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Need a boost to discover the computer ? Patience is key !

Hello to all ! My name is Michael and I'm studying civil engineering. I give private lessons for several years and i like! My technique is summarized in three steps: analysis, adaptation and motivation.

New Delhi
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Operations Professional Microsoft Excel Training and Uses with sample material Online or at Home.

Start mastering Excel, the world's most popular and powerful spreadsheet program. Learn how to best enter and organize data, perform calculations with simple functions, work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of your data and cells, and build charts and PivotTables.

Marston Green
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Spanish eLearning specialist wants to teach spanish and compter related subjects. Please let me know

My teaching methods is to explain my clasess through SKYPE. Usinng eLearning experience, I delivery and design of training programs and materials across the organization from an individual who will keep abreast of various training delivery techniques, business processes, products and systems in several functional areas in Captivate, Camtasia, MOODLE, BrainShark Exelearning, Scorm and HTML.

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Dedicated and resourceful Computer Science Teacher with extensive experience from Pune and providing online lectures also.

PROBLEM SOLVING METHOD?  Problem solving is a process to choose and use the effective and benefical tool and behaviours among the different potentialities to reach the target.  It contains scientific method,critical thinking,taking decision,examining and reflective thinking.  This method is used in the process of solving a problem to generalize or to make synthesis.

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Pursing Btech in computer science and engineering and giving tuitions in basic computer skills

My methodology of teaching is through attractive presentations so that one can understand the concept as well as retain it for the rest of their life. I focus more on the response to questions of the student and less on the time taken by them to complete the work.

João carlos
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Programmer from Leiria gives classes in Computer science online to help you start

My classes will always be structured specifically for the student in question, based on the point the student is in and his / her goals. Before the beginning of the classes it will be necessary, in conversation with the student, to realize in which point he/she is and what are his/her goals, and only then we can arrive there.

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Experience in teaching computers with reputed IT institutes in different locations in India.

I start with basics and point by point I add all subjects to cover. I think if basics will be strong, it will be easier to make them understand further topics. Examples and practicals are my strengths. Its really interesting to make them understand through different examples.

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Corporate Trainer to teach you Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel Advanced Levels

My teaching methodology is very practical and instructor lead. Practice and practice makes you better in Data Analysis using Excel. A very data driven approach with practical examples to make you understand the complexity of Data analysis in a very simple manner.

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Civil Engineering student, Remuneration Analyst, Musician and Excel Expert.

I base my classes on presenting tools for problem solving based on student reasoning, because I believe that the most important is the mental model, Excel is only a super tool, to help solve, but what prevails is reasoning and way of think.

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MBA with 6 years experience shares his MS Excel Expertise to make your work simpler and faster

I try to teach by taking as many examples as possible and giving hands on experience by giving live assignments to master the skill.

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Hello! gives classes in basic computer, design and art to any age group whether online or offline (available only in Lucknow)

my teaching method based on KISS theory that is Keep It Sweet and Simple. You would love to learn in fun way. My classes are open for all because these all topics are subjects of interest so they don't belongs to any specific background or age group.

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A graphic designer teaching Photoshop and graphic design at home or cafe in Mumbai

My teaching methodology goes step wise as per the software and by teaching a new tool in every class and teaching how it is useful in designing and the ways of using every tool to make the design look complete and good.

Muhammed anwar
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Wingate Computer Education Online for your Computer related Education for development and

My teaching method is explaining a fact with my own experiments. Students mind will be driven to my classroom time.

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Providing basic computer knowledge at home in Delhi, having 3 years of experience.

My teaching method is very friendly allowing the student learn in a fun without pressurizing. Teaching can not only be by the traditional way but in a fun and enjoying way. The class will be as of mentoring session where only the guidance will be provided and the rest is up to the student.

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Highly Experienced Data Analysis Professional with advanced Microsoft Excel Skills in London

I start with discussing; your level, what you want to achieve and a small hands-on test to identify how you use excel. Then the course structure and topics are discussed. By the end of some courses and subjects, I also give short assignments for you to practice it further.

