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Paris 16e
(4 reviews)

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER for 7 years & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, teaches Photography and Photoshop for ALL LEVELS

Hello everyone! Specialty photographer Fashion, I teach general photography classes. You will learn digital photography classes in manual mode (based on the photographic photography, with which I started). I propose 4 courses of photography to each, with a personalized follow-up between each course. Each lesson will depend on your learning pace, we will evolve together, at your own pace.

Paris 17e
(8 reviews)


This is what I teach: MAYA (all levels except skinning and rigging) ZBRUSH (all levels) PHOTOSHOP (all levels) PHOTOGRAPHY (all levels) in both French or English. (Bilingual) Rather than a long speech, I let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, I won several international competitions.

Paris 17e
(6 reviews)

Associate Professor prepares to contest schools of architecture, art and photography (History and Theory)

PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR (since 1998) Selection Board Member of the Grandes Ecoles. I prepare the schools of fine arts, architecture and photography (Arles, Light) but also Chalon School. I am a regular student who succeed in one of these competitions. I know donation out their difficulties to control events. I also preparing for the admissions interview.

(3 reviews)
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Digital Photography Lessons for Beginners to Professionals: Shooting, Composition and Editing in Somerville, MA

I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography and over 3 years experience teaching adults and youth. I have been running my freelance photography business for 5 years and can help my students start their own careers. I teach the technical and artistic sides of photography together. I can teach portrait, event, nature and abstract photography.

(2 reviews)
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Welcome to the school of Photography, a place to get the best professional school of photography in Uttar Pradesh. Contrary to what most people believe, photography is a delicate art that combines your creative skills and technical expertise to make pictures come alive. If you are passionate about capturing the most amazing images with your camera, then our school is the place for you to be at.

Ciudad de México
Jorge luís
(10 reviews)
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Digital photography classes from beginner to personal project. You will learn both technique and concept.

Plastic artist who understands photography as a brush over the fan that includes all the visual arts. My classes are aimed at all levels and at all ages. I have a lot of experience with all kinds of people, and all social and generational classes are very valuable to me.

West Hollywood
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Professional Photographer & Designer teaches and critiques your photo composition, post-production editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and coachs you with your work and portfolio.

Professional Photographer / Graphic Designer / Branding Consultant can tutor you on your way to becoming proficient in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photo Composition. I can also consult you and critique your portfolio, website, composition, layout and post-production editing skills. Let me help you and guide you on becoming a professional in your field.

(2 reviews)
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Digital photography classes for groups and individual - Classes for beginners and less beginners

The course has a theoretical part and a lot of practical exercises. We will talk about the basic principles of the photos: - The ISO - The opening - The speed - The studio portrait - Outdoor portrait - The night photo. It is often given in the evening and this for 8 sessions of + - 2:00.

(5 reviews)
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Internationally experienced, MFA in Digital Cinema teaches Filmmaking in Jacksonville, Florida/ online

I love teaching students at every level; the beginner, the amateur and the aspiring professional. You climb the ladder to your first film in structured online or face to face classes that can be custom designed for your goals.

Alcalá de Henares
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Learn photography in a fast and fun way. Infinity of tutorials, programs and practical tips to turn any "amateur" into a professional photographer.

My name is Guillermo and I love photography. Like a lot of people, I started in a self-taught way and currently I direct the 8finity Studio project ((concealed information) in which we take care of all kinds of photographic and design projects. The methodology is very simple.

(1 review)
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Professional photographer with a degree in Photography offers photography lessons in Italian and English in Florence

Hello! I am a photographer with more than 12 years of experience gained by taking pictures around the world! I really like teaching, and giving others the tools to express their creativity in the best possible way, whatever their level of preparation or final goal.

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I am willing to help those who struggle with essay writing and that general aspect of Photography courses. I am passionate about education and learning for young people; I believe in the therapeutic a

I teach practical photography both film and digital. I do this via demonstrations and setting tasks. Photography taught on a trial and error system, the more you do, the better you become. I will critically analyse students work and prepare the students to examine their work critically. I teach the basics of composition and the manual techniques the camera allows.

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Recently graduated photographer in Gastonia that can tutor middle school,high school, and college students.

I recently graduated from Mary Baldwin college in Staunton,VA. During my time there, I was a darkroom photography T.A assisting students and the professor for four years. I answered any questions they had and made sure the succeeded. In the realm of art, everybody's creative process and production of work is going to be extremely different from someone else.

Ciudad de México
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Learn digital and analog photography in CDMX with photographer and advertiser with more than 7 years of experience

With the right mentor, your photography skills can exceed your own expectations. Let's practice together while you learn to master your camera and the current methods preferred by professionals in the field.

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Photography Lecturer and Adobe Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Certified Instuctor in Edinburgh Scotland or Online

Delivering lessons in a) Photography b) Visual Communication and Image Editing with Adobe Photoshop (Certified) c) Desktop Publishing Design with InDesign (Certified) d) Illustration and Design with Illustrator (Certified) * All courses include a Digital Media introduction* As well as Media and Web Design.

