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Highgate Hill
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Adjunct Professor with PhD in sociology and over 20 years experience teaching and supervising postgraduate students across diverse disciplines, tutoring in theory, methods, research design in Brisbane

I am an experienced researcher, research higher degree supervisor and mentor to early career researchers with extensive knowledge of theoretical and methodological aspects of research. I support students in identifying and describing the overall narrative and logic of their research: the research problem, theoretical approaches, research design and methods, findings and discussion.

Mermaid Beach
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Argentinian psychologist and artist, passionate for everything i do, above all education

intuition, listening and watching to the students needs. I study and read every time to get in touch with the most accurate way to reach each student singularity. I worship authentic interest in learning, and take care curiosity doesn't get spoiled.

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Life Long Learner teaches early career learners the dispositions to become life long learners themselves

If you are keen to learn and to achieve at school or university to the best of your ability, I can help you achieve your goals! I believe in student focused inquiry based learning drawing on evidence-based principles. Teaching and learning are active functions and focused on individual needs.

Brisbane City
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PhD Student give psychology, sociology, sport, academic methodology or French lessons to high school and uni students in the area of Brisbane.

For me the most important thing is your motivation. The main part of my work is to help you to find and maintain a gainful motivation. My teaching method is focused on your autonomy and your objectives: try to reach your goals with pleasure.

Pascoe Vale
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Digital communications and gender, sexuality theory expertise and consultancy and group facilitation

I use a mix of creative/workshop methods, textual analysis and 1 on 1 discussion. I have worked with marginalised communities ranging from trans and gender-diverse people, Indigenous elders and youth, non-english speaking backgrounds, and nuero-diverse people, adapting for their respective needs.

Glen Waverley
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Monash Counselling Student teach psychology and pedagogy to school and Uni students

My teaching method is student-centric. The progress made is really dependent on the efforts of both the student and the teacher. I approach topic by lesson wise objectives set for each day. That takes care of the long term as well as short term goals.

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Current Teachers Aid and studying Teacher (K-12) General Tutoring in Wagga Wagga

My teaching method is practical and engaging, using lots of visual learning techniques. As I am currently studying teaching, I have up to date training in new teaching methods and resources. I have a great understanding of the modern student.

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Published author gives critical thinking and essay writing lessons to high school students interested in studying the Humanities and Cultural Theory

I proceed from an understanding of students knowledge, capabilities and backgrounds. I encourage students as active participants in the learning process, by acknowledging that all learning is a complex interplay of active and receptive processes. I engage students in discussion of ways in which study tasks can be undertaken.

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Teaching Student giving Psychology tutoring to individuals or groups up to Year 12 level

My personal pedagogy is to ensure all students have a growth mindset and can reach their goals. I work with the current curriculum as well as the students own goals to create an individualised learning plan that consists of reachable goals so that the student is not set up for failure. I believe any student can achieve a high standard of work when given the right tools to do so.

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Academic with a teaching background and a bent for the philosophical, dives into your thinking processes to help you figure out how to answer EVERY question better!

I specialise in a teaching approach called Cultures of Thinking, which emphasised better thinking as the foundation of better learning and understanding. As a result of this I have an immensely individualised process with my tutees, because the key from the outset is to get to know not just what they are thinking, but how they are thinking about a question.

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Primary education student gives lessons to uni students on pedagogical practices for teaching others

My teaching method is purely student-centered, focusing on the student's experiences of the classroom and they would seek to achieve as a teacher. I believe teaching through role-playing real-life teaching scenarios is helpful and experiencing a variety of resources firsthand is additionally vital.

Ferntree Gully
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Enthusiastic Psychology teacher with unique and clear explanations and teaching style !

My methodology is simple, teach well by being well-prepared with a variety of fun, engaging and useful activities that allows students to learn, remember and apply the concepts learned. I explain concepts in a very clear, clever and unique manner that is memorable and entertaining.


Alexa - Epping - Educational Studies

I am a friendly secondary school teacher, I have been qualified for 10 years as a Drama and English teacher, and have held the post of Head of Performing Arts for the past 5 years. I'm passionate about my subject both practical and theory elements. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in English, Drama, Performing Arts and A level Theatre Studies.

(5 reviews)

Linguistics and Educational Studies mentor and tutor, supporting students' success at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Lancaster, North West England and online.

I've been an English language teacher and teacher trainer for 20 years. For the past 14 years, I held the position of Senior Lecturer in TESOL at a British University. I am now self-employed and support the success of home and international students.


Emma - Wollaston - History

My aim is always to build a positive and supportive relationship with students. I develop tutoring programmes with the student so that our work together is clearly focused on areas that they have identified for development. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I have taught History, Psychology, Sociology, English, Geography and RE. I have also tutored for Functional Skills and Study Skills.

