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Student in a business school with a degree in ES, likes to share his knowledge

I am a young student who wants to help students in difficulty in the key subjects of the bac ES such as maths (ES education), economics, French or methodology. I am listening, patient and motivated to help you.

Ciudad Real
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Particulaes classes (that primary, secondary) in the subjects of Humanities. Real city

Grade student in Spanish and Literature, my classes are aimed at students that, primary and secondary schools who need help in their academic development. It is important from an appropriate methodology to achieve positive results. I'm already in the final year of this degree and I would like to start working with children since I have never been able to do outside activities outside my university.

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Medical student teaches classes of all kinds of subjects from primary to scientific high school and university subjects of the branch of health sciences.

I am a 5th year medical student who has been teaching intermittently for about 5 years. I have worked with primary school children as well as with baccalaureate students (especially scientific) and I am willing to teach all kinds of subjects. I have knowledge about study techniques, a lot of patience and desire to teach.

Comuna 4
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Advanced law student with experience in tutoring for primary and secondary students

My name is Huilen, and I give assistance and tutoring in all primary and secondary subjects. In order to incorporate knowledge easily, it is important to organize and structure the study: this gives a tool for any project that you want to face and that helps at all educational levels.

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Math and Science Tutor with 8 years of teaching experience with expertise in innovative pedagogy and teaching methods.

To the core centre for learning caters for students in grade 2 to grade 7 building foundation in subjects: English,Math and science. The philosophy is based on multiple intelligence theory which we employ in delivering the sessions using the most creative and innovative methods for effective child-friendly learning.

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Company Secretary by profession gives tuition in all subjects (Nursery to XII)

I am a versatile teacher and can teach all subjects from Nursery to class XII..

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Graduate in Philosophy - Language Improvement Classes, Philosophy, History, English, Study Techniques

. Primary and ESO reinforcement classes / At home and flexible hours. . Help with TDR (Research Treball) / Methods of study, writing and memorization. . Help with exhibitions and works. . Help with working, methodology and organization with computers. . Reinforcement of any level in English, Catalan, Spanish.

Dr samina
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Complete academic solutions right from Homework to academic enrichment and personality development

I am a doctorate in business management. Apart from my area of expertise i.e. business management I am also interested in teaching primary and middle school children and assisting them in all their homework and academic work through valuable interactive sessions.

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Social Education student, with experience with children and with knowledge in English. I have studied ESO, Baccalaureate and a Training Cycle of Social Integration. The subjects in which I could to

My work methodology focuses on the interest of the student. That is to say, I think that for someone to learn something, they should be interested in it and motivated. That is why for me the most important thing is to know their interests. My classes are usually one hour a day for two days a week, to make it more enjoyable.

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IT engineering student provides support in tasks of any subject to students from elementary to high school in Monterrey

Business informatics student at Tecnológico de Monterrey. I consider myself a creative, dynamic person, and I try my methodology to be the same. Within the learning methods that I use are didactic alternatives through the use of different information technologies, as well as traditional methods according to whether it is of greater help or preference of the student.

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Student at Polycom, gives classes in all subjects and helps with homework

I am a 24 year old student. I like to teach the youngest with fun techniques, activity sheets, games, etc. I am very patient but strict. The purpose of a homework assignment is not to do it instead of the child but to help him assimilate his lesson and understand his mistakes.

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I am a young woman of almost 20 years studying the double degree of Law and ADE in Madrid. I teach classes in all subjects, both primary and secondary. We will work with different techniques so that the study is as pleasant as possible and with excellent results, as well as practical material to reinforce what is more difficult.


Former student of the Ecole Normale, and holds a Master of Science Magisterium, trilingual English / Spanish / French, dual competence science education / guidance counseling

My dual skills higher education / orientation of the public allows me to offer both transmit advanced knowledge and methodology of work but also to see farther into the labor market. Former student graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, I gained problem-solving methodology that is both rigorous and forward the pleasure of learning.

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Private teacher from primary to high school to all subjects.

Good, I am 18 years old and currently I am a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Elche. I offer classes of all the subjects of the school and institute until the last year, with specialty in English, mathematics, physics, Castilian, Valencian, etc.

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Exam preparation/coursework/ essay writing/dissertation research coach and proof reader for humanities students.

I am Dr Mark Astley, my doctorate is in media studies. As a tutor I am flexible as the needs of students can differ greatly. I have lectured at the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University. Also I am a published author.

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Native french teacher at the University and Alliance Française. Lyon. . .

Professor of French language and French at the University Alliance. Specializing in grammar, written and oral expression, academic methodology and text analysis. I can help you progress in French for non-francophone. And for native French, I can help you easily become expert in grammar (spelling, agreements, etc.). I can also do the proofreading of your university or professional reports.

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Future student of design and creative technologies that teaches all the subjects of ESO less physical and chemical. Valenciana and with good method for young children.

