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Graduated in History and Master's Degree in Historical Sciences, B2 level in English, A2 in German, I can help in learning history, Italian literature, literature

My approach to the subject is free, I am interested in understanding the student or the students, in order to make them easily learnable. The secret of the study is the method of study, I will try to teach it, inviting the boy / i to the love of culture and the passion for knowledge.

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Graduate student of composition and rhetoric, experienced writing tutor and editor, and skilled presenter.

My teaching methodology is based on adaptation - recognizing the individual needs and circumstances of the student in order to find the best learning approach that suits them. As a writing tutor/aspiring English Professor I want to help not only with working through the task at hand, but giving each tutee/student confidence in their abilities first and foremost.

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B.tech Mechanical Engineer having 6 year in core industry experience in pune

Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer and My Teaching method is based on practical examples which can easily understandable for anybody. I like teaching math,science,computer,cloud compuing,linux,basic computer fundamentals and academic courses. As a engineer I am a good in technical field.

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PhD student in Biomedicine teaches different subjects at the levels of primara and ESO in Cádiz

My teaching method is based on practice because, although the theory is very important, when you really learn is when you face the problem yourself. My classes are mainly aimed at primary school and ESO but if you need a different level, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway.

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Etudiante en sociologie (niveau doctorat) - baby sitting et aide aux devoirs

Ma méthode s'adapte véritablement à l'enfant avec qui je travaille. Nous nous assurons ensemble que les devoirs sont faits, les leçons comprises et les notions assimilées. Puis, nous travaillons de façon plus approfondie les points à améliorer.

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Drseema Dhand gives tuition in All subjects of students from class 1 to 10th

The functions of the teachers' colleges may include setting out clear standards of practice, providing for the ongoing education investigating complaints involving members, conducting hearings into Problems and taking appropriate action and accrediting students education programs.

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Graduating in PSYCHOLOGY and graduated in Human Sciences, he offers lessons, study methodology and personal development courses. Macerata area (MC) but also available on Skype.

My lessons are based on first of all examining the topic to be treated and the attitudes and modus operandi of the person in front of me to rework and cooperate together to find the best strategies and techniques for study and learning.

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Schoolgirl in Law proposes lessons after school for all subjects middle school students

Not a particular method of teaching. I adapt very much to the needs of the pupil trying first of all to understand what the problems are with the subjects and then together we try to improve and find a right way to learn to study alone.

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MA in Education and leadership with a specialism in English, Drama and experience in dissertation writing . Also hold TEFL certificate and sports/ fitness qualifications . Love supporting people to re

I haven a degree in Drama , Psychology and History . I carried on to achieve my teaching degree and then an MA in education . I love solving a problem and help students to find strategies to solve their own academic struggles or just to improve.

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Primary and secondary school support in all subjects (including English) in Granada

My name is Alicia, I consider myself a cheerful person, dynamic, creative and committed to what I do. The method that I use is the adaptation to the different individual cases, since each person has its strong point when it comes to learning.

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School support for boys and girls with school difficulties; not all of us have the same forms of learning, so I try to encourage school motivation, finding the way of learning that

Evidence because there is a demotivation towards school and from own interests are meeting points that allow to recover this motivation, and in a ludic and academic way, I generate strategies that allow to strengthen the subjects in which it is necessary to improve.

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Online lessons and repetitions of Mathematics of all levels from middle school to upper level

These lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to deepen or better understand mathematics and improve their knowledge of the subject. I graduated in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management with honors and in record time. Through my lessons I will transmit my method of study that allowed me to achieve excellent academic achievements.

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Your Virtual Tutoring Pro: over 32 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Let's create a culture of wisdom together!

Your Virtual Tutoring Pro with over 32 years of experience, fully prepared to focus on you. Over 32 years of experience lends me the ability to quickly assess your learning issues. Research is a passion which is a immense boon for my students and the next step after assessment.

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30 years teaching Business, Criminology and Political Science, Dr. EDD/ET, MBA, MSS

I have worked all my life and gone to school at the same time - I know what you are going through. I can help you get through it - reviewing concepts, assignments and just plain helping to explain concepts. I also develop the course to fit your needs and use a system called Familiarize, Acquire, Practice and Validate to make sure you not only understand but can use the information.

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I am Coaching Education, help in School Reinforcement, Guidance and development Interventions Psychopedagogical

I am a Master and specialist in the educational area, I work as a teacher of early childhood education, elementary education and text production. Assistance in the organization and development of the entire learning process. My classes are developed in a playful and pleasant way with mediations and psychopedagogical interventions.

