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High school student ready to help your children with homework and tutoring

high school student in high school Jean XXIII, quite a good student being able to help younger where they need it. Creation of cards, help and memorization tips, memo-technical means, ... I can help in history-geography , french, english , a bit of spanish , a little of mathematics.

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BITS Pilani Student and ICSE Board school topper, teaching High School Subjects

I believe in asking the question 'Why?' at each step. I want to make sure that your basic concepts are crystal clear, I won't ever spoon feed you anything, but direct and guide you into learning the concepts by yourself.

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I rely on capturing the student's mistakes in order to eliminate them completely. At the same time, I propose a teaching based on the continuous practice of the exercises explained in class, so that the student can achieve an efficient result.

Mancha Real
Nieves maría
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Degree in Geography and History, B1 of English by the Cambridge Academy

I study the Degree of Geography and History at the University of Jaén (I am in 4th year). As I have indicated I have the B1 of English by Cambridge. My specialty is the Humanities, including Latin and Greek. My technique to teach the class, is to explain and do related activities, since I like to take advantage of the class and crush the subjects to facilitate the study.

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Engineering student in Málaga university teaches elementary and ESO classes in Málaga

My teaching methodology is based on explaining the theory first and once it is understood to do practical exercises to support it. Help the student to do his homework and if necessary strengthen it. My goal as a teacher is to make the kids comprehend and understand everything so they can face exams without problems and really learn.

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A Global English News journalist for 5 years, based in Gurgaon, can teach anything English, assist you with homework

I am a professional Content Writer and a post graduate in (MA) English News Media and Journalism. Having travelled around the world on writing projects, I feel i now possess the skill to guide students from primary to secondary to higher secondary in their English language requirements. I would love my students to ask me as many questions as they like.

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Medical student who offers private home of chemistry, language, mathematics, English, physics, natural science and social science classes.

I'm the oldest of four brothers so I have not only served as nanny but also tutor, I am currently studying medicine. My method is a priority learn in a more simple and entertaining way so that children concentrate and fun learning because when becoming a obligation becomes more complicated than properly followed.

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Engineering student of banglore delivering her knowledge to school students ace their subjects in school

My approach is based in making the student to understand the topic more than memorizing it, this saves time and deletes the need for studying again and again to remember it. First I'll run through the basics required for topic and then start the topic from beginning and complete in an orderly manner.

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Student of Translation and Interpreting and English Studies offers to take care of children and help them in their homework

I am totally flexible according to the needs of each person and age, so the help would be based on some methods or others depending on the recipient. Children will have a lot of fun while they will learn. I have a lot of patience and experience in giving private classes and working in the teaching of study techniques to young and old people.

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Learning is an endless road where anything is possible, don't be afraid and jump on.

Methodology based on cooperative learning strategies. I adapt to the student. I can develop traditional or innovative strategies. When the goal is to learn my task is to focus all the effort to accompany and make the student feel capable of achieving their goals.

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Fifth grade student available for help with homework and study of major subjects such as Italian, history, geography, English, French, Spanish, law, economics, mathematics.

My methodology varies according to the needs of the boy and his behavior. I am available to adapt and to find together the best solution to work at best. I can help elementary and middle school children up to the fourth year.

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University of Southampton student offering general academic tutoring to students 16 years and younger

My teaching method is interest & context dependent, based on the students needs and study techniques. I can provide knowledge or provide systematic techniques to aid the application of knowledge. I can teach a range of subjects from English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities, Languages.

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Language student ready to help you and work on points to improve through home schooling in Nantes

I first rely on your courses and your difficulties, then I propose to see your knowledge from another angle and I adapt to you. My courses are for all levels and profiles.

Navi Mumbai
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Post graduate with 10yrs of experience in teaching all subjects willing to teach students. BOARDS : SSC/CBSE/ICSE.

I personally prefer one on one teaching.. where I make sure the child understands the concept. Have been teaching students from SSC/CBSE/ICSE boards of all grades since 10 yrs. Currently in panvel looking for tutoring kids. METHODS: Lecturing, debriefing,collaborating and PPT.

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Student of Law, graduated from Classic High School, offers support to study Italian and Historical Subjects, Law and English.

I graduated from the Classic High School and now I am a law student. During the lesson time I help students to develope their own studing method, improving their autonmy daily planning, and keeping them interested and focused during the lesson.

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Professor of Madrid. Study skills and reinforcement in general.

Alumna of the Carlos III University of Madrid. Degree in International Studies (in English) and humanities as additional training. I've always been an exemplary student and I love to share my skills and study with my students. Classes will be dynamic adapting to the needs of each student, maximizing our time and trying to give the best of me. You will not regret having me as a teacher.

