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A tutor for the tutoring at all level of studies, math, science, social studies, etc. in the Southaven area of Mississippis

I am a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology who is pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology. I give lessons to all age groups. My methods of instruction is to provide the student with strategies to comprehend material. I am gifted in providing ways to that will accommodate a joyous experience making learning fun and interesting.

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A tutor since high school (many moons ago) and retired college professor

I am a retired professor from one of the South's fastest growing universities. Creator of the once most highly praised Math Lab. Clients have gone to the military academies and many prestigious colleges and universities after assisting in preparing for entrance exams. I tutor all disciplines as I had to be certified in for profit tutoring businesses.

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Professor at Perros-Guirec Associate modern and FLE gives graduate Letters during French online and at home

Associate Professor of Modern Letters and graduated in FLE by the French Alliance of Paris, I give several years of tutoring French home and online, with auto-entrepreneur status. I customized courses that exemption paced and specific needs of each student, with an accurate monitoring and regular assessment, regardless of its level (college, high school, senior, adult).

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Homework help college courses in high school + discount will level weekends and holidays

Hello I am a law student at the faculty of Lyon II. Honors at ES tray. Alongside my studies for nearly three years I have tutored high school students in college and post bac general channels. I worked with already more than 40 students which allowed me to achieve a precise method of work that adapts to each student and is modeled on the methods of each teacher.

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Professor of French and Philosophy decade for education authorities of Versailles & Paris!

I teach French, with a clear preference for the letters, ie for the first and final classes. I also teach Philosophy. I can teach just as photography, drawing and film. I have attached a video of my camera work on this page .. (My art & literary website: brunothievet.

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MBA HR experienced teacher Best teaching of all subjects to students excellent since 18 yrs.

My teaching method is best I need to explain the students the whole chapter describes the related topics whichever is related to the chapter.

Navi Mumbai
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Master's degree holder, management professional available for teaching social sciences (SST) - history, dp/civics, geography, economics, english, Gk, marketing. Classes 5th to 10th. Also help BBA and

I teach every individual student after understanding his/her requirement as I feel every child has different nature and different capabilities.

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Geometra offers lessons in Technologies and Techniques of Graphic Representation or Graphic Design, AutoCAD, Revit and ARCHICAD

Lecturer in Computer Science and Telecommunications and Electronics & Electrical Engineering at the Massaua Institute of Turin available for re-opening in the office or private. Ability to prepare exams / tasks, review arguments, achievement of the school year through peer school. Lectures will be held with the possibility of slides, personal PDFs, exercises, state programs, tasks performed.

Fiona julia
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Highly qualified and very experienced local teacher offers English, Maths, Study Skills and English as a Second Language for all ages and all abilities up to Post Graduate Level in Blackpool, The Fyld

I have a very traditional structured approach to learning but always make learning fun. My lessons are tailored made for each individual. I also liaise closely with school, colleges and universities. I am a warm, friendly and caring tutor who expects to enable you to gain your full potential.

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Mechanical Engineer, qualified for UPSC Civil Services Interview, passionate about current affairs, social issues & Public Administration.

I like to explain issues with illustrations from present & the past. Comparative analysis, correlation with historic events, & connecting with personal experiences improves understanding & retention.

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Student in History Geography at Sorbonne-University, teaches history-geo course for college / high school or offers homework help in Paris

I base my courses on the official program, I work with textbooks and I add my knowledge / personal techniques. I am a very dynamic and smiling person, I have always helped my sisters and my friends to do their homework. A day of classes must be in good spirits. I have a lot of patience and above all I like being able to help the student to understand.

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110 in Aerospace Engineering helps with tasks and reps, from elementary to high school, to ENGLISH SPANISH PHYSICS MATHEMATICS SCIENCES

I can help you with homeworks or study to elementary, middle, or high school students in English, Spanish, Mathematics, Physics and Science. We can organize individual or group lessons with 2, 3 or more students. Mon-Fri: after 6pm Sat-Sun: any time.

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"Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae" Archaeology tutoring in Elderslie

Degree archaeologist with Masters degree in Conflict Archaeology and heritage.

Uday vir
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Student in mainly school and graduate level in kolkata and is international.

I teach in class like hall, auditorium, and if is possible than live on lecture via video phone.

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The first step? Learn to reason! Trust me, you do not need anything else ...