Greater London
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18 Year old Architecture Student, keen to help teach anyone in subjects of which i am genuinely very interested in, I like making learning enjoyable as I always found if i was interested in something

Hey, Im Seb, 18 years old, Ill help however I can, including doing research out of hours. I have a great genuine interest for Art, Photography, Economics, History and Geography and these sessions would most likely enjoy the sessions as much as i hope my clients will.

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Digital photojournalist/art photographer available to help you improve your photography in Lane County, Oregon

I have a Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where I won the award for best photojournalist in class. I teach the basics of good photography (light, subject matter, perspective) and use my photos and those of other professionals to help you understand what makes for a great photograph. We will go into the field and take photos.

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If photography is a hobby or a career choice, I can teach you the basics to still action and stop movement photography.

BA in communications with an emphasis in both theatre and photo journalism. Also started a minor in graphic design but due to a double major did not have time to complete. Photoshop and InDesign. Movie Making and Editing. Still and Action Photography. There are many venues in photography that one can choose to take.

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Photographer with 25 years experience gives tutorials on how to improve your photography skills

I will cover whatever you need by direct teaching, demonstration of techniques, study of existing works and project work you will take away to complete followed by an evaluation of what went well and how to improve further: The basics; -How your camera works, -What settings to use -Good focussing technique.

Sant Joan d'Alacant
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Are you creative? Would you like to improve your skills? I am your teacher! let's go!

My name is Raul and I love drawing, drawing is the basis for developing any idea, design, illustration, sculpture, architecture ... I love teaching and I realiy enjoy them, I always try to be enjoyment during classes. fun and focused on the interests of students exercises.

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Art Director in Liverpool with world wide experience gives lessons to Artist and crew

By practising and demonstrating the use and possibilities of tools, the application and methodology of FX and artistic techniques and by observing and discussing works I've done and the work of others I will give you essential insight and understanding of a wide range of Staging, Props and design related to Film and Theatre Sets, Photography and Studio.

Castelló de la Plana
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Graduated in Fine Arts it offers support in arts subjects and graphic design

I am a young creative worker, he graduated in Fine Arts and experienced in different artistic disciplines (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) As well as graphic design and management of cultural events. I have no preferences as to the age of the students, I think that anyone is apt to learn at a different pace.

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Photographer with 5 years of experience fives photography and painting lessons in South Texas

Junior Maritime Administration major at Texas A&M. I have traveled to Iceland and Norway for photography and have learned from the best in the Landscape Photography field. I have worked as a wedding photographer and had an ad I shot for published on a jumbotron in Times Square as well as made to cover of 2 literary journals.

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Learn from an experienced professional photographer, over 30 year of shooting experience

I am a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in shooting products and post-production work. I would like to share and teach my experience specifically about the software Photoshop. I also teach photo lighting at my photo-studio. You will receive all basic skills and learn about the digital work flow in commercial photography.

São Paulo
(1 review)
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Professor of Photography at SP Capital with almost 10 years of experience.

I am a photographer at 8 years old, I started in the market with social photography and events, since then I have worked with pet photography, stills, events, weddings, photojournalism, landscapes, street, etc. I've done a little bit of everything in the market. With this, I can teach you and direct you from basic to advanced photography.

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Online Photography tutorials, from complete beginner to Intermediate level. Become more confident with your SLR camera

Over 4 years tutoring experience teaching at the prestigious London School of Photography. Education: BA, HND and A-level in Photography. Everybody welcome, one to one lessons online in Beginner to Intermediate levels. Lessons are designed to suit your individual needs and set at the pace right for you. Contact me today to set up your personal programme.

New Delhi
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Online classes for the enthusiastic people in photography. Get in touch for your needs..

If you have purchased a digital camera and cannot manage it, please contact me for the classes which will help you to utilise the instrument in a better way. After the classes you will start to photograph like a matured photographer however your creativity will play a major role in make them professional like.

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Pick this media student with an ample experience in playing with lights

Photography is my passion and I have worked hard to come up with this amazing talent. Of course the classes will be practical, but you will exposed to few theoretical aspects as well. As, I am young in age, you will feel comfortable learning with me, as we don't hold a generation gap.

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Learn how to make beautiful photos with the help of a professional photographer and professor

How many times have you watched those beautiful photos on Instagram and Facebook and you thought "How I'd like to shoot like this"? How many times have you thought "my camera is too complicated, I'll never learn to use it properly"? I know: I've thought the very same so many times When I started photographing twenty years ago I was just like you: inexperienced, alone, without anyone helping...

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I teach Photography for Beginners in Wildlife, Fashion, Wedding, Landscape, Nature and Event

I have been teaching photography for about 10 years now, I teach from the basics from the perspective of what the camera is what kind of lens and what is the different kinds of themes that can be clicked and how do go about

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