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Student in POLITICAL SCIENCE Toulouse - Homework and baby-sister

Availability: from now (Thursday, January 22, 2015) Who am I: Master student 1 Career Administrative, Sciences Po Toulouse after spending a BS degree with honors (average of 19.6 bachelor's degree). Motivation: the financing of a planned trip to Mexico next summer Experience: point guard of children in France, Mexico and the United States (families and individuals).

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I offer English courses for people from 7 to 77! English courses Homework Reading Methodology Noisy

English has always been a passion for me. I speak English every day, and regularly teaches to adults and children. I can adapt to your needs, whether they go from the simple conversation to the translation of articles, or grammar rules. I started teaching classes through word of mouth, and then I signed up on sites such as Matelem or Kelprof.

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Offers serious support - English, History, Economics, French, Law, Italian (Middle school, high school, college)

I'm 24, French, studying law in France. I'm starting in the field of private lessons and looking forward to give a meaningful help to middle school, high school students, or students who are beginning graduate studies. I'm pretty versatile and cultivated. . It is above all important to create a good atmosphere between teacher and student; certainly be serious, but no headaches.

Alcalá de Henares
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In search of a new primary school teacher to successfully complete the course?

I value new ideas, creativity and originality. I believe it is important to collaborate in the development of each student's talent, motivate them and help them see that making mistakes is an opportunity to learn. Not only is it important to promote good academic progress, it is also essential to prepare them as good citizens.

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Student of Pedagogy at the Federal University of São Paulo teaches reinforcement classes for kindergarten and elementary education .

-Productive didactic material for school reinforcement; -Literacy; -Mathematics, natural sciences, philosophy, sociology, Portuguese, Spanish and English languages; -Provinha Brasil, SAEB: Aneb, Anresc and ANA; -Collection of Books Fundamental Pedagogy; -Use Motivational Course Tools: Conquer Your Students (Transactional Analysis) from the Academy of the Future, Robert Shinyashiki.

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Professor & Innovative Educator (Gifted Students welcome!): Downtown Bordeaux and Le Bouscat

Hello everyone ! Teaching assistant in a secondary school of Bordeaux (Chartrons) and home professor of humanities and methodology for students aged 11-18 years (Gifted Students, dyslexia, school phobics, highly motivated for their diploma, or those who just need some help!) I'm here to help you improve yourself and reach your goals.

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Tutoring and homework help for primary, secondary and secondary students in Moissac up to 30 km in the vicinity

Currently in resumption of study for 2 years I head for the beginning of the school year of September 2017 towards an L1 science of the education. In parallel I have been tutoring for 1 year in a primary school with children from CP to CE2 at the end of the school day. In addition, I work in a school at Alternative Pedagogy: Montessori Pedagogy.

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University student offers school support to do homework in Madrid, preferably in Móstoles

I am a student of degree in Marketing in English, I offer school support, either to study or to do homework, in an effective and entertaining way. If you are a primary or secondary school student and need a little help, I am available.

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Tuition - French - PATENT / BAC - Paris and 2-3 zone

Doctoral student in didactics of languages ​​and cultures at the University Paris-Sorbonne Nouvelle 3. Teaching Method: synthesis, mind map, visual attention, auditory, gestural, application, reinforcement, play, award, etc.

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Primary school tutoring at the terminal, any series and levels confused !

In a context where the curriculum is increasingly broad, with less and less time for teachers to help students, I offer courses of support from primary to terminal (general or technical) . Teacher, we will seek, techniques (memo-technical means, visual memory / auditory ...) in order to improve and fluidify your learning, making it more effective and playful.

San Diego
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Columbia Engineering Student gives homework help to elementary to high school students in San Diego

I am a Columbia Engineering student tutoring students of elementary to high school age. I help them build off of existing knowledge by asking progressing questions that demonstrate their ability to work through and master concepts through their own power of learning.

Jerez de la Frontera
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Finishing high school student who can teach at the lower levels any subject

I am a high school student but I am finishing, also I have the title of English B1 and B2 process.

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Individuals to improve care classes, reading, spelling ... or improve in subjects such as mathematics, language, English, French ...

It is very important to deal with every type of person, it is essential to know the characteristics, motivations, interests and needs of each child to work properly. Also, a warm and trusting environment is absolutely necessary so that students feel comfortable and can follow a proper educational line. It is so important both discipline and work as love and affection.

Wheat Ridge
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Boulder, CO: College student in (Philosophy/Politics/Literature) tutors/consults writing at all levels, and most subjects

I am a college junior, studying philosophy, politics, & economics. I love tutoring, but my main focus is on helping students plan/draft/edit papers in any discipline. I also tutor academically in philosophy and literature/English, which can include test prep, or just helping the student understand their material better.

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Professeur de français - Du Lycée jusqu'à l'université - Cours de FLE (tous niveaux)

Bonjour à tous, Diplômée d'un Master Recherche: Littérature française et comparée (Mention BIEN), je propose des cours particuliers de français à des lycéens et des étudiants du supérieur, de tous niveaux, pour les aider à améliorer leurs notes et à réussir leurs épreuves orales ou/et écrites.

