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"4 years of teaching experience and flexible with timings and locations in pune"

My teaching method is mainly based on learning new things with fun, keeping in mind students enjoy it too so that they can focus on learning and don't get bored . Generally I take class for only one student at a time so that I can focus on him completely and can give my 100%.

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Passion for Teaching French Foreign Language and ESL beginner to advanced level

Professor Graduate and Experienced in teaching French and English in France and abroad offers private lessons and group courses in: * French second language for foreign learners from beginner to advanced. Upgrading - Projects Resume for French learners, school and adults.

Maria del carmen
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Lessons for primary school or secondary school children. Experience in England and Spain

My techniques are adapted to children and their needs. First class contact, to observe the skills of children, the difficulties they show towards the subjects and the study habit. Direct work with family members and others responsible for the education and development of the child. My proposal is, above all, to children between 6 and 12 years old; but I can work with other ages if necessary.

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Student of Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication with advanced English level. I give private support classes for elementary students in any subject that is required

I make the classes enjoyable and practical. I can teach them both in English and in Spanish. I instill in children the ability to learn to self-organize and to learn the importance of knowledge and training. Support and / or reinforcement in all subjects.

Ixtacomitán 1ra Sección
Jorge jose
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Psychologist helps you with your studies and his own skills to improve your memory

I like to study the subject the most easiest and early way, then when we already understand the subject we can make it more complicated to understand the subject in a most complete way than we did before. Im always developing the understatement between the communication and the learning.

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Student of Bilingual Primary Education teaches all subjects at the Primary and 1st-2nd ESO levels.

My teaching method is the innovative and known "Thinking Based Learning": Teach them to contextualize, analyze, relate, argue, convert information into knowledge and develop thinking skills beyond memorization.

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Engineering student from Govt. engineering college teaching all subjects up to class 10.

I would be providing one-on-one tuition on online platform.Will be using knowledge of my engineering course in teaching science so that student can understand what all he needs to focus more or less if he has to make career in science.Using my UPSC preparation i would provide holistic knowledge of art subjects so that a student enjoy studying all the subjects.

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High school student, ES, I help in different subjects around Grenoble if needed.

I try to understand the difficulties of the student and base my course on his difficulties. I do not hesitate to take the basics of a whole lesson if need and I show him how to be organized and methodical. I teach for any level.

New Delhi
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Study is fun when it is like a story-telling activity where you can relate!!

I start with acknowledging the pain areas of the student.Post that I understand the mental level of the student and then probably try understanding them through real life examples which give a pictorial representation of lessons and hence,it makes the learning more memorable one.

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Educated and experienced in Business, Writing, Information Technologies, Laboratory Research, and Science disciplines.

My teaching method is to create a warm and friendly environment, to ensure a healthy learning environment is mutually established between myself and my student. I use various teaching aids to ensure information is clearly conveyed from myself to the student.

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Graduating in Physical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin offers repetitions and help tasks in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry.

My private lessons are aimed at elementary, middle and high school with gaps in scientific subjects. My approach is very patient but persevering, in fact, my many experiences of volunteering in the field (even with foreign children) have helped me to develop these characteristics.

Lugo di Vicenza
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Student in the last year of accounting gives lessons online, in Thiene and surroundings for all subjects, homework help and study method

My approach to the subject is free and adapts to the needs of the student, I address to students of all school grades.

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Revision classes for ESO and Primary students: creative, fun and useful method!

I offer a creative way of learning. A fun and useful method, always adapting to the needs of each student, their personality and tastes. I am very patient, so I am able to teach kids of all levels and with special difficulties.

San Maurizio Canavese
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Jurisprudence student proposes repetitions in Turin for elementary and middle school students.

My method of study is based on the memorization of arguments through the use of mental maps and memorization techniques.

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Graduating in foreign languages ​​and literatures, she offers lessons and / or repetitions of English, Spanish and Italian.

I have a C1 level both in English and Spanish. My lessons vary according to the needs and the requests of each person. They are especially for middle and high school students, but I am also available to help any person who may need help with these subjects.

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Student in 2nd year BA in Clermont-Ferrand, school support, languages ​​& guidance assistance

The first step is to talk to the student at the first meeting to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, the work can begin. Classes will be based on work done in class by the student. The pace of work and the methodology will be adapted to the student as everyone learns differently.

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Personal guidance for your child for every subjects in school upto Class VIII.

