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Psychologist. academic support and personal development. All ages. Monitoring and custom programs! Delivery and online. Madrid

I am entitled Psychology. Psychologist vocation, committed to my training and with each of you. ...

Puebla de Soto
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I offer myself as a teacher for private tutoring for primary and compulsory secondary education

My methodology think it's easy but about my experience in most effective cases, since carried out individuals to small group classes with support of audiovisual material and which causes them greater motivation and learn by having fun, sometimes we played with resources It offers the web ever to improve or learn a particular topic.

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From homework help and tutoring from primary to the end of the scolarship in Franch, History and Geography

I study in Licence 1 Language Sciences at Lille 3. I have a Bac L. I can help in all subjects to the third and help in French, English, history and geography at school. I use different methods to learn: the recitation, the shemas, plugs, mind map.

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[Economics at All Levels With 25 Years of Teaching Experience and Expertise...]

- I am Professor of Economics with 25-year of teaching and research experience. - I use the learning-centered method of education to realise 100 per cent learning. - I use inclusive and innovative learning styles to make the course interesting and funny. - I use simple and easy learning paths special to every student.

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Primary Teacher is offered tutoring in all subjects (including Spanish and French) in Carmona or Seville city

Hello! I am a girl of 24 years, teacher nursery and primary education and a master's degree in congitova, sensory and intellectual stimulation. I offer to teach all subjects (including English and French) to children of primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO.

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Studying is fácil.¿ want to know how? Call, I teach you! Self-motivation, organization, concentration techniques and support in the subjects.

Well, I'm known as "the teacher Lulu. In my years of experience as a general rule had to apply methodologies and techniques adapted to each class or student. Consider that no two equal candidates. But if there is a constant in all my methodologies.

Ciudad de México
María teresa
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Sociologist and professor of Spanish, social sciences, History and humanities. All levels

Sociologist with experience in education. I focus on the needs you have, according to that I developed an specific class to you for effective learning. Handling matters of Social Sciences, Humanities for primary, secondary and high school education; I have special emphasis to the teaching of Spanish. Constant evaluations.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Psychologist with experience in Education offers classes tutoring, study skills and school motivation in Tenerife. (Specializing in mathematics, biology and chemistry)

I am a young girl, a psychologist with experience in the field of school support. In my classes I offer a combination of study skills, active listening, effective communication and school motivation. In the same way, I try to create a relaxed, dynamic and efficient environment for both good academic achievement of objectives that come my students as to personal and social improvement in them.

Paris 6e
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A graduate of philosophy and former khâgneuse gives courses of letters and philosophy in Paris and suburbs

My name is Julie and I teach philosophy and literature courses but also methodology and organization for students in college and highschool. After an initial evaluation of the level of the student and his relationship to the subject or school work in general terms, I work with him to improve his method of work and understanding of the requirements of each discipline.

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Recitations of any matter of primary, ESO, baccalaureate and entrance exams Intermediate and Superior

I'm currently finishing the final degree of Aerospace Engineering and studying law first. As you can see on my resume I worked all, but what I've done for longer has been teach refresher. I have experience of 7 years in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English, although I have given other materials as needed for students.

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French, speaking, homework help and tutoring, exam preparation, competition.

Drama teacher for over ten years CNSMDP and important actors Parisian schools offer courses around the French language. Elocution and diction, presence and confidence to succeed in speaking. Recitation, oral presentation, presentation, taking the floor ... In all actions of school life and active life the interpersonal skills will be an asset for life.

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Primary Education student at the University of Barcelona available for support, help or care for children / as

I am a student of the Primary Education degree at the University of Barcelona and instructor called education activities in child and youth leisure. I love children / as, and I wish I could help all those in need. I help make homework, do a review of all matters, I can provide different study techniques to prepare for exams and provided babysitting.

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Student in architecture school gives lessons, all subjects and levels in Rouen and around.

Tutoring and homework help for all levels and all subjects (especially sciences, languages). Course accompanied by exercises to practice the theoretical courses effectively. CESU accepted. Driving license. Feel free to contact me by email or telephone.

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Home tutor with 5 years plus experience to help students from primary to higher secondary standards!

My goal while teaching is conceptual understanding and best results in tests. I use a multi media approach to make learning fun and enjoyable. My classes are very well structured and so easy to follow.

La Coruña
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Support classes of letters and languages ​​to primary, secondary and high schools

I met with the families and keep you informed throughout the process; personally evaluate the level and needs of my students and prepared an itinerary tailored to your needs: strengthening base, help with homework, study skills and exam preparation. I get involved one hundred percent with each of my students, pursuing good grades and a complete, useful and stable learning.

(4 reviews)
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Help with homework (french, maths, english ...) for children from three to sixteen years old see more about lezoux.

