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A teacher is a sculpture who moulds stones into diamonds. RAJANI TEACHINGS.

My teaching methodology would be basically on subject related examples. May be sometimes real time examples would be used. I can even give presentations.

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Engineer offers repetitions of Mathematics and Physics to children of all ages.

I am a graduate in Energy Engineering / Mechanical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic with study experience in Paris and in California. I offer repetitions of Mathematics and Physics to elementary / middle school and high school students. I can also repeat in English and French. I can put the children at ease always trying to find their strength on which to push to make them learn the best way.

Ciudad de México
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Communication student, English and Spanish teacher, orientation in various topics and school subjects

I am a communication and media student, focused on the artistic and editorial field. I am dedicated to the study of the Spanish language. I can guide students to improve their writing and spelling. Actually, I work as an English teacher for all levels and ages. I can help elementary, middle and high school students improve their study skills or complete their assignments.

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I am a master and expert mentor of mathematics who guarantees good results within a short period of time.

My name is Sourav Guha. I am a B.Tech in Electronics and M.SC in Applied Mathematics. I give private tuition on Mathematics to students of class 9 to 12. I teach students of all boards except hindi medium schools. I believe in inculcating confidence in the students at first. For that purpose i start with the very basics and i makes them practice simple sums.

São Paulo
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Fun and Experienced Teacher of School Reinforcement in Portuguese, English and Writing

I like to shape my methodology to the student or class. Some students learn better with the communicative method, while others prefer grammar. No matter your need, I adapt to whatever you need. I only ask you to be interested and to strive in past activities.

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Former civilian service and student in Psychology offers tutoring in various subjects and tutoring in languages: English / French / Italian

My name is Vaianna (yes like the cartoon ...!) I hold a Literary Series Bac and I just start the Psychology Faculty after having completed 6 months of Civilian Service. Six months during which I have have picked more experience in different fields, notably in accompanying school from primary to college / Brevet.

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Student duplicate license fee / Philosophy in Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne offering tutoring classes for students College and High School

I am a first year student of dual licensing of Law and Philosophy at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. I appeal therefore to students in college and high school who I teach French, history-geography, SES and Philosophy (for each discipline his method indeed).

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Graduated student in Languages ​​and Literatures offers help and support lessons for all subjects

Student with a degree in Modern Languages ​​and Literatures offers extra-coaching lessons and help/support tasks for: Elementary school: ALL subjects Middle high school: ALL subjects High school: all subjects but chemistry and physics. For mathematics i offer lessons for the first and second year of high school.

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Masters Student offers Student Support and Academic Prep to Pupils of All Backgrounds

I am currently studying for my MSc in Strength and Conditioning (Sports Science). I offer a tailored tutoring/coaching experience to suit your individual learning styles as I am aware from my own experiences that a 'one size fits all' does not work with learning - being dyslexic myself.

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Actress and graduated in cinema gives courses and coaching in various subjects - primary and secondary level

Graduated with a Master in theater and vocal arts and a Master in Performing Arts/Professional cinematographic writing, I give various courses and coaching in these areas but also in some school subjects. The course lasts a minimum of one hour in general. During the first course, I am developing a program with the student to progress in the matter.

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L3 gives French courses for all levels at home dictate classes in the Puy de Dome.

Educational in nature and destined me professorship I would give lessons to younger students and youth in difficulty. After L which leads to honors in Bac, and after two years of literary prépa with honors I am able to help any student who would have difficulties in French literature. I also babysit and make them learn their lessons after school: I play babbysitting the past 4 years.

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Student and writer offers courses in philosophy, French, literature and history of arts in Paris

Student licensed in Modern Literature and Philosophy, trained in classical culture and classical languages ​​(Greek and Latin) by two years of preparatory classes, and art-enthusiast in general (for cinema in particular), I am able to provide support for High School students in different subjects such as history of art, French, history, geography, philosophy.

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Administration and Management student offers tutoring classes to elementary school children

Hello, my name is Lorena, I am a student of third grade of Administration and Management. I offer classes to primary school children. The classes would consist of 1 hour, which would begin with a brief outline of what will be taught in that class and go develop it so that students understand all the important points.

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MA in economics student I give private lessons in Paris 20th and 11th

Student with references Master Grande Ecole de Commerce, I give way in the final materials to address the baccalaureate with serenity. I travel Paris 20th, 11th and 12th I'm serious and I have an excellent relationship with my students. I teach methodology and I reassure the students on their abilities and their future.

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Memory techniques to remember everything easily. In Paris and / or remotely.

We are all geniuses, still have to know the right strategies and training. Learning by heart is a game. I am making available to my students the strategies used by athletes of memory and validated by cognitive science. Let's apply these techniques to anything you want to learn.

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Teacher gives individual classes in Ponferrada-León of all the subjects from primary school.

The class is personalized and the student has computer equipment and individual digital whiteboard and the class is from primary school. I am a very motivating teacher towards the students with different and innovative teaching methods that are giving very good results.

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Aide aux devoirs : primaire, français, math, science, lecture, écriture, jeux pour apprendre

Ma méthodologie est tout d'abord à distance. Pour ce qui est du reste, je m'adapte aux besoins, aux intérêts de mes élèves. Je peux travailler par le jeu, par des devinettes, par la lecture de livre, par la découverte. Bref, tant que c'est stimulant, motivant et aidant pour l'élève apprendre dans le plaisir est ma devise.

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Student at Science Po Strasbourg provides tutoring and homework classes for all levels.

I usually give tutorials, these are based on a gentle and calm learning method that guides and helps to understand by simplifying the elements. It is through communication and practice that I pass on my work methods and help to find the ones that are best suited for each situation. My classes are for all students who want to improve, both in college and high school.

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Student in apprenticeship as an electronics technician last year in Yverdon-les-Bains, I explain things well and I have a good vision of people.

My name is Gabriel Dos Santos Xavier, I'm 20 years old, from Portugal, I came to Switzerland at the age of 5, my teaching method is to help a person to find the answer without giving it, through the understanding of the subject.

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Private English classes for all levels up to C1, other subjects, personalized school reinforcement and homework

I offer to give professional English classes up to a C1 level. Speaking, writing, exercises, pronunciation, help at school / highscool... I have the Advanced C1 Cambridge diploma. I can also help with subjects related to social sciences up to the baccalaureate level (art, language, English, philosophy, history, etc.).

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PhD student available for repetitions, homework help, debt / deficiency recovery, foreign languages and "Invalsi" tests practicing. Elementary and middle school all subjects, high schools and adults d

Something about me: Classical Studies high school diploma, master's degree in International Relations with honors, PhD. Multidisciplinary preparation, from letters to mathematics to languages ​​(English C1, French and Spanish B2, German A2), experiences abroad. ...

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Chloe, 22 years Student Master 1 in Business Law offers homework help or babysittings, or 92 Paris

My name is Chloe, I'm currently a student in Master 1 Business Law at the Faculty of Nanterre. I just got my degree with honors after getting my bachelor economic. I'm looking to give lessons or do the "homework" on my free time. My classes can speak to students of primary / college / high school (only economic section).

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School outing to help with courses, to see the problems with your lessons

I am a student in English who have a high school degree in litterature, languages with mathematics option. I help children, teenagers and students for different subjects, I adjust to the level of each and their need and demand. I see with the pupils the problems they encounter in their homework and their courses so I can find another explanation than what they have seen in class if not understood.

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Neo graduate from classical high school gives repetitions in areas close to Turin

I am a neo-graduated girl at Class High School A.Monti di Chieri (To) with a score of 86/100. I am a native speaker of Spanish but Italian is my second mother tongue. I love English and I have the FCE certificate and I'm trying to give the CAE. My lessons will be conducted following the course of the student's studies and trying to improve his learning techniques.

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College student offers class to improve learning habits and/or skills in Vallés

I am a university student, I give my classes to anyone who wants to acquire effective study habits applicable to all kinds of knowledge. I rely on the culture of progressive effort, on understanding and learning, using the process of memorizing as a tool and not as the goal.

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School reinforcement classes - all subjects to go from suspend to approve

Beginning with good techniques of study with schematics, summaries and practical exercises, the student can learn and improve the subject that their propose to. What I use most is the practice to strengthen theoretical knowledge, and study techniques adapted to the student's creativity so that he learns more than simply memorizing.

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Bac ES with honors and is currently in the first year of saving, I can take take you to achieve your academic goals. Both French, math, or language in SES, and all c

I am a student in Economics / Management, I got my Es Bac with honors. And I shall take you to achieve your goals. One mentions the Bac? At GCSE? Nothing is impossible, call me and I'll help you discover your full potential. I can help in all subjects from primary to the terminal. Maybe you're a parent who want to push their child to success or even to excellence.

Paris 5e
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Student at the University Paris Dauphine gives school support courses to college students

The courses are aimed at college students aiming to improve their level in the different subjects. To do this, I proceed to the learning of the course and a small evaluation to verify if this has been assimilated by the student. Then I propose to do application exercises and at the end of the sequence more in-depth exercises.

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School support for children from primary to ESO and Bachiller: math, English, French, biology .... Valencia city

Help for children or teenagers with problems in certain subjects. Price and flextime. B2 level in english and french.

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Student in Sciences Po and Letters teaches philosophy, French literature and methodology

My course and my tutoring cater to middle and high school students from all sectors to prepare serenely patent and the ferry, or spend his year. These courses French and philosophy with elements of content and methodology. I always try to adaptate my classes to the student needs.

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