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Experienced and qualified teacher offering Geography tuition at GCSE and A level

I work with each individual to find out their aims and their starting points and then draw up an individual action plan to be agreed with the pupil and his/her parents (if applicable). I can put together a series of sessions that work towards a specific examination goal or a series of sessions that develop fieldwork skills and that involve work out in the field.

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Amandip - Singlewell - Educational Studies

The passion for my learners achieving allows me to target and motivate my students to their highest level. I believe teaching is a passion and not just a career. I will deliver and carry out my role with 100% motivation and commitment.

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MA student in Early childhood leadership and practice is offering undergraduates in early childhood studies academic essay writing lessons.

My teaching method is very student orientated. What I mean by this is, I believe the student should be able to lead their own learning and understanding.

Dr bianca

Dr Bianca_ Psychology_Child Development Tuition All Levels Croydon, Beckenham, London, Online Tuition

I am a passionate educator with experience tutoring and teaching from early years through to university level. I am available for one-off sessions, short term bookings and longer bookings as well.

Maria luiza
(1 review)
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Student of Letters (Portuguese / English) I give classes in social sciences (and other related disciplines), Literature, Writing and Grammar

It is proven that there are 8 different types of intelligence that regardless of which individual has it will be able to reach the same result whenever it is found which suits him. So, of course, what my goal is when I teach, to find out how each student learns more easily, practicing, and teaching with the student's method.

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Third year Education Studies student offering support with Education/Primary Education based degrees

My lessons will be student-led as my aim is to give further knowledge and understanding of the subject to the student. The lessons will focus on the students' particular needs (particular modules that they are struggling with etc). I will use theory and visual understandings to achieve my aims.

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BSc in Psychology, tutoring provided for individuals in Glasgow seeking psychological and/or sociological academic support.

Teaching material will be adapted dependant upon the student's preference of modules and level of interest. Psychology is a board subject and branches into many different sub-categories. Available to teach Biology, Maths and Home Economics A-Level. The key is communication, setting objectives, detailed notes, practice.

Loretta iola
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Theology student offering studies on all Biblical topics. Get to know God!

My teaching methods varies between taking the Word of God in context and relations and study verse by verse using Scripture to interpret Scripture and also to study it via the different subjects and doctrines, such as Theology (the study of the Trinity), Christology (the study of Christ), Pneumatology (the study on the Holy Spirit), Escatology (the study on the End times), etc.

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PhD Sholar in Education offering tutoring to students studying Geography, English, Social studies and Educational degree or TEFL certificate holders.

In my teaching i apply Humanizing Pedagogy whereby i focus on the educational needs of my students. I uplift and educate my students with passion and enthusiasm.i am a PhD Scholar and I share my educational Experiences with my students.

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Social Sciences and Sociology students up to University level in Durban , South Africa

I believe the classroom is a living community and that everyone, from the principal to the students to the parents, must contribute in order to maintain a positive atmosphere. Everyone in the classroom contributes as a student, teacher, and thinker. I learn from students as much as they learn from me.

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Involvement of stakeholders in curriculum change at the further education and training level

My teaching methodology is question and answer and discussion. Group work is of vital importance in my lessons. I embark on asking learners to get prior knowledge. My name is Dr.

Cape Town
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Excited by the opportunity to tutor and offer in-depth coaching in all courses within The Humanities, Social Sciences and Psychology!

My teaching method is based on "The Growth Mindset" educational psychological method, where I constantly encourage my students to focus on the efforts and not results. My underlying principle is "My success as a tutor is contingent on the success of my students" To ensure this happen, I use stories, anecdotes, real life examples to drive my message acorss.

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Devoted MA Social Research student offering Sociology, Psychology and Education Studies lessons based in Sheffield. I can also help with essay writing, dissertations and research methods!

This comprehensive exposure to all things education enabled to develop a bespoke and personailsed approach to teaching. An approach grounded in inclusive practice, patience and most of all enthusiasm for the subject at hand. This can be evidenced through my recent acceptance into The University of Sheffield studying Social Research MA. A highly demanding postgraduate pathway.

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Experienced High school educator, fully qualified, passionate and teach in a fun way!

I absolutely teach by means of association. Learners must learn in class and have to do only a little homework for further reinforcement at home! I teach based on what is asked in question papers, so learners can become exam fit.

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Reinforcement classes for elementary and high school students, come and reinforce your knowledge!

Reinforcement classes are taught four times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:50 p.m., and the classes attended until the present time are from the 1st year of elementary school to the 3rd year from highschool.

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