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Basic computer education course with Microsoft office tools online/offline by experienced faculty

I am an experienced and qualified trainer and have trained more than 2000 students at different levels.

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Excell is so easy like any game played by kids for enjoyment


Harmit singh
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Learn the various tricks and logic from a Computer Science Engineer Graduate

Hi, I am a Computer Science Graduate with a 7.8 CGPA. The motto of my learning and teaching is understanding the concept or getting the logic right because once the logic gets into mind it never goes out. If you want to learn various concepts of programming and how to use them into your code efficiently. Kindly Connect to me.

Ciudad de México
Sergio arturo
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Professional in Forecasting and Statistics offers advanced Excel classes in CDMX and online

My methodology is to start from the level you have in Excel, no matter if it is the most basic and from there teach you what you lack to achieve an advanced level. I cover topics such as formulas (basic and advanced), graphics, filters, "find target" and pivot tables. My goal is to adapt to your needs to teach you everything that may be useful for your good performance in your work or homeworks.

Las Rozas
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Engineer in computer science and degree in film editing

I am an active worker so I am ahead in new technologies, as well as fresh in programming skills.

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Introduction to Computer Science - Learn to write, calculate and presentation

In today's world it is necessary to learn computer. Now all or moving to paperless world. So, it is important to learn how to write, calculate and do presentation using computer.

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Professional of the network computers teaches computing at Seville city and around

Professional of the computer world, with more than 10 years of experience in companies such as ThyssenKrupp, IBM and Endesa Engineering. I have been trainer within the company. Currently I give private lessons Advanced Excel. I have also taught children and adults basic computing.

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Basic and advanced Excel class: Information Technology and Communications Engineer. Los Angeles California.

Hello! If you are interested in increasing your productivity in your work, this class is special for you! If you are a student and want to expand your knowledge for future tasks and projects, it will be very useful for you. We will learn from the basic data analysis, to complex formulas and Macros to develop applications. We will take this class in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Gagandeep kaur
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Computer science classes for school students with B.sc IT and O level

I like to practical methodology for understanding the subject.I teach the computer any other subjects up to 8th standard.I like to enjoy to the teach any subject.

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Student at the American Business School of Paris - PackOffice / specialization EXCEL - on 92 and Paris - initiation and / or development

From beginner to advanced level For all ages For Excel: - Excel in French or in English - create charts and graphs - formulas, scenario analysis, functions, PivotTable - setting conditional formatting For Word & PowerPoint - formatting - features € 25 / hour My "trip" are free

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Engineering student ofers to teach basic computer, office automation and initiation to programming in BARCELONA

Hello! I am engineering student and I love to teach. I am friendly, outgoing and I like to do dynamic, fun but also serious and professional classes. I can teach basic general computing: General use of Computer, utility and most used Internet applications, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and office automation.

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Expert in Windows OS and Mac. Certified A+ Hardware engineer and Dell certified expert!

Online via Skype or F2F within 10km radius. Currently teaching Mac OS to a Senior Director of Fortune 500 company. Mostly, hands on experience, failures-repeat-success method, some online reference, practice etc. Please be open to learn new technologies such as AI, AR, Robotics etc for free during sessions.

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Based in Chelmsford, I would be happy to offer guidance and tutoring in many different facets of computer training - such as Database design, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and HTML

My method of teaching is always to start at the very beginning of a subject. Never assume any prior knowledge and adopt a structured approach. Only begin a new subject or topic, when the previous one has been completed thoroughly.


Microsoft Office for Workers and Students, Valencia City, MBA and BA in Economics

The classes are aimed at all of those who want to improve their skills with Microsoft Office: - For the preparation of school / academic work - To improve their skills at the workplace The levels are set by you, acordinding to your interests. The methodology focuses on the usage of the software tools in your daily tasks.

