameras , exposure,film development, darkroom printing through to instruction on creating technical and conceptual frameworks in individual art practice.

1st lesson free !

Graduated DSLR photographer with Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw skills to teach!

Everyone has different goals, and I tailor each person's lessons to what they hope to achieve, and the best workflow I believe they need to get there as quickly as possible! Digital photography is an art, and it needs to be dynamic and stylised to the person behind the lens.

South Brisbane
1st lesson free !

Final student in University of Queensland majoring in Public Relations willing to help out with Photography lessons to people in Brisbane.

I tend to focus more on the content and the perspective rather than the technical stuffs. This would be a great way for those who are willing to connect with the images. I am more than happy to share my creative thoughts as a tutor.

1st lesson free !

VCA Photography department Graduate provides tutoring for VCE/VCAL students, BFA students, and budding artists

If you are not searching for VCE tutoring we can work together on a curriculum centred around your desires. I will structure our course so that you can continue to explore and learn without the need for face-to-face lessons- however, these will be organised as they are very beneficial.

(1 review)
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A lifetime student of photography would share his experiences and skills to help you understand the magic of creating art at your convenient time and place.

Lessons includes MOD1 (technological progress with time, brief on camera handling, what not to read in the manual, quick tips for the moment) MOD2 (Composition, framework balance, frame elements, directionality, space and curve) MOD3 ( Ethics and values, Principles of becoming a photographer, Grabbing the opportunities)

1st lesson free !

Experienced Photographer - Private Professional Photography and Post Processing lessons for Photography enthusiasts.

I love to talk; a lot. I always talk with people and know what their interests are and start teaching based on what they want to learn, so that the classes doesn't get boring. I start from the basics of photography till various tips and trick for professional photography. I have a package for you to understand better what will you be learning during the course.

Highland Park
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Photo Media graduate and experienced photographer offering photography lessons in Gold Coast area

My name is Holly and i have recently graduated from a Bachelor of Photography. I've also been freelancing for the past 4 years in various different areas of photography.

1st lesson free !

Digital Photography Capture, Processing and Editing. Bayswater - Beginner to paid professional

I approach each student as an individual, learning their strengths and weaknesses and tailoring lessons to build on their personal goals. i have developed my own approach to photography based on building skills specific to interests and objectives. I.e.

1st lesson free !

Photographer availed to teach landscape and portrait photos for beginners .

I believe every person learns in their own individual way and teaching skills may be adjusted to suit the student. •To start the lesson, I would like to see previous photographs and look at what camera you would like to use. We will also discuss what type of photographs you would like to take.

Gawler South
1st lesson free !

Want to learn how to take some amazing photos? Look no further I can teach you all. Call me your photography sensai

My teaching method is by starting off teaching you the basics. Going over the manual mode which includes to aperture, iso and shutter speed and just going over everything you need to get yourself started.

1st lesson free !

Art teacher gives draw or adobe softwares lessons to high school students In Melbourne

My teaching method is very calm ,professional and relaxed. I strive to ensure that my teaching materials (and its method of delivery) is both relative to my students' needs.

South Yarra
1st lesson free !

Experienced Photographer based in Melbourne available to Improve your Skills, very relaxed!

I've only worked one on one and would like to continue helping others achieve images they have yet to be able to capture. I can work with you on your system so that you're familiar with it and you don't leave trying to remember how a particular setting was achieved.

Lake Illawarra
1st lesson free !

Visual Arts Honours graduate gives lessons in Photomedia (photography, installation and video art) to students in the Illawarra.

My lesson plans are tailored to the individual. Depending on your interests I would start the lessons with some basic drawing skills, basic photography skills. Moving on from there we would discuss what concepts you wish to explore and I would help fulfil them.

1st lesson free !

Travel and landscape photographer willing to share photography knowledge. Theory and practice.

Depending on each student´s level I show how important is to think and see before taking the picture. Normally I let the students take his or her own pictures and let them make lots of mistakes to correct them afterwards.

Paris 17e
(9 reviews)


This is what I teach: MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, I won several international competitions.

Paris 17e
(6 reviews)

Associate Professor prepares to contest schools of architecture, art and photography (History and Theory)

PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR (since 1998) Selection Board Member of the Grandes Ecoles. I prepare the schools of fine arts, architecture and photography (Arles, Light) but also Chalon School. I am a regular student who succeed in one of these competitions. I know donation out their difficulties to control events. I also preparing for the admissions interview.

(3 reviews)
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Lecturer at the Istituto Massaua and photographer offers Photography lessons in all the forms

Lecturer in private since 2014. Lecturer at the Massaua Institute since 2016. Collaborator at Google Inc. Computer programmer. Web designer.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Professor of photography, video, lighting and postproduction in Madrid (from basic to advanced level)

I'm Javier Carrasco. I studied script, postproduction, directing, camera and cinema lighting at Septima Ars cinema school Madrid. My passion is cinema, but I combine it with freelance work of photographer / audiovisual producer. I am currently creating an audiovisual production company (Adkicker) I would like to teach others how to improve their hobby or profession.

1st lesson free !

Photography lessons, light adjustment and photo editing for any level (Canon, Photoshop)

My way of teaching is based entirely on the result. You tell me or show me what you want to learn and I show and explain you how, where and when to do it. I adapt to you whether you are beginner or semi-professional. How to adjust the camera, which optics to choose, which light to use, how to edit the photo, etc.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

I'm a teacher with 3 years of experience in a reputed ICSE school. I currently do full-time freelance photography, cinematography and video editing. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expe

I teach Photography, Cinematography, video editing and filmmaking and online content creation basics. I tutor online [Skype, Google hangout], photographic locations [Student's choice] and at students place. I teach with the equipment necessary, students with the necessary equipment is a plus. I train all age group who are passionate about learning these skills.

1st lesson free !

Introduction to photography: How does my camera work? How to get the most out of it? First photos.

I treat the subject quite freely, but always taking into account where the student comes from and what the established level is. I always like to ask for photos that have been taken with the camera that will be used to learn and talk about the preferred photography style, in order to establish the classes based on personal tastes.

Ciudad de México
Jorge luís
(10 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Digital photography classes from beginner to personal project. You will learn both technique and concept.

Plastic artist who understands photography as a brush over the fan that includes all the visual arts. My classes are aimed at all levels and at all ages. I have a lot of experience with all kinds of people, and all social and generational classes are very valuable to me.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Digital Photography Lessons for Beginners to Professionals: Shooting, Composition and Editing in Somerville, MA

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and over 3 years experience teaching adults and youth. I have been running my freelance photography business for 5 years and can help my students start their own careers. I teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together. I can teach portrait, event, nature and abstract photography.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Intuitive Film Photography! Here's the best way to do it by yourself.

I propose to go for a walk, to lose ourselves and to enjoy the exceptional light of this time of the year. I approach photography in the same way that I learned music. Intuitively and freely.

(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Teacher Academy of Fine Arts teaches Digital Photography and Postproduction in Genoa

I am assuming that the equipment is never as important as our eyes, our mind and our heart. If you do not have anything to say, we'll hardly do anything interesting even with the camera of our dreams. Therefore my technical lessons can not do without the comparison with the masters who have made the history of photography.

La Plata
(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Student of Audiovisual Arts offers Photography Course with D-SLR camera (digital reflex) in La Plata

My name is Erik, I am a student of Audiovisual Arts and I give photography courses in the city of La Plata. The classes are personalized, with the only requirement that the student has a D-SLR camera and wants to learn how to use it.

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