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Assistant Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering who can teach maths and science subjects to students from school level to college

I teach with example relating to our daily life. I also teach through ppts and vedio. I teach students of all level by understanding their psychology. I teach them clearly to make them clear about the basics of the subject they are learning. I teach them in a way that they could master the subject.

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Teacher in Early Childhood Education helps primary and secondary school children with their homework. English for children and adults, at home and online.

My teaching method is flexibility and adaptation to your needs. Depending on what you need to improve I can create fun and dynamic classes for an easy assimilation of the contents. I use games with children and adults a lot to enjoy learning.

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Graduated with 110 and praise in Psychology offers repetitions to Rome Monterotondo

I am a PhD in Psychology from a high school degree. I offer repetitions in all subjects. I am also available to teach personalized study methodologies: as each one thinks differently, I do not think that there is only one way of teaching, as well as learning.

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Teacher in Primary Education with specialization in AL ready to help you with your learning, work together and solve doubts

Hi! I am Elena and if you want from now on I can be your partner in learning. In class there are often too many students and sometimes the teacher is unable to meet the needs of each one 100%.

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Bilingual Student, A Level with highest Honors (equivalent) offers lessons in French, English, cinema or yoga

Hello, My name is Kayleigh, I'm British and I amstudying literature. However, I intend to work in cinema, my passion. Being myself a student, I think I know how to put myself on the same level as a student. I love to explore new ways of teaching (exchange of roles, word plays, ...), practice memorization techniques, ...For English classes, I can also train adults, being completely bilingual.

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Student teacher bilingual specialist, holds a degree in English, 20 years of tutoring experience offers help with homework, French courses, methodology, and school support

Hello, I'm 37 and I'm studying special education. Bilingual, holds a degree in English I justify 20 years of experience in tutoring English, French, methodology, IT. My teaching technique is based on a true analysis of the difficulties of the student. I walk to the beat of the student, adapt myself to his learning abilities and difficulties.

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Student in Modern Letters provides homework assistance at the center of Nîmes.

Give over to the primary terminal in literary subjects (French, grammar / spelling, history, languages ​​(Spanish Erasmus, English TOEIC) but more generally methodology courses (learn to organize, manage stress, know each tests to better understand).

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Hello!! A private English class with unique resources... just ask me! :)

I'm going to introduce myself a little bit but I prefer to know my student. I'm Marta, I'm 27 years old and I'm finishing my degree about being a kindergarten teacher. I love to teach English and I'm preparing to get the FCE and the TOEFL exam this summer.

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French courses, reading, tutoring and homework help.

Having 2 years PACES (medicine) and is currently in L2 Literature, I offer French courses, aid reading, tutoring and homework assistance for CP to CM2 classes to improve During your children. My classes will consist of sheets, exercises and educational games to advance your children in matters unwelcome in progress. I am disciplined and applied my methods.

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100% UNDERSTANDING AND GOOD MARKS MATHS,PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY Can teach science,mathsand even Sanskrit At Patiala,Punjab Focus on deep understanding and doubt clearing

I like teaching with interaction between student and teacher ,good bonding between them is necessary for good learning atmospher 😉

Talavera de la Reina
Maria fernanda
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Occupational Therapy student teaches classes to children in elementary school, ESO and bachelor. With more than 3 years of experience teaching.

I am a girl of 20 years, a university student in Talavera de la Reina and graduated in Bachelor of Health Sciences in 2015.

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Student of final year license gives French lessons for beginner or middle school and high school in Paris or its suburbs

I can adapt to any kind of level for classes. I teach mostly French students of second and first, but I can adapt. I regularly lectures to foreign people coming to learn French. To help with homework, I also suits me at all. I try to base myself on the difficulties and demands.

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
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Student learn to get knowledge...here is the teacher sharing knowledge to you

My approach is to help you learn things in a unique pattern....

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Journalist and professor of Spanish language, communication and languages ​​(English, French, Chinese) is offered for private tutoring at all levels. Extensive experience as a teacher and media

I am in favor of adapting the classes the student and not the other, because each is different and it is important to learn and continue to grow. I am a strong advocate of reading and spelling, as I consider the two basic pillars of knowledge of the Spanish language and literature. Language learning, as well as support or study techniques can also be adapted to the student in question.

