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Basic Computer Accounting Package HTML Languages lessons to all types student in Ghaziabad

I am Advance Computer Diploma Holder in Web Application from NIIT Ltd.. I am providing classes for Basic Computer, Accounting Packages, Database & HTML. I am given classes by Online or Home Classes as per convenient. Firstly I am given classes in a Process i.e. Theoretical, Practical, Test, Clarifications of Reasons of Low Marks in Test, Test, Exam.

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Learn computer differently in a more practical way by an engineering grad.

1. my lessons is for those who want to learn computers from zero level. 2. i will teach the students in a different manner so that they can perform the dailly computer needs from basics. 3. i will also teach you some troubleshooting tricks. This can save your wastage of money on minute comp. probllems. 4.

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The Grand Teaching Center for Computer Science, Web Development, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more

I will be tutoring online via skype and I will be using some softwares to make children understand better so they can write well in examinations. My Teaching languages will be optional I.e. Hindi or English. If you are willing to make your children learn Biology Please hire me.

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Home for all your academic worries for all school and college goers !!

I am providing classes for all secondary / high secondary and degree students . Secondary - All Subjects High- Secondary - Science Degree Student - Physics /Chemistry/Computer Science. Also provide classes for the followings :- Exchange Server (2003/2007/2010/2013/2016)..

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1. I can teach 10th mathematics, C programming, engineering Subject like Control system,Aptitude.2 I am from Pune. 3.ENGINEER (E&TC)

While teaching i am using PPT and using relevant notes which made by me and after teaching i am distributing to them.

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Bri, Teaching Intern, gives Microsoft Office lessons to any age or experience online.

I am a Business teaching intern, in my senior year at college. I prefer to teach online via skype or zoom to allow my students to learn hands on with the ability for me to access to their screens. I am very patient and willing to help my students understand their material.

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Learn Basic Computer, Very Easiest Way & Increase Your Own Self Confidence

My self Mr. B. Majumder. from Kolkata,West Bengal, India, Asia. I teach basic computer course online or private home based and provide verbally notes to all my students. My charges INR. 350/- to INR. 550/- Per hour or INR. 1500/- to INR. 5500/- per month / per semester as per contract.

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Former school IT assistant gives lesson in basic computer skills and literacy.

I have an associates in science. I try to begin with an open questioning of basic conputer the students skills and an affirmation of what the student wishes to gain from the course. Overall lesson stucture being considered fairly open ended.

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College student looking to get some experience in teaching, have a certificate in Microsoft office

-I can adapt to any situation, I know how what styles work with students and what don't -I like to bring a sense of ease to these sometimes difficult and frustrating topics -Computers are my forte, I promise if you stick with me, you will learn to love computers and how to excel in word ;)

Pompano Beach
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Computer Education,From tutor with degree in MIS, In Pompano Beach, Reasonable Price!!

Current University Student, in the field of Information Technology, Previous Degree in Management Information System. I offer customized learning experience for persons of all ages. I provide basic computer knowledge ranging from computer parts to using basic applications such as Microsoft Office Suite.

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Computer programs and web designing made so easy, like writing an essay

I first understand the level of the student and start teaching from there. Since my subject is practical, so I teach courses on the machine itself (practically). It is some times activity based also, depending on the topic. I also use a lot of assignments for the practice.

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Most Experience professional in Hardware and Networking.Desktop laptops Networking CCCamers Specialist. Wi-Fi ,Bio Metric services Also

My experiences are fieldwork experiences. Am professional with more than 20 years experience in Hardware Networking Laptops Desktops Networking CC Cameras, BioMetrics, Intercom services also are Teaching all areas of the school computer curriculum. Teaching students the latest computer skills. Creating rigorous lessons that are aligned with the subject curriculum.

Navi Mumbai
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Student of architecture department currently pursuing 4th year gives tuitions in basic computer and software

No sculpted method. Classes go topic wise and according to the gasping power of the student. Not a one way lecture session, completely discussion based classes. Live example on day to day basis and proper practical classes given.