I will teach the children by playing their poems, their lessons of French, maths, English. By inventing stories to learn while having fun. I will receive your children at home or at home if you are close knowing that I have not yet pass my license so my travel is limited after if you move to bring your children home I will make you a price.

Capim Macio
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Math teacher, Portuguese, calligraphy, l biology, history, geography, English, physics and chemistry (fundamental II), in Natal / RN, preferably classes are taught at home.

The classes are based on exercises for each discipline before contact, I would say do not answer students unwillingness to want to study and also includes spoiled students, because I have no disposition to is wanting to please students at all, in other words, has good sense, because if you are paying to learn the minimum you should have is courage to study.

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Teacher with desire to teach and support: children, primary, that, high school and university

My methodology is to adapt to the needs of each of my students individually, and not to do things that may lead to errors and / or confusion in their studies. I am an extra support, not someone to teach something new, unless specifically requested.

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University student offers school support to do homework in Madrid, preferably in Móstoles

I am a student of degree in Marketing in English, I offer school support, either to study or to do homework, in an effective and entertaining way. If you are a primary or secondary school student and need a little help, I am available.

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BAC1 student in biomedical sciences teaches courses up to Secondary II

My teaching method will be different for each person, I love to play on the small tips memo-technique to learn and memorize. I also think of using my past and my experience to better guide the child and thus tell him the mistakes not to commit that I could commit.

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Motivated student, patient offers academic support and help with homework in school subjects

I am encouraging and patient, I approach difficulties calmly and help to find the causes to better overcome them. I like to accompany others in learning so that it is a pleasure and not a constraint. I can help to develop concentration in the organization of work because having myself had difficulties on these points I learned how to fix it.

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Former principal of leading CBSE school gives tuitions in Economics and Business Studies

My classes are aimed at students above 8th standard till 12th standard for economics and business studies. My methods are very student friendly and emphasize on providing individual attention to students in the best possible manner. I also ensure that a student gets the best possible knowledge via a study system suitable to him/her.

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4th year student of social and cultural anthropology offers classes in English, language and school support to all courses in Pozuelo de Alarcón and Aravaca.

My classes are based on mutual respect and dialogue. I adapt to the needs of each family and each student. After finishing classes, I inform parents of their children's progress and give them daily homework. Classes do not consist in memorizing the subjects but in understanding and assimilating them.

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Personal teacher, experienced, that want to give (again) envy to learn sciences and develop yourself!

Sciences are all around us and rule our world! My goal: Demystify with you the formulas and make clear your understanding of these fabulous subjects that are mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology! My method: Understand your difficulties, your objectives and your way of working, help you analyze how you improve and fill the gaps in your comprehension.

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Graduating in foreign languages ​​and literatures, she offers lessons and / or repetitions of English, Spanish and Italian.

I have a C1 level both in English and Spanish. My lessons vary according to the needs and the requests of each person. They are especially for middle and high school students, but I am also available to help any person who may need help with these subjects.

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Graduated in humanities with highest marks gives private lessons in Italian, History, Geography to middle and high school students. I guarantee maximum seriousness and availability

My name is Giuseppe Garofalo, I graduated and specialized in Archeology, with a Master in Marketing and Museum Management. I give repetitions of Italian (literature, grammar, history of language), History and Geography to secondary school students of I and II degree. Lectures can be held by me or at the student's home (I am available to move in case the student is unable).

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Medical student gives school support for primary and secondary level, each one armed especially for every student

My classes are based on the theoretical explanation and practical practice of the topics that the student needs to understand and pass. I always use the books, guides and exercises given by their teachers and I add my own exercises and tips similar to the dice. I try different approaches until the student understands and I get what is good for each one.

Lyon 3e
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Student from Sciences Po Lille I give tutorials on the area of ​​Lyon and its surroundings

I enter my classes in a playful way (according to the levels and the age) in order to put the student in confidence and to allow him to understand topics that may seem difficult at first, then by a more sustained learning. explain and detail the elements in a more concrete way.

Mairena del Aljarafe
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Private classes, at home. School support adapted according to the needs of the child.

Classes will be adapted according to the needs of the child. Everyone has their rhythm and it is essential that they work from motivation. It will try to reinforce the interest to learn so that they themselves regulate their learning. Looking to work the subject with discipline at the same time with curiosity and fun so that little by little they stop needing school support.

(5 reviews)
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General Manager EcoLuxury Resort teaches English and Spanish language classes to children and adults

It is very important for me to increase the curiosity and passion for the subject. Sometimes I teach walking if the student perform it better during movement. I like to establish a relationship of sympathy and empathy; I like fun and stimulating lessons, where the mind thinks in an interdisciplinary and holistic way.

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