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Santiago de Querétaro
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Graduate student in Philosophy teaches Humanities (social, history, philosophy, law, ethics, aesthetics, etc.) for high school students

My classes are aimed at high school students, or people interested and not initiated in Philosophy. My method is constructivist, so I intend to eliminate the educator-educating gap, generating closer links. My characteristics as a teacher: Dynamic, interactive, reflective, critical.

King's Lynn
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Masters Graduate in Philosophy gives lessons to A Level and Undergraduate students in East Anglia and at home in Norfolk.

I am a 2:1 Masters Graduate and I can teach Philosophy at A Level and University Undergraduate level to students across East Anglia. I can travel to the students or I can teach at my home in Norfolk. My lessons focus on essential skills and knowledge useful to exam preparation and essay writing.

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History (Mythology, US & World), Geometry,Algebra 1 and French Tutor in Norfolk

I am a sophomore in high school. I was labeled 'gifted' in kindergarten, and ever since then have been taking all honors and advanced classes. I have retaken French, and excelled in all of the subjects. I am willing to tutor anyone of any age as long as you're willing to learn. I'd use various techniques (visual, auditory & such) in order to teach.

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Graduating in History in Bologna. I offer repetitions, help tasks, and methodology for literary subjects such as: History, Geography, Philosophy, Italian Literature, Epic and Mythology.

The lessons are aimed at all students, from elementary classes to the same university, for both upgrading and retrieval. The lesson takes place with the help of computer aids and not at my home. I also accept requests for help.com from all ages.

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History teacher of high and elementary school classes remotely give reinforcement to help

I stick to keeping the content already seen by the students, as well as what they are seeing at the moment. I use the Skype tool so you can talk quietly and send content by email so that it is a way of reviewing the lesson as well as fixing exercises.

New Delhi
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A doctorate candidate desiring to flourish together while establishing a debate philosophically

I am a doctorate candidate in philosophy. I am specialised in analytic method and can teach any field within the domain of philosophy. I can offer from a philosophical perspective of Indian mythology to the modern perspective of ethics. My job is to teach "how to think" not "what to think".

Greater London
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Inspiring, dedicated and enthusiastic Archaeology/History tutor. Helping you to reach your full potential.

Hi there! My name is Alexandra and I am a 23 year old Masters student at UCL studying MA Mediterranean Archaeology. I am proficient in tutoring Ancient History, Modern History, Classics, Anthropology and of course Archaeology. I am also available for tutoring in English and Science (specifically biology). My expertise also involves exam preparation, revision techniques and essay writing skills.

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Holder of advanced history degree offers history and social studies tutoring to Lexington middle and high school students

I have a Bachelor's and a Master's of Arts in history and I assist high school and middle school students who need help with social studies and history courses. I try to structure my lessons to best fit my students' needs.

Greater London
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Recent first class graduate offering tutoring in humanities and languages in London

My principal teaching method is to READ READ READ and DISCUSS, of which the latter is what so commonly lacks in undergraduate education. I am used to high learning standards due to my own education at an honours college in The Netherlands and am looking forward to pushing my tutees to their limits. That is of course, to their limits in relation to their available time.

Santo André
Raphael augusto
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History student gives Humanities / Literature classes for high school in ABC / SP

My method of teaching consists mainly of discussing with the student texts and educational books, always trying to bring to class cultural and scientific repertoire, methodological and conceptual. I always try to adapt the lesson to the needs of the student and indicate interesting external references.

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History, Art History, Mythology, Cinema History and Current Events in Denton TX, currently in undergrad at UNT

I tend to focus on lecture style methodology with printed notes and word lists so that you can look for things on your own outside of tutoring. Most importantly I want you to come away from the lesson having learned something about the topic at hand and having found your own conclusions about any discussions.

São José dos Pinhais
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Graduate student. Private Lessons for Curitiba and Metropolitan Region.

I always try to approach the subject in a free and uncomplicated way, starting from general topics to the most specific so as not to become a tiring classroom. I can adapt to all types of public and assist any goal, from regular education to some preparation for the contest.

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Here to help you succeed in history, and in your school career

I believe that history doesn't have to be this boring lecture where you fall asleep. I think it should be a fun class, where you learn everything there is to know about the past, present, and maybe even the future. I have tutored foreign exchange students, and even preschoolers.

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A Mythologist who gives lessons on all philosophical branches originated in ancient india, and also share stories related to Indic mythology

Mythologies since the dawn of the human species have always created a deeper meaningful impact on our societies, An abstract form of a philosophy which bespeaks a relative truth but a meaningful interpretation of a valuable yet priceless subject called "Life", all are bottled up in a Myth, it's an intrinsic feature of a culture, because it's a semblance of the societies social constructs and...

