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Health and Medicine teaching at West Australia for life and education exams

Dr. G. G. Chamal Sanjeewa ( Postgraduate Institute of Medicine - Sri Lanka ) has won 2017 Global award for academic championship organised by organised by International Agency for Standards and Ratings. Dr. G.G Chamal Sanjeewa among World's 500 Most Influential Public Health Experts for the Year 2017 as well. SBS Sinhalese interviewed Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa regarding this great achievement.

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Ring into the new year with better grades. Guaranteed. Tutor Medical students in all subjects of medicine .

I have an extensive knowledge and extensive knowledge in the field of medicine. I have been tutoring and mentoring medical students for the last 5 years . I have a MD in medicine and currently pursuing my masters in neurology in the University of Sheffield which is a Russell group university. I guarantee progress and better understanding of the subject if you choose me.

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Doctor in Hyderabad, Offers tuitions for MBBS students, Teaches both theory and Practicals

I personalize the method of teaching according to the needs of the student. Everyone learns differently and assisting them in their own way makes all the difference. I will keep my explanations very simple. Once Basics are strong, rest is a cakewalk.

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Critical Care Nurse - Offering Nursing and Health Related Tutoring in Brighton and Online

My teaching method is very much student driven. What area of Nursing/Health is giving you trouble, what level of knowledge do you currently require and how best do you learn and understand new information. I take all of these factors and more into account when developing a session for you.

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Professor Asonfac. Areas of expertise: College and University level Health Sciences, Nursing.

I use evidence-based teaching (EBT) strategies to accomplish predetermined lesson objectives that meet current professional needs. I use innovative teaching strategies that are attuned to multiple generations and capture all learning styles. I believe in students centered teaching enhanced by good interpersonal relationship.

Lerma de Villada
Gabriela alejandra
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Group and private classes in health science field imparted by a doctor

My classes are appropriate to the level of teaching required. I usually use understandable and dynamic presentations. Support material will be given: readings, articles or videos that improve comprehension of the subject. My method is to encourage understanding and reasoning and when memorizing is needed, to use mnemonics.

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Medical Doctor offering Medicine, Life Science, UCAS/UKCAT/SJT tutoring in the United Kingdom.

I like to base my teaching on what is needed to know. We will set a brief outline for the session before starting and establish areas for development. Based upon your needs we can structure the session to offer you the best outcome.

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Zoological and botanical life science with bioscience in biology and in Geology

I am a simple private school teacher teaching from the past three years to the students of class 1 to 8,I follow the rules of our late father's father of the nation M.K Gandhi who says us to make heart contact with the students.

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Student should be keen learner and i believe i can fullfill expectations

My teaching method is very simple. I try to make concept simple so that student can learn by easy way. Also i provide online lesson includes notes etc. I teach student in that way student should not be feel bored and take interest for more lessons.

New Delhi
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For medical students and health professionals as well as for anyone who wants to learn some facts about medical practice with clinical experience and illustration

My method of teaching will always be illustrative and image oriented. I don’t have much of teaching experience professionally,but I have helped lot of my fellow medical students during college days and anytime they ask me for any doubt. I would be more than happy to solve any doubts you have and will work on something that I don’t know.

Prince Albert
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Pedorthist willing to teach biological and chemical science classes to people needing help.

My teaching method is individual and classes are specialized to the needs and interests of the student. Courses that students are taking dictates what needs to be taught. I need to also understand the background of the student to help make the teaching more relevant.

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Teaching physiotherapy with clinical aspect using experience of 7 years. Online teaching doesn't have any boundaries of location.

Having degree of masters in sports Physiotherapy with clinical experience of 7 years in Physiotherapy. Main emphasis is on clinical teaching of how to treat the patients with recent advancements. Already taught and still teaching students at UG and PG level with maximum student scoring first class marks.

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i am teacher my subject in physiotherapy i believe that my knowledge will be improve my students skills

hello students i am Tanima Bhattacharyya, i am a master in neurology physiotherapy. I an a teacher a physiotherapy college so i know that how teach your subjects an example neurology approaches that's bobath, motor relearning program, propricective neuromuscular facilitation, neurodevelopment therapy, etc.

Greater London
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University student tutoring health and nursing to college students in New York.

Hello, I am Hesbon Okemwa, a university nursing student. I have conducted health-related courses on a number of platforms. Most specifically, I conduct online lessons where I tutor students from across the globe. Apart from demystifying nursing, I have helped students boost their writing skills. I have helped students proofread, edit and format their papers in the required standards.

