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Student of Engineering Offers Lessons and Repetitions for SCIENTIFIC & UMANISTICS | Bologna

Hi! My lessons are aimed at students from middle schools at the university. The method is simple: if it is a training lesson, the student exposes the topics to be deepened and proceeds with theory and exercises; the same is true for recovery lessons, except for the greater need to go back to classroom arguments previously.

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Graduate in Modern languages and Translation gives lessons in English and / or American language and literature to both students and adults via webcam

Graduated in languages ​​at the University of Rome "Sapienza", I employ my knowledge in the field of translation and comparative studies to teach my students English and American language and literature through a mnemonic method.

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I give lessons for children and young people, from elementary schools to university exams

I am a teacher with experience both privately and in collaboration with school institutions in Turin. My teaching method involves providing the student with the means to acquire a study method that will allow him to be self-sufficient as soon as possible.

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Graduate in Biotechnology gives support classes for all subjects up to 4º of ESO in Barcelona

I help elementary and ESO students do the homework and review the concepts given in class that have not been clear. I like to maintain a relationship of mutual trust with the student to make classes more enjoyable and upcoming.

Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
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High school teacher (Puebla) with three years of experience, offers regularization classes in science and English. Enjoy the school

Current and personalized teaching strategies and methods that will provide you with the tools to improve your qualifications and enhance your skills; Learning based on competencies and projects. Learning does not have to be boring, I provide accompaniment and tutorials in homework reviews and vocational guidance.

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Mature History & English graduate gives tutoring and support in West Norfolk from primary to degree level.

I give lessons to anyone of any age who wants to learn at any level. My methods and structure of lessons are bespoke to the individuals learning needs and preference.

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Master's degree in Longlife Learning with 8 years of experience, offering postgraduate education for primary, middle and high school & Exam preparation and dissertation support

I propose 3 teaching methods: at home, at my residence or on Skype talks, to be agreed upon according to your needs. Together, we will also establish the study program, the goals to be achieved and the support modes, respecting the times and needs of everyone.

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He graduated in Arts with specialization in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism (thesis on digital copyright law), a High School diploma, offers repeats in Rome

I have a degree in Literature and Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism with a thesis on copyright. In the encounter with the students are interested in understanding their characteristics, in addition to identify the relative level of preparation. The lessons are designed for middle schools, high schools and colleges, foreign students, university areas.

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Degree in Architecture offers tuition and homework help, various materials in Arezzo

I offer homework support on all school subjects for primary and secondary schools; mathematics, English, design for high school. My reps are centered on the student, because not only I provide knowledge facts, but above all a method of effective study to make the student independent and self conscious.

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College student great at all sciences, arts, and test prep in Roseburg.

Hello! I am attending a 2 year college to pursue an Associates degree in Psychology then later want to get my Bachelors. I'm friendly and am willing to teach anyone who needs help, though math I am limited on since I definitely struggle with that subject once I hit the algebra part. I am big on note taking, analogies, and pictures.

La Spezia
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Woman graduated in literature offers tuition in La Spezia for reasonable prices

I offer tuition, homework help, study method, refresher exams. For all ages from primary school to preparation for university exams. Humanities, foreign languages ​​(English, Spanish), scientific subjects, basic guitar lessons. Lower prices and mobility in the province of La Spezia.

Moreno Valley
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TEFL certified teacher who teaches English to primary and secondary school aged kids as well as senior and juniors in high school in the Moreno Valley California area

I am TEFL certified and can teach struggling English language learners how to better speak, read, write English. My lessons a consiced, easy to follow, and straight to the point. In my lessons there is a lot of "talk time" in which you the students will be able to practice your speech as much as possible in one lesson. I love to involve my students in as much of the lesson as possible.

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Business student gives private lessons in all subjects from primary to high school in Barcelona

I am a girl who studies at the University of Barcelona. I have always worked with children with dyslexia, therefore, I know the child or young person and I adapt to it, providing the best learning method. When it comes to elementary school children use the game to be able to feel comfortable, not overwhelm, but above all they understand what has been done in class.

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Professor with extensive experience teaches language (all branches: grammar, reading, spelling, oral and written expresió ...), English (individual and groups

Metología dynamic and attractive always focused on the interests of the student. Learning techniques, memorization, study etc ... very effective and proven very buenoa results. Taking advantage of today's technologies there is always a more playful and fun part and a slightly less moved but equally essential. Total empathize with the student and their level.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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University teaches school support (primary, ESO, high school) or conservatory (musical language, choir, viola) in Gran Canaria

My name is Eloisa and I am a college student. I offer to teach students of primary, ESO, Baccalaureate or the Conservatory (both in terms of musical language, choir or my specialty, viola). I can help both in performing duties, study skills exam preparation, etc. I am patient and understanding. I like to help and I will put all my effort and knowledge to be useful to the student.