Teaching through visual technology and repeated revisions reinforces deep-rooted learning. I give personal attention. So the children learns well. I am very friendly with the children and this helps in building the confidence of the children and thereby facilitates tutoring.

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Self motivated IT Professional gives tuition in all Mathematics and Science from Class 6 to 10 in Electronic City, Bangalore.

Pragmatic approaches to subjects, conceptualization of important topics in course. Non-conventional approaches towards problem solving. Easy and handy methodology for memorizing topics for examinations. Focusing on topics which are important for industry without compromising with the academic syllabus as per state board.

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Bachelor of biotechnology and doctoral student in biological sciences offers classes to learn to study at secondary, tertiary and university levels.

The first step to achieve success in the study is to develop in the students themselves the perception that learning requires certain strategies that can be identified and that are learned by practicing them. My goal is to help you to know and organize them.

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Education expert with 22 years experience shows you how to study for better results

I coach students to develop their thinking skills through school materials and homework, giving them the strategies and tools to be able to achieve high academic standards by themselves. I use specific methodologies of Problem Based Learning, Critical and Creative Thinking, Thinking trough the curricular subjects, etc. in order to empower students for success.

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I'm a student of Dentistry at Manipal college of Dental Sciences, Manipal, India. Can help school going students with their homework in almost all subjects, especially Science and Maths.

I believe that practice is required for a person to excel anywhere. My classes will be based on the books that are prescribed by CBSE. Specifically speaking, i can help you to understand the 'the texts in between the lines'. This will be useful for the students going to a CBSE schools till 10th(for maths) and 12th( for biology). I can give classes in English and Hindi mediums.

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Software engineer by profession ready to teach school students academics and help with homework

Teach school academics 5 Years experience in home tutorials for students from class 3 to class 10 Help in homework Teach learning and memory techniques Help with school assignments Build strong learning skills Inculcate good study habits Help with academic activities among various subjects for school students

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Student in Litterature tutoring anyone and anything from elementary school to high school

I am a student in litterature who has followed a scientific course in high school. I am therefore able to help you at different levels, in science as well as in literature or languages. Usually, my classes go on as homework help during which the student can ask me questions about what he/she doesn't understand, and I try and help him with exercises.

San Nicolás Tolentino
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Student of Mechatronic Engineering at Tec de Monterrey Campus Toluca teaches Mathematics, Computing, Physics and English.

The classes are aimed at children from kindergarten through high school. I help them with all the doubts I have and I help them solve a lot of exercises to strengthen their knowledge. I believe that patience is the most important thing, and in terms of teaching everything depends on how good you are explaining.

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Postgraduate student offering academic and performing arts tutoring - advanced experience with a range of subjects up to Masters level (anything from maths, sciences, and geography to singing, dancing

Young, friendly and approachable postgraduate student with advanced experience across multiple fields. The key with teaching is to keep it fun, interesting and relevant... this is my main aim as students perform significantly better when they are engaged with the material.

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Student of marketing and tourism teaches ESO and primary school in Barcelona.

My name is Anna, I am 19 years old and I am a graduate of Bachillerato. I'm studying Tourism and Marketing at university. My classes are aimed at ESO and elementary students. My specialities are languages ​​(Spanish, Catalan and English). I use good memorization techniques and I can help study and above all understand the subject.

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Student of Finance and International Relations gives orientation classes (reading, mathematics, office, homework, finances) with address in Bogotá.

Directed for college or university students that require tutoring to improve in the areas where they are considered deficient, with didactic and practical methods. I am patient and animated, when I do not understand what I try to explain change the way to do it so that the student understands what I try to convey.

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IT professional, good academics tutoring experience 'ALL SUBJECTS'. Good with Kids and in imparting knowledge.

Believe in Smart Hard Work than Smart Work or Hard Work individually. I am a old school disciplined, punctual and prefer Quality over Quantity in what I i deliver. Making basic concepts as the foundation of learning is preferred than superficial mugging up.

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Literary series high school student offers tutoring in French, English, Spanish and many other subjects from Meudon and other surrounding areas.

Having been trained since middle school to give classes of mutual assistance school, I will wish to continue the transmission of my knowledge as well as my methods to help a student in difficulties and to make progress. I could give him the necessary bases and good methods that will be useful throughout his career as a professional.

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Student engineer agronomy (3 years postbac), I want to convey my interest in science but also for languages.

I am a student engineer in agronomy. Currently in the 3rd year I have 2 left to validate my degree. I am 20 years old and I am passionate about science but also literature or languages. It is important to me to share my passion for science and especially living.

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