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José carlos
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Teacher of Bilingual Primary Education gives private classes of all kinds in Córdoba

A teaching method should not be imposed because each student is unique and has specific needs. In order to learn, we must always start with the personal interests of the students, building autonomous, interdisciplinary and relevant learning. Group classes will always be participatory, collaborative and different resources will be used to foster empathy, coordination and teamwork.

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Graduated in Accounting and Commercial Expert I am available to carry out repetitions and help tasks

My teaching method is based on a first (free) evaluation of the student, and then moves on to planning the most effective (and personalized) strategies and methods for achieving the objectives, which can be both the recovery of the subject and a simple upgrade.

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An IIT Delhi graduate with 2.5 years experience, teaching all subjects to 5th to 12th std students in Gwalior

My teaching method is to make the student understand the concept through drawings and examples. I make sure the student understands what I am teaching in a fun and friendly way. With a new student, I begin by taking a small test to know the his capabilities and modify my teaching accordingly and keep motivating the student throughout to learn better.

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Student preparing the secondary-school teaching diploma in Biology gives online courses in Mathematics / Biology/ Geology/ Physics / Chemistry / French at Primary School &High School level

During the first class we will try to target problems and blockages to carry out a work of accompaniment and healthy learning. By taking the basics of lessons and solidifying them through exercises we will be able to progress towards mastery of the different disciplines.

Paris 13e
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Teacher in French, English, history-geo in high school gives classes in Paris.

Each student has his own needs. I work first to listen to these needs to adapt the content of my course. Depending on the areas of improvement, I can offer homework help as more targeted courses in subjects where there is a particular difficulty.

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Master of Law student offers individual and group tutoring courses (multiple subjects)

It seems to me that each course must be approached differently depending on the habits, desires and needs of the participant. Without particular technique, I remain attentive to people. However, I have a preference for practical and pedagogical exercises, rather than for a presentation of knowledge imposed on others.

Pedro a.
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Advanced student offers support in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, German, Speech and any project you want to undertake

I am looking for all young people to learn and motivate themselves to look for their future. First I analyze the objectives that each student wants to achieve and on that basis, I assemble the notes and I collect the necessary bibliography to give it to the student.

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Professor Assistant in History of Architecture offers lessons and preparation to the following year to Junior High School students and lessons in humanities for students of High School

Through ad hoc lessons, I intend to help the student to find his own and proper study methodology, bringing him to autonomy in the performance of his duties. The lessons I propose start from listening to the student, trying to understand the difficulties and finalizing them to pass checks and improve the votes.

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B.tech Mechanical Engineer having 6 year in core industry experience in pune

Basically I am a Mechanical Engineer and My Teaching method is based on practical examples which can easily understandable for anybody. I like teaching math,science,computer,cloud compuing,linux,basic computer fundamentals and academic courses. As a engineer I am a good in technical field.

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General Manager EcoLuxury Resort teaches English and Spanish language classes to children and adults

It is very important for me to increase the curiosity and passion for the subject. Sometimes I teach walking if the student perform it better during movement. I like to establish a relationship of sympathy and empathy; I like fun and stimulating lessons, where the mind thinks in an interdisciplinary and holistic way.

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PhD student in Biomedicine teaches different subjects at the levels of primara and ESO in Cádiz

My teaching method is based on practice because, although the theory is very important, when you really learn is when you face the problem yourself. My classes are mainly aimed at primary school and ESO but if you need a different level, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway.

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Provides online college preparation and academic tutoring and homework help

Teacher in school and college out-of-contract, I offer lessons of private lessons in mathematics and French online. Teacher in school support and preparation for the DNB since 3 years I have been working with fifty students since. My method is simple: find the way to make you succeed. Each learner is different and I want to focus on everyone to find the trick that will lead to "enlightenment".

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Graduated in Biotechnology and Neuroscience offers lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and English, for students from elementary to high school. Tradate area and the province of Varese

These lessons are not only used to explain concepts that have not been learned, but they serve more than anything else to give a methodology of study in such a way that you do not need more than someone to help the student to study. My purpose is to make the student more responsible and self-sufficient, refining his reasoning skills more than his memory.

St. Albert
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University graduate willing to help any student from Sociology, History’, and Politial Science.

I approach my teaching methods with both structure, patience, and seriousnes. I believe assisting students is a meaningful rewarding experience. I am very good listner and work to provide excellent feedback. I have great analytical, and critical thinking skills, which is what I wish to pass onto my students.