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Teacher for children with any needs looking for job in Valencia and surroundings

Master of 0 to 12 years with specialties in: -Listening and language. -English Therapeutic Pedagogy. -Physical education. -Valencia. -Religion My methodology is active; ie you learn to do so. I know the time learning and I adapt it to the teaching curriculum. This system helps to enjoy learning and to show interest in learning process.

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Student of English Philology in Salamanca takes care of children and school support in primary and private English classes, different levels.

My teaching method is to try that the student assimilates the knowledge as best as possible. That is, adapt the knowledge that he / she must learn in a way that understands and assimilates better. Not all students are the same or have the same needs, private lessons have the advantage that they are much more personalized and from my point of view this helps learning.

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University student teaches private support classes: English, Basque, Spanish, French, branch of social sciences especially (titles that demonstrate level).

I adapt easily to the requirements of each student, since we are all different and we learn differently. I usually like to learn interactively, according to the level of the student, to guide the studies to a subject in which he is comfortable.

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Kindergarten teacher with many years of teaching small children offering online lessons

My classes are geared to meet the needs of individual students. I teach at the pace of the student. I introduce the subject with pictures rhymes and stories. The child/children are able to interact and think for themselves. Opportunities are given to children for all activities.

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PGCE Student, with degree in Education and Early Years based in Halifax

I am able to teach ages 4+ and to tailor my teaching to your educational needs. My teaching method would be to go through anything that you felt you needed support with and focusing on that. For e.g if structure was an issue for you I would ask you to show me a previous essay and I would show you ways to improve your academic writing.

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I am a university student with Baccalaureate and Proficiency level of English that gives classes of any subject to children. First class is free.

Depending on the subject and the help that each child needs, I use a different method. If the subject allows it, I like to prepare some kind of "game" so that the child understands it well and once he has understood the exercise or the theory, he can memorize it.

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MBA, Working professional teaching Maths, Science, and Social Science in Gurgaon in a motivating and energizing environment

I base my teaching on principle of learn and relearn. Advancing to next concept or level is only through strong foundation and conceptual clarity. Therefore, I prefer using visual aids and maximum interaction. I also encourage reading outside the fixed and prescribed course books.

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A professionally educated teacher from the science and math's background teach till 12th standard.

First basic concepts will be cleared. Students will get a brief introduction of the topic and its applications in the real world. Ideology will be applied. Formula based concepts. Short tricks if required. Detail explanation with pictorial description. Problem solving session. Home work based classes. Group discussions with other students.

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PhD student in Nanotechnology with previous experience offers repetitions for all school levels

During my studies I gained extensive experience with several students, who have obtained excellent results and, at the end of the period in which they were followed by me, they became independent in their studies, becoming able to face independently the difficulties of their future studies.

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Med student, I teach Spanish, English and school regulation, support and orientation for children.

In my opinion, I don’t think there’s a correct or wrong way to teach something, because everyone has its own way of learning, so the clas will be built according to the subject and the person’s abilities and skills.

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Graduating in biomedical laboratory techniques, proposes repetitions and after school for primary, secondary and first level

my approach to subjects, whether in the humanistic or scientific fields, is always well structured, I always aim at understanding the text or the problem, because in my opinion understanding is the basis of the study. I myself being a student I could never study or prepare an exam without understanding. My method is also flexible, I always try to adapt it to the student I have in front of me.

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Student Management gives explanations / support in homework to children and young people in Lisbon.

Degree in Economics, I am a Master's student in Management. My taste for explanations came when I gave explanations to children of various ages in a project of solidarity, where I acquired several skills that led me to become more interested in these projects and to become more professional.

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Graduated in Business Administration with English Language Certification (Level B1), available for English / Mathematics lessons and rehearsals (1st and 2nd primary and secondary schools), and draftin

If you understand how to do an exercise, it is easier to understand and memorize the theory behind it. If you learn to build conceptual schemes and maps, you are able to assimilate even complex speeches and texts. A good explanation, simple and concise, followed by targeted exercises; development of logic skills.

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Private support and reinforcement classes are given to students of Primary and ESO

I adapt to the level of the students and I usually use the books they use, in addition to doing their own exercises and activities in order to improve the study and their skills in different subjects, both Primary and ESO.

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Engineering student offers help with homework to elementary and middle school kids

The natural sciences are my passion, but I also like to teach Spanish, English and mathematics. I love giving advice to other people and I like to know that I teach people who take advantage of the help I can give. I can offer memorization techniques and logical explanations that will make the understanding of study topics easier.

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