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Student in photography looking for family to help with homework or revisions (all subjects except mathematics)

I am a student in photography degree, third year at the Condé Paris school. I obtained a BTS in communication in 2012 and the Toeic in 2017. I made a sabbatical year in the United States in California, then in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and finally, I left for two and a half months in Vietnam each time doing photography courses or as an employee.

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Senior high school student for school support in all areas of primaria.Sabadell, Barcelona. Titles: School graduate, delf, compulsory secondary education

responsible girl and dynamic classes with elementary students. Competencies: tutoring, language and literature Castilian, Catalan language and literature, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, English (very good level). I can: introduce or improve reading, teach study skills (learning to make outlines, summaries ..), reinforce any subject and adapt classes to the needs of each student.

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Student of psychology of Girona offers is offered for classes of review and / or kangaroo

I am a psychology student, I have two years of experience teaching elementary and ESO children and doing babysitting with young children, I have good references that I can give them and I adapt when it comes to teaching children at their own pace.

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Teacher of Early Childhood Education, with long experience in school support at different levels.

My classes are aimed at children who need school support, personalized classes, adapting to each child according to their needs. I offer support to children from Infant to Primary, as well as the first courses of Secondary. I teach all kinds of subjects including English and French.

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Student offer his assistance to help the duty babysit .. (trained to handle disabilities as ADHD (hyperactive), autism, Down syndrome).

I babysit for some years now and I saw many different types of children. I was trained to manage disabilities (such hyperactive ADHD, Down syndrome and autism). So I can easily keep your children. I can also help them find techniques to work better, memorize better and work more efficiently and quickly. I am also able to help with homework or to help studying lessons.

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Physiotherapy student teaches for students of ESO or lower courses Palencia home.

So Elisa Lezcano, a student of physiotherapy. I teach students of ESO and lower courses as a support in the summer season. Also subjects baccalaureate health sciences. I have always loved children and I have a good deal with them. Personamente have always been effective in studies and I have not become heavy because of it. I am a patient, outgoing, steady person.

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I teach general support, English, mathematics ... in Benalmádena. GADE study, last year and I C1 English

I teach all levels, from primary to high school, support in any subject. Languages, too. Although I specified more in math and English. I can help prepare selectivity, or submitted to a language test, I have the C1 English and I've gone through all the titles, so I have enough experience.

Arroyo de la Encomienda
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Professor of English and Science at all levels, primary, ESO, High school

My name is Patricia. I use a dynamic and simple method that is used to reprogram the mind to be more receptive to the study and facilitate learning through scientifically very efficient to make students learn the language in an enjoyable and simple techniques supported by scientifics, easy to understand and adaptative to everybody with any level of knowledge.

Toluca de Lerdo
María fernanda
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Learn fluent English online natural method of teaching in a short time

natural method of learning very practical and interactive with excellent dynamic and conversations with pronunciation for all ages schedules available anywhere where they are in the comfort of your home and talks with people around the world, ready to start

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College Student in English Literature gives tutoring for Secondary School, GCSE, or AS Level Students ONLINE

I am a female college student who is keen to help both struggling as well as advanced students gain new skills to get them the very best grade in their English Literature examinations. The fact my lessons are online enables me to be flexible around your time-frame, and to help you when you most need it.

Laura alejandra
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Teacher for study support. Extensive experience in all levels. Active personalised classes.

My classes are active and personalized, taking into account the personality and way of learning of each student and educational history. We work content, but also study techniques that will facilitate future learning. No repetitive or dull and boring activities.

Ilse maria ida
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Native speaker teaches DUTCH/ Nederlands, Communiation to 7till77year old pupils: Region : Brussels, Halle, Ath.

Met een gevarieerde loopbaan in communicatie, vorming in projectorganisatie diverse bij Brusselse organisaties in heb ik een overheid of brede ervaring en een uitgebreid medianetwerk kunnen uitbouwen. Momenteel doceer als ik vakken Zakelijke in Social Communicatie, Cultuurgeschiedenis in Algemene Vorming.

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A graduate of the language master's degree program, she offers English language repetitions in Bologna

My experience in teaching includes that acquired during an internship at the National University of Ireland and in various training courses.

