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Make you Increase typing speed and conceptual knowledge of pc and dos

My Methodology is highly interactive so I teach as you learn with clarity and perfection. The structure of the class is dynamic and flexible according to learners satisfaction. And the classes are for everyone who covets to learn something perfect.

Naveen j
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1st lesson free !

I am o Kranti Kumar reddy .i am graduated and I just want to share my knowledge to students on computers and ethical hacking and programming languages and how to maintain your personal computer and ho

I am always friendly with students and I always wanted to share my knowledge with students and also get to know about new things by students and I am very interactive in class and I always make sure that each and every student did their best in life.

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Computer Expert teaching computer basics, and how to utilize database's for small business in Louisiana.

Each session needs to be customized to the individual. Everyone comes in with a different level of experience and it's important that you review this, and come up with a learning plan that is tailored to give optimal information to your students.

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Explore your knowledge with live Practicals in Computer Hardware and Networking, Basic computer knowledge different from other sources. U can also know or ask about printers, plotters, etc...

Student can learn everything if teacher have bulk of related examples and practicals for solving typical queries in a simple way. Just gain big without burden and get huge success in your professional life and get engaged with your own work.

Shyam sundar
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Hi I'm Shyam Sundar from Chennai and will share the knowledge of system related informations.

I usually teach the subject practically with live examples. My teaching method always relies on the person and the level of understanding. I share my knowledge of system administration, desktop troubleshooting and some networking concepts and all with live examples.

Columbia City
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Proficient Native Spanish Tutor from Puerto Rico giving Practical Online Lessons

Bachelor Degree in Arts with a Major in Criminology from Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico. A Technical Degree in Medical Billing and Auditing from Ponce Paramedical College and a Technical Degree in Administrative Assistant in Health also from Ponce Paramedical College. I like to use PowerPoint Presentations and different methods to teach having in mind the multiple intelligences.

Paris 17e
(5 reviews)

Software developer specialized in Cybersecurity, offers various computer related courses: - Introduction to online protection (how to stay as safe as possible online), - Introduction to programming, I

My first step is to identify with the learner his needs based and build his profile. This allows me to offer personalized support throughout the learning process. Finally, my priority is the well-being and personal development of the learner throughout the process.

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PC/Mac/UNIX/Linux/iOS/Android specialist with over 30 years experience an effective teacher of technology, computing, networking, graphic design, & page layout.

From word processing to spreadsheets, from virus removal to network security, from page layout to computer graphics, or trouble-shooting why something is not working the way it should on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, when teaching computer skills one must be able to create an eager desire in the student for the course knowledge.

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IT professional with 12 years Experience to teach about IT classes at Home

- It depends on the Student how to make him understand the topics in a very easy way and with user friendly method. - Making him to understand by Step by Step Process to understand the Subject which makes him / her perfect in that Subject.

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Learning Computer Building and its basics is healthy for your carrier as well as for the PC itself.

My Teaching Method is simply the best, cause its so simple, but effective. My class structure shows basic learning as well as the most important thing, which is maintaining it, so it can last forever. This class is useful for 8th grade school students to college degree students as well as IT Maintenance, System Hardware related workers.

Ciudad de México
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Learn to build the computer of your dreams, engineering in computer science. CDMX

The course is personalized so that depending on the profile of each person a study plan is put together so that it can be extremely beneficial. The course is intended to be very interactive and practice so we will see only the necessary theory.

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Postgraduate Student in Smart Network offering lessons covering School study to University level in Glasgow

My teaching method is that I help students by covering one chapter at a time. I would encourage the student to use Past Papers to answer the questions relating to that specific chapter. This allows me to test the knowledge of the student and helps to identify areas where the student requires most help in. Before the start of the lesson, a schedule plan will be created for each of the chapters.

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Computer functions, windows OS,MS office working option,internet working functions,mail configuration, networking class

I will teach by working experience so easy understand and observe Responsible for troubleshooting hardware related problems in Desktops, Laptops. Configuring clients with domain like Windows XP, and Windows 7 Professional & Enterprise, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Configuring and Troubleshooting mail client (Outlook & POP3).

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Need to work on your computer skills? Get the practice you need!

My main goal is to understand my students and their goal. I analyze their standing point and work from there. Each of my lesson plans are unique to each of my students. My strategies are to start from the basics and move forward.

