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Years 11 & 12 Philosophy Tutor - Canberra - Understanding Concepts, Reading Texts, Writing Essays

True exemplary performance in examinations is achieved through two principles - understanding of the course content, and understanding of what the examination requires. In my lessons I will focus upon supplementing your learning in school with more focused and detailed explanations of ideas, thinkers, and texts that are not available in a classroom environment.

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(Masters degree) Giving lessons on logic/philosophy/History/film productions near Perth/Mandurah/Online (With 10 years of experience)

I am currently 53 years old, so often I like to just get into the point. I can't guarantee you'll be a billionaire by the end of my lessons, but if you pay attention, you will flourish. I know learning can be hard sometimes, so I hope to do my best in making you do the best of your abilities.

St Albans
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Melbourne University Politics and Philosophy student gives politics, English, History lessons in Melbourne

I tailor my classes to the curriculum of every individual student, working on the key skills and constantly referring to the rubric and criteria.

Canning Vale
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Homeschool Philosophy - Diogenes - the original cynic - who pooed on the streets of Athens

Diogenes believed in living by his own rules. He didn’t believe in toilets, partially because toilets weren’t invented yet, but mostly because he lived in a barrel.

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High school graduate with Certificate of Excellence in Philosophy gives philosophy lessons in Melbourne online

I recently graduated high school with four separate certificates awarded to me for my knowledge and dedication to philosophy. I am looking for students who need a little help in learning philosophy and are willing to put in the effort to further their knowledge.

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Psychology graduate Adelaide University giving psychology lessons to high school students Adelaide

My name's Nam and I'm currently studying a masters in teaching. My curriculum for each student would vary due to the fact that not every student seeks a tutor for the same reason. For students looking to improve their knowledge, I would provide extracurricular tasks as well as revise their current workload with them.

Saint Albans Park
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High School Graduate accepted into Monash with a fantastic score in VCE Geography, has a lot of knowledge and experience globally. passionate about this subject!

My teaching is based on the VCE course, recently updated, as well as including my own case studies and knowledge to give students unique information that will make assessors impressed. Having been in students shoes 12 months ago I have relevant experience as well as new knowledge which will be shared in relation to their needs within Geography.

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History Teacher (current PhD student) available for private lessons in Melbourne (primary, secondary, uni students)

History tutor available for private lessons. I'm a current PhD student and hold degrees in History and Philosophy, Editing and Publishing, and English Literature. I can hold lessons at my home or at a venue of your choosing, flexible hours.

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University of Melbourne Master's student of international Relations gives lessons to high school and undergrad students across disciplines.

I am passionate about international politics, economics, sociology, public policy and other subjects related to power, society and how we live. My students benefit from my ability to translate confusing theory into everyday practical examples. I believe all students have the capacity to succeed in their studies with the right guidance. I think learning should be a fun and rewarding experience.

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Hobart Master of Teaching Student Offering Tutoring in Sociology, Philosophy, Gender Studies and English

I am a patient and good-natured individual. I show this through the support of those I'm tutoring, and focus on positive reinforcement. In my perspective, failure is not a bad thing; it provides us with the opportunity to grow and learn from mistakes.

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WACE ATAR Philosophy and Ethics Tutor - Second Year Philosophy Student at UWA

I will be able to help you review past assessments to determine your strengths and weaknesses, and help you work on what needs improving. I can also help you analyse, interpret and plan for upcoming assessments. Additionally, I can work with you to improve your argument construction, analysis and critiquing skills, as well as develop clear and concise writing skills.

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University of Edinburgh Graduate based in the Gold Coast. Am passionate, hard working and very easy to work with. I am flexible to your needs and truly believe in the potential of youth

I base my teaching on a collaborative approach in order to meet your individual needs. I will thoroughly prepare prior to the class and any specific needs will be met.

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Honours Philosophy graduate from the UK offering Philosophy tutoring to high school and uni students in Melbourne.

With experience in running seminars for philosophy students and a 2:1 Honours degree in Philosophy, I can offer one to one online sessions up to an hour long where we can pick apart and discuss key topics you are studying (though travel may be possible in some cases if you would prefer).

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Certified teacher gives out class courses and workshops intensive individualized


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French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

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Professor of Classical Studies, African Studies, Religious Studies and Philosophy very interested in Online teaching, with twenty five years of experience.