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Native Spanish speaker, from Seville. At the beginning, if necessary, I make the student do a short written and oral test to understand which the level is. I am interested in knowing why he wants to l

- Want to know why the student wants to learn Spanish. -Make the studenti do a short written and oral test. - Focus on the typical mistakes made by Italians and then we correct them together. -Send homework after each lesson. Some exercises will be followed and done together in class. Send some different tasks depending on the person. - Review the lessons done weekly.

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Law student gives classes to support students in first semesters of any career related to humanities and university. I also provide support on all issues related to humanida

I treat the subjects freely according to what each person needs and the topics in which they require support. I usually start with an examn to know in what are you needing help, so with the result I can plan how to improve your weakest parts and how much work are you going to spend.

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Confirmed home teacher, teaches all subjects, competition preparation, homework help, proofing, orientation assistance

I help my students by providing them an effective methodology, with kindness and adaptation to their profile. I bring a response adapted to the type of memory and intelligence of a student (see the 8 intelligences according to Gardner). I apply techniques from my adult trainer course, andragogy, anchoring techniques, ...

Talavera de la Reina
(5 reviews)
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Support classes by Graduate in Teaching in Primary Education in mention of TICE by the UCLM

Through the information technologies applied to teaching. In this way students are motivated using their own electronic devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones for their own learning.

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Business Administration student offers school support to Primary and ESO levels in Madrid. Advanced English level (CAE) "

I do not have a concrete teaching method, so I will adapt myself to each student. However, any method will be for sure based on getting a constant work by the student (Little but every day) so that he/she learns to study and begins to be more responsible.

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Professional of Tourism gives classes of reinforcement for the basic education in Nilópolis, including in English

My method is structured according to the curriculum presented by the student: identified weaknesses and threats to learning, memorization activities, attachment exercises and vocabulary simple and close to the daily reality of the student are mechanisms adopted to overcome difficulties and build the understanding in the most natural way possible.

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English learning assistance at Monterrey Station plus all subject tutoring and more

I would like to teach students how to study in the most efficient manner. It is important to help students modify their studies based on what their teacher's objective outcomes suggest. Therefore I like to modify my teaching based on their class and teacher to increase their productivity in class.

(2 reviews)
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Navi Mumbai
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Student in academic and college avail the facility og good teaching in computer programming.

My teaching methodology is one to one basic and group based facility to all the student who want to avail this facility. According it will be easy to cater their static and implied needs. Based on the recommendation we are calibrate the student potential.

Maria rosa
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Student of nursery and primary education gives home school reinforcement classes in Barcelona

I am an education student and I teach to children from elementary school to high school. To ensure the learning of the children, my classes are calm and I assure that the children are clear about the concepts, repeating them as many times as necessary and in different ways.

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Currently pursuing management degree Teaching is one of my uniqueness. I believe learning should be productive

My methodoly is teaching is really a great job also difficult and hence it should be done with Alot of energy which can energize the learner as well

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Best counseling for school study and change your future, Pick new opportunities in life

I am using unique method of teaching, it's call listening students more, by no bias, interacting with their views about topics, extracting their limitations and capabilities , then just give proper guidance to find solution

Mora de Ebro
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Bona late to tothom! Sóc a noia of 20 anys, which is vivint a Móra d'Ebre i that is cercant feina. Tinc the ESO, and the prova d'accés to CFGS. A month to month, consisting of two related cour

My teaching method is mainly to reach them, motivate them, open up to me and from there to do little by little, this is how better results come out! For me, learning can be fun, but doing what you do!

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Laureanda Economia offers Lessons Repetitions Help Tutorials - English Mathematics Scientific and Humanities - Reggio Emilia and its province or Online

I have many years of experience and with dozens of students, for every type of need (debt recovery, theory repetitions, help for checks and examinations, etc.) I guarantee a minimum of a couple more votes after only one month of lessons, and sufficient end of the year! I also teach at home.

(6 reviews)
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The English and the Scottish Education systems: My Support in Advancing Through Both Despite Limited Funds.

These classes are more support-based than my other classes which are predominantly centred around teahing English at whatever degree is appropriate for you. As a disabled man, any disability you have will not sway or stymy my support or teaching of you - and I would be grateful forthe opportunity to do either or both.

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Biotechnology and gastronomy student with b2 in English, help for all subjects of almost all ESO and Bach levels and / or childcare.

I help my students explaining the doubts and solving the gaps, raising questions to strengthen the concepts and sending them review work if necessary, teaching them to be autonomous with their learning. Not only do I help them to pass, I give them tools so that they no longer need help in the future.

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