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Computer Science Engineer offering basic computer classes in Scotland(Includes Hardware and Software)

My teaching methodology includes, on hand real world experience. I'm a new gen teacher, so I would try to be as practical as possible. I'm extremely patient and would try to teach from the basics instead of throwing technical words from the first day itself.

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12 Year Old with a heart for computers and want to share my knowledge

My teaching method is to see what your child can do what they struggle on and what they simply cant do! I will do my best to help your child understand how a computer works and how to use it!

Mahesh prasad
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Students going for school interested to learn basic computer skill an easy way

Learn what is students eager to learn. Explain by means of visual display examples. Understanding students requirements. Explain students about the exact subjects. Clearing doubts on spot unnecessary waiting is killing time and doubts as per my concern. As a teacher I would like to welcome my students not as a guru but as a friend.

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Student who is looking for Computer Knowledge from home can avail s

My teaching method will be through Power Point Presentation also I can share the my desktop where students can see the real time scenario. I would like to take classes for High school students and people looking for basic computer.

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Computer Science student offering tutoring in elementary to high school math and computer programming

I'm currently pursuing a degree in Computer science. I focus on a teaching method involving examples and practice. I teach students from elementary school up to first year university/college. I am kind and patient, so no need to fear about asking for help.

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Computer Geek willing to train others computer knowledge so world can have more computer geeks!

My teach method is simple (to me!) I will first assess what you know (or think you know) and then we will move forward from there. Now be prepared to go to library to get recommended book and read recommended chapters to do test. No worries test is not a bad word, its just a way for me to make sure you have a complete understand of materials covered.

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Computer coaching for lower or middle or High school by an IT Experienced person

There is no specific teaching methodology adopted by me. I will be covering each topic and questions specific to that topic together. Once the chapter is over, I will be taking them through all the questions related to that chapter.

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Detailed Study on PC Troubleshooting & Maintenance in Ponda Goa by a Computer Engineer.

PC Troubleshooting & Maintenance Lesson 1: Computer Components & Accessories Lesson 2: Computer Power Repair Lesson 3: Frozen Computer Screen Repair Lesson 4: Repairing a Slow Computer Lesson 5: Repairing Errors Lesson 6: Printer/Scanner Troubleshooting Lesson 7: Basic Computer Software Troubleshooting Lesson 8: Basic Network Troubleshooting Lesson 9: Troubleshooting...

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ICT College Student Offering Lessons For Windows/Microsoft and many other PC Programs!

My Name Is Liam Thornton, I am currently Studying Level 2 ICT in college. I am Looking to make a bit of extra cash and hopefully help some people out with there needs/struggles, weather it be teaching a beginner how to use a program for the first time or just some refresher lessons. I'm Here and happy to help with any of your computing needs.

Judes joseph
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Learn Computer Fast And Change The World With A Smile . .

Efficent, Time An Engaging Personality and Teaching Style. ... Clear Objectives for Lessons. ... Effective Discipline Skills. ... Good Classroom Management Skills. ... Good Communication with Parents. ... High Expectations. ... Knowledge of Curriculum and Standards. ... Knowledge of Subject Matter. Confidence. ... Communication. ... Team Player. ... Continuous Learner. ...

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Skilled software engineering student offering to teach basic to advanced programming skills

I base my classes either based on the specific needs of my student(s) or by the most understandable path i can think of.

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Computer Technician with 8 years of experience to mentor all students looking to learn basic or advanced computer skills

I teach by first learning what it is you are trying to accomplish. Everyone has a different starting point in what they do and don't know about technology and I try my best to teach you something you can use in your career or hobby. I'm very open to all comments from my students and love to have in-depth conversations when there is something you want to know more about.

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Sr. Network Engineer with 24 plus years of experience will to help and teach.

The way I would teach you would give you the hands on version of the class , I have trained 5 of my personal family members and they hare all making 100k plus in there new career. I can teach you how to protect yourself from security threats and how not to get hacked.

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Information Technology professional gives IT and computers lessons and tutoring to all ages

I am a Masters Degree student in Information Technology giving lessons to all ages who are interested. I use practical, real-world examples to convey complex topics in a simple-to-understand manner.

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