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College professor with 20 years of experience tutors college students in English and TESOL, with special attention to international students.

PhD in English (American Literature), MA in TESOL, MA in Linguistics, BA in English. I begin my lessons with an overview of the material, provide step-by-step instructions, comment on multiple drafts, and finish with an overview of students' success and recommendations for further study. I am open-minded and attentive to students' needs.

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Accounting and Finance tutor with 10 years experiencing in providing quality work that is well researched and on time at an affordable fee.

I provide tutoring support to diploma level, undergraduate and masters level in finance and Accounting My technique and method of instruction is lesson structure and online support My characteristic as a tutor is attention to detail and helping the slow learners in order to feel the value for their money and get to understand well.

West New York
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Master degree in Strategic design and management with design and market experience in NY

As a multidisciplinary designer, design term has always been in my life in different forms like painting, illustration, puppet making, costume design, fashion design and now, I am continuing my progression in strategic design. Right after my graduation from Fashion Institute of Technology, I have started working in the fashion industry.

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Recent master's graduate and experienced student mentor avaliable for general academic tutoring around the Mankato, MN area.

Have you ever tried to study for a test the night before the exam date only to draw a complete blank while the essay questions stare you down? How many times have you stumbled over trivial curricular content? C'mon, those questions would have been easy had you studied! But effective studying requires determination, planning, and commitment.

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Engineering student gives private lessons in northern Madrid, auctions, ssReyes, ciudalcampo, etc.

I am an engineering student, I'm in third grade and I teach to anyone in primary, secondary and high schools. I have previous experience with good results. I like to follow a methodology that is to follow the agenda of the student, helping you do your homework and explaining the concepts they do not understand as well as helping with the tests.

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Master in Education with experience in all areas and English C2, pedagogue

I am a student of Master in Management, Management and Evaluation of training institutions. My methodology is tailored to the interests and needs of my students, taking into account their stage of development, age and culture. practical education and meaningful learning.

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Graduate teaching and Primary Children majoring in English language teaches support, monitoring and study skills

My name is Lydia and I am 23 years old. Currently I just graduated from the career of teaching and Primary Children majoring in English. As for my English to have been part of a year living in London, I have completed both races in English.

Rural (Zaragoza)
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Teacher 32 years with extensive experience and excellent results, all levels and kind of children

My name is Carolina, I have 32 years, I have a Diploma in Education and since I finished it with 21 years I have dedicated to private lessons in schools and child care. I can teach to individual or groups, at all levels to high school. My methodology is simple, my students have to understand what they are studying, learning and understanding and like what they are learning too.

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Teacher (Master 2 English) for French / English courses, Carpentras and surroundings.

School teacher (primary + secondary school and experience). I have given private lessons for 15 years. I give English and French courses for all levels (college, high school), for upgrading or building knowledge. Possibility to intervene at the university level (memory writing, training reports, interviews and oral preparation).

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Professor of Spanish Language and Literature / English / + Other subjects

Degree in Spanish Philology I continued my training up to the present moment. Research into the doctoral program at the University of La Laguna, and an official Master in Spanish for foreigners at the Complutense University of Madrid have occupied my recent academic activity. Both projects respond to a personal interest and subsequent curricular enlargement.

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Expert Editor trilingual FR EN ES Online - Help for writing, proofreading of all textual media (memory, thesis, CV ...)

French language expert, I have a Master of International Business with Latina Languages option. I am specialized in writing and proofreading texts, mainly for foreigners studying French, and more generally for any student or adult willing to provide a quality editorial work. I am available online, 7/7, to perform proofreading via interposed email exchanges.

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Professional-Filóloga English-English classes, tutoring, official exams, interviews, companies, English for medical, commercial ...

- Lessons from children to adults. - Individual or group lessons. - Remote or online classes. - Classes for businesses. - Preparation of official exams. - Preparation for interviews; I'll help you prepare your cv. - Specific English classes: health, customer service, administration, sales, etc. - Dynamic and effective methodology.

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Teacher gives during office, secretarial, English, homework help over Nice comes home

provides for language and oral form of expression explains computer or desktop pc and help in making the duties while explaining the exercises again strikes blindly internet Outlook etc all levels all sections

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French English French Spanish language theater public speaking

Playful teaching based on communication. A mixture of various methods, like theater, to unlock the speech, writing, creativity and role play to target expression in general. , English, Spanish, but also tutoring. I've got 18 years of teaching experience in South America, the USA and France. I am abilitated that entitles you to 50% reduction on your taxes.

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Young active gives general subjects from primary to high school in Paris

I teach primary to high school: - Foreign languages ​​/ general subjects: English - Portuguese - Spanish - History and Geography / French - Scientific Subjects: Mathematics - Physics / Chemistry to college I had a scientific baccalaureate and I have a master's degree in Foreign Languages ​​English-Portuguese (I have a bac + 1 in Spanish).

