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Girl is offered for educational support in primary and secondary school subjects.

I am guided by both the alumna's syllabus and the chips I take from the internet and my own content. I explain the same thing several times in different ways. I use concept maps, diagrams, summaries, dictations, copying, study techniques, memorization techniques, brainstorming, reflections, recommendations ...

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Learn Medical Terminology and Lingo in Engish from Experienced Nurse. North Carolina, USA

I am able to assist you with grammar and pronunciation and communication in English in all areas of healthcare. I have experience tutoring nursing students whose second language is English. I have 30 years of experience working as a professional nurse in the healthcare setting. I am currently a senior at the University level majoring in English and Psychology.

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Get affordable tutoring and college admissions counseling lessons from Ivy League tutors

From the convenience of your home or dorm get help with assignments, essays, and exams in every subject when and as you need it. We also offer SAT, ACT, and AP test preparation as well as coaching assistance through every step of the college admissions process. Take the stress and mystery out of your journey to the world's best universities. We support your application every step of the way.

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Normalien student at ESCP Europe and teaches courses in Economics / Mathematics ... (Paris and the Paris region)

Normalien student at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan) and ESCP Europe, I offer tutoring for any student keen to succeed and achieve its goals! With a solid experience in private lessons, I teach mathematics, statistics, economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, history of economic facts, general knowledge ...

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Graduate of HEC Paris and UCL - Assistance with the preparation of admission records and interviews and examinations of foreign universities in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, King's College, War

Graduate of HEC (Grande Ecole program) and UCL (Law School), a former student of the Lycée Louis le Grand, I admitted to the best universities in the world, I propose to accompany you and coach you prepare for your admission records , your interviews and you also incorporate the best foreign universities worldwide Bachelor or Master (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, LSE, Warwick, Harvard, Yale,...

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French teacher offers french lessons close to natural context of everyday communication , Bordeaux

I am a teacher of French as a foreign language and I also teach English. Thanks to the new pedagogies of FLE, and my skills in pedagogical engineering, I offer my help to French students who need school support. The course is based first of all on the student's courses, his program and then to deepen and restore the taste of learning the studied subject.

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Engineering Schoolgirl offers repetitions for middle-aged boys, high school area Pavia, 5 years experience

During my lessons the problem is focused (whether of study, then methodology, or of exercises and therefore of mechanism). There is a 10-minute break between one lesson and the other, in case of two hours or more, or a 5-minute break in the case of an hour.

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Graduated in the three-year degree in Classical Literature and in the specialist in Archeology, she offers repetitions, preparation of university subjects and after-school courses for pupils of all ag

I am a recent graduate in Archeology with a primary degree in Classical Literature behind me. I have deepened my knowledge in the historical, humanistic and archaeological fields. My lessons are aimed at anyone who needs to consolidate their knowledge or learn new ones.

Ciudad de México
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Regularization and homework help for children and adults. All levels and subjects. CDMX

Support in learning according to programs established by the institutions. Classes aimed at meeting the individual goals of each specific school level. Review of topics seen in schools and solution of problems and proposed exercises. I teach different subjects, specialization in writing and essays. Support in the planning of studies providing techniques and methods for each type of learner.

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PhD with well-established didactic experience offers after-school and tutoring for elementary and middle school students, and English lessons for students up to 15 years old.

I love passing down the beauty of learning to children and teenagers. I apply a rigorous, creative and exciting teaching method, able to consolidate students' learning skills, stimulate their curiosity and critical spirit, and start off to an effective and autonomous study method.

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Young graduate (Edhec Business Schooll), expatriate in Prague, offers private lessons (Skype) - Coach, homework assistance, tutoring, methodology and refresher course

Young graduated from High Ranked Business School (EDHEC), I used to give private lessons, homework assistance to young students seeking tutoring in Mathematics, English and French.

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Fully qualified Spanish teacher offering private lessons and academic/school general support

My teaching method is generally promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization. The basis of my lessons are mainly the principle of respect the human rights and the equal learning opportunities.

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Student in Business School gives courses of all subjects primary school-high school (serie ES or STMG)

My teaching method is based on the need of the student: I do not want to repeat the teacher's course but to identify the difficulties of the student and focus primarily on them. For this, I leave much the student to express themselves then once the difficulty identified, I practice the classical methodology: theory then practice.

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Student of Political Science and International Relations teaches History and Philosophy classes to students in Almada and Lisbon

-General- I have a clear and fluent speech. I am patient and try to captivate students in the best possible ways. - Basic and Secondary Education - Having already been a primary and secondary school student I know what difficulties the students face. I have kept all my grade notes, which, in other words, means that I have the whole matter of the secondary summarized.

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20-year-old student in the 2nd year of psychology giving courses in Geneva and Vaud for all subjects.