Santa Coloma de Gramenet
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Erica Moyano, a primary school teacher, support and language teacher ​​in Barcelona

My name is Erica and I am a primary school teacher. I carry out support lessons for elementary, secondary and adult general subjects and languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English). I also can do technology lessons (Tablet use, mobile phone, computer...). I like working with new technologies and with different strategies to teach and help my students.

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I love teaching and will make sure every student does his best

My teaching method will be based upon the student as every student is different and so are their grasping powers. So i’ll teach in the way, the student is comportable.

Cornellà de Llobregat
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Student of Industrial Design Engineering gives classes of revision of primary, ESO and scientific-technological baccalaureate in Cornellá de Llobregat and surroundings.

My method is very personal and adapted to the person who requests it. I always try to know the person and make him feel good so that the work always comes out the best possible. According to the needs of the student, the classes can be thought of in one way or another. I work at home before and after school to take advantage of the time or hours to the maximum.

New York
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Educator and Academic Help for children and youth who need help with writing, reading, ESL, Social Studies or other HW help.

I am a qualified and 15 year experienced teacher. I have taught many subjects through K-12, including adults in the following subject areas: Social Studies, Psychology, Business, ESL, Chinese, Reading, Writing, Exam preparation, Literacy.

New Delhi
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A working professional who is a teacher by heart and loves to teach !

Methodology depends on the child . I think it differs with every child. As learning capability is not same with everyone . So I mould accordingly.

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Writer and owner of CAPES Modern Literature in Loiret!

Writer and professor of literature, I teach in a manner geared writing, literature, French and methodology all levels to help you learn.

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Technical Engineer offers reinforcement classes in scientific, technical and English subjects in Palma

I am an energy engineer with a master's degree in renewable energies that I have studied around Europe, so my English level is very good. I am currently working in a company doing photovoltaic projects internationally.

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Student Graduated from Mechanical Engineering has a good hand in mathematics and science.

My methodology of the teaching is starting the topic from the very basics and after moving on forward with the advance concepts. I Prefer to be stident oriented.

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Eudctation lecturer with 14 years experience offering personalised support at your pace

Currently teaching TAs and I assess in the workplace. I will tailor make a programme after an initial assessment.

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Dynamic school reinforcement for children and teenagers! All subjects of Literacy until the age of 11!

Class with games, dynamic activities and content observed by the MEC. I am not very traditional and I try to give a more lively and playful class to the students, so that they do not get tired and learn better. Also, in Portuguese and languages ​​- Spanish and English, I work with the written part and notebooks.

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Student in double cursus economics-sociology as well as psychology at the university Jean Jaurès de Toulouse

My name is Pierre I am 20 years old I study in double course economics-sociology as well as in philosophy and I wish to give courses on Sens and surroundings. I have been babysitting all year and given homework help. I love helping and seeing the student get the results he wanted.

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Student in Mathematics at the EPFL motivated and teaches maths, physics, programming in Lausanne and surroundings

My teaching method is based on the understanding of simple examples, giving a conceptual mastery to reach more complex problems without ever feeling lost. I am happy to teach gymnasium and bachelor level students in any faculty or school orientation.

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Hello everyone ! Associate Professor offers courses in general culture, philosophy and French.

I studied for a long time in the Grenoble region, as well as in Lyon and Canada. I got the competitive national examination Agrégation in 2012, before teaching in the final year preparing for the baccalauréat. I have a long experience of private lessons, in France but also in Canada. I also give a degree in philosophy at the University of Grenoble.

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Degree in Philosophy offers lessons in English, French, Italian, history, geography and philosophy in Turin for elementary, middle and high school students.

I really like interacting with the students in a dynamic way and I try to use all the tools available to make the lessons interesting and captivating. Memorizing a lesson, trying to understand complex concepts, training in writing and translating texts or doing exercises and homework are activities that can become very stimulating and simple, if done together.

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Communication student available for tutoring, English and Portuguese classes in Lisbon, at home or at student's place.

I will approach the questions in a free and simple way with the aim of getting the student to solve the problem for him, without the student feeling helpless or disoriented. The student's vision is the most important. This will be my object of work.

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