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Expert VBA automation 12 years experience, working with multinational company in Gurgaon

I have 12 years of VBA development experience and have worked with many client dealing with Financial domain, Intellectual Property, Health Care, Human Resource, market research, Administration and management, Education. I provide internal training within my company (citi group) I work with.

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Knowledge is power and learning is a part of it, So lets Start

My teaching method is simple to understand . I want the students to understand more of a practical way so that it retains in their mind and they can recall it when required till they want .

New Delhi
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Engineer in private company gives tutions of computer knowledge and mathematics s

I approach topic wise lessons and doubt clearing sessions.

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Assistant professor in engineering institute in CSE department, specialization in C,C++,Data structure.giving coaching in Chandigarh

My teaching method based on creating interest in the topic and made them understanding the basics of the each topic with example

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I am Very good with excel with and posses great communication skills .

Methodology depends on the person who's at the other end I might have to start at various levels depending upon individuals proficiency But the end result is same for everyone

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Former NASA employee - currently pursing a Masters in Information Systems at the London School of Economics.

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to learning. Some people are visual learners, others respond better to auditory lessons and so forth. I like to get to know someone and identify what approach will generate the best results and tailor the lesson plan accordingly.

Beryl eunice
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PowerPoint can be used to create projects with various slides and pictures

Fun loving caring love to share knowledge and that's why prefer to teach. Make you understand the subject at ease. Love to be around children and enjoy their eagerness to learn and would like to be a part of their inventions.

Greater London
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Clases Ofimática especializadas, en Londres: uso eficiente de Excel, Word, PowerPoint, en el trabajo. Preparación OPOSICIONES para España (Justicia, Administración Estado, Ayuntamientos...). Ayuda con

Dispongo de más de 15 años de experiencia impartiendo formación avanzada en las aplicaciones de Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access y Outlook. Amplia experiencia docente en múltiples contextos formativos, lo que me permite adaptar las clases a las necesidades del alumnado: - Formación en EMPRESAS (formación In-company - Fundación Tripartita) y CENTROS FORMACIÓN.

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Engineer in a Multinational Company and past tuting experiance provide Maths and Basic Computer Science classes in Bangalore Location.

My Teaching Method is based on logic and reasoning with more focus to clearing queries and doubts. A teacher and student are the same, Always Learning new things. I approach my topics after fully understanding the topic and use multiple examples and also understandable to a non-technical person.

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Computer expert for over Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Never miss your work on Microsoft Office!

Engineer and expert in international affairs currently entrepreneurship! I give private lessons to share my knowledge using proven teaching methods. - Determine your goals - Evaluation of your starting level - Proposed training schedules with different milestones. I offer introductory courses to the most advanced level of the Microsoft Office package.

Greater London
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Microsoft Office Suite: Word Excel Powerpoint Windows 7, ALL Levels ALL Ages

Microsoft Office Suite Word Excel Powerpoint Windows Course available for all levels - please specify when booking which proficiency level you would like to be taught. I teach beginners, elementary, primary school, senior high school children and all up to 100 years of age. Special requests/problems also welcome.

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I.T. Engineer, MS Excel Subject Matter Expert (SME), giving tutions in Computers (1-12th), All subjects (1-8th)

I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) degree from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak - 8+ years of Experience - Focus on application based learning to allow students use their classroom knowledge in real world situations - Teaching students to learn instead of cramming their way to exams

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Data Analysis/Databases from BSc in IT and Business specializing in data intelligence

Two types of teaching. Direct walk through of databases. What they are? How we use them? Who uses them. Data Intelligence and how we can use data to influence business decisions. The methods and structure behind the different types of analysis.

Los Angeles
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Am a current computer science student who is experienced in Java, powerpoint, excel, and Microsoft word.

I am currently studying for my bachelors in computer science and plan to transfer to CSULA in fall 2017. I have taken chemistry up to inorganic second semester, mathematics up to calculas second semester, biology 101, political science 101, psychology 101, sociology 101, and english up to argumentative writting. I have experience in introduction to java, excel, microsoft word, and powerpoint.

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