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Lyon 1er
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English bilingual teacher and all primary and middle school subjects in Avignon and surroundings

Teacher at the Education Nationale for 8 years in France, Australia and Bangalore (India), then bilingual teacher in a Montessori school, I accompany you for all subjects taught in primary and secondary school by personnalising active pedagogies , guaranteeing the participation of the student and an effective acquisition.

Paris 11e
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Art student offers tutoring and art classes in Paris and the suburbs

I am a 21 year old art student. I did a literary baccalaureate. I have a DEUG in film studies, a year in a visual arts degree and next year I start studying fashion design! I propose tutoring in Paris and near suburbs. My specialties are French, English, history and plastic arts! The course of the course depends on the subjects and the duties of the child.

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Enjoy learning through fun and innovative ways for school students who find education boring

I believe that every student must understand the fun behind education. I am here to share my views in a very fun way which never makes the student forget what I taught him/ her. My methodology is way different than others.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna
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My name is Carmela, I offer general school support and care of children in northern Tenerife

Support classes I address mainly primary and secondary school children who need to learn a methodology study, learn to study by themselves and find out the study more bearable form. I like to make dynamic, entertaining classes so you can find the fun time in class. I usually like to see children two days a week to switch between homework and study and so go up on their subjects.

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Marketing license student gives English, Math, French and other courses in Toulouse

Firstly, I evaluate the student's attitude towards the courses he has to learn (does he likes what he is doing, what blocks him, how he wants to evolve). Then I help him to find a learning solution that will suit him and that he will makes his own (does he have a visual, auditory memory, etc.).

Sant Cugat del Vallès
Marc xavier
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Private primary teacher all subjects in Sant Cugat! Learn and catch study habits having a good time.

I am a 19 year old boy who studies 2nd year of Business Sciences-Management at Pompeu Fabra University. My classes will be very interactive and agile giving any elementary subject (English, languages, mathematics ...). I like to spend time with children and always help in the difficulties that the student may have.

Paris 4e
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School support from primary school to high school - Val d'Oise and Paris -

I offer useful upgrades for students in primary, middle or high school by targeting weak subjects and accompanying them in their progression. My goal is to create a climate of trust that will inspire the student to give the best of himself.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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An Enthusiastic, Eager and Exuberant Online Trainer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hi, I have been a teacher and tutor for 7 years now and instantly gel with my students. I give customized and tailor-made lesson plans, material and notes from my end. I give lessons to all grades, levels, degrees, diplomas and specifications in English, Psychology, Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

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Degree in Primary Education in English and Modern Singing, she is offered to give REVIEW CLASSES, languages ​​or music.

My teaching method is innovative, dynamic and original. I try to make classes so that the students learn by having fun. I make them interested in what they study because motivation is the most important thing.

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Student in engineering school gives courses in all scientific subjects, Languages ​​(Polyglot: French, English, Arabic) and also in Methodology (Orientation, Preparation Brevet / Bac Sci

I am a student in the first year of the engineering cycle at the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Roeun-Normandie in energetics and propulsion. My courses are mainly aimed at high school students and especially those who prepare a Bac Scientifique. I have a Baccalaureate Science Specialty Mathematics with honors.

Paris 20e
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School teacher graduated from the National Education gives private lessons in Paris (CP to CM2)

Target Audience: These courses are intended for elementary school students who have gaps in specific subjects or require daily support in their workflow. Background: In school settings, inclusion in a class group often does not provide optimal individual learning for the most disadvantaged students.

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Teacher of french as a mother and foreign language at all levels, Spanish and English high school level.

Hi, Following my graduation in 2007, I worked as a French language trainer in the field of associations in the Paris region, including the Mayor of Paris for 4 years. I have also worked abroad, Morocco and Mexico. I have lectured in university language centers and French alliances. Back in France since 2 months, I am currently working as a contractor for Education.

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3rd year law student at La Sorbonne, bringing tutoring assistance in Paris

3rd year law student at Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, I provide tutoring and homework assistance to any student in need - primary, secondary and high school (up to 2nde). Having a very good working method and a good sense of organisation I will guide you and give you good advice! I am a very studious person but I always try to approach the work in a pleasant way.

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Pistoia and the surrounding area - Legal-economic repetitions, foreign languages ​​(English-French); Graduate, with decades of experience in frontal teaching

Graduated in economics with foreign experience and outstanding linguistic knowledge, imparts repetitions via web or frontal (at my domicile), through simplified and tested learning techniques, schematization, high-level repetition, intuitive explanation of concepts and notions, in function Of personal needs.

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First-class tutoring in Wiltshire, Somerset & by Skype by Oxford University graduate

I am a very experienced tutor who gets excellent results at GCSE, A level and university level. I have a Masters Degree and a Doctorate from Oxford University, and I am a trained teacher. I deliver one-to-one tuition in person or by Skype, plus writing workshops.

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Entrepreneur uses startup methods to help you organize and achieve your goals. 5 years experience

The internal organization and performance monitoring methods used by startups are organized around a key point: growth. These practices are perfectly duplicable on an individual standpoint. These methods are implemented on a quarterly basis.