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Civil engineer in Brighton with extensive Excel experience both as a user and as a tutor. Happy to assist students or professionals.

I will first find out how much you currently know, what you want to achieve and in what timeframes. I will always aim to build on your previous experience (with Excel or any other) as I believe this is how you will best relate and remember.

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BTech in ECE gives tutions in maths and science to all age groups till senior secondary.

Since a class is full of all kind of students, I take the weakest one first and try to explain from basics. If he/she is able to understand, it means the whole class understood the concept. Then I give class work to do in the class to make sure they understand the concept and knows how to apply them to solve problems.

Loni Dehat
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Learn Computer Science for begginers in easy and simple methods by me

I perfer to use simple and easiest methodologies . So that the person can remember the things for long term. Not only Computers, I can teach primary, secondary, higher secondary & undergraduates. I believe "Education is not needed for exams only; it is needed for our knowledge.

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A Digital Marketing Professional, seeking to pursue my passion in Teaching and Computers and Programming

My teaching technique includes covering the topics and clearing the fundamental concepts. I can teach upto graduation level Programming in languages such as Java, C, C++. I focus on example based learning and substitute my classes with lot of practicals.

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Want to have a career in IT witha high level knowledge of Excel that helps you be a master of many works

I can provide the best in industry coaching with providing a real time scenario and situation, likely creating a more of a hand on tools and subsequently creating a no fear with the subject.

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Tutor in all aspects of Computer Information Systems Grand Rapids, MI & Online

I believe in hands on learning. Lab work where you not only learn the steps but actually do them is important when learning about computers, programming and using software. I like to see you attempt something and then help you when you get stuck.

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I am PGT in Computer technology and I can teach basics of computer science in any module

Basically I am teaching all of Microsoft package, ADA, PPC, TOC, Computer network and business management subjects. its all the my favorite subject after all I am capable to teach frequently in any stage. the level of student doesn't matter I can always do better with full of my effort.

Fabio cristiano
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Excel for all hours - from basic to advanced for all ages

Practical classes going straight to the point. Creating professional or basic worksheets Optimizing students' worksheets Online or face-to-face classes.

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Electronics and Communication Engineering student Keen in Teaching Computer Basics and Programming

i will teach online via skype or hangouts i will teach from basics in computers and will make computer a playing subject . myclass will be practical.because i wont believe in theories.i will make the tasks to do by you by guiding ,teaching the complex tasks.so that u will know how fun doing computer tasks.

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IT Consultant offering basic Computing and Microsoft Applications Word, Excel, and Mail including Outlook and web based mail applications.

My teaching method is interactive. I would like to keep the students engaged during the lesson by throwing questions at them and vice versa. I provide both theory and practical lessons based on the requirements of the student. I have charming personality.

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Professional, with over 25 years of exp. in IT Education Industry based in Hyderabad, India

I offer both Online (Skype) and offline options to train. The offline training option accommodate up to 4 candidates only. Teaching is / has been my passion and I update myself daily. Engg.

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Student in engineering school gives tuitions in c, baiscs of computer programming

My teaching method is topic by topic. very understanding manner point by point. It should for the students the way I explain to them with example if it is required in that situation. I refer good text books and explain them.

São José
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Computing in general, Mathematics, Portuguese, Science, Soccer, Santa Catarina, Post Graduate and reading

I graduated in Computer Science with Post Graduate in Project Management. I have taught in colleges of the Public Network disciplines Sciences and Information Technology. My methodology is always teaching the student with plausible explanations, as often as necessary to understanding learning. I'm sure you'll like school.

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Microsoft Office Specialist / Graduate in systems analysis - Private Lessons - São Paulo / Guarulhos and region

Practical classes with guided exercises, I have already taught in private lessons where the schedule that I set up will be according to the student's need and his previous knowledge. I am communicative and I try to stimulate the students to position themselves in the market, besides developing the technical skills.

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