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Engineer with C1 of English and 3 years of experience in teaching gives private classes of all the subjects of Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate.

In addition to helping with the subject in particular, I try that the students learn to organize themselves, to study alone little by little, etc. I also try to make the students understand what they study and that the classes are enjoyable (for example: sometimes in F and Q we do simple experiments, in English sometimes I put songs to practice listening comprehension, etc).

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Laureanda in Interior Design offers Italian repetitions, history, geography, philosophy, English for children aged 6 to 19 years

Having a classical preparation, I am mainly prepared on literary subjects and on the English language. The methods of study, in my opinion, must be sewn on the particular person.

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Graduated in Biomedical Engineering with the highest marks offers repetitions and help-tasks of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for middle and high school students and focused repetitions

My goal is to develop autonomous learning processes, consolidate students' interest and motivation (which I consider essential to achieve a goal). Naturally, the student will be provided with all the appropriate material (textbook, notebook, etc). My approach will change from student to student, I will be very flexible depending on the skills of the student that I will face.

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Psychology student gives school tutoring classes for college student, elementary and middle school!

My classes are based on the theory of the subjects to be studied, but with a greater focus on the practical view of the same ones, since they understand that in this way there is a more efficient learning capture. Joining theory with application in everyday life is one of the paths I follow in my classes, besides, of course, solving many questions.

Torre del Greco
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Graduating in Engineering proposes repetitions of Mathematics, Physics and other subjects related to Secondary School and Liceo Scientifico.

Help the kids to understand topics in the simplest way possible, with examples of everyday life and with the help of images and sounds. My lessons are aimed at anyone who wants to understand what is the method of study suited to their needs.

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Student of Oriental Languages ​​proposes repetitions of all subjects for elementary and middle school students and in particular of English, Spanish and French for students from elementary to high sch

I offer repetitions and help after school of all school subjects for elementary and middle school students and repetitions of Italian, English, Spanish and French literature and language for high school students. Starting from a simple language, I gradually move on to a more complex and suitable language for the subject to make the students understand the concepts at 360 °.

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Friendly and results-driven honours university graduate gives English, science, and humanities tutoring in Toronto

I put the FUN in FUNdamentals! First, we master the basics. Then, I help you reach you academic goals by honing and refining your skills. I am detail-oriented, enthusiastic, and results-driven: I am not satisfied until you are. I am committed to helping you reach your academic goals and I will go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your learning experience.

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Student in Education Science gives tutoring course at your home

I am a very serious person, always on time and I put a lot of effort into creating good relationships and trust with my students. I adapt my classes according to the level of students and I always look for solutions to meet their needs. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Lo Barnechea
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Bilingual MSc Nurse offers personalized school accompaniment to students of all ages

My teaching method is flexible, personalized and holistic. That the knowledge is surrounded by a didactic experience that helps the student to acquire and incorporate them. This, from the base that we are all different and therefore, the study techniques are more useful for some than for others.

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I'm a licensed paraprofessional looking for online tutoring students. As a paraprofessional I work very well with students that are ADD/ADHD, developmental disabilities, MRDD, Autistic, and Behavior p

I try to tailor my approach to each individual student. No two students learn the same, therefore you have to learn to adjust your methods.

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Student at Sciences Po Paris gives lessons in French, history, SES, English and homework help in general

I offer my services for any level, from school to high school! I adapt my course and method according to the student's specific needs and sensitivities. A good course is built together! I can alternate subjects and approaches without any problem.

Lamezia Terme
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Doctor with Master's Degree Social Research, Security Policies and Crime for tutoring Service

Through frontal lessons and ad hoc learning checks for each student. Also through online platforms. With the assistance service of Tesine and State Examinations, in the accompaniment to the development of projects and for the preparation for the State exam. Also available for lessons in English (B1-B2-C1-C2).

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Physics teacher in Ranchi helping students from grade 9 to 12 CBSC and ICSC board

Concept building with focus on Numerical Ability in Physics is My Way of teaching. Regular follow-up with weakly tests and doubt clearing classes ensures perfect preparation. Students of Class 9 to 12 CBSC,I CSE and state boards can come on board for a wonderful learning experience.

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Journalism student eager to help in any subject or area of ​​knowledge, always with a smile :) Granollers area, classes of all subjects and levels (primary, secondary, ba

Private teacher for 2 years with students of 4th of ESO (all of them already with the graduate), I consider myself a close and curious teacher, with desire to teach learning. I am 18 years old and I study journalism, so teenagers are not much mystery to me, nor are new technologies, key tools for current learning.

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Neuroscience student offering elementary to high school level lessons in any subject! Guarantee! (lewisville/online)

Hey, I am Nakul Patel, a neuroscience student at UTD. I was offered a full ride plus extra cash and 150k dollars of scholarships based on my academic merit. I achieved 1460 and 32 on my SAT and ACT and can tutor in any subject up to high school level. I do classes online and in person.

