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University student of Sorrento. I am a patient person. My lessons will be fruitful and methodical

All you have to study will be accomplished with method and ease. You do not have to repeat everything like a parrot just to make your own happy, you will see that you will love to learn.

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Student of Finance and Accounting offers help with homework, and private lessons for all the subjects of EP and ESO, with 2 years of experience.

My method of study is based on understanding the concepts explained in class, not memorizing them. I will try to solve all the possible doubts that may have and to strengthen those concepts and then later work with them through class exercises or some proposed by me.

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21 yo student - I teach private lessons for primary and middle school

I gave mathematics and methodology lessons to a 12 yo kid for 1 year. I am willing to help again through regular meetings adapted to your needs. In my eyes, a good relationship between a student and his teacher is sustainable and based on listening.

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Varese, Engineer offers courses: Mathematics, English, elementary, middle, high, of 3years experience

An engineering graduate of security and civil protection, I propose courses in math and English for students of elementary, middle and high schools. They are also available for other subjects such as physics (basic level) and Italian. I hold lectures in Varese and online.

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Student - master in advertising gives private tutoring - primary + secondary

My teaching method is to identify in the first place the needs and the gaps of the student. Once identified, they must be strengthened. I rely on my classes as well as on my extracurricular project experience to work effectively, especially on the method of analysis and construction of reasoning.

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Private classes Primary and ESO, Basque, Spanish and English. At home or in my house.

I am a 25 year old boy, graduated as Teacher of Primary Education by the University of the Basque Country. I offer private classes for children of Primary and ESO, in Basque, Spanish and English. Both at your home and at my home. Experience as a teacher in schools and several years giving private lessons. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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Brilliant college student offers repetitions and help humanities and linguistic subjects in Venice

I am a college student who has always been passionate about studying and teaching languages and humanities. I do repetition and do after-school service, supporting students of all ages in learning their own study method in order to be able to continue studying the subject alone after a course of lessons.

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Student of Medicine in the third year proposes repetitions of mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, biology to students of secondary schools and high school in Milan

I am a medical student at the University of Milan, graduated from the Liceo Scientifico F. Severi with 100. I offer repetitions of all the mathematical-scientific subjects (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology ...) and English to high school students, technical institute or Middle School. I give lessons for preparation for the Medicine and Surgery Test.

Paris 9e
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Student in the second year of preparatory literary class at Condorcet, Paris

I focus on understanding first, and always make sure a student understands their course before applying it. Left to spend time re-reading a class, which is always the basis of understanding. When the student has a particular exercise, I let him do so, while accompanying him to acquire a method and a clear understanding.

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Architecture student expert in the intellectual and academic development of the student

As teachers, we give private lessons of all life, both primary, ESO, baccalaureate or even university. The new modality that we premiered this course is the open classroom, a space where students, along with a maximum of 4 more students, can come to study to take the habit so necessary to achieve success. The price is very affordable.

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Graduated in Accounting and Commercial Expert I am available to carry out repetitions and help tasks

My teaching method is based on a first (free) evaluation of the student, and then moves on to planning the most effective (and personalized) strategies and methods for achieving the objectives, which can be both the recovery of the subject and a simple upgrade.

Paris 16e
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Student in last year at the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées offers math / physics / chemistry courses for high school / high school

"Nothing is to be feared, everything is to understand". I insist on understanding, not mechanical learning. I therefore emphasize the mastery of the course and the basic exercises, which constitute the necessary and sufficient basis to face the tests. This method allowed me to win a double 20 in math / physics at the Oral Mines-Ponts competition.

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University terrassa with experience of more than 7 years offers study techniques and classes of review of: Catalan and Spanish language, intermediate and advanced English, spelling, mathematics, biolo

Hello, I am Ivette, 1st year student in Social Education, I am 23 years old and I am from Terrassa. I study at the UAB and offer myself to teach mathematics, natural and social science, spelling, English, advanced English, biology, chemistry (...) and study techniques to Primary and ESO children.

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Medical student with great experience in support classes in GERMAN, ENGLISH, CATALAN and SPANISH. I also offer my help with the PRIMARY-BACCALAUREATE duties.

I am 22 years old, I am a medical student and I offer language and school support classes. Students from primary to +25 years. Preparation of the intermediate level of German (B1-B2) and higher levels (C1-C2) of English, Catalan and Spanish, being able to accredit each of the degrees. I have a very flexible schedule, including Saturdays and Sundays 24h.

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Learn with fun and real time examples which help in understanding the subject better

I try to explain the things by taking real life example so that kids can relate it and it helps them remember it as well. I ask kids about their hobbies and pick examples based on that which makes it easier for them. In past I have got the great feedback from my students. I have 3 years of experience before joining engineering and then IT. I enjoy teaching and that's why I am starting this again.