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College student shares love of history to elementary through high school students in Phoenix, Arizona

I am a college student who loves history and teaching. I give fun and engaging lessons for students of any age up to the high school level. I believe history has something for everyone, and tailor my lessons to the interests of the student while still teaching to local standards.

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History/English/Government and Politics tutor in Salisbury, Wiltshire - Primary to BA Degree level

I operate an attentive and direct method of teaching, where we would begin with a broad overview of the topic and then proceed to investigate the more minute details of what needs to be learnt.

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College Student with experience in Psychology, History and Criminal Justice gives lessons in history and politics to Elem, Middle and High school students

I have experience in 7th grade science education as well as Elem. art. I am able to give lessons to these levels as well as high school English, history, and psychology. Each subject varies in terms of instruction methods. For English it consists of basic word and sentence structures per level, concept and critical thinking skills based on written works and basic essay structure.

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From Learning the History of the Aeneid to learning about the Avengers

I mainly give lessons to individuals in middle school and in high school. My techniques mainly stem from patience and engaging with the students. I try to incorporate the interests of the students into the curriculum to help them better focus. For instance, some of the students I taught in the past loved Minecraft and I was able to integrate the concept of Minecraft into physics and geometry.

Ciudad de México
Eder aloix
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Philosophy, English, literature. Degree in Philosophy and letters. CDMX. Classes face-to-face or online.

I am a philosophy graduate of 26 years, with 8 years of work experience in the field of teaching. I currently reside in Mexico City and can teach both online and in person. My classes are directed towards any level. My teaching techniques are: -Recognition of learning styles. - Didactic case study.

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Graduate in Public Relations I offer reinforcement in History and Communication in Goiânia

My name is Fernanda Veloso and these are some of my professional qualities: First: I have been a volunteer for 7 years in the Scout movement, which has allowed me to develop a good relationship with people, especially children. Second: I am very communicative, which enabled me to have a lot of good contacts, inside and outside the country.

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Without True Knowledge of the Past, There is No Future. Master degree history teacher, that has seen the world, teach about world history and human relationships.

I got my master degree of History in University of Belgrade, Serbia, and after that I went to USA, where I spent 4 years working with Disney Corp. during that period, I spent some time in Mexico and Cuba, where I was learning Spanish. Now I am back in Serbia and I teach students in one of the best Gymnasium in Belgrade, and I would like to teach student online from all around the world.

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History Major of GSU, Soon to Graduate Giving Lessons in Savannah Georgia

My teach methodology varies student by student. Everyone has their own style of learning: visual, verbal, and repetitive styles are more of my popular ones, along with applying the history in story style and/or in relevance to today's world. It depends upon the student.

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Passionate Historian looking to share the joy of learning with all ages!

Everyone learns differently and I take that into account when I am teaching. I always ask students how they prefer to learn and work my lessons around that to receive the best results. I believe that everyone is capable to learn as long as they have the right tools.

San Antonio
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College Graduate with a focus and passion in US, European, and World History

I teach all levels of students from elementary through college. I like to help students practice research and writing and help them develop the skills that they need to succeed as historians. I am a critical reader and will grade fairly, but intently in order to help students grow as much as possible during their time with me.

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History is not to learn but is to explore and live...........so lets start

my teaching is not based on class room confienment but exploring out from room its student friendly and also a well planned way i will help you in planning your studies and revision also dont worry i will not hurry and not let your doubt uncleared

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Mythology tutor with advanced understanding of all mythology in Rome Pennsylvania giving online lessons

I teach through taking a specific question, and explaining it from a broad spectrum, and then coming back to the question to see if the student can learn it through that. My methods include verbal explanation, uses of graphs, books, and other physical representations, and talking back and forth with a student to know that they have a full grasp of the topic.

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At the end of high school, I give reinforcement of English and online history to interested parties.

I approach the subject through conversation and reflection so that the student comes to the conclusion on his own. Use of technological means for better interaction and understanding of the study. My full name is Sara Verçosa, I'm from Araxá-MG.

Póvoa de Santa Iria
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I give lessons in history and art history from 1st year to 12th year.

I approach the subject in a free way, but taking into account the needs of the student, prioritizing the theme that is of interest to him. My goal is to get the information to be received in a clear way, in order to be retained by the student.

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I teach history lessons in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.

I base my class on factual truths and in form exciting stories way of delivering in case of history and geography. And also can teach technical levels of astronomy and astrophysics in simplest way of understanding to students of all levels.

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Medical student offers history lessons for students in High School as online lessons via webcam

I am an open, friendly and flexible teacher and I always do my best to help my students gain a better understanding of the story. Since I am very interested in history, I would be happy to share this joy with you.

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