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IT specialist with > 20 years experience offering introduction courses to computer systems and services

My style of teaching is down to earth using plain english and pratical demonstration to convey the knowledge and skills needed to learn quickly. I have a BSc in computer science and many other industry specific qualifications to support my students.

Sravan kumar
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Working professional in a MNC willing to teach basics of MS Excel

I am passionate about teaching and my online classes extend for any age who are interested to learn MS Excel and want to excel in their career or life with concepts made easier to understand and acquire knowledge in Excel

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Mechanical Engineering student of teaches ADVANCED Office Package and CAD project classes

My methodology is based on a small theoretical explanation followed by many exercises of fixation and debugging, these exercises consist of practical and theoretical exercises, which involve concepts and methods that facilitate day-to-day work and technical standards of ASTM, NBR and ABNT

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Professional in Automation provides advance excel training online (MS Excel|VBA - macros).

My teaching method is generally online via Skype or any other online tool. I will be covering everything from the scratch level to the automation using VBA-macros. Program will also include projects to automate using advance excel techniques and notes for learning in future.

Venkatesh kumar
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B Tech with Experience Mechanical as well with Computer Knowledge with an Easy way

Easy and Understandable to the student in a comfortable way which develops or Enhance the student in easy way Basics and Fundamentals are very important for a student to learn with live example which makes him/her to gain a good Knowledge

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IT Consultant Gives hardware instruction in basic Computer Technology in Nova Scotia

Answering and addressing problems and concerns of individuals, in an open and friendly way. Explaining hardware, software and security issues online, by phone, face to face, Skype or by remote access. Will demystify computer security, expel the myths, and explain the ways to stay as safe as possible online.

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A Great Training on Microsoft word/excel/Power point with HTML & CSS .

Its more of learning rather than teaching ,personal attention ,an interactive communication,friendly environment, learn by real time examples /practicals with a well managed study plan & good strategies to complete the syllabus .Its Consistent, evaluative and having effectiveness of my teaching approach.

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It has become extremely hard for all of us to keep abreast with the constantly evolving computer-based technology. This is especially the case with educators who are now, out of sheer necessity, requi

Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, MS DOS HTML Editing Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage Graphics Tools: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Max, Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to motivate the students

New Delhi
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I have excellent knowledge of Stenography and Typing with 8 years of experience in Front Office.

My teaching methodologies main objective is to inspire learning of content as well as developing the skills necessary for students to explore content and draw intelligent conclusions independently. The structure of my class would be something like I can make connections with each student.

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Dr. Jitendra Kothari from jamnagar india for computer basics MSOffice and programming

Computer learning consists theory as well as practical. I am teaching the topics in logical sequence with giving appropriate example. I also assume that response from learner is very important. I always welcome query and curiosity from a learner.

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A professional course refers to any course which entitles you to qualify directly to a job and gives you a secure salaried position as an employee or as an consultant. Certain courses are considered p

We have expert and experienced faculty for all courses that we offer. We have trainers who work in real time environment and understand real time challenges. The teaching methodology is changing from traditional method and now a days we need to be aware with practical challenges rather than unnecessary theory creeps. Therefore we focus on expert teaching with skilled teachers.

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VDG Info. solutions - Vigilant Dedication Guidance of IT Courses for all students

my teaching method is 1st i have make my friendly environment with students. then start their general query and interest . teach them theory and explain teach them by practically or with example. Next day repeat last chapter and then start next.. taking chapter wise test or weekly test. between teaching i have give some question about chapter or general.

Leça do Balio
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A multifaceted graduate with experience working, teaching computer science, mathematics, English ...

My teaching method is one that meets the needs of the person, using conventional and interactive means. Humble enough to say that I'm not an encyclopedia, but I have enough resources to help You.

New Delhi
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Excel Master with 6 years of experience in Excel gives lesson and practicals for mastering excel

Excel, Powerpoint and word are the three major parts in any professional world whether it's corporate, banking, teaching, IT, Accounts or any other field. These are the some of the major things which I teach so that the future is not jeopardized.

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Certified engineer in office package teaches certified courses in Mérida or online

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn from the most basic concepts of a computer, to the advanced use of the tools that the office package offers, such as Power Point, Excel and Word and more.

