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Experienced Professional in creation of Basic to advanced Excel templates using Macros and Formulas

I love Practical teaching instead of giving theoretical class, I will also provide you with real-time projects where you can practice for betterment. You will get a crisp and clear explanation and notes for the theory part. and you will be tested after completion.

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Nowadays nearly all employers want a candidate that possesses good computer skills. That’s where I come in and help! Whether your looking to brush up on your computer skills or wish to learn the basic

After studying Computer Sciences and coming out with a 2:1 degree in Digital Media Technologies, I have been working with computers most of my life. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge and this is something I do in my daily life.

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Basic Computer Literacy - Word, Excel, PowerPoint and general computing knowledge including tips and tricks.

My methodology is quite simple. Find applicable ways for students to understand what i am teaching. For example, something we all know and have had a hold on is receipts. So to explain a real world use of Microsoft Excel, i would create a little 4 item database and show exactly how the transaction is done from the time you scan an item is done to the point where the final total shows.

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Computer courses for all levels - Hardware, Windows, Office, Apple iOS, Programming, Linux ...

I propose a personalized support according to your needs : ➜ Computer initiation: windows, office, mail, linux, smartphones / tablets, NAS ... ➜ School and university support ➜ Consulting about hardware purchasing : computer dedicated to work or gaming, tablet or phone, storage solutions ...

Avnish kumar
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Computer professional with 15 years of experience in Basic Computer gives tutions to students in Kolkata

In today's world everyone lacks basic computer knowledge as future is based on this machines. I am a computer professional giving tutions to students as well as to the adults who wants to learn basic computer skills at a any age. Enchaning computer knowledge will make you remain updated with any technology you want to use.

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A basic and Simple tuition for Microsoft Office Suit and C,C++ etc....I hope you will learn definitely....

Firstly I know that what you(students) know about that topics.Then I start with Mine points and asking some questions,about that point.Question asking ,problem solving and for other task I will give extra time to student for free of cost.

Kinga t.
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Expert teaching for new starters or intermediate level students. To step up faster on the expert ladder

I am expert by learning, working with and teaching the mentioned programs. Happy to show you the basic tricks and tips the programs can offer and how you can use it professionally in your everyday or business life if required. * Easy to use step by step introduction and explanation, tailored to your needs.

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I am Expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mechanical Engg related Subject and Software

My teaching methodology is on concept basic. I focus on concepts. As a mechanical engg, i can teach mechanical related subjects, software etc. I am expert in Microsoft excel, power point, word etc.

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Data industry professional offering individual Excel master classes for individuals and groups

The tutoring course are crafted towards students' requirements; The sessions are organised as combination of discussions about theory (including formulas) and practical exercises; The focus is put on understanding and learning process; Summary materials are provided (including 'sticky' formulas and keyboard shortcuts) and variety of supportive materials (including videos and online...


Physics Ph.D./Math B.S. offering online tutoring in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel

I have been tutoring for more than six years. I currently offer online only tutoring for these Microsoft subjects. I have experience as a Microsoft user for many years and also as a tutor. These subjects are best taught by demonstrations of examples and supervised guidance of the student while working examples. Only active learning accompanied by practice is sufficient to learn these subjects.

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Engineering student offering maths and ict lessons in nottingham and surrounding areas

An energetic and passionate individual who provides interactive lessons that will guarantee you and/or your child will benefit and learn from them. With a background and experience in teaching from the ages of primary school to proof reading masters and PhD student thesis's, your child will be in the best of hands.

São Paulo
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Private Computer Courses for Beginners and Seniors - Higher Education in 2006

Lessons by appointment, in person or via the Internet. Be independent. Help for use of mobile / smartphone, tablets, notebooks, computers, TVs and other applications. Learn to use or ask questions on Facebook, Instagram, email, Whatsapp, Twiter, bank over the Internet, the Google product search, Internet shopping and others.

São José
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Computing in general, Mathematics, Portuguese, Science, Soccer, Santa Catarina, Post Graduate and reading

I graduated in Computer Science with Post Graduate in Project Management. I have taught in colleges of the Public Network disciplines Sciences and Information Technology. My methodology is always teaching the student with plausible explanations, as often as necessary to understanding learning. I'm sure you'll like school.

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Let me face your challenges and get ur hardcore skills learned worthy

My aim is to let the students do in every aspect of their learning field, by this way I am getting the discrepancy in their learning and on the same I focus. Nothing is their in the computer science which we can't learn or seek. Their is everything we can grasp, but by choosing the appropriate channel...