My classes are aimed primarily at the younger audience, that does not mean that it may be the case to teach high school people or someone who is in adult school. It aims to unlearn the method of study by memory and begin to understand what is really being taught. This is achieved on the basis of deep readings, synthesis of ideas, analyze verbally or in written form explained, etc.

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Research scholar in life gives science and dance lessons to primary and secondary students in noida.

I will cover the syalIbus and also helps you in maintaining the study stresss. Also teach other actvities for you and your children to keep healthy and fit. I will take 4 alternative class in a week. Each class cost you 200rs per hour.

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Student at Sciences Po aix gives private lessons in different subjects -

As a student at a business school and at Sciences Po Aix, I want to help and support high school and college students in terms of learning and guidance. Whether it is general subjects or languages, I will do everything to make them succeed.

Le Mans
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Help with college / primary homework: English, maths for junior high school and general for primary school at Le Mans.

I am currently studying at the Higher Institute of Business Engineering at Le Mans. My interventions are aimed at middle and high school students wishing to progress.

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Your child will learn to enjoy in English and acquire useful learning habits for the future

During my professional and personal trajectory I have developed a method that not only evidences the academic results but also the learning in the future. My children learn to learn, not only to memorize and expel the data in the exam, they obtain useful learning techniques for the future, active, dynamic and even fun.

Paris 6e
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Support and Conversation in Italian

I propose a course of Italian, concentrated mainly on conversation and according to the will of the students, on the Italian literature. Having lived 10 years in Italy, I did all my studies the bottom before coming to Paris. I got a tray at the Liceo Classico Linguistico, the equivalent of a Bac L with also three foreign languages ​​and literatures (English, French and Spanish).

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School outing to help with courses, to see the problems with your lessons

I am a student in English who have a high school degree in litterature, languages with mathematics option. I help children, teenagers and students for different subjects, I adjust to the level of each and their need and demand. I see with the pupils the problems they encounter in their homework and their courses so I can find another explanation than what they have seen in class if not understood.

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Native English offering classes for children. Help with child care or studies like English

My name is Lucy. I am 20 years old and from Ireland. After my studies in school I continued in education and completed a HND course in advanced practice working with children and Families. During the summer of 2017 I had moved to Madrid to Au pair. I am currently in Madrid and working as an assistant teacher in the morning speaking with children about various different topics.

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Teacher postgraduated in Special Education, teaches school support, help with homework and English

I specialize in teaching children from kindergarten, primary and am currently doing a Master of Special Education. I have experience teaching people with dicapacidad. The preparation of the classes will be based on the child's needs, reviewing the exercises in class and focusing on their weaknesses. So that he learns to do them independently, with study techniques, motivation and constructively.

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Teacher 6 years of experience giving help with homework / preparation of exams in secondary / methodology acquisition

The courses offered are designed for students who: - have difficulty in school - who feel demotivated - who need to acquire a working methodology - who need help preparing exams (oral and written) in the Secondary (college diploma, LAC). The course, the programming and the evolution of the courses will be done according to the student.

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Teacher with higher education education specialist for children in the initial years in Macaé

I have a Bachelor's Degree in English, postgraduate in Children's Education and work in a bilingual school in the market (Maple Bear) with 4 years of experience teaching English and Portuguese.

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Licensed translator and Spanish teacher teaches literature, culture and grammar in Málaga

I am a girl with a degree in Spanish Philology that teaches language, culture, translation, etc. I have devoted my life to the linguistic world and it would please me to share my knowledge. I know the traditional methodology of teaching languages ​​but also I always look for innovative and fun ways to explain things because for me the most important thing is that the matter is clear.

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I am an English teacher, who is a nanny too and who helps with homework (Rubí)

I am a baccalaureate student with an ESO average of 8.7, and with the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) in English. Therefore, I am perfectly qualified to teach English. I also give refresher classes and help with homework, apart from teaching organization and tricks to study. Primarily, I give classes to elementary students and 1 of ESO. I charge € 8 an hour.

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Elementary school teacher in Montequinto (Seville) offers studying support (children and adults)

Hello! I'm Elena, a 24-year-old Primary school teacher with a major in English. That means that I am able to teach any subject, from children to adolescents or older who want to get the school graduate, although my specialty are languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German). The most important thing for me is for my students to learn and to do it in the most enjoyable way possible.

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Methodology lessons are essential but students must acknowledge the intricate process that is the teaching and learning process for such subjects. Getting a private methodology lessons is a quick and easy step towards learning new things fast. You can almost find methodology teachers anywhere but there is always a risk of not getting the right ones. Using resources such as the ones offered by suoperprof makes light work of the process of finding a good tutor. From this platform, you will find a system that helps you screen potential tutors to help you make a good choice. Private French lessons can help you interact freely with French speaking clients. To get the most practical and cost effective lessons, you need to pick a reputable teacher who understands the best methodology necessary for effective teaching. As a standard rule, most students will receive reading lessons to help them comprehend any other topics they may be interested in learning. Dealing with a system that helps you choose a teacher with relatively easy steps is a huge advantage for any potential students.