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Social baccalaureate student gives help classes with homework to children in Barcelona.

My name is Rita and I am studying first of baccalaureate of social modality. I offer revision classes, help with homework and study methods to elementary and ESO students in Barcelona. I can help, in general, with any subject. My mother tongues are Spanish and Catalan. I have always been a very good student and I have taken the ESO with an average of 8.5.

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Master student in History gives tuition class of methodology in Montpellier and by distance

I attach great importance to the attention and listen to students. So I adapted my method and my work to your desires, needs, gaps. And even your character! I have for supporting academic books, but also my own course, novels or short stories, websites, methodological sheets and summary ... And if necessary the annals of the patent and the baccalaureate.

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Educational Psychology graduate student in Special Education Master in Educational Psychology practices in a Child Care Center Global and schools in Madrid, teaches educativ support

Personally, the most important thing for me is to work knowing the skills and individual needs of each student. As a psychologist and therapist Special Education, I can recognize what these features and from this starting point, working with the best individualized approach that allows students to obtain maximum performance.

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Student at EMLYON offers tutoring in all Lyon, graduated with honours

I can help you in the following subjects: MIDDLE SCHOOL: -Mathematics -French -history geography -English HIGH SCHOOL: -Mathematics -SVT -French -history geography -English -Methodology in philosophy PREPA HEC -Methodology ALL LEVELS: -English I can offer you help with homework, correcting exercises, methodological advice, or assistance in understanding...

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Ongoing support english for all levels proposed by student school of commerce

Serious young man passionate about the Anglo-Saxon culture offers tutoring in English. Courses addressing students of all ages and all levels. Specially designed for students between the primary and the terminal. Support with homework, reminders of grammar and conjugation, mini tests, talking, my goal is to advance the student while communicating to him my passion for language and exciting culture.

Premià de Mar
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Teacher of review in Maresme or in Barcelona offers classes at home

My name is Marina Moreno and I am 18 years old. I am currently studying the Dual Degree of Business Administration and Innovation Management and Marketing and Digital Communities. My classes could be addressed to both primary and secondary school students. My specialty in teaching is English (FIRST, and currently studying for Advanced) although I am impartial. I can help in different subjects.

Villaviciosa de Odón
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Dual-degree engineering student offers help to elementary, ESO or scientific / technological baccalaureate students in Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid) or surroundings.

At the moment I am studying a double degree of engineering and I would like to teach other students, of any level included, PAU formation. In Bach. level I can help with the common or specific subjects of the scientific / technological area such as CTMA, Physics, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, etc.

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Master student of Early Childhood teaches elementary and high schools in all its forms and subjects (in school, CC.SS. mode)

Master student of Early Childhood degree in Psychology. My classes are addressed to all those students who attend primary and secondary, can reinforce them and / or exercise tutor in any of its subjects performing the same tasks in students in the form of Social Baccalaureate Sciences and university students of Psychology.

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School support with personalized monitoring, methodology, stress management and support in Paris.

I'm a student in dance in Paris, and I need to provide for my classes so I offer different courses: - French: upgrade, analysis and writing techniques, Preparation bac or patent: general culture, methodology, deepening knowledge. From primary to BAC. Playful and creative learning.

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Psychology student offers private lessons to high school students in Valencia who want to prepare their exams and improve their marks

I am a second-year Psychology student and I offer private lessons both at home and at my own in Valencia. I attended the baccalaureate of Health Sciences so I teach both the common subjects and also Science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Earth Sciences.

Paris 5e
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Student HEC / Sciences Po, gives lessons for all levels of History, Geo, French, SES, English, Italian ($ reasonable experience

- Offers courses and tutoring - CP has the Terminal - in History, Geo, languages ​​(English, Italian), French, SES, Mathematics (excluding section S), together with methodology. - Performs usually by first identifying the needs of the student and establishing a schedule of objectives. - Supports me on an experience of tutoring and my punctuality.

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Teacher-researcher in theoretical physics à the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris

I offer courses in mathematics and physics at all levels. Courses take place through an intuitive understanding first, then through depth theoretical aspects and application of the main physical and mathematical problems. Particular attention is given to the ability of modeling in solving physical problems.

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Marine biology student gives private lessons, homework help, college and high school.

Homework Help: Revisions courses, comprehension exercises and training duties and / or examinations. Course schedule: Prerequisite Courses, Exercises, Whipping, Questions. Philosophy: Focus on quality over quantity = Targeted exercises and understood, no "gavage".

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Student fully bilingual English teacher and Help - Academic Support Neuilly-sur-Seine

I teach English with complete overhaul of courses the student, using the vocabulary, syntactic structure and irregular verbs. I also offer assistance with oral course exclusively in English and exchange with the student. I also offer tutoring with proofreading courses, filling gaps and revisions.

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Student business development manager license gives courses in various fields

The courses are designed for students of all levels to Bac +3. My goal is to understand your needs and help you improve. Various methodologies can be used, we will retain the one with which you will feel more comfortable.

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Student in 3rd year of comunication, provides courses of English, French, history as well as homework help, from primary to the end of high school.

My classes are for all students ranging from middle to high school, as well as adult beginner and intermediate level. During the first course, I do a "test", allowing me to identify gaps student in order to adapt my course to their needs. Then, I try to make it more fun by drawing on novels, music or conversing.