After graduating from the scientific high school F. Cecioni - address "Brocca" - I graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology with honors, holding my thesis at the University of Berne (Switzerland) where I deepened my knowledge of English. My big goal is to pass the love and interest towards the subjects, as well as a simple but effective method to study and reason on the topics.

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All subject tuition for Classes 5th to 9th for all syllabus including creche for school going children.

Experience in taking tuition for all subjects for all classes for school going students. Special care would be taken for students who are not able to reach expertise. Provide psychological support for the students who are in stress due to low results.

Romina belén
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Specialized in several subjects and passionate about education, I teach English and other subjects at the primary and secondary level (consult without obligation).

Based on my recent experience with teenagers, communication with them is the basis of my classes. In turn, young children also tend to leave full of knowledge and contentment. We work on general concepts of the subjects that cost us and we focus more on those issues that became more complicated during the year.

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Paris 20e
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Professor of Biology lectures for students ranging from middle school to high school.

Hello. I am a teacher SVT working for 12 years in Education. I am so closer to the expected capabilities and methods by the institution. I serve all students from the sixth to the terminal. Preparation tray. Exercises and methods. Explanation of key ideas and concepts. Methodology for laboratory experiments.

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Private teacher in Madrid (general reinforcement, languages) to elementary students and that

My classes are dynamic and fun. I teach, study, learn, organize ... through schemes, conceptual maps ... I encourage the student to take it all day so that, afterwards, the result is good. I teach that the student does not memorize by rote, but to understand what he is studying.

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PhD in Language Sciences, graduated in English, offers help for university integration, studies and employment (french academic method, assistance with resume and dissertation writing)

Ready to support you in your academic success and help you find the career path that will suit you the best. This is a one-to-one class meant to help you in your studies in France, both to understand the particularities of the French academic method as to allow you to write a clear research dissertation in a correct French or English.

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Student of Philosophy offers tuition for school subjects (liv.avanzato for humanistic-speaking area).

Hello everyone! I am a university student in philosophy (first year). I graduated last year (classical studies). When I give private lessons I always try to combine the necessary analytical process with a concise that, through in-depth and cross-references, gives students the desire to learn.

Paris 3e
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EDHEC student offers private tutoring for primary / middle / high school in center PARIS

Hello ! I offer private lessons for pupils and students from primary to high school (S stream) covering all subjects ranging from Mathematics to English. My method is personalised to fit your needs and expectations. I charge 25 euros per hour on average, but it may vary depending on the student's level and your home location.

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UBC Science Student Tutors All Academic Subjects For Elementary and High School Students In Vancouver

My teaching methods consist of creative learning using various electronic platforms, practice worksheets, organized notes, visual/auditory/hands-on work and written assignments. My classes are available to elementary students of all ages/grades and high school from grade 8 to 12.

New Delhi
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Leading Tuition near Saket Metro for Commerce and SSC/ BANK/ GOVT JOB

inspire students to make them future leaders, our unique teaching technique just grab the student's focus, attention and direct them how to fulfill their dreams. Once come cant forget your valuable experience.

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IIT Delhi Student giving tuition for Physics, Chemistry and Maths from grade 9 to 12th Online and in Delhi for home tuition

I consider Natural Thinking process the best. So instead of imposing my approach, I prefer to know how the student would have attempted it and devise a solution based on what comes naturally to the student. Also I instead of giving the whole solution I prefer to give the initial approach and underlying concept and motivate the student to work out the solution as they would have.

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Home Maker who can give tution in math or any subject from high school to college

My teaching method is based on concepts. More interaction with students learning and clearing any gaps to acquire the knowledge by relating to the real time scenarios. "The more you read, The more you grow" - the main inspiration or motivation for everyone.

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I am a bcom hons graduate from DELHI UNIVERSITY , gives tutions of all subject from 1st to 10th students.

I identifies the needs of the learners , creates lession plans , and practise tests to prepare students for weekly tests , monitored , assessed and remediated student performance.

Buenos Aires
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Do you need school support? Here is your solution! School support for PRIMARY students in Capital Federal!

My teaching method is to guide the children who need help in a specific subject or in all of them in general, listening to them, helping them with their doubts or teaching how to solve them. Always with a good charisma and good predisposition to generate the best school work climate.

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