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Daniela andreea
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Graduates in Education Science offer support in developing and acquiring the tools for learning.

Graduated in Education Science (enrolled in Pedagogical Sciences), a degree course designed to prepare attendees to provide the right support, through tools and strategies to a wide range of subjects. The teaching and learning techniques and the methodologies I can propose are many, but always have to adapt them according to the learner who learns, placing it at the center of the learning process.

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I offer repetitions of Italian, English, German, history, mathematics, geometry, music, harmony and composition. For medium and high schools

I've always had so much curiosity and desire to learn, as well as being constantly in the game. It never ends, and you have to always be questioned. I like to teach to approach the various disciplines with the method of rigor of logic and the critical spirit.

La Cerbaiola
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Graduated in historical and humanistic sciences proposes repetitions and help tasks in Rimini San Marino area

I'm Genni, graduated in history sciences, lover of study and teaching. My classes are aimed at children and teenagers from elementary school to high school (also for university students if needed). I always try to make the best effort to explain things as easily as possible (and why not, even in a fun way).

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Student teacher bilingual specialist, holds a degree in English, 20 years of tutoring experience offers help with homework, French courses, methodology, and school support

Hello, I'm 37 and I'm studying special education. Bilingual, holds a degree in English I justify 20 years of experience in tutoring English, French, methodology, IT. My teaching technique is based on a true analysis of the difficulties of the student. I walk to the beat of the student, adapt myself to his learning abilities and difficulties.

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Writing help / methodology / French / English / law / homework help for all levels - Lons le Saunier - Bac + 5 Droit

Hello, I have a degree in Literature and Law (I have two Master's degrees in law) and I want to give courses and support to students of all levels (from primary to high school) in the following fields: french, literature, law, Reading, writing (style), construction of homework, reflection, English. I am very patient, rigorous and voluntary.

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Fun English classes at home in Valencia. For children, young people and adults

I am an English teacher. I have been preparing students for their exams for more than seven years. I have worked with children, adolescents and seniors. I have given private lessons as well as in different institutes. My methods are innovative and fun. If you want to learn English or need help, contact me.

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Teacher of English, German and other ecological subjects - University degree with honors

I am a language teacher and I use the non-formal teaching method and the TBL method to facilitate the acquisition of the language (vocabulary and grammar) and to encourage students to practice the oral language as well as for the development of the 8 Basic Skills.

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Student SciencesPo school offers supports for August

Hello, I am a student in Sciences Po Bordeaux, going to the third year.

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Master's student at SciencePo, bilingual in French and English available for homework and babysitting in Paris

Hello, I am a Master's student at the School of International Affairs of Sciences Po Paris. I have a Bachelor's degree in Political and Social Sciences from the same school. I would like to help elementary school, college and high school students in their homework, especially in English and in history.

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I studied in high school of different languages ​​gives repetitions / help tasks in almost all subjects in the Roman Castles. Responsibility, sincerity and patience on my part.

I like to teach the subject making it pleasant and making it attractive and above all not too heavy for the student. I do my lessons with the help of conceptual maps and diagrams.

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Undergraduate engineer offers lectures in scientific subject for medium and high schools in Bologna. My goal is to make scientific subjects less difficult than you think!

Hello everyone! My name is Elisa and I have always had the pleasure of sharing with others what I know and what I feel most competent! "Teaching" means being competent and passionate. To be prepared I always ask my students in advance for the topic they want to deal with.

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Graduated in Psychology is offered for school support and home study techniques for Elementary and Secondary students in Sagunto and surroundings.

I take into account the difficulties that each child presents when it comes to studying and try to put at their fingertips different ways of supplying them, which are comfortable to perform and entertaining. My objective is to reinforce those subjects that are more dificult for them and that they can get to study in an autonomous and motivated way.

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Homework Help your children in very dynamic and cheap classes in Malaga.

I majored in criminology, a young dynamic and extroverted, which you really like dealing with people and teamwork. Depending on the subject and student classes will develop in one way or another. That is not the same language learn math. But always with a theoretical part, in which knowledge, and a practical part are internalized, which apply this knowledge.

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University Law Student giving tutoring or baby-sitting and care for children in Primary to Secondary School

I am a very friendly and bubbly person who loves to lend a helping hand for anyone who is struggling with academics within school (lower education), exams or even anyone who needs a helping hand with school trips. I have sufficient knowledge in areas regarding learning disabilities, and can offer a strong support and method for tackling issues with learning processes.

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Tuition METHODOLOGY - READING - HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE by a speech therapist student.

I am a student in the last year of Logopaedia (speech therapy) near Mons. (BELGIUM) I would like to offer individual courses in METHODOLOGY to those who wish to be more efficient in their learning by making them discover their own way of working. I had the opportunity to discover and deepen this methodology based on mental management.

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CPGE in litterature license and History (Graduated Science) gives private lessons from primary to high school

For several years I did homework's help as well as methodology for primary students as college students especially for literary subjects and exams preparations. I think I have the necessary perspective now to help high school students in various subjects.

