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South Hedland
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School English. A world wide adapatbale language, Methods that change your perspective.

My methods are based on a child’s capabilities. The ability to learn is just important as enjoying. The methods that are used will be remembered for a lifetime. I also implement methods used from my education. I believe encouraging children to find their own methods with suitable guidance.

Burleigh Waters
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Experienced primary teacher from Burleigh Waters to teach across all subjects, including English and Maths!

I provide a safe and supportive learning environment for my students through building positive relationships as well as teaching engaging and enjoyable lessons. Along with my seven years of classroom teacher experience I have also completed over 100 hours of professional development and therefore can draw on a number of different strategies depending on the students learning style learning needs.

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Literacy and learning difficulty specialist: Reading, comprehension, spelling and maths: Graduated Certificate Learning Difficulties

Evidence based programs that are supported by Dyslexia Speld and Learning Difficulties Associations Synthetic phonics programs for improved spelling, reading and comprehension Vocabulary development Recommended Writing strategies Step by step mathematics instruction and techniques for students that have a specific disability in mathematics such as dyscalculia

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Study Durham University England, Special needs teacher, Literacy, numeracy and EAL Launceston Tasmania

An experienced teacher in England and Tasmania. I am enthusiastic about teaching students and watching them grow in their educational studies. I try to make my lessons fun and educational at the same time. A relaxed learning environment is important.

Forest Glen
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Fully qualified primary teacher giving Literacy support on the Sunshine Coast at home.

I do my best to link lessons not only with what is being taught within the current classroom environment but also with the students specific interests. I find students work best when their learning is applied to things they enjoy. I go for a try and fail, try again and fail differently, try again and fail better, try again and succeed.

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Qualified Primary Teacher Passionate about Reading, Writing, Language, Academic Writing and Early Literacy

A typical lesson from me will have already been discussed the week before, with clear learning intentions set out, and what success criteria will need to be met so we can ensure quality learning has happened. My style of teaching is relaxed and inquisitive, focussing on choice, exploration and discussion.

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English Literacy Tutor based in Devonport, Tasmania with a strong belief in the Phonetical approach. As a Certified Business Administration graduate - am able to assist in building resume writing skil

I can help beginning readers develop skills in English literacy; whether they are children or adults. It is very important for beginning readers to understand the phonetical concepts involved. If they understand how words are built and can break them down into understandable segments, even unfamiliar words can be read with confidence.

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Griffith Uni post grad gives English lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

My teaching method is engagement and accountability. I base my classes on learning should be fun. I approach topic by introducing relevance and pretext to inspire thinking. A great teacher is one who can inspires their student to think and ask why? Students should be made to feel free to actively express themselves which can also helps them to learn faster and absorb the moral.

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Primary education student gives literacy lessons to primary and high school students in Melbourne

The one-on-one method will allow for a more personal approach to learning. Particular topics or areas that individual struggles in are able to be determined within the first meeting/lesson, and more structured lessons will follow in order to assist the difficulties presented. A variety of methods will be used to assist learning and ensure that the individual is gaining a further understanding.

Port Macquarie
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Qualified and experienced teacher gives lessons in all areas of English curriculum

My primary background enables me to assess where a student is currently at and what teaching strategies will best suit them. I believe all students can improve and achieve using a range of teaching styles, concrete materials and techniques.

West Moonah
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A Hobart tutor for any Primary School Aged student who needs tutoring in any Primary school subject

I am enthusiastic towards learning and believe that the best way to learn is to enjoy it. Therefore I try to make all my learning experiences as engaging as possible. Depending on the lesson and the level of assistance needed by the student, I normally use a gradual release of responsibility model.

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English language tutoring in the Moruya area. Qualified proofreader ready to help.

I will initially focus on the areas that the student is having trouble with. This could be spelling, grammar, punctuation, context or the meaning of words. Such things as past, present and future are considered as well as singular and plural states.

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A bachelor's degree in teaching with 5 years of experience, penchant for phonetics and skill for school teaching including reading, writing and literacy.

Introduction and greetings would initiate the lesson followed by a listing of the topics that would be covered. A brief conversation about doubts or questions from the previous lessons so that the fresh lesson can continue on the same level for everyone. Instructional, informative and/or questionnaire handouts will be provided according to the nature of the lessons.

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Primary School Teacher providing lessons in reading, phonemic awareness and writing skills. Also providing assistance with dance studies.

My teaching is aimed at Primary level education or those studying dance. I am strongly motivated and passionate to assist students with reading difficulties or those who are learning English as an alternate language. I am also highly passionate about dance and would be able to assist those who need extra help with the theory and practical content associated with dance as a subject.

Currumbin Waters
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Fourth year Speech Pathology student to support kids with early literary, English and Social Sciences in the Gold Coast

My teaching method is "teach don't test"... I feel that kids are so often put to the test, before even having developed the key skills required to competently approach a task. I endeavor to make sure my students are provided with ample opportunities, feedback and examples, to ensure they have a good foundation before setting out to do the final "test" task.