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Basics of computer, dos, windows, word, excel, powerpoint to improve your skills


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Students who is starring or loving their career in the field of Computers can join!!!

I follow active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as - reading, - writing, - discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis and evaluation of class content.

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Real need students who want to gain more and extra tricks to handle PC, graphics and design

my class based on totally computer science i am a Photoshop perfect knower and confident accountant from last 7 years, students need to know my tricks please most welcome them

New Braunfels
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7 year IT professional offering assistance with computers, and any other types of technology

I love to teach computer in every day terms, with everyday experiences that is relate-able. I would love to work with all grades students who need assistance with homework, or even enthusiasts that are interested in learning more.

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A Computer Science Professional gives tuitions in Maths and Computer Science from Aluva

My teaching method is clubbing the most modern technology with the traditional method, My ultimate aim is to understand the lessons or topic very well to the Students. Presenting each topic very effortless and easier manner to students.

Abhay kumar
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Experience 16 Years in Computer Training for Rural Area Students in Kannada Hindi English

I Can teach in Kannada, Hindi, English, Main Intention is to Prepare student in Speed Typing, Understand all the things that they required for JOBs, and for the Person retired, should computer manage at-least, For Homemakers they should teach their children etc.

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Contact for computer, science and maths tuition for class 1 to 10

Teaching is not only explaining but explaining in a way a person could understand. Everyone has a different understanding level and teaching should be only through examples so that student could relate it with their life and get a broader understanding of the subject and enjoy learning it. I apt for lecturing methodology and then clearing the doubts of students .

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Your life only gets better when you get better, and you can improve yourself without limit. Learn something new everyday.

My classes are for computer science students or for the students who are interested in computers. I believe on giving practical as well as theoretical lessons.

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Students in PU college,College and Testing Course in Computer Science or IP

overall review of the chapter.. point wise elaboration.. detailed explanation with diagrams .. revision of the same. And objective solving and question answers. Methodology may differ based on on line or off line mode... will provide imp questions for Karnataka PU college students.

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15 Years experienced IT Consultant giving training on computer software skills with depth knowledge

My teaching method is mostly on the basis of flipped classroom model which is basically involves encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class. Thus, the class becomes a dynamic environment in which students elaborate on what they have already studied.

Shelby County
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Cordova, TN educator with over 16 years teaching and Information Technology experience

I cater my classes and tutoring to every student. All students have their own learning method or combination thereof. Whereas curriculum can be replicated for subsequent class groups, I have always found such needs to be tailored for new groups of learners but also so as to keep up with technology trends.

New Delhi
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Teach all students computer of all classes form college to school.

My teaching method depend upon the class and the student.if the students is slow to cover the syllabus and take time to understand something , then i teach slowly and start from the basic and try to make student basic clear.

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Students in schools, colleges both arts and science also engineering in tamilnadu can be trained for Computer Science

My teaching method is always practicalWord Processing Skills Spreadsheets Skills Database Skills Electronic Presentation Skills Web Navigation Skills Web Site Design Skills E-Mail Management Skills Digital Cameras Computer Network Knowledge Applicable to your School System File Management & Windows Explorer Skills Downloading Software From the Web (Knowledge including eBooks) Installing Computer...

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Welcome to the new world for learning computers.... i can you all basics related to your computer academics.

starts with basics concepts..... then covering all question which must be done for making command on that particular topic.

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More Than Basic Knowledge of computer, Class PC TO Five any board.

My method of teaching is simple & advance with technology, teaching to kids or anybody is loved weather it is basic of spoken english, basic of computer, classes PC to fifth. We should know to teach student with our own method.

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USEFUL Excel skills for you! From someone that uses it all day long and loves it!

What I want to do is: - understand your situation (why do you want to learn or improve Excel?); - check which formulas and tools on Excel you know how to use (picot tables, graphs, conditional formatting, data validation, freeze panel, slipt screen.. etc); - teach what you need so you are happy and confident using Excel.

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