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Graduated in literature, history and archeology (110L) proposes repetitions in the Rimini area

Graduated in Ancient Literature and Historical Sciences proposes repetitions and after-school homework in ITALIAN, LATIN, GREEK (for the biennial at the Classical Lyceum and as a pre-school summer preparation) and HISTORY to elementary, middle and high school students. My lessons can be a general review or preparation on individual topics, depending on the needs of each boy.

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Teacher since 3 years of History Geography and EMC and corrector of the Patent.

I base my methodology on the success of the student. All can succeed, as long as they have the will and the confidence in them. From simple exercises and a methodology based on play and fun, I see students every year pass their exams and regain a taste for work and learning.

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Etudiante en sociologie (niveau doctorat) - baby sitting et aide aux devoirs

Ma méthode s'adapte véritablement à l'enfant avec qui je travaille. Nous nous assurons ensemble que les devoirs sont faits, les leçons comprises et les notions assimilées. Puis, nous travaillons de façon plus approfondie les points à améliorer.

Paris 19e
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School teacher with experience in France and in French high schools abroad gives lessons in Paris

I received a one-year training in IUFM (state-run teacher training institute). Having taught both in the French public system and in the public-private system of French high schools abroad, my practice is in line with the standards of the Ministry of Education. I make sure that my students really have a sense of what they are learning, which really allows them to reuse their knowledge and skills.

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Art History student offers lessons in Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Art history for middle and high school students

I strongly believe that at the basis of the preparation of any subject there must be an understanding of the subject. For this reason, during the lessons I try to re-elaborate the topics in a way as simple as possible. Then I usually ask the students to try to explain what they've learnt in their own words.

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Drseema Dhand gives tuition in All subjects of students from class 1 to 10th

The functions of the teachers' colleges may include setting out clear standards of practice, providing for the ongoing education investigating complaints involving members, conducting hearings into Problems and taking appropriate action and accrediting students education programs.

Tortoreto Lido
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Graduated in INTERPRETATION and COMMUNICATION offers lessons for recovery / help homework for elementary, middle and high school students

First of all, the student's level is assessed and a personalized route is proposed, as each person needs different occurrences. With this I refer to the fact that each person will receive tailor-made sessions perfectly adapted to their needs.

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Student art and literature offers repetitions and help homework for the humanities and for the English language.

My methodology is to guarantee the learning through the analysis of the key concepts of the subject, the elaboration and the repetition of the same through a ladder or a scheme. During the lessons I intend to expose the topic, proceed to the analysis of the contents, elaboration of a scheme, mental map or summary and guide the final exposure of the student.

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Educational Psychologist provides school support or classes (area) Psychology to promote student success in Ponta Delgada and Lagoa.

I am a Master in Educational Psychology and work with children and adults in private school (preschool and 1st cycle) and private clinic (all ages). I approach the subject / discipline through playful material, multimedia and little exposition, in order to make the sessions more motivating, interesting and fun.

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Graduate student at the Liceo Scientifico proposes repetitions: Mathematics, Physics and English. Mondovì and surroundings.

The lessons are based on helping the student to study or review the theoretical bases of the subject, and then move on to the development of exercises that can consolidate the theoretical notions. The lessons are aimed at elementary, middle and high school students.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
Zayra carolina
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Intern in Psychopedagogy of UPAEP offers comprehensive academic accompaniment in Puebla, Pue.

I like that my classes are personalized and dynamic. I take into account the age, interests and motivations of my students to teach them I like to establish a relationship of trust and honesty so that the learning process be the best.

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University graduate gives courses in methodology and academic support in secondary and higher

I propose methodology courses that can focus on different issues: study support, organization, writing assistance, proofreading, etc. On the basis of a first interview with the student, I then help him get to know each other better to be more productive.

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Graduating in PSYCHOLOGY and graduated in Human Sciences, he offers lessons, study methodology and personal development courses. Macerata area (MC) but also available on Skype.

My lessons are based on first of all examining the topic to be treated and the attitudes and modus operandi of the person in front of me to rework and cooperate together to find the best strategies and techniques for study and learning.

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Doctoral student with years of experience offering school support in Belfast or online

I have a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree in Early Childhood Studies. I am currently studying for a Doctorate in Childhood Studies. I have years of experience of essay writing and completeing research. I have taught nursery school and managed a day care for children aged 0-11. I have experience of working in the statutory, private and community sectors.

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Schoolgirl in Law proposes lessons after school for all subjects middle school students

Not a particular method of teaching. I adapt very much to the needs of the pupil trying first of all to understand what the problems are with the subjects and then together we try to improve and find a right way to learn to study alone.

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