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Student in third year of business school, BAC ES mention very well I wish to give courses of support more particularly in languages ​​(English and Italian) and in the economic matters

I adapt my teaching method according to the needs of the student. I would be able to listen to the points he wants to work and will be based on the various prerequisites of his career. The practice is also very important to me that's why I favor exercises and scenarios.

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Any subjects from primary to Highschool, state syllabus to Central syllabus . staying at Shravanabelagola, Hassan Karnataka

Starting from the basics to application step by step such that student can understand basics first. module by module. If one module is completed, pros and cons of the module what are the Q&A , application where they will be used .

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Bilingüal Grad student teaches general subjects at elementary level and sight singing and interpretation at an intermediate level in Madrid.

I try to manage classes according to the needs of the student and their priorities. I choose to use visual, auditory or sensorial examples to optimize the learning so the student feels that he is learning in a dynamic and interactive way.

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Lic. In Psicopedagogía offers private classes of academic regularization in Madrid, Spain.

I like to teach under the constructivist method where I am a pillar for the student in a process of continuous guidance, in this way the student is a pilot of their own learning and the classes are usually dynamic and proactive at all times.

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Biology Student offering academic tutoring for grade school students near Decatur or Atlanta!

I'm currently a student. I've already received my high school diploma and I'm currently working on my Bachelor's Degree at Agnes Scott College. As a tutor, I like to look at the work that's being assigned each week. Looking over the material in order to help the student review and study for it the best way that they can.

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A study skills tutor offering tutoring support to improve and expand your academic skills

I teach any age from 5+, but specialise in 11+ acedmic skills support. I use lesson plans but am flexible to the needs of any learner through diffrentiation of actvities in order to ensure it is at the right level. I am a happy, approachable person who is always willing to help.

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Published author/scholar available in Tempe/Phoenix area for writing, math, and speech prep.

My teaching methodology is the belief that everyone has the same capacities to learn. Learning is not a privilege for some individuals, rather-- it is something for each of us to participate in. I am here to help you unlock those hidden gifts and talents that you did not know you had.

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Student of the grade of primary education and of the degree of infantile education wants to teach that studying also you can have fun

Each child has his way of being and acting the same thing happens in the way of studying, so I do not have a fixed methodology but I first study the boy or girl and then I choose the method that I think will be better .

San Antonio
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High school teacher with experience teaching AP and IB curriculum as well as years of one-on-one tutoring.

My teaching method focuses on a few key elements. First, I believe the learner needs to be actively involved. My lessons will ask the students to actively participate rather than simply listening to me speak. I also believe it is important to make connections with the content. This could be personal connections or connections across multiple subjects.

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Extremely successful Politics and French student, based in Cardiff, offering academic tutoring in French, Politics, and English, in addition to career and personal development advice and mentoring.

I teach a wide variety of people and fully recognise that everyone is different and will require a different way of learning. My sessions integrate a variety of activities which depend on the subject, the age of the student and the length of the session.

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Tutoring in all subjects up to grade 6 tutoring of small groups of 3- 4 students

My teaching method is easily grab by students with good atmosphere and day day activities assignment with proper guidance for children

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MSc student with engineering background gives tuition on academic subjects as well as Computer programming

Most of the kids gets afraid when they don't understand and feel shy to ask questions about their doubts. making the kids comfortable is the basic approach. And most of my approaches will be real time examples so that the student can co relate with the topic he is learning.

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Experience for 12 yrs in school, hindi teacher gives classes upto 12th standards.

My teaching method is to give stress on the topic, being accurate with answers. Methodology such that all board and council students can understand.

New Delhi
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Fluent English Teaching All levels, All Subject up-to 5th Std. Connect !

My methodology includes understanding the syllabus of the student, understanding the student, finding the positives and negatives and basis that teach in a friendly was so that student is under no pressure to perform. Make the student strong & focused.

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Psychologist offers classes of study techniques and English for children and adolescents.

According to the age and needs of each child or adolescent, I offer fun and effective study tools. When studying English, it is necessary to lose the fear of the language and be comfortable with it through games and conversational practice.