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Professor -English-Spanish-French-for young adolescents and adults.

I have a Master degree in foriegn languages ​​(English -Spanish) at The University of Paris 10, I worked at the French International School in Antwerp as a French tutor . I was an english teacher in an Oxford summer camp in Paris .Now , I am an english and spanish teacher in a private school.

Godoy Cruz
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Future Lawyer, student of the National University of Cuyo with subjects to be received. Broad general culture including geopilitics

Reading comprehension techniques. Multicopy context. Study techniques. Textual analysis and terminology. Tempo-academic organizational strategies. Analysis jurisprudence and public speaking techniques.

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New graduate at the Milan Polytechnic in Computer Engineering. I offer repetitions and help homework.

I am a recent graduate in Computer Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic. During my studies I had several after-school experiences and homework help for elementary, middle and high school students. My goal is to provide students with a method of study so that they can overcome their difficulties in understanding the topics.

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Student at Sciences-Po Aix-en-Provence gives refresher course and methodology of learning from primary to high school

First year student at Sciences-Po Aix, graduated with a Literary Baccalaureate with honors, Euro English and Advanced English, I offer tutoring courses for all students from primary school to Terminale to improve your methodology, your way of working and learning.

San Diego
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Master's in Teaching Certified Teacher seeking to help those with any subject

I hold a Master's in Teaching. I understand the state standards and different ways to teach them for maximum understanding for each student. I have taught elementary and middle school for the past four and a half years. I am moving to San Diego and excited to help out a new community.


La Sorbonne Student offers French Class Taught in English in/around Toulouse

Hello, I offer French classes taught in English (and in simplified French) adapted to your level in order for you to improve quickly during your stay here in Toulouse. I am used to teaching French culture, as much as the more academic aspects of the language. We can meet at your convenience in nice spots in and around Toulouse (cafés, libraries, parks, etc...).

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Student in Nantes proposes to help young and old in their homework

Holder of the literary baccalauréat I offer my services to help you in your duties of reading with spelling passing of course by grammar and conjugation, whether in French, foreign language, history or geography, etc. ..

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Very strong background in Math, Calculus, and physics. I have MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering.

I can teach university students as well as school students. I love mathematics and physics. I will never tell you to solve or go for steps unless illustrate to you the meaning and the target of the calculations to make everything understandable and clear.

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Leo, 19 yo, a baby sitter and Homework Helper in Lyon, France

The courses are for all levels of students, the baby sitting is desired for children from 3 years.

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Reading teacher and home literacy in greater São Paulo south ! ,

I believe reading is exciting and attractive, but like any love needs to develop, for that I try to understand the difficulty of the student and their learning level to prepare a reading improvement program or literacy that is best for him.

Kings County
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Brooklyn Latin alumni and Classics minor Giving Latin Tutoring in NYC boroughs

I'm looking to tutor high school students and college students taking latin currently. We will go over homework, grammar, I have books on teaching latin. Will work on shortcoming and understanding, so that you have a more deeper knowledge of the language.

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Student Faculty of Science holds an available science graduate has alfort house for help to duty

Hello, I am a student in the Faculty of Science and holds a mention science graduate well. My course is for students who need someone to do their duty. From simple revision courses to deepen. I help students to redo their duty and improve their methodology.

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Third Grade student Primary Teacher Training is offered to teach students / as Primary and ESO.

As a student of Primary Teachers I know a wide range of study techniques that have been very useful in helping my students / as not only to pass without difficulty but also to motivate them to study. I think that the key to a good school performance are close and sincere treatment between teacher-student and using active methodologies that make lessons a pleasant experience for the learner.


Experienced teacher : preparing for the french Brevet and Baccalaureat standard national tests

Currently working as an elementary school teacher, previous work experiences include teaching positions in middle school and college. From elementary school to university, I have seen persistent difficulties regarding methodology and organization of school work holding back however performant students.

Le Pradet
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Primary school teacher gives lessons in French, maths and English

From "Grande Section" to "CM2" with methods based on active pupils participation, including: - Montessori for mathematics and French, - "Alphas" for reading, - games, songs, drama and storytelling for English.

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Methodology lessons are essential but students must acknowledge the intricate process that is the teaching and learning process for such subjects. Getting a private methodology lessons is a quick and easy step towards learning new things fast. You can almost find methodology teachers anywhere but there is always a risk of not getting the right ones. Using resources such as the ones offered by suoperprof makes light work of the process of finding a good tutor. From this platform, you will find a system that helps you screen potential tutors to help you make a good choice. Private French lessons can help you interact freely with French speaking clients. To get the most practical and cost effective lessons, you need to pick a reputable teacher who understands the best methodology necessary for effective teaching. As a standard rule, most students will receive reading lessons to help them comprehend any other topics they may be interested in learning. Dealing with a system that helps you choose a teacher with relatively easy steps is a huge advantage for any potential students.