New Delhi
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A surgeon with 15 years experience interested in teaching the basics to interested students for strong foundation.

I am a Surgeon with 15 years experience having done masters in Orthopedics, involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in Mediacal/Paramedical science as their profession. I believe in having strong basics as a foundation and stepping stone to this noble profession.

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Science teacher interested in teaching curious students and help prepare their notes

hey there, the future scientists. How would you like to get a tutor with massive knowledge in biotechnology, that too in a manner you will learn the topic within no time, the simple way! Let's start this fascinating voyage today and aim for 100% with a technique I'll share with you to make your own notes.

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Physiotherapy-with evidence based practisce specialised in kineosology,physiology,anatomy,exercise and electrotherapy ,undestand neurorehabilitation deeply

Hi i am subash adhikari from india formely worked in army hopital research and referral,NEW DELHI. - I love to teach people having intrest in the subject of human movement science and rehabilitation. - I teach student of undergraduate level ,diploma ,advance diploma etc.

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Expert Professor with 17 years experience in teaching Physiotherapy and related subjects available around Madhuranthagam and Melmaruvathur

My method of teaching is explanation of individual topics and Power point presentation Technics. I also use activity based learning, explain by examples and related technics. I use students individual recall by lesson planning methods and frequent remember back method.

Nether Heyford
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Experienced medical writer and doctor providing tuition in medicine and biomedical sciences

My teaching method would reflect the way that I learned during completion of my degrees. This is based on an individualised approach to tackling areas that a student is struggling with and adapting the lesson plan accordingly.

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5th Year Medical Student & Student Ambassador at UoB working within West Yorkshire

As a trainee doctor, a great emphasis is placed on being effective at teaching which is a skill that I have honed over the years. Personally, I see an effective teacher as an individual who can adapt to each students needs through assessing understanding and altering their teaching methods.

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Approach to practical Orthopaedics. learn how to be an independent and successful.

My methology is to create an interest in the area of Orthopaedics. help individuals to understand the basic sciences, fundamentals, logic and execution. If one is good in foundation the future construct will be strong and predictable. Learning with understanding is the goal.

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Simple physiotherapy lesson in haryana..or where in india through video calling simple accurate easy to catch lesson here only

i have degree in bpt and start to give lecture of biology and physiotherapy management and following treatment in orthopedic cases and sports injuries....and all classes of biology interactive classes ....moreover physiotherapy thats is growing field ...easy language easy topic in a minute ....

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Join me here ..I ll make medical subjects very clear..teach you in exam oriented manner

My teaching method is to make student understand in a simplified manner ...I ll give notes also for studying..to make it more easy and effective ...right from first year of mbbs till final year I ll teach you ..

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Classes to different levels of Physiotherapy Students at Nagercoil and its surroundings. I have 10 years of teaching Experience

Iam RAJULA, Working as Assistant Professor in Physiotherapy with 10 years of teaching experience. Highly motivated person ready to use and develop my educational background and skills to convey knowledge to the learners by using modern and traditional approaches to developing the learner’s diverse interests and needs.

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Clinician and Professor in Physiotherapy teach/ guide in Physiotherapy and Academic Administration

My standard method is to specify the purpose of every Lecture and also to justify its need in the curriculum, followed by the lecture and I like to end the class with discussions on the topic taken.

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Doctor doing postgraduation in radio diagnosis and imaging, teach secondary school students and undergraduate medical students

I give classes to secondary school students and medical undergraduates I try to be deliver in compact and easy manner I try to focus on clearing the basics with out mugging things. Interaction is more important than just listening.

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Health tution classes are ready in meerut if any one interested join us

i am starting in the base level kjnfbhj karhgbqrg buiiiiiiihhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddvbhhjuvb ugybuef v ugaufsyf uyfgjk jugaf ja yjgfgausf ugc uyvd uag sdjds cgsf us yuf d j fufe wfuh efuy f

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Medicine was never so easy until we make it.So lets make it.

I was an M.B.B.S Graduate and was capable of explaining the subject as required by the listener.I teach in accordance and as expected by the audience to make the subject more simple and more comfortable so that they can master in it.

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The art and science of Orthopaedics unravelled and simplified for both under graduates and post graduates

I prepare short Power point presentations but with visuals also. I like to involve the students too rather than it being a one way affair.

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