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Maths and Science for students of Std VII to X

I am having about 7 years’ experience of teaching Mathematics to CBSE IX to XII, ICSE IX and X, ISC XI and XII and WB XI and XII.

Juan miguel
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Tutor with native English level looks for student for tutoring in Madrid

I seek to help with everything that is necessary to all who are willing to learn. I have studied English since I was 3 years old and I lived in the United States for some time. I will try to help with everything possible, the idea is not to be one more class, but to be a learning experience for both the student and me.

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Graduated in Human-Machine Interaction, she offers design lessons and thesis support in Pisa

I believe that the best approach is that of learning by doing and that the methodology, however, must vary according to the needs of those who study and the subject matter. The motivation for learning is fundamental, what I try to convey, besides the concepts, is the passion for the subject.

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Psychology student specialized in psychology of learning and child psychology. I offer school support to children and teenagers and reinforce students with difficulties when studying

My teaching techniques are based on pedagogy and the psychology of learning. I also like to work with groups. The classes would be of one hour, although it can be adjusted to the time needed and it would consist of the material that the student has to reinforce in addition to additional material added by me and the help of the tools that will be given for the study.

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University offers private lessons reinforcing and exam preparation in Mataro. Economic lessons

enthusiastic, responsible and open girl people offers affordable private lessons (Help with homework, test preparation, reinforcement of subjects ... aim? Good grades!) in Mataro.

San Bernardo
(3 reviews)
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Student of pedagogy maked classes of reinforcement of school subjects, basic and media

My teaching method is based on explaining the subject with facts of each day, being patient and dactical, in which my student at the end of each session understands and analyzes the subject. And furthermore, what is explained is questioned.

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She graduated from the lyceum of communication - social address, and later qualified as an assistant to childhood, proposing repetition to middle school boys and girls in the Roma Eur - Ostia area.

My methodology consists in learning which are the main difficulties of the students both for the subjects studied and for the learning method used, and consequently, to find the most appropriate method of study for the person. For this reason each lesson will be structured according to the needs of the boy.

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Sociology student in Lyon, bilingual English and able to do school support from elementary to high school

I am a sociology student and capable of teaching history, French, English, English literature and literature. I can also do school support in economics and social sciences, mathematics, SVT and physics. Sociology and my grades give me a comprehension of what is expected in exams which makes me able to teach how to learn one's lessons in order to succeed their exam.

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Humanities and Spanish language student at the Minuto de Dios University in Bogotá, he offers his services as a teacher of literature, linguistics or writing.

How methodology my proposal is much more holistic. Although it is a difficult concept to handle in education, I believe that it is much more effective to appropriate knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective. Now, I am not a teacher of everything to respond, I strive to awaken the curiosity of who my students are and thus achieve an appropriation by them much deeper.

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I am teaching school level maths , science , history and English ... I'm engineering student and I have a school level teaching experience is 2 years . I'm from Rajkot (Gujarat)

My teaching method is different . My method is first of all clear the Basic concept and then start the learning. Because first concept is not clear then reading and learning is difficult . So , I start first concept and learning then ...

Collefontana-Fontana Liri Inferiore
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Engineering Mathematics Physics Chemistry Computing Electronics Programming Networks Technology Drawing Electrotechnics Algebra Geometry

I'm Alessandro, a graduate in engineering, I am interested to take my lessons from high school boys to adults, I have a teaching technique that is based directly on a proven method of study in my 6 university years.

La Llagosta
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I am a designer and I offer classes in mathematics, languages ​​and technical drawing at home. In the Llagosta and surroundings.

I am a student of product design, I have a bachelor's degree. My schedule is flexible and I make the necessary hours for the student to pass the subjects with good grades. I propose fun methods so that the student can easily retain the information.

La Plata
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Advanced college student in La Plata gives home school support lessons to middle school and high school levels

I am a student of Audiovisual Arts in the fourth year with a desire to give private support lessons for primary or secondary school, in subjects such as literature, mathematics, English. Based on what is needed by the student, exercises are set up to work.

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Student in "A level +2" helps with homework from Primary to A level in Reims

I teach at all levels and all classes from primary to terminal. The goal is to arrive at understanding the method to succeed in the various exercises. I adapt quite easily to the student and his level to better help him progress. My method is to find mnemonic means to better assimilate the information and better retain them.

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PhD in Chemistry with a European Classical diploma gives repetitions in school subjects and languages ​​(English-French) in Turin

I have a heterogeneous education due to my particular course of study: European Classical Diploma, Degree in Science for Cultural Heritage and a PhD in Chemistry for Materials. This allows me to provide support in both humanistic and scientific school subjects. I also have excellent knowledge of English and French both written and spoken, supported by various experiences abroad.

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