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Roderick Gillis, UWA Commerce Graduate that teaches high schoolers the necessity of learning.

I grew up with ADD, undiagnosed, so I had to take what was taught to me and translate it to something I would understand. Nothing came easy to me academically, I had to learn and teach myself. I believe most students in high school need help, not because of intellect, but because someone has not given them the time to know how they think. That is my specialty.

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Qualified Teacher gives Literacy Tutoring to Primary Students in Darwin - Online or In Person

My goal is to help students reach the "a-ha!" moment, especially if there is something they have really been struggling with. I use a holistic approach, drawing connections across various subjects to help students understand; and incorporate a number of techniques, including hands-on, repetition, movement, art/craft, music, technology.

Collaroy Plateau
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English as a Second Language Specialist: English Language Exam Preparation; Pronunciation; Reading, Writing & Comprehension.

My teaching method is based mostly on my students' needs and of course lots of exam practise to get my students comfortable and confident when they finally sit for their exams.

Linden Park
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Retired, highly qualified Adelaide Teacher/School Principal can help you to improve your English

I teach by firstly identifying required goals. I then assess the student's current capabilities, determine suitable communication methods, feedback mechanisms, teaching styles, lesson plans and evaluation methods needed to achieve goals and keep students on track. My initial priority is to develop a positive, professional relationship with the student.

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Teacher of English as an Additional Language - students from kindergarten to adult

I strive to develop a working rapport with all my students to ensure they are engaged in the process of learning. I initially ascertain the current level of knowledge that all students possess and work towards developing that knowledge further.

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Qualified, enthusiastic Primary School teacher in Perth available for tutoring in all subjects

I adjust my teaching style and approach based on the individual student's requirements. I have a positive approach to education, and I enjoy helping students achieve to the best of their ability. I am happy to plan thorough lessons to help students with their learning goals, or follow a plan devised with parents and students.

Banksia Park
Lee anne
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Qualified Primary School teacher available to teach English, Maths and Science to primary students.

I enjoy working with my students ensuring that we widen their scope of knowledge by incorporating the use of videos, chants, songs and rhymes. I base my classes on the topics which are covered in school and where they might need further help. Therefore, I need to know beforehand what to cover so that I have sufficient time to prepare.

Banksia Park
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Special Education Teacher offering literacy, numeracy support and assessments in Adelaide northeast

I specialise in working with primary and junior primary students who need support with their reading, phonological awareness, spelling, writing and hand writing. I spend some time to assess the student and from there, I work out a tailored program to improve skills, fill in gaps and help the young person gain confidence.

South Bunbury
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Teach Basic Numeracy,Literacy & Life Skills within the Bunbury region.Over 15 years of the teaching experiences and social and youth work.Have teaching Diploma and degree in Early years,primary,interm

Different student adapt and learn differently.There are different teaching methods that a teacher can use but I believe that the best teacher will use a diverse teaching strategies according to the learners or the students best learning capabilities.

Mount Austin
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Teachers Aide, years of experience in Primary schools, working with various students with learning difficulties

I work with the children's needs. Supporting them in the areas that need strengthening. Eg times tables, phonics, reading, spelling, writing, maths. Every child is an individual and the tutoring will cater to their way of learning so they get the best possible outcome.

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Senior Teacher with 16 years experience with all ability students gives Exciting English Lessons Prep-Yr 8 in Noosa area

My teaching nethod is Explicit Instruction with a clear learning intention and success criteria stated at the start of each learning experience - then an 'I Do' demonstration, 'We Do' guided practice and 'You Do' independent assessment with feedback given.

Payneham South
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Behavioural Neuroscientist and Science Communicator with excellent skills in English usage and linguistics

I like to use the socratic method of finding answers. I work with students to find out what they need, and the best way to get there. I understand that everybody has different needs and learns differently and I tailor my approach accordingly.

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Masters of Teaching Primary Student, Bachelor of Design and Diploma of Business. Providing primary school tutoring to students from grades prep-6 in maths and english.

I incorporate creative pedagogical approaches and delivery methods into my teaching. My lessons are non-confrontational and geared to students of all abilities, students wishing to improve their grades and students who are having difficulty understanding key concepts. Lesson structure begins with an interactive warm-up, followed by an "I do" "We do" "You do" structure.

Noosa Heads
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Senior Educator teaching IELTS Preparation, English Conversation, TESOL and Business English using online technology or face to face. Located in Noosa, Qld.

I like to meet with my students using SKYPE or face to face to plan and develop a program with them to suit their learning needs. I use a range of interactive methods, technologies and activities to help my learners learn. I have been a successful educator for 36 years. I am currently involved in teaching students both locally and globally. I specialise in teaching teenagers and young adults.

South West Rocks
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Cert III in Education Support student available to tutor primary aged students.

My teaching method is primarily a student centered approach. I try to find the best way of learning for each individual child and I then adjust my teaching style to suit their needs. I can assist local students in my home or via webcam.

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