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University student teaches Language and Literature as well as school support to primary, secondary and high school students

I am a college student in the US. I made the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Cadiz. My classes are aimed at children from primary to high school. A high school student I can only help those who have studied myself mode. I'm a guy with great enthusiasm and excitement for my students get exceed their goals and objectives.

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Help for homework, memorizing or preparing for an exam with easy techniques.

As I graduated in June 2017, I wanted to share my methods to learn quickly and effectively. In addition, my experience helping kids made me develop techniques so the student doesn't get bored, including preparation for any exam or age of the student.

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Student in business school, gives dynamic and interactive courses of support (school preparation, bac, competition) / methodo to pupils of all ages, to Lyo

I am currently in Master II of business school (specialty Entrepreneurship & Innovation, all in English), writing a thesis. I therefore have the time and the desire to help students of all ages to work (on the substance), and also to structure their work (on the form: methodology). I want to adapt to each personality and therefore way of working, to co-create together the course of the course.

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Licensed translator and Spanish teacher teaches literature, culture and grammar in Málaga

I am a girl with a degree in Spanish Philology that teaches language, culture, translation, etc. I have devoted my life to the linguistic world and it would please me to share my knowledge. I know the traditional methodology of teaching languages ​​but also I always look for innovative and fun ways to explain things because for me the most important thing is that the matter is clear.

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Technician with PhD in Forest Ecology and Environmental Technologies, offers in Padua tutoring and support in science, Ecology, English, Informatics, GIS digital mapping, European design

I am a forest technician and at the moment I am dedicated to the teaching and tutoring of school children, and in general to people who are looking for help in planning their future projects, who are facing the world of work for the first time, whether they want to build a project or ask for European funding.

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Private lessons for homework (maths, French, English ...) in the vicinity of Montpellier

I am a student of law degree I give courses of primary level, secondary school see high school if need (Bac STMG); I am a very patient person, who likes to help people who are experiencing difficulties on certain subjects. I have experience in this area, I want students to learn and do their homework with pleasure while adopting a good method of reflection.

Marseille 2e
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Student in international trade helps with homework and gives English courses MARSEILLE

I am currently in the first year of a two-year post-A level course in international trade in Marseille and I am available on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday afternoon to help with duties of children from elementary school to middle school. I also have a very good level in English and can give courses.

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Do you need step by step instructions on NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis?

My name is Ms. Davis and I am currently working on my final phase of the doctoral process. My dissertation focused on the blind or visually impaired. I believe that teaching should be fun, should be tailored to the way the student best learns whether, watching, listening or doing and then helping the student succeed. With NVivo, I do not do your analysis for you.

Le naour virginie
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ENGLISH Courses (ALL LEVELS: primary / junior high / junior / adult), CANNES / GRASSE. TEACHING certified NOT BORING! ;)

Hello ! As a young dynamic teacher who lived in the United States, I naturally turned to Anglophone studies for this language is the key to great travel and exchanges. I offer my services to anyone wishing to improve their language skills (oral / written).

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Doctoral Biologist with experience in teaching offers lectures in scientific subjects, torrino / eur

I'm a biology doctorate with years of university teaching experience and I offer lessons for students of all ages. The service covers all scientific subjects, including English, for elementary and middle schools; Chemistry, physics, biology for high schools. I also propose to prepare university examinations for all biological matters.

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French teacher FLE incumbent graduate of the ISPG I offers: French lessons - support for writing your CV and motivational letter of your classes pa

I am a young French teacher and ELF. I now give way in a Brussels school, high school. I have also previously taught history and geography. My methodology is based on the achievements and goals of the learner. I practice active learning. The number of lessons needed will depend on the objectives and the level of the learner.

Ciudad de México
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Psychologist teaching 100% personalized for your needs (I also give English counseling)

A small questionnaire of general knowledge is applied (on the subject to give advice). Psychological tests are applied to evaluate your way of learning. Psychological tests are applied to evaluate your type of thinking. According to your way of learning and thinking the personalized plan for your consulting is done. There is a constant refocusing of what has been learned.

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Methodology to learn and review optimally in Lyon (engineer and doctor of physics, trainer in human relations)

To learn its courses, to review them and to manage stress in the face of exams, you have to organize yourself. My course focuses on memorization (when reading, writing, notes, etc.), revision (how to review, steps to follow) and stress management (breathing, confidence itself).

Costa Volpino
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Graduated with full marks in Biotechnology, proposes repetition and assistance tasks especially in scientific subjects in Bergamo or Milan

I'm a biotechnology student at the Milano-Bicocca University, I graduated in July at the three-year term with a thesis on coffee and its neuroprotective effects. In October, I will continue my studies by approaching the master.

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If you need a formal support language and literature, English, Portuguese, Latin and Greek, social sciences, history and geography, philosophy. . . I'd be happy to work with you! Resu

I am Mary, I graduated in Hispanic Philology. I give private classes at all levels (Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate) of: -Language and Literature, -Latin and Greek -History, -Philosophy, -English -Portuguese techniques and teaching methods in the development of the class depend on the needs of the pupil.