Greater London
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Computer, Website, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, Online Marketing, Html, Photoshop, and others

I can teach you face-to-face or on Skype.I will get to know and understand your level after which I start teaching you from the basics followed by tasks and assignments tailored to your needs and more challenging on each occasion to help you to be more confident and motivated learning and progressing (even on your own).

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Friendly and Technically savvy Computer Teacher - Harshita Sharma BCA/MCA - 2yrs Exp

There is no special teaching method that is best because students are very different from one another and so are teachers. For a teaching method to work, it has to be appropriate for both the students and the teacher. But I will use some entertainment and interactive way to handle the student's queries n doubts.

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Mathematician by nature, Computer expert by professional to facilitate the challenge of the students

My teaching methodology is to identify the improvement area of the students, emphasizing the different ways of learning and connecting the dots with practical life to make the learning a fun. I focus on everyone by spending my time adequately among all students.

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Software Quality Assurance professional well versed in the following areas gives microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, mails, basic computer classes to primary and high school students in a very efficien

As a Teacher, i would like to go by the following simple structure 1.Students to first know what they are learning by setting objectives and goals of learning. 2. More Interactive sessions which include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. 3.

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Student in engineering school gives courses i0n mathematics, computer science, physics with great pleasure

I propose courses in mathematics, computer science and physics. I reserve the right to refuse students based on the level required in each subject. The scientific knowledge is a long-term construction, I always try to check the knowledge of previous years of the child and consolidate if necessary in order to start on a sound basis. I rely heavily on practice to really anchor knowledge.

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Be magnificent when you want to present your reports and analyses in Montreal

As a tutor, what I will try to teach how to prepare your reports and presentations based on your preference but in a professional and prestigious manner! I will provide you some guidelines to prepare your personal templates for each kind of report or presentation you may face with!

Worcester Park
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PhD Computer Science student Portsmouth University, London, United Kingdom and Teaching Maths, Physics, Statistics and computer.

I have a Phd degree in Applied Mathematics in the field of Spherically Symmetric Charged Einstein Maxwell Field Equations and its involves on higher order nonlinear differential equations. To solve these sets of equations use the techniques of Lie Analysis.

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Glasgow teacher with love of technology offering basic computing skills - including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher

I take a hands on approach to teaching about computing basics - believing students learn best while engaging and using the software. I have tutored learners from completely new with computing to more experienced users wanting to extend their skills and learn new software or further develop their skills with specific software.

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Keep Learning And Keep Growing! Improve Your Skills and Knowledge Today. Perform Sharp Learning!

My teaching method is Digital. I make presentations for representing concepts to students. Presentations are the process of representing ideas and thought by using pictures, movies, and sound. By using Text, Sound, Video students understand every concept with and ease.

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Professional services as a business administrator, specialist in information management and master in digital marketing

Competency-based learning, students are evaluated frequently and one of their strengths is "flexibility", since students are able to move at their own pace and thus train competent people for personal, social, academic and social life, professional. Because they combine knowledge ("to know"), skills ("to do") and attitudes ("to want").

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Want to Learn how to MAKE LIFE EASIER and keep up with the KIDS

My teaching method is to take pupils as I find them I have taught pupile from 5 years to 94 years old I always make shore that my pupils reach their targets, Their targets are passing exams or just wanting to keep up with their children or grandchildren.

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Every lesson would have 2/3 objectives. By the end of the lesson, you would be able to complete the objective and perform the task yourself without my help. Lessons and be amended depending on your current skills. I will take on board your personal objective too and craft the lessons to get the most out the lessons.

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Master in Business Studies and Law, with experience +5 in Microsoft Excel, I provide lessons of Microsoft office in the area of ​​Siena

My methodology is based on practical experience, in a real work environment. I'm teaching useful skills that will be utilized in the future work environment. I always try to provide as much as possible for the production result. I am serious and focused on the maximum results.

Bury Saint Edmunds
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Basic Computer Skills Guidance in Suffolk for Benefits Claimants needing new Computer Skills.

I mainly use Technology when showing things to people when they need help, step by step, and easy to read instructions are given. I am patient, and have experience working with individuals from a vast variety of backgrounds, and ethnic backgrounds.

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Engineer offering basic, intermediate and advanced computer lessons in Kelowna with 6 years experience

I teach both young students and adults. I'm a big believer in chunking, relating and putting into practice. I'm passionate and believe education is the key to the future.

New Delhi
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Certified Google Digital Marketing Basics, Google Analytics Solutions, SEO, SMO, Social Media Marketing.

We are basically a group of people who takes online classes. I base my class purely on Google Digital Unlocked Program and helps the student to understand better. I help to student to communicate there problems and help them to overcome them.

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