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Preparatory classes professor who taught in high school, in college in France and English speakingcountries offers courses in methodology, stress management, self confidence back

Taught French (Litterature and Language), English (High School and Training for the Cambridge Exams and TOEFL) General Knowledge Preparation of oral IFSI contests, Social Workers Working methodology (organization, stress management, self-confidence) French as a Foreign language

Paris 5e
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Student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris) gives private lessons for high school pupils (French, History, Geography, methodology)

My courses are designed for students wanting to improve their mastering of the French language. We will get in touch before the first session to define your goals.

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English trainer, french course provides Albertville, Annecy + homework help and tutoring all subjects.

I provide English classes & French of all levels to BTS, as well as courses in French for non-francophones (FLE). I help with homework and provide tutoring for all levels and all subjects. I develop the capacity to find methodologies adapted to each, to think for themselves and gain autonomy.

Paris 10e
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Student Sciences Po Paris Master 2, experienced and passionate, gives English-French-History lessons, help with homework

Masters student in Communication at Sciences Po Paris, I am available during weekdays and weekends for tutoring or homework help. Having lived and worked abroad (9 months in Prague, 7 months in London), I have extensive experience in tutoring in French or English. I love teaching, am patient, and I often create bonds with the kids or teens that encourages them to work.

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Graduating in History of Art proposes repetitions of humanistic subjects and languages ​​(English and French) to elementary, middle and high school students in the city of Verona.

My methodology is based on the comprehension of texts, also through constant exercise, and not on the simple storage of contents. My lessons are aimed at students of all ages from elementary school to high school, with a calibrated approach based on the student I am facing.

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Study Center for high school and university education. Repetitions in all subjects!

We are professional coaches and tutors. Our method focuses on learning in a concrete sense. We not only teach theory, we verify step by step the actual understanding and assimilation of concepts, we stimulate curiosity and discussion in the classroom.

Jersey City
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Personl Tutor for High school and Engineering level Maths Super Easy Teaching Methods

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Also I have undergraduate degree with Electronics and Communication with outstanding GPA. I have a good teaching skills with algebra, calculus and trigonometry. Also I have good hands on on integration and differentiation chapters.

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Teacher in Secondary 1 for 7 years gives tutoring course, coaching and other tips to learn "how to learn"

Teacher of French and English in Secondary 1 in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, I have 7 years of experience in public education. As a class teacher since I started, I'm used to help my students get organized in their work and review their exams.

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Student Sciences Po Master in Brussels internship available weekends for homework help

Hello! My name is Enora, I'm 22 years old and I'm in Brussels for my internship as part of my master's degree in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris. Since the beginning of my university studies, I teach French and English and help with homework for high school students.

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She graduated in Environmental Biology and currently PhD student in epigenetics imparts repetitions

Laureta in Environmental Biology LM-6 and currently a PhD candidate in the field of environmental epigenetics, available to carry out repetitions. My approach aims at understanding first the student's efforts in the approach to the required subjects and the method of study to act in difficult areas trying to transmit a study method that makes the student autonomous.

São Paulo
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Learn English or Portuguese at your pace and at the most convenient time for you.

Rich method of vocabulary, images, video and audios. The student is accompanied by the teacher while performing the lesson activities. The individuality of the student and his / her learning pace are respected for the best use of the course.

New Delhi
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TEACHING is never a business.Its a relation that strenthens the bond between the student and the mentor.Methodology includes learning with a bit of daily life examples so that the student learns to apply the knowledge .I like to be patient with the student.

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Do you need a teacher at home? Student and future teacher of Ed. Infantile and Ed. Primary with Mention English offers private classes and in small groups in any subject and workshop of duties in Vale

Hello everyone! I am Lorena, I am 21 years old and my passions are teaching and children. In June I will finish my studies and I will graduate as a teacher in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education specialist in English. In addition, my mother tongue is Valencian. My classes are aimed at children from 3 to 12 years old.

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Coaching in School Support and Exam Preparation All levels, combining academic preparation and psychological support (Stress, Lack of confidence); Luxembourg / Border

School support at all levels, Tutoring, Professional Conversion or New Professional Orientations: Support New Training.

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Economics student offers reinforcement classes for primary and ESO students in Barcelona

I am Jordi, I have studied technological baccalaureate and at the moment I am attending fourth of the degree of Economy. I teach elementary and ESO students. My lessons are dynamic and entertaining always obtaining good results and student satisfaction.

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Methodology lessons are essential but students must acknowledge the intricate process that is the teaching and learning process for such subjects. Getting a private methodology lessons is a quick and easy step towards learning new things fast. You can almost find methodology teachers anywhere but there is always a risk of not getting the right ones. Using resources such as the ones offered by suoperprof makes light work of the process of finding a good tutor. From this platform, you will find a system that helps you screen potential tutors to help you make a good choice. Private French lessons can help you interact freely with French speaking clients. To get the most practical and cost effective lessons, you need to pick a reputable teacher who understands the best methodology necessary for effective teaching. As a standard rule, most students will receive reading lessons to help them comprehend any other topics they may be interested in learning. Dealing with a system that helps you choose a teacher with relatively easy steps is a huge advantage for any potential students.