New Delhi
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We have 6+years experienced dedicated team & we can serve you best as Technology-Partner when you are searching services for: » CMS-Development: Wordpress| Joomla » Marketplace eCommerce-Development &

We have 6+years experienced dedicated team & we can serve you best as Technology-Partner when you are searching services for: » CMS-Development: Wordpress| Joomla » Marketplace eCommerce-Development & Multi-Vendors eShops: Magento| Prestashop| OpenCart| wooCommerce » Excellent Expertise in Custom PHP Frameworks We have 6+years experienced dedicated team & we can serve you best as...

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Working Professional in NPTEL likes to teach computer basics through Online Classes

I am a working Professional and the classes is for all kind of students,who wants to learn more things. I will teach practically and so students can learn more. Teaching method will be a kind of interactive session than one way teaching.

New Delhi
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I have experience in most of the computer languages and an expert in Statistics with almost 7 years of experience. Recently did my PHD in IO Psychology.

My teaching style depends on the requirement of the student. If the student wants to learn, I can help them with the tips and tricks. If the students want their assignments done, I can complete them as well. The teaching style varies from student to student.

Uttarpara Kotrung
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Having a passion to teach computer and scripting language like javascript html

I would like to share my knowledge of Html. Also I have a passion to teach computer and scripting language.I prefer teaching online using skype. Moreover if the student can contact me for further details and how they would like to take my help.

Canyon Lake
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Caring, compassionate, regular speak, computer teacher, wanting to help you today!

I am your friendly, neighborhood computer guy that can help you with your computer software challenges. I will take your specific issue(s), break down the challenges that you have, and give you a true understanding of what you are doing empowering you to be successful in your task.

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Master Office applications(Word, Excel, Powerpoint), from a professional having over 20 years of experience in Technology and Education

Technology and Education has been my forte with an experience of over 20 years in the IT industry. If you want to master your skills in office applications, then this is the right place for you. Wether you are a student, a working professional or a housewife or a retired person and want to excel your skills in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, then don't give a second thought.

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12 years teaching experience, offering Information Technology/Business tuition in St Helens, Wirral, Southport and Liverpool

At a tutor of 11 years, I am proficient in using Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, WordPerfect, Multimedia Director and Tool Book, Google SketchUp. I am responsible for the management of multiple concurrent tasks by attending the AimHigher Project. I teach full time day courses. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

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A passionate teacher having 8 years of professional experience in teaching computers and related fields

1. I have a innovative process of teaching through providing notes and ppts so that a student can access the course even after it is over. 2. Each lecture is structured in a two way method viz brief summary and full thorough description, whatever way the student feel ease he/she can access it their way.

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Basic Computer teacher for beginner specially for the little school going children..

Teaching kids about computers can prepare them for using the numerous forms of technology that are present throughout today's society. In addition to providing entertainment to kids, computers can also be used as a resource for completing tasks such as homework assignments or research papers.

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Working professional from Bangalore (India) giving Microsoft Excel training - Preferably Online

- Working professional with vast experience in working with Microsoft Excel including writing macros. - Using online method of teaching via screen-share tools like Zoom. etc. - Face to face availability during weekends within Bangalore city (whenever possible).

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College instructor gives MS Office - Excel/Word/PowerPoint lessons in NW Ohio/NE Indiana

I teach and tutor students as they learn to use Microsoft office products - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Together, my students and I take a hands-on approach to learning using real-life examples and projects to master computer skills.

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Basic Computer that everyone should know. Important lessons for life long. Microsoft technologies

I am a BA graduate and have teaching experience in Jetking as a faculty. I love to share my experience about Microsoft Excel which I learnt in last few years. As a market experience I believe Professional working adults required a better skill in this towards there growth.

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Computer Application Teaching Basic to Advance Level with easy understandable approach for age group 10 above including all classes English.

Adopting easy and related to daily life tricks and methodology to teach students with student friendly schema, also teach in English, Hindi and Local language in easy to moderate and moderate to advance style of teaching with professional touch

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Self learning system, savings system, systems design,implementation ,team building,self confidence,stress management,inspiration personality

Directly Trained by a Spiritual Organization for 12 years.Spiritual Management Trainer for CEOs and Directors & Administration Manager. Systematization of a company having 1000 employees. I will give the training to the students with clarity .So they will get the knowledge as well as perception of his life.

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Software professional gives classes in conputer english geography history and maths. I am an enginner by qualification

I have some experience teaching primary students. They have performed well and i have recieved very favourable reviews. My areas of interest are maths physics english social science and english. Having studies in top schools in india has given me great experience.

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