I give lessons, with respect to students, at various levels-----i.e., from the High School level, to the College/University level------based on my teaching experience of over 30 years. My lesson structure, varies------depending on the level of the students. My characteristics are tailored to fit the requirements, etc., of each student.

Greater London
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LSE Graduate offering both Politics and Economics lessons this summer in London!

I believe that the vast majority of teaching at A Level and schools in general is useless. I am a thorough believer in a meticulous approach which identifies the fundamental parts of the course and builds a structure around it.

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French teacher offers support courses in methodology (commentary, essay, writing sentences, thesis, dissertation, preparation USDA) Luxembourg Level +3 specialization FLE

Professor of French, holds a license and modern literature specializing in teaching French as a foreign language, I propose to transmit my knowledge in methodology of written exercises (comment, dissertation, thesis) gained during my curriculum preparatory class but also during my experience teaching for almost 10 years.

Paris 13e
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Former khagneuse of Henri IV gives lessons of French and other subject in Paris

Former student of preparatory class, hypokhagne and khagne in Henri IV, who prepared the ENS competitive exam, I have today graduated from one of the best Business Schools in France (ESSEC) and am actually a student lawyer at EFB. Passionate about literature and philosophy, I can give courses to pupils with difficulties, up to high school and even university.

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Experienced college teacher - one of nation's "300 Best Professors" - teaching broadly in the social sciences.

Bachelor's of Science in Physics and Bachelor's of Arts in History as undergraduate. In graduate school, focused on International Studies, the subject matter of my M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The field allowed me to bring together my broad training in economics, social science, and philosophy.

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Experienced teacher offers lessons of all subjects reinforcement of primary and secondary grades

I am a teacher with experience in classes for all ages. I am specialized in strengthening English, Basque, elementary math and philosophy to high school. Private lessons allow me to adapt the content and methodology to each student, depending on their level of autonomy and areas that need strengthening.

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Philo up to level 3 Degree (Master 2 student at the UNSA)

I am a student in Master 2 Philosophy. I am currently preparing the CAPES and am happy to give during Philo (BAC (all sections) in the Licence 3). - Support Course (explanations misunderstandings, training concepts etc.) - Monitoring readings - Preparation for the methodology of the comment, explanation and dissertation (and spelling corrections, syntactic verification etc.

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Experienced philosophy lecturer can help you with undergraduate/postgraduate and high school philosophy.

My approach is 'Socratic' - I teach by questioning. And this is not just quoting an ancient philosopher --- it really works! Socrates likened himself to a midwife- a philosophical midwife to help people give birth to their ideas. The assumption behind this is that- you already know and understand, you just need someone to awaken you a little to find the answer in your head.

Paris 4e
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Psychology: support for studies, memories and reports of practicum, analysis of the practice, support to the parenthood

I am a clinical psychologist and a PhD. Teacher with nursing students and doctors.

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North Rome, graduated in Philosophy, Role long teaching experience offers quality tuition

I am a teacher by vocation, prepared and passionate about my job, I love encouraging people to learn, I adapt to the different levels of competence, I have experience in identifying the specific needs of each student and fill them through the most appropriate educational proposals to every individual.

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PhD in Philosophy, with teaching experience at the University of Miami, offers lectures and studying support (in Italian and English)

I teach Philosophy, Ethics, Bioethics and Italian. I offer a valid support with studying any subject in the humanities, and with writing papers, essays, and dissertations. My methodology consists in adapting the contents to the level of the student and to make the concepts more appealing. In order to do so, I use various tools (videos, audios, images) so that learning is easier and engaging.

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Understand, listen and motivate a teenager and help their self confidence and steem.

I am a psychologist and philosopher I will explain what is happening today with youth and I give you proposals and viable solutions for reflections.

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Degree in Philosophy offers philosophy repetitions, English, Latin and greek in Bologna

Repetitions and Latin and greek lessons: translation, commentary and grammar lessons. Repetitions and philosophy classes: starting from the student's need creates a debate and once lesson to give a solid knowledge and not purely mnemonic of the argument in question. Undergraduate thesis, essays and term papers: help in the conception, drafting and drawing.

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Khâgneuse teaches philosophy, literature, history, geography, and tutoring (college, high school) on Paris

Currently prep school student, specialized in philosophy in Paris; and holds a tray with honors, I offer private lessons in philosophy on the fundamentals in the B.Ed program, emphasizing the importance of the methodology of the test (either for the essay or commentary text). I also teach courses in literature, history, geography, and to the level of BAC.

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