Paris 10e
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Dynamic teacher with 8 years of experience with innovative methods offers language courses and tutoring in Paris

Dynamic and trilingual teacher offers courses in modern languages ! Levels: kindergarten, primary, secondary, university and adults. Public: French and international students (Europe, Asia, Latin America) Specialties: French Foreign Language (FLE) and Professional French; English (EFL) and Business English. General Spanish ; Learning methodology.

Paris 10e
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French PhD student offers private lessons in Paris in French, English, humanities, philosophy

The courses are for students of all levels (high school all the way to the masters thesis). I can also help students who are preparing competitive exams in France and abroad. I have a good experience in teaching French to English speakers, whether they are beginners or want to improve their writing or oral skills.

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Student at the University Paris-Dauphine provides tutoring in Mathematics, Economics, Languages from middle school to college years in Paris

Classes that I provide are for students from middle school to high school, but also for college students studying economics (management, finance, accounting, management accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, mathematics ...).

Lyon 3e
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Master degree in internationl and passionate management teaches foreign languages ​​Arabic English Spanish French in Lyon

- My classes are for high school students and even younger for learning the Arabic language, for example. - Learn the Basics of each language, grammar and vocabulary exercises syntax, comprehension and learning fun. Reading newspapers, TV series and discoveries in local languages.

Paris 4e
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Student Business School course gives schoolboy / high school in Paris and nearby suburbs (mathematics, French, English, history, geography, SVT)

Hello, graduated from ISC Paris Management School, I practice tutoring for 5 years. I offer to high school students different educational tracks: - tutoring, homework help, upgrading - Preparation for quizzes and tests - Methodology and coaching I favor the background understanding of the subject by the student. I apply real importance, which is why I favor a dialogue with this last.

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Student in engineering school (mathematics & computer) wants to give lessons to Cergy

I offer tutoring to enhance one's level and / or fill gaps for students between the age of 6 to 18, in most subjects, especially Mathematics, English, and French. I have already taught pupils who had very different grades and from different classes. I often try to make fun courses for a faster and less academic learning.

Paris 17e
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Student at Sciences Po Paris offers homework help

Hello to you all, having obtained my bachelor of science (mathematics specialty) with distinction, I joined Sciences Po Paris in September 2013, I propose my help to all parents who wish to entrust their (s) child ( s), middle and / or high school students to monitor homework - all subjects - and planning management for the long time.

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PhD student, graduate of law and clinical psychology, gives courses and tutoring, high school to the license.

Academic support and upgrade: Level College and High School (all disciplines). During law (Public, private): Level License. - Methodology first year. - Courses must L1 to L3. Social Studies (Psychology, Sociology, etc.): license level. PhD student gives private lessons. Hello, I am a doctoral student of law. I hold a Master of Social Sciences and a Master of Law.

Marseille 1er
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Tutoring college level, high school by a student of economic output prépa

Currently +3 to business school KEDGE Business School (Euromed Management) from Marseille, from a Bac ES and economic prep, I propose to give classes to students in college / high school level. I propose to give courses in mathematics, English economy, Italian, French,, history and geography, philosophy, general culture and give your child advice methodology to succeed in school.

Paris 18e
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Professor aggregate of letters and modern latin paris gives all levels during

During French and Latin in the fall for an effective recovery, without gaps in the 6th to the end. Private lessons take place in an effort to motivate students and always give him confidence in him. Progressive methodology and thorough in September for the best bachelor results.

Città metropolitana di milano
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I'm a graduated Master of Science student in MARKETING MANAGEMENT in BOCCONI. I offer PRIVATE LESSONS to MIDDLE SCHOOL students.

I'm a graduated student of Marketing Management in Bocconi. My support is aimed at MIDDLE ad HIGH school students, BACHELOR students of MANAGEMENT and MARKETING MANAGEMENT Master of Science students. Devotion, empathy, patience and curiosity are my strengths while excercising my activity.

Paris 20e

Bilingual Student at Sciences Po is ready to help with your studies!

My courses are designed for students who need a boost, more explanations or methodological advice. I am very enthusiastic and love to motivate young people to take pleasure in learning and to be proud of themselves. I speak English and Spanish fluently. I love history, economics and literature.


Teacher (experienced and motivated) over 950 hours of experience helps students to do their homework and exams

I have a master degree. I adapt my lessons to the needs of the client. The results are then as expected very positive. I try always different methods, because every student is different in his understanding. I hope you give me a try.

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Methodology lessons are essential but students must acknowledge the intricate process that is the teaching and learning process for such subjects. Getting a private methodology lessons is a quick and easy step towards learning new things fast. You can almost find methodology teachers anywhere but there is always a risk of not getting the right ones. Using resources such as the ones offered by suoperprof makes light work of the process of finding a good tutor. From this platform, you will find a system that helps you screen potential tutors to help you make a good choice. Private French lessons can help you interact freely with French speaking clients. To get the most practical and cost effective lessons, you need to pick a reputable teacher who understands the best methodology necessary for effective teaching. As a standard rule, most students will receive reading lessons to help them comprehend any other topics they may be interested in learning. Dealing with a system that helps you choose a teacher with relatively easy steps is a huge advantage for any potential students.