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Methodology courses and training for competive examinations - in Paris for adults only

If I'm currently working as a computer analyst, well I am still a former student, remembering the days preparing for different competitve tests. In one of my drawer, you could find pieces of paper, a degree in history, one in = geography and an IT project management master. I offer courses in methodology, which means it allows you to acquire the tools to win your competition.

Torre Pacheco
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Student of 1ºBACH, average grade ESO 9'02, school and English help, Torre-Pacheco (Murcia)

Hey, my name is Mari Carmen, I am 16 years old and I would like to start teaching people preferably in elementary school, but also in ESO. In September I will receive my B2 title from Cambridge, currently I have the B1 with honors (166/170), which already demonstrates B2 even if I do not have my title yet. Also, as I mentioned, my ESO average has been 9'02, having a 9.

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Tutoring, homework assistance, methodology, grammar and spelling :) Motivated, serious and attentive!

I offer tutoring for your elementary children to the Terminal. Currently in final year S, I have the advantage of knowing the program of my years of study. I have obtained the National Diploma Certificate mention Very Good (17.8 / 20) and I have a very good level of English (French-new zealander nationality). I have a school year ahead.

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Apoyo académico y técnicas de estudio para alumnos de Primaria y Secundaria

Bajo la metodología constructivista, puedo enseñarle a su hij@ las técnicas de análisis, síntesis y estudio que necesita para aplicarlo siempre. El estudio le resultará mucho más significativo. Si está interesado en que su hij@ ame lo que hace póngase en contacto conmigo.

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Student in Modern Letters provides homework assistance at the center of Nîmes.

Give over to the primary terminal in literary subjects (French, grammar / spelling, history, languages ​​(Spanish Erasmus, English TOEIC) but more generally methodology courses (learn to organize, manage stress, know each tests to better understand).

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Experienced tutor, Sylvan, homebound students. Most subjects. From ESL and reading to test preparation. Motivated to succeed. Plymouth. MA.ED

Quincy High School 1962 high school diploma and 4.0 grade average. Emmanuel College premed and education BA. Biology and Science. 1966 I graduated with my teaching certificate Classes in Neuroanatomy at Harvard Medical School. Certified in Mainstreaming in the classroom from University of Maine 1998 Fitchburg State College MA.

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Psychologist. academic support and personal development. All ages. Monitoring and custom programs! Delivery and online. Madrid

I am entitled Psychology. Psychologist vocation, committed to my training and with each of you. ...

Puebla de Soto
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I offer myself as a teacher for private tutoring for primary and compulsory secondary education

My methodology think it's easy but about my experience in most effective cases, since carried out individuals to small group classes with support of audiovisual material and which causes them greater motivation and learn by having fun, sometimes we played with resources It offers the web ever to improve or learn a particular topic.

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[Milan and surroundings] Current college student provides reps and homework help (experience, seriously)

college student with scientific degree is offered to give help in the tasks of all subjects for students in middle and elementary schools, in particular, in setting up a proper method of study. For the teaching of English language I dispose of a certificate level upper-intermediate (C1) obtained in England at the Churchill house-school of English language.

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From homework help and tutoring from primary to the end of the scolarship in Franch, History and Geography

I study in Licence 1 Language Sciences at Lille 3. I have a Bac L. I can help in all subjects to the third and help in French, English, history and geography at school. I use different methods to learn: the recitation, the shemas, plugs, mind map.

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Fourth-year student of law and resident in Llodio. Offer remedial classes as well as English preparatory exams for high school students and ESO up to level B2 / First Certific

Inclusion of English in students routine so they can get familiar with. Specialist in listening as well as speaking. Improving students expressed fluency through practical means and simple, effective and fun exercises, so they are not seen as a burden.

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Primary Teacher is offered tutoring in all subjects (including Spanish and French) in Carmona or Seville city

Hello! I am a girl of 24 years, teacher nursery and primary education and a master's degree in congitova, sensory and intellectual stimulation. I offer to teach all subjects (including English and French) to children of primary and 1st and 2nd of ESO.

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Studying is fácil.¿ want to know how? Call, I teach you! Self-motivation, organization, concentration techniques and support in the subjects.

Well, I'm known as "the teacher Lulu. In my years of experience as a general rule had to apply methodologies and techniques adapted to each class or student. Consider that no two equal candidates. But if there is a constant in all my methodologies.

Ciudad de México
María teresa
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Sociologist and professor of Spanish, social sciences, History and humanities. All levels

Sociologist with experience in education. I focus on the needs you have, according to that I developed an specific class to you for effective learning. Handling matters of Social Sciences, Humanities for primary, secondary and high school education; I have special emphasis to the teaching of Spanish. Constant evaluations.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Psychologist with experience in Education offers classes tutoring, study skills and school motivation in Tenerife. (Specializing in mathematics, biology and chemistry)

I am a young girl, a psychologist with experience in the field of school support. In my classes I offer a combination of study skills, active listening, effective communication and school motivation. In the same way, I try to create a relaxed, dynamic and efficient environment for both good academic achievement of objectives that come my students as to personal and social improvement in them.

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