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Syracuse University Student Assistance for Homework Help, After-school pick-up, and Academic Tutoring

Enhancing a student's growth by working with them at their own pace. Available 24/7. Positive, patient, and educated in math, history, English, and more.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Expert help with composing and writing essays and articles (for A-levels and University)

Because my parents are Swedish and Danish and I grew up in the USA and France, I am well versed in the literary traditions of different cultures. I believe this sharpens my capacity to perceive ideas from fresh angles, see past the dialectic layers that discourse is often wrapped in. This aptitude has helped me convey ideas simply and engagingly in the past.

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Student Tourism and Hotel Management (HTSI) offers academic support in study skills, organization and other academic aids.

The school is for many children a boring site. Let us make learning relevant to the growth of people. I try to teach dynamically, for that not only enrich the knowledge base that must work in school, but also imagination, creation and eager to learn. I teach children from Primary and at all levels (specific matters consult ESO).

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Edinburgh based expert in academic discourse for higher education. Help with dissertations/readability/structure and more

- Understanding what you are trying to write, be it an essay, proposal, dissertation, or cover letter. - Dissecting what type of help you require and time scale. - Working on a case by case level with an understanding of either your academic field, ability, or any specific issues you are experiencing.

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Experienced teacher, graduated in Primary Education and with a master's degree in psycho-pedagogy, offers private classes!

I try to follow a participatory and active methodology, in which the students are protagonists of their own learning. I try to carry out dynamic activities and through the game as much as possible. I consider myself close to my students and try to base my classes on their interests and learning rhythms.

Parque Novo Oratório
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Student graduated at USP offers classes for those who are in college, university or university

Hello =) I am 24 years old and I am a student graduated from the University of São Paulo. Like many people, in order to get here, I had to spend the year in college subjects that I hated, after which I had to study much more in the school to get into public school. And the worst was to come (to graduate from the University, rs ... a very rigid and disciplined path).

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Teacher proposes for tutoring until 6th; French until terminal and English until 3rd.

I establish a relationship and a relationship of trust to make learning more enjoyable. I am aware of the expectations of the parents, the difficulties of the student and his successes. I make classes fun and constantly adapt to progress or persistent fragility.

Buenos Aires
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Lawyer and teacher (UCA and UBA) offers courses in law, philosophy and history. With 15 years of university and secondary experience, I offer school support classes such as exam preparation parc

My classes will depend on who / who is directed, will be determined by the needs of the student body. In the case of dealing with legal classes, I resort to practical cases, analysis of national and comparative jurisprudence, and national and international regulations. When it is a group it is possible to carry out mock trials.

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Science student with great ability to teach all types of subjects from primary to secondary

I base my classes on a good method of study and the use of techniques and tricks to memorize and understand the concepts or problems raised. The organization is key to the student, and using part of the time in structuring all the tasks is also a necessary point to understand.

Las Gabias
José alberto
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Graduated in Biology, with two master degrees (Immunology and Genetics) I teach all kinds of subjects up to 4th of ESO. I speak Spanish (native).

Methodology depends on the student and the subject. In primary school, my method is based on improving the student's abilities and preventing the class from being tedious, doing playful activities. In ESO, my method consists mainly in the continuous practice of the student performing exercises, offering extra exercises to increase their material. For the most laziest, I train his/her concentration.

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Graduated in Law, graduated from scientific high school, offers repetitions in juridical, humanistic and economic subjects

Friendly and helpful, I am a person who appreciates lightness and tries to create a relationship with the recipient of the lesson. I have already gained experience during the university student period and I believe that the best method is not imposition but motivation.

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Doctorate in Education management - able to support essay, project and academic writing at all levels. Offering tutor support for all academic challenges.

I base my teaching methods on identifying what the client needs. Together we can then plan what is required in terms of content and time. It is important to be clear about the objective and assessment criteria for any given piece of work to achieve the best result.

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Students of Banking and Insurance gives tutions in all academics subjects to students of class JR.KG to 8th grade

I basically teach students in a very liberal manner. I try to make them understand the topic by giving elaborative illustrations. I allow students to be able to ask me without any fear of their doubts. I basically teach in a very friendly manner.

Durban North
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Experienced Early Years Teacher offering fun lessons to children aged 6-10 .

My approach to lessons is fun and enthusiastic while maintaining discipline and learning throughout the lesson. I give lessons to young students in English, Mathematics and Life Skills. I also give lessons to university students studying for their qualification in Early Years Education.

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Student in BA from Gauhati University gives tuition in all subjects including arts and music for classes 1 to 8. Only Primary classes students are allowed.

my teaching is simple and easy to understand. I approach to students idea of thinking in order to make him understand easily. my class structure is less as to make less difficulty. my techniques are effective and enjoyable for a student.

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