Presidente Prudente
Ana beatriz
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PORTUGUESE school reinforcement in Presidente Prudente - Teacher studying letters (port / ing)

Hello guys! My name is Ana Beatriz. I graduated in English and I was a teacher at Wizard language school for two years and I am currently studying Languages (port / eng) at Unoeste in Presidente Prudente. My classes are for tutoring, both for students who want an extra, and for those who have difficulty (ies).

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I am a law student, willing to teach refresher courses, organization of study, homework, exams preparation ...

As a law student, I have organizational, planning, and study skills and capacity of concentration; and as a teacher I try to transmit it to the pupil. I attended the scientific high school so I can provide assistance in many areas. I'm good at languages.

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Student in engineering physics offers tuition in Mathematical Physics ELECTRONIC € 10

Majoring in physics engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin offers to high school reps and middle school students in mathematics, physics, electronics, electrical engineering in Turin city. It provides years of excellent results in scientific and technical sphere in the preparation and enhancement of specific topics and also for the acquisition of more efficient method of study.

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Experienced Primary Education teacher, I cordially impart private lessons and child care.

I am a 21-year-old primary school teacher specializing in Intercultural Education and Learning Difficulties. I have over five years of experience teaching private lessons to students between five and twenty years, so I know different techniques adapted to each student.

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Student in Master in International Relations offers private lessons, History, Law, Geography and Languages ​​Via Giorgio Washington Milano

My name is Ludovica, I am attending a Masters in International Relations, in English language at the Universita 'Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. I graduated last year in Political Science at the Universita 'di Pisa. I am a very organized person, and in my classes I always try to vary with respect to teaching methods so that the student can find the one that most 'likes best.

Queens County
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Teacher with 10 years plus experience gives lessons that have proven successful in ELA , Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Francesca Sportella 40-15 67th Street Woodside, NY 11377 (concealed information) (concealed information) “...exceptionally energetic and enthusiastic teacher...projects a charisma that captures the imagination of students...de demonstrated excellent classroom management skill...

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TEFL and religious studies graduate. Lessons to people of all levels wishing to learn the English Language. Support tutoring also available for students of religious studies at all levels

Committed and enthusiastic, teaching is a passion. Can offer lessons individually tailored to both your need and level. For example extra tutoring after school or teaching business English needed for international meetings.

East Cleveland
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Ask me why diversity matters... In Biomimicking, Adult learning and collaborative endeavors

I have experience providing and assisting current and prospective Educators with access to Computer skills & knowledge. Also, I have trained pre-school, elementary and high school Educators in academic & social activities, for in & outside of the classroom. In addition to that, I have lead meetings and collaborated to complete documentations according to updated Federal and State statues.

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Psychology student teaches languages ​​(English, Castilian, French and Italian), and school booster-intermediate-advanced basic level.

Degree in Psychology student, I teach private lessons school support (primary, ESO, high school), specializing in languages ​​(English, French and Italian). tutoring in any subject, specializing in languages ​​(English, French, and Italian). Individual classes or in pairs to academic support, and ability to exam preparation and intensive classes.

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I'm studying 4th Administration and Management in Vigo. additional material to teach the classes, extra support and reinforcement activities. time availability, proven experience for over 6 years. You will not regret. It's time to make every effort to achieve our goals.

Villa Rica
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Helping brighten your future.Education Assistant/Consultant, Children - Adults via Skype, FaceTime, Messenger

I teach children and adults of all ages. I encourage you to start from your current level to move you forward filling in gaps and misunderstandings in your education. I show and explain using easy and understandable examples. We will go step by step to clarity.

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School output and supports school French (grammar, reading, conjugation ..) open to all levels in Nice!

I am a student of 18 years in modern history and letters, entering the second year in September. After my tray L obtained with honors, I specialized in literature, education is in the interpretation of texts and words, through grammar and study of great literature.

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Tutor young students just finished Bachelor of Business Administration, classes in the afternoon.

My name is Iñaki and I am student of 1st course ADE. Just note just high school with 10.22 can teach both primary and ESO in Euskera or Castilian. The price would be 12 € / h excluding travel (bus or subway).

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Student Mechanical Engineering at the UPV teaches Mathematics, Physics, technological area in Valencia. A home if necessary.

No defined methodology. The student with the teacher we lay the foundation of how educational work-out to develop. I do not mind the age or language (English, Portuguese, Valenciano). Any level to scientific and technical Bachelor. selectivity Average rating: 8.3 out of 10. Adaptability.

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Methodology lessons are essential but students must acknowledge the intricate process that is the teaching and learning process for such subjects. Getting a private methodology lessons is a quick and easy step towards learning new things fast. You can almost find methodology teachers anywhere but there is always a risk of not getting the right ones. Using resources such as the ones offered by suoperprof makes light work of the process of finding a good tutor. From this platform, you will find a system that helps you screen potential tutors to help you make a good choice. Private French lessons can help you interact freely with French speaking clients. To get the most practical and cost effective lessons, you need to pick a reputable teacher who understands the best methodology necessary for effective teaching. As a standard rule, most students will receive reading lessons to help them comprehend any other topics they may be interested in learning. Dealing with a system that helps you choose a teacher with relatively easy steps is a huge advantage for any potential students.