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Be part of home coaching any subject (till class Xth), any Btech(CSE)subject or any professional course like C, C++, .Net, Salesforce, BlockChain

I believe in giving practical examples first and then start with some demo/examples and then guiding and helping along with query session. Using this technique, you will enjoy learning and studying and it will be FUN and things will be remembered for long time and will help you in getting good grades.

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Student with the Bachelor's degree and the official titles of the DELF B2 of French and B2 of Cambridge in English, gives classes of reinforcement of Language, English, French, Latin and Greek for

I always try that the student does not dedicate himself solely to memorize what he puts in the book, but that he really understands the contents so that he can apply them later in his life.

Jacques ralph
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Want to learn methodology come to the right spot with a 10 years experienced professional

The course will be given via a proper documentation. The course will be given via cases that are to be solved by the students mostly in a brain storming situation. Students will be encourage to work together in order to learn how to solve real situation in life and to solve cases that they will submitted to in their work.

North Charleston
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Retired Mom of 4, writer, CA and US poly/sci, tutoring available now

One of the hardest tasks a student must do is organize the key components of a lesson to communicate effectively to their teacher that they know their subject, and have the ability to transfer that knowledge into a readable medium

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One of the district top pers of ICSE 2008 and MBA from top B school of India, presently looking forward to guide school students via smart studies and techniques. Looking forward to teach Maths and Ph

Initially Start by basics and then develop own techniques to achieve success through well directed strategy and offcourse smart studies. Mode of teaching will be through online, skype, etc. Maths and Science are my core competency. Have mentored more than 2500 schools students till date.

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Classes for juniors (4 to 10)and seniors(+2),graduation and competition preparation also.contact me .

I make the subjects easy for students by giving Live examples.My students score 80+ marks in their exams.I am devoted to my work and friendly with students.I use to take test regularly to ensure the level of enhancement of students.

Saloda Rural
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Iit student provides tutions to class 5 to 12 student's. only for physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Firstly, I approach with the tehoritical data of the topic and implement it for solving numerical problems. Also I provide the use of every formula that is given and also explain from where it is derived.also I provide effective methods of to learn a topic for long term memory.

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CSE aspirant gives tuitions for all subject till 10th standard in Bangalore

My classes are for students upto 10th standard, preferably ICSE and CBSE boards. My teaching methodology will mainly include detailed explanation of the concepts alongwith examples wherever possible. Tests will be conducted regularly to help students assess their understanding and preparation. Doubt-clearing will also be one of the main agendas.

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Patient tutor adaptable to the needs of each student as each is unique!

I approach each topic by viewing the criteria needing to be fulfilled. Then my student and I discuss their weaknesses and strengths in relation to the assignment. A plan to enable assignment completion is then created this includes student input regarding the best method for them to use to complete.

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Timothy’s Terrific Tutoring! Over 20 plus years of International tutoring & teaching experience

Teaching Methodology As educational professionals, we must consistently instill a practical philosophical perspective into our online and International teaching methodology. Once this is accomplished, the principles and values as well as our learning strategies will fall in line with how we develop our expectations within our students.

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High school student who offers to take care of children and help them with homework and exams in Barcelona

When children need help with their homework, I like to do it interactively so that they don't feel a great burden. When it comes to an exam, I help them to understand what they're studying so that they can memorize easily and that they don't forget, the session ends with games where the study is applied.

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Future biotechnologist gives repetitions in Altamura and surroundings for students of all levels

My approach to the disciplines is the least impacting possible, I try to make the students understand the ultility of what you are about to study to prepare them for learning, thus passing what for them would be a duty, as an essential need from human nature.

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A serious and responsible high school student, excellent knowledge of scientific and linguistic subjects

My methodology is to understand things and not to learn them by heart, it is necessary to underline and in the case to make schemes to help oneself with repeating with an initial explanation and on deepening the subject. Fun lessons but at the same time serious, requires commitment and constancy in the study to be effective.

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Philosophy student with aptitude for teaching (history and social sciencies and pedagogie)

My methods are the constructivist method and the socratic mayeutic method.

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