São Paulo
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Portuguese (grammar, reading, interpretation and writing) and Literacy for group or individual for fund 1 and adults in SP

I graduated in pedagogy from the FMU (Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas). I have 5 years of experience with children and adolescents. I am dynamic and patient, I always look for the best in the student to assist in their personal and academic growth. My teaching material is diversified between games, books and practical exercises, I use as the student needs. Work with groups or individual.

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Premed student offering tutoring help with Elementary, Middle and High School homework and subjects.

I am a premed student who has taken multiple classes in math, biology and chemistry who can help elementary, middle and high school students with their homework and to fully comprehend the subject at hand. I am also a Spanish native speaker so I can teach and tutor students in that subject.

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Biological sciences student from university of Manitoba interested to teach biology to high school students

1. Interesting sessions with one-o-one interaction. 2. Helping out with note taking. 3. Explaining each biological phenomenon with examples ( also using interesting videos ). 4. Helping with the biology projects as well. 5. Quiz or open book test in the starting of the session. 6. Providing extra time if necessary for best performance.

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Learn Medical Terminology and Lingo in Engish from Experienced Nurse. North Carolina, USA

I am able to assist you with grammar and pronunciation and communication in English in all areas of healthcare. I have experience tutoring nursing students whose second language is English. I have 30 years of experience working as a professional nurse in the healthcare setting. I am currently a senior at the University level majoring in English and Psychology.

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I am a graduate in Psychology of Turin, graduated from the PNI scientific high school with honors. I have previous experiences of repetitions in both scientific and humanistic subjects, at stu

I offer multiple subjects to elementary, middle and high school students, in subjects such as mathematics, science (biology, chemistry), physics, English, Italian. I wish to offer not only a theoretical preparation, but also help in the setting up of an effective method of study. I have previous experiences also with subjects with DSA.

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Get affordable tutoring and college admissions counseling lessons from Ivy League tutors

From the convenience of your home or dorm get help with assignments, essays, and exams in every subject when and as you need it. We also offer SAT, ACT, and AP test preparation as well as coaching assistance through every step of the college admissions process. Take the stress and mystery out of your journey to the world's best universities. We support your application every step of the way.

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Student gives private classes to secondary school students, ESO and Bachillerato. He also helped prepare the English selectivity and B1

Young girl gives private classes to high school courses, ESO and baccalaureate. It will help all the necessary subjects including English. Great experience in science and philosophy subjects. Our goal is that the student learns as best as possible so the study method is very effective. First class is free.

Klein marvin
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Law student proposes repetitions and help homework for middle and high school

I am a law student and I have a diploma as a Technical Expert for Tourism. I offer repetitions of English, French, Spanish, German with a theoretical-practical approach, taking care of both written and oral production. For foreign students, I offer Italian repetitions. Help tasks for all subjects of middle and high schools (technical-professional).

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Concrete knowledge and 10 yrs of experience in maths teaching - easy way of learning

-Easily understandable, innovative, enriching , motivating, giving assignments , more friendly which helps students to learn .

Coria del Río
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Student of teaching gives classes in Seville or Coria del Río (up to 13 years)

I am a student of Early Childhood Education in the US and to get experience I would give classes of any subject to children of the levels: Infant, Primary and Secondary (up to 2º ESO). I would help with the children's homework as well as review the topics given in class, always trying to do it in the least traditional and funniest way.

Buenos Aires
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Bachelor of Communication with orientation to education of Study Techniques for all levels

Hello! By working with texts that the students are studying, you can learn to understand, summarize or make summary tables that will facilitate learning and the fixation of knowledge. According to the needs of each student we will work with different techniques to ensure that in the future it is easier for them to understand and learn.

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Student in photography looking for family to help with homework or revisions (all subjects except mathematics)

I am a student in photography degree, third year at the Condé Paris school. I obtained a BTS in communication in 2012 and the Toeic in 2017. I made a sabbatical year in the United States in California, then in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and finally, I left for two and a half months in Vietnam each time doing photography courses or as an employee.

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Senior high school student for school support in all areas of primaria.Sabadell, Barcelona. Titles: School graduate, delf, compulsory secondary education

responsible girl and dynamic classes with elementary students. Competencies: tutoring, language and literature Castilian, Catalan language and literature, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences, English (very good level). I can: introduce or improve reading, teach study skills (learning to make outlines, summaries ..), reinforce any subject and adapt classes to the needs of each student.

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Student of psychology of Girona offers is offered for classes of review and / or kangaroo

I am a psychology student, I have two years of experience teaching elementary and ESO children and doing babysitting with young children, I have good references that I can give them and I adapt when it comes to teaching children at their own pace.

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