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Student at the entrance examination at the school of lawyers gives tutoring course

I offer you my services to explain to your children in different ways their lessons and work with them their weak points to improve their results. My goal is to empower and sensitize students to learning and culture by showing them the concrete applications in everyday life of the lessons they have learned as part of their schooling (it is about making their classes more concrete and meaningful) ).

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Student in Communication in Lyon offers her services for help with homework (primary / middle / high school)

I am a young and dynamic student in Communication at the University Lyon 2. I offer my help to primary school children in the purpose to help homework, for junior school students I can teach English, French and history and for high school students I can teach French / literature, English and history.

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Graduated in History with the highest marks he gives repetitions of Italian, history, geography, English for schools of all levels. Also available for homework help and methodology

I am available for private lessons in Italian, history, geography, English and philosophy. In addition to reviewing and overcoming critical issues in learning the subject, I analyze the student's learning style to find with him an effective method of study. I also offer homework help and study support, I have experience with students of all ages and disabilities.

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Post graduate tutor for perfection in science and maths from 5th standard to 10th standard.


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Young girl with responsible mind, and many, many, many wishes! Is there anything better?

Currently I give after school classes to boys and girls from 4 to 9 years old, and we feel great! Apart from learning, we feel very comfortable with each other. Something vocational is worth much more! No complaints, all happy. They are incredible. Is incredible.

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Student at IE of Segovia offers school support and childcare. Specialization in French, English and entertainment.

Hello! My name is Paula, I am currently studying my second year in a double degree in International Relations and ADE at IE University, in Segovia. My entire career is taught in English, which credits me with a good level of this. In addition my mother tongues are Spanish and French and I speak German and I am learning Arabic.

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Data Engineer by profession, having 3+ years of experience in teaching students up to High School level for all subjects in curriculum

I take one on one sessions or classes in small groups at the student's place so that the child is comfortable and doesn't hesitate to ask questions and learns things easily and confidently. Having over 3 years of experience make it very easy for me to handle the students and get best results out of them.

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Private teacher for primary or ESO as well as nanny or monitor, Córdoba

I am a university student who offers private classes at home to primary school children, I teach all the subjects, I create and adapt the necessary materials to the interests and characteristics of each child. I am preparing a B2 of English.

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Working IT Professional holding 10 years experience in academic teaching and professional grooming.

* Here the students will not only understand not only the concepts but will grasp the way of learning things. * Furthermore the academic grooming will come with an approach of implementing it to get maximum success. * The classes not only holds the weekly assignments but also the oral speeches to enhance the student confidence towards the subjects.

Pino Torinese
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Qualified teacher offers science lessons for both high school and university, homework help. Chieri-Turin area

Graduated in food science and technology, my lessons are aimed at both high school and university students. In addition I am specialized in the preparation of tests for faculty with a limited number. Method: theory, guided exercises and exercises autonomously under my supervision. After 2 or 3 lessons I write a knowledge report for parents. I also teach methodology of study.

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Math and Science Tutor with 8 years of teaching experience with expertise in innovative pedagogy and teaching methods.

To the core centre for learning caters for students in grade 2 to grade 7 building foundation in subjects: English,Math and science. The philosophy is based on multiple intelligence theory which we employ in delivering the sessions using the most creative and innovative methods for effective child-friendly learning.

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Skilled, practical, published academic. Expertise online: Business, Politics, Security, International Relations, Cyber

Basic to advanced level. Fun and exciting case studies to explain theory. Dedicated support and communications. 24/7. Qualified HE Tutor. Can support and mark business, security and Government studies. Strong professional and industry background. Like to use 'real world' examples to explain theory.

La Llagosta
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I am a designer and I offer classes in mathematics, languages ​​and technical drawing at home. In the Llagosta and surroundings.

I am a student of product design, I have a bachelor's degree. My schedule is flexible and I make the necessary hours for the student to pass the subjects with good grades. I propose fun methods so that the student can easily retain the information.

La Plata
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Advanced college student in La Plata gives home school support lessons to middle school and high school levels

I am a student of Audiovisual Arts in the fourth year with a desire to give private support lessons for primary or secondary school, in subjects such as literature, mathematics, English. Based on what is needed by the student, exercises are set up to work.

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PhD in Chemistry with a European Classical diploma gives repetitions in school subjects and languages ​​(English-French) in Turin

I have a heterogeneous education due to my particular course of study: European Classical Diploma, Degree in Science for Cultural Heritage and a PhD in Chemistry for Materials. This allows me to provide support in both humanistic and scientific school subjects. I also have excellent knowledge of English and French both written and spoken, supported by various experiences abroad.

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