My method is first of all to understand what is problematic for the student, then once the difficulty has been found, target it and go over it thanks to strategies (learning, comprehension, etc.). I can give my classes to children from primary, secondary or high school / gym.

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Psychology student in Dijon, babysitting and homework help from primary school to high school

I approach the course by clearly explaining the key concepts of the chapter and then doing application exercises. For children, I can help them better understand by taking the time to explain everything simply. I can teach you to organize your work to do it more efficiently, to make flash cards and mnemonics that will save you a lot of time.

New York
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Young and Experienced Psychology and Sociology Teacher Offering Superb online Quality Tutoring

My classes are fun, interesting and overall challenging but fair. I develop critical thinking skills that are essential for the modern day worker through debate, academic writing, and research. I have a special emphasis on grammatical and writing skills that will improve your essays, speeches, and academic performance.

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Senior lecturer, Academic tutor and supervisor at a Russel group university

As an experienced academic I can support with academic writing of essays and assignment, academic coaching and support. I am a specialist in learning, teaching, education, social science, science and construction.

Paris 12e
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Computer programming courses (C, C ++, Python, etc.), Windows or Linux and computer security

Hello, I am currently an engineer. I have already provided trainings to groups of people in an association and a significant number of people do not bother me. These trainings were mostly about computer security or free software. I also helped classmates. I am here in order to give courses on various fields of computer engineering or help in this field.

San Antonio
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Educator and Education Administrator offering College Application, Essay and Scholarship Help to High School Students

I am a College Administrator with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education. I taught High School history for two years. I am interested in helping high school students with College applications, entrance essays and scholarships. I plan to help build writing, resume building, scholarship and school research skills.

Lyon 2e
Cours ulysse
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Cetified teachers give French courses and methodologic lessons in Lyon and around

Courses Ulysses, what is it? *A team of certified teachers ready to start the trip with your children on the path of confidence, envy, and success. *Experienced teachers *A young and dynamic team to give the desire to learn otherwise *courses throughout the Lyon region *First lesson is free *No registration *50% tax cuts Don't let the failure of one day prevents your success tomorrow.

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Student of the 5th grade promoted with full marks offers repetitions of: Italian, science, business administration, history, English, history of art, physics, geography, law

My method of study consists in reading the book, underlining it and then creating diagrams \ summarized by simplifying the terms and synthesizing the key concepts. After that, with my sheets in hand, I repeat. At first almost completely reading until I completely detach myself from them. I adapt, based also on the needs of the other.

San Bernardo
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Student of pedagogy maked classes of reinforcement of school subjects, basic and media

My teaching method is based on explaining the subject with facts of each day, being patient and dactical, in which my student at the end of each session understands and analyzes the subject. And furthermore, what is explained is questioned.

Jose manuel
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Philology student, I teach languages ​​directed at ESO and potentiometric study skills through the interests of students, developing their independence.

Teaching on a subject is something that everyone can do. It is clear that the transmission of knowledge of basic degrees is easy. The complex task comes when in the plans of a student in development, motivation for studies is not something that is tangible. Develop a passion for learning is difficult if not compared to our own interests.

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Diploma in Social Work, specialized in children, for nanny, English teacher and school support

My teaching method is interactive, and fun, because children need to learn by having fun and making them participants at all times with small games and questions to get their attention.

Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII
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I offer private lessons for elementary, middle and high school students in Bergamo

My methodology is based on the use of schemes and summaries according to the needs of the student for a better comprehension. During the lessons I'll try to make the students feel comfortable to make the study more pleasant. My private lessons are for elementary, middle and high school students looking for help both in the study and in the performance of their homework.

Cerdanyola del Vallès
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Private classes of English, for children and teenagers in Cerdanyola del Vallés

My name is Alba and I am a University student in Barcelona. My specialties are languages ​​(Spanish, Catalan, English and French), biology, history and philosophy. In addition to the basic levels of all the subjects of the school and the ESO. I adjust to the needs of the students as well as their level.

Lille (Euralille)
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Student at EDHEC - effective teaching methods for different materials in Lille

I am master student at EDHEC Business School. I've done before 2 years of preparatory class literary way economic and social sciences, so that I have a very good knowledge of literature, philosophy, history etc. but also economic and mathematical sciences at a high level. I did a third year of preparatory class but economical way for me to access this prestigious business school EDHEC what.


Help and Study Techniques at School, ESO and Lower/Upper Sixth Form in many subjects

My teaching method is based on the application of theory to practice. On many occasions, we are not able to filter information, order it and classify it. That is why it is essential to learn to sort the information we receive from textbooks and teachers to become effective and efficient students.

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Teaching the way of learning not just reading the book. Join now

My basic method of teaching is to relate each and every topic with the real life situations. And these real life situations allows you to understand the topic in seconds rather then hours and days. Virtual imagination of a topic allows you to memorize it for years not for hours.

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