(4 reviews)

Master's degree in Information, Communication and Publishing Sciences offers lessons for homework help and after-school assistance. My lessons are based on the acquisition of m

My lessons are based on the acquisition of method and involvement (also emotional) to the subject. There are no mnemonic or overly technical studies, but the student will have to learn to acquire any notion or concept with a personal method and path. The lesson will be personalized based on the type of student (age, gender, interests, personal path), interactive and dynamic.

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Student of Sciences Po Paris gives classes of school support and homework help on Reims

I think I can help in several disciplines, combining patience and pedagogy. The most important thing for me is to teach a rigorous but flexible method that adapts to all subjects. The competition preparation made me understand that, although the methodology differs, the reflection is always based on the same pattern, which it is useful to understand.

Quartu Sant'Elena
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Help repetitions, settle debts. I am a recently graduated girl with a great experience in the field of repetitions. I offer help with homework and debt settlement.

Italian, Latin, history, geography, philology, writing workshops, Latin Italian literature, English and English and Spanish. I am a 28 year old girl, passionate about literature, art, cinema and theater. I have been doing repetitions for a long time and I have had the good fortune and the possibility of moving to various parts of Sardinia and following more than thirty young people.

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Graduated from the Paris IV Sorbonne University of Arts and Social Sciences, gives courses in English, History-Geo, French and Literature for high school students in Paris and the southern suburb

Hello, I'm Lorette. My classes / supports are for students from primary to high school. Teaching hard sciences from primary to college and social sciences and languages ​​to the baccalaureate. Course schedule: assessment of the week - resumption of problematic assignments - help with homework - questions.

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Student (Prépa Lettres & Sciences Po Lille; L3 histoire) gives personalized tutoring support, for primary to high school levels at Lille.

I am in my first year of Master's degree at Sciences Po Lille; as well as a Bachelor in History from the Sorbonne, just after finishing two years in a preparatory literary class. I teach from elementary school to college levels. I am specialized in literary subjects (philosophy, English, literature, history).

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Mathematics for Elementary, Middle and Higher Education throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro

My name is Alan, I am a student of the 7th year of Degree in Mathematics at UFRJ, I offer to teach classes for students of Elementary, High School and Superior subjects like Finite Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Geometry I, Vectors in R2 and R3 , Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra II, etc. I am also available to teach EJA students.

(4 reviews)

Med student gives academic and methodological help from primary to high school in all subjects

As a medical student, I propose to provide your child with an effective work methodology, which is essential for the student's progress, as well as help with understanding the lessons and the gaps in order to work effectively in the areas of the student. shadow that can be encountered during homework and exams.

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Plymouth University graduate with a First Class honours degree in Primary Education providing Primary School Support

I have a varied experience teaching and supply teaching which are based upon planning lessons in order to progress children understanding and knowledge of the primary curriculum. I offer an elicitation task to begin with which highlights areas in which children are struggling with before progressing forward to teach certain areas/topics in order to gain a confident understanding.

Santa Maria
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Professor of Sciences and Biology at the Federal Institute Farroupilha in Agricultural Technician courses and Bachelor in Biological Sciences. I have master's and doctorate!

I have enough patience and I usually use techniques of memorization and contextualization of the contents covered. My classes are for all levels, from elementary school to higher education.

Paris 5e
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Master student in Heritage and Museums gives courses in French, English, German, history and geography, philosophy, visual arts and music in Paris from primary school to the terminale.

Student in the second year of Master in Heritage and Museums in Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, I teach French, English, German, history-geography, philosophy, visual arts and music in Paris, from primary school to the terminal. I base my courses on the program in a structured way and I am attentive to the students needs, difficulties and affinities.

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Student of Industrial Organization Engineering offers classes (science and English language) at Primary and ESO level in Valencia.

As an Engineer I like to follow a structured and organized form of the subject, as well as when facing a problem / project. On the other hand, each person is a world and has a way of learning in which he is more comfortable, resulting in the most important finding of balance between an efficient methodology and that allows to feel comfortable working.

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English Teacher Student offers private classes to primary and secondary school students.

My classes are based on making an assessment of English level of the student in the first instance and just start with the program or the topics with which you need help.

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School support and Homework help: Home course - Prof (engineer training) comprehensive, methodical, pedagogue, and experienced - Boulogne-Billancourt / Paris 16th / Issy moulineaux

I intervene in the following way: 1- Taking knowledge of the course: we read the course and I make sure that my student has understood well 2 - I make sure of the consolidation of the knowledge by the application: questions of courses, exercises, ... 3- I identify the mnemonic means, memorization tips to know and the different techniques of reasoning / resolution / writing.

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Student Business Engineer helps elementary & high school pupils to study (all subjects), find their working methodology and prepare for tests / exams

[Methodology]. We will first look at your situation: your strengths and points that could be improved. Then we can rework some subjects, practice for tests / exams, set up a working methodology that works for you, and so on. [Experience]